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    Wish Herbert Midcut in Amp Block

    2 EQ types I’d LOVE to see in the FAS modeling is 1- the Herbie mid cut 2- MXR 10 band geq we have 5, 7 and 8 bands but the MXR is my go to EQ in an amp’s loop.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 4.00 public beta 1

    Y'all.... I updated to 4.0 beta. Of all of my projects there is one that is more special to me than the rest and for that one, the Herbert is my chosen main amp. Man is that thing alive in this FW!?!?!?! I haven't messed with anything else because I was having too much fun where I was.
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    Wish Hellwin Amp

    Never heard of the amp and just looked it up. Designed by James Brown… go figure.
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    Wish Ibanez Mostortion and Nobels ODR-1

    If you can recreate it, you’d be a Hero to share it!
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    Tony’s Heaven & Hell Live tone?

    Has anyone tried or bee successful at getting Tony’s modern tone? I know most would start with a Marshall but having had a Laney GH50 20 years ago I can say that the mids don’t seem to sit in the same range as a Marshall, among other differences. A good example is around 5:30 in this video.
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    Redwirez Is Shutting Down

    How do you all think the Red Wirez stuff holds up to what’s out there today sonically? I’m your opinions what’s lacking? Is there something that still beats out the competition.
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    Export Impulse Responses with Eq baked in.

    I think that is the question I am asking. so I would send a sine wave through the IR and EQ, export that as a .wav and then put that into a deconvolver and export that as an IR? I appreciate the advice, do you have any further advice on 1-where to get a sine wave (plugin?) 2-how long should the...
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    Export Impulse Responses with Eq baked in.

    Duh, I forgot to include I currently use the FM9. What would you use as a sound source for creating/rendering to another wave?
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    Export Impulse Responses with Eq baked in.

    I know there are plugins like Mikko & Libra (both I own) that will allow you to export Impulse Response mixes but I still find the need to EQ these often. Does anyone here know if there is a way to create an IR from these exported mixes with your eq'ing included? That would save me from having...
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    Cooper Carter's FM9 Masterclass

    I couldn’t wait so I bought the OG FM9 off of someone back in January. So I don’t have the turbo, which i honestly think I am fine with. I am hopeful that the master class would not be geared primarily towards the Turbo Crowd and FM9 standard guys can get something out of 70-80% of the...
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    MATRIX is still in business.

    I’ve been checking their site regularly, I’ve been hoping that they would make a non rack mount style FRFR amp like the pedal baby or powerstage.
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    Redco Panel experiences?

    I wish someone made something like this for the FM9. That would be awesome.
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    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    When you get it running, you'd be a hero if you could figure out how to mimic it.
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    Seymour Duncan PowerStage Praise

    Do you feel like the Toneblock 200 cuts low end? I always feel mine does. Otherwise it’s plenty loud
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    Seymour Duncan PowerStage Praise

    I am intrigued with this post because I am trying to figure the best way to exist in both worlds, guitar cabs and FRFR. I would ideally like a power solution that would do both equally. I currently have a Quilter Toneblock 200 but I feel it cuts low end (no proof just my ears), but volume wise...
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    Some metal for ya’ll!

    Ok I am going to be that guy and ask if you'll share your presets. Also what did you use in SD3? The song is KILLER, have you put it out anywhere for streaming other than Soundcloud?
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    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    I owned a GH50 and I am so mad at myself for letting it go. It was a 1 trick pony in some ways in how it wasn’t easy to go Clean to High again in a live setting. They clean was very unique to me, it had its own thing going on and was honestly killer, and we all know what the lead channel was...
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    Deleting "All user cabs"

    I wish you could delete the factory cabs. But have the option to reload them if need be.
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    Wish More FAS Amps

    I was trying to look over the schematics of either of the Laney amps but I am not versed in these things. What changes would someone make to an existing model to get closer? I used to have the GH50, I miss that amp though it wasn't very versatile being essentially a single channel. I would not...
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    oh snapity snap... new evolution mesa oversized? count me in!

    Hey did you get the pack? I would like to see what’s new/different about this offering. I haven’t picked up anything from OH since the GNR 4x12 came out.
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    IRs OwnHammer Guitar Cabinet Essentials

    I’ve been an Ownhammer user for years so I am curious what is the difference with this offering either feature wise or sonically? Also what makes a mix a (r)Evolution mix?
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    equivalent of a "mix" parameter on the Speaker Impedance Curve?

    I LOVE this parameter! When I use it, I do one of two things. 1- match it as close as I can to the IR I am using (for authenticity). 2- Dial my tone to where I am mostly happy then flip through the options to get me that last little bit, especially while in a mix to get the guitar to sit or...
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    Creating momentary effects

    I'd like to know what kind and how you are doing stutter effects.
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    "Father to Son" by Queen w/ Red Special replica directly into AXE-FX III

    Can you share your settings on the Treble boost?
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    FS F/S: Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 Poweramp (2) Available - USA Shipping - LOWER PRICE

    Question to those in here that may know. Will these work to power passive 1x12+horn monitors? I am looking for a solution to be able to run a 2x12, 4x12 or a dual wedge setup, one for me and one for the audience if doing a gig where guitars aren’t going through the PA.
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    FRFR in live sound from stage scenario?

    Something I have been thinking about is possibly an option where I could get a pedalboard poweramp like the Seymour Duncan Power Stage, or ISP products so I could use them to power either a standard guitar cab OR a passive FRFR. One thing I have been curious or concerned about is many of the...
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    FRFR in live sound from stage scenario?

    So how did you set your last up. 1 pointed at you and one towards the audience? Are you playing in a full band setting?
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    FRFR in live sound from stage scenario?

    Hi all. Has anyone been into a situation where you’re playing gigs where the guitar sound to the crowd will be from the stage? In the past with these types of gigs my sound has come from either a 4x12 or 2x12 cab pushed by my Axe FXII running into the fx return of a tube amp. I am thinking of...
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    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Did you make this cover/patchbay?
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    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    What are you guys using for power to your boards? I am looking for a one stop solution. As of now I’ll be running my FM9, Digitech whammy, Digitech Drop, Line 6 wireless and maybe eventually a SD Power stage.
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    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    Anyone know what he used for the first Firehouse album? I’ve been jammin that one today. I know the above video talks about the Soldano designed Yamaha but my experience with those amps doesn’t sound like that album.
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    What are the 65’s famous for?
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    Wh Hear me out… let’s have a 4x12 extravaganza day Diezel K100+v30 Engl G12-65 cab This will suffice until we get that Mode 4 cab and the V30/T75 Bogner 😂🤪🤣😂🤔🤔🤔
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    Brilliant… can you just take my money now?
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    Will either of those be great with say the Herbert, 5150/3 or Cameron models?
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    It’s Friday Sept 1… we need. New 4x12 IR pack!!! Kidding, but only sorta.
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    This Three Days Grace Tone

    I have been experimenting and may post some clips for your guys opinions this weekend
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    I find that I have satisfying results using the MPT Single Mics. Right now I tend to favor a 57 + 160 mix, sometimes with a second flavor of 57 like Fred thrown in. A lot of times I’ll use a YA IR mix I already have in my FM9 to dial the amp, then I’ll reamp into the DAW with the cab block...
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    What is it about Engl cabs you like?
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    Has anyone gotten their rotovibe more dialed in? Does anyone have a block or preset they would like to share?
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    The 300th amp model?!

    How do we up vote this x100? I really want a Laney G50H but if this hit instead, I could deal happily.
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    This Three Days Grace Tone

    So you're saying that Cliff needs to model an Expandora pedal?
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    This Three Days Grace Tone

    Thank you! I will check out the patch when I get home. I've heard he uses VH4’s. Do you recall where you read about the synth?
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    This Three Days Grace Tone

    I am trying to get a certain kind of guitar tone for a project I am working on. We are tying for a more industrial tone which is something I am not used to. If you listen to the tone at :30 in this video where the distorted guitars kick in that's pretty spot on to what I am trying to get. It...
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    New Klon has bumped allother OD's!

    What kind of tones are you using it for? And what settings do you use?
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    Are the MF’s Mode Four by any chance? I’ve heard those Marshall Mode Four Cabinets are beasts!
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    How are you attaching your FM9 to your pedal board?

    Can you get these screws longer? My pedalboard will based on a 3/4” piece of wood.
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    Syn IRs

    Where do you find these?
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    So can we pre-buy the Diezel cab and get those IR’s as an advance?🤣 I’m mostly kidding but the Herbert has become my new main amp in the FM9 lately. What in your existing line up do you think compliments the Herbert well for modern but not Djent or clank tones? Like warm but with a bite?
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    FM9 Case?

    I haven’t put my board together yet but it’s going to need to be 36” wide for my FM9, expression pedal and Digitech Whammy pedals. Maybe about 6” in depth more than the FM9.
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    Hold Toggle between 2 scenes?

    I thought about this, to bypass the chorus and engage the drive. Since this is a one off gig I may not do it, but it seems a viable option should I need it again. I do that with the speed of the rotary speaker on a preset. I use it regularly fast, when I need to slow it down I just hold the switch.
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    Hold Toggle between 2 scenes?

    I am currently using scene toggle and it works but it’s such a quick part that it would be more convenient to hold and release. I use the scene toggle a lot, it’s how I am able to do most of my scene selections on the first 3 switches and save the rest for fx on/off etc
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    Hold Toggle between 2 scenes?

    Hi all, setting up for my first Rock gig with my FM9. My scene 3 is clean, scene 6 is the same but the chorus is off and a drive kicks in. It’s for a quick lick then I return to clean. What I want to do is press fs 3 to select scene 3 and then hold fs 3 to get to scene 6 and then for it to...
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    Switches rough.

    Used my FM9 at a rehearsal last night for the first time. The switches seem a little rough and maybe less responsive than I would like. I think I recall seeing people talk about lubricant for them that really smoothes them out. Anyone have any tips?
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    Where to buy pedal jack socket nuts in EU?

    Check Stew Mac
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    Ownhammer "Flash Spring Sale & Initial Notice of Product Catalog Shift"

    I keep checking out the OH site, I wanna see so bad what that product shift will be.
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    GK 250 ML

    Anyone have a patch that gets this sound? I know its similar to the Rockman stuff but I like it much better. Less.cocked wah tone to my ears.
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    Free Bird Organ

    And with prices going up on everything….
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    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    So now you need to take your 2 best of those V3o's and your 2 best T75's and put them into a this cab or the Bogner. or get crazy and put them in a Mesa cab!!!!
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    New Ghost.

    While we are speaking on the new album, anyone get some tones with their Fractal Gear close to the rhythm tone on watcher in the sky?
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    no love for the Celestion G12-65???

    The Celestion IR's intrigue me but I think the thing I dont like is that they use a "neutral" cab. I think the cab itself is a large part of the sound along with the speaker. I know they have the backline series but there's not anything in there for my primary needs.
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    Any Clutch fans out there?

    Alls I know is they totally Released a song with Boss Metal Zone in the title and chorus. If that aint the coolest shit ever... I dont wanna know.
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    Ventilation space on pedalboard with FM9

    So the distance of the right angle plug that will be between my whammy and the side of the unit should be fine then?
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    Ventilation space on pedalboard with FM9

    I am starting to put together a pedal board for jamming and some gigs. Beside of my FM9 I have an expression and a whammy. Since the unit vents to the side, how much space you reckon I need to leave for proper heat venting and to not overheat the unit?
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    To 'Fatten' or add 'girth' to your preset?

    Isn't the gain enhancement compression setting on the output page of the amp.block meant to do something like this?
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    My Preset for FireHouse Gigs

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Mr Leverty once. He was an amazingly nice guy, I mean genuinely cool. Side note when I was 14 when I went to my first concert, Firehouse opened for Tesla, so Bill Leverty was the first professional guitarist I ever saw live he gave hope to us NC brats wanting...
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    FM9 Case?

    For my setup I think I am going to need 36” don't have room for my expression pedal on one side and my whammy on the other.
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    How are you drawing your wah automation in DAW?

    if you are doing this how are you? Ideally I'd like to do it with my foot for it to be more authentic. Of course I've thought of recording with a way but I really like the idea of using one in my FM9 during reamping so I can really sculpt the sound.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.01 public beta 2

    Hi all, I am going to be reamping for a project tonight and was thinking I may want the latest and greatest FAS modeling for my FM9, I am still on the FW it came with. I looked at the known issues list and these are the ones that concern me -AMP effect transformer turns ratio impact is too low...
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    Octaver and whammy at same time?

    For Octave down I use the Ring Mod with the below settings:
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    York audio v30 cab

    I think being peed in by a cheetah should make you a shoe in for any job.
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    KLON Drive Settings

    I was around when there were some people who were a pain. Some of them I really think were trying to help make the Axe FX II (at the time) the best it could be, they just maybe went a bad way about it. I can see 2 sides of this conversation. I mean this is Cliffs project and clearly his...
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    What’s the number one most impactful control in the Fractal family?

    I totally agree with this. If I feel that my IR choice is “right” and my B/M/T, G/PMaster are where I need or want them I’ll turn to that to get that last little bit. If I need it.
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    FM3 to FM9: Any Regrets?

    I mean its my credo
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    JHS SuperBolt dialed in (block included)

    Thank you for being so cool as to share this! I'm going to try it out this week.
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    Live with FM9 and Katana 100, help with cutting through

    If you are running cab sims through a power amp and speaker that is not FRFR or "Full Range" then essentially you are double filtering which would totally make your guitar disappear at stage volume. Even by itself the tone will sound kind of "comb filtery" and like it has a wet blanket on it.
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    Wish New approach to CAB block

    I used to do only Ownhammer, lately I have been using York and I think I am almost home. With York I have the Mesa OS, Mesa Trad, Orange, 5153, Bogner and the Freidman m25/V30. I do work in several different Rock/Metal sub genres so I need the variety.
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    Wish New approach to CAB block

    I LOVE the concept of Mikko but not the sound. I think it is just the ML products across the board for me. All of their products have this "papery" sound to them that I just can't jive with. I have tried so many things with the Mikko to make it work and I just can't get there.
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    Thoughts on the Temple Audio Amp Module for the FM9?

    I’ve wondered about both of these and would love to talk to someone that’s used them. I’m curious about 1-Transparency of tone and 2-how loud can they get without saturation. I had an ISP Stealth for about 30 days 7 or so years ago. It sounded fantastic with my Axe FX II but when I got it up to...
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    Live with FM9 and Katana 100, help with cutting through

    This may sound like a dumb question but your love patches don’t have the cabs on right? Or at least not on the outs that go to the Katana? That could seriously mess with how you’re cutting through in a live mix running through a an amp.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Its just an entanglement
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I kinda wanna try the Beta but I am waiting for the final. I'm always afraid the Beta will treat my unit like it's name is Chris Rock.
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    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    Mine goes like this Digitech 2101 in ‘94 (still have it) Boss GT-3 ‘97(ish) stolen L6 Flextone 2 HD ‘01 traded L6 Vetta ‘03 (still have) Pod XT ‘04 - sold because well it sucked Pod X3 floor and rack ‘05 (still have) Boss GT-pro ‘06 (got for fx ran w/5150 still have) Randall MTS ‘07 sold to get...
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    Recreate Sansamp PSA

    Has anyone tried to recreate the sounds of a Sansamp PSA in the FAS modeling? I’m assuming disabling the poweramp of an amp model would be a start, I have some IR’s someone posted from a Palmer PDI-3 I’m also guessing those would work better than regular IRs. Has anyone with experience with the...
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I too am curious about this.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I know this is that kind to each their own kind of thing but legit I can’t see how Fractals current modeling can bore you. I mean the quality is nothing short of AH-MAZING. I can get lost for days.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I can’t say that you aren’t making sense. I bought the FM9 second hand and am so glad I did. It’s perfect for me but I’ve been wondering about the amount of time it’s taking for the update.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I only read up to the comma, until I woke up from passing out.
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    But it’s not FWF is it?!?!?
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I am sure it’s been discussed to death but is there a post that has all of the known changes that will be with this new FW?
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    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Whats wonky with the tuner?
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    If you wanted to Replicate a Full Triaxis, what would you use for R/Y, Ld1/Y & LD1/G?

    Hey all, I am working on something and thought it would be fun to try to mimic a full Triaxis. The channels below are the ones not modeled. What do you guys (and or gals) reckon I could use to get as close to the channels below? I figure the USA Clean for Rhythm Yellow, what are your...
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    Fractal FM9 MK II?

    I reject your reality and replace it with my own.
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    York audio v30 cab

    Hmm, dont aged speakers sound better? I'd vote go for the best ones you currently have? Which ones are in the Marshall T75 pack you have?
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    York audio v30 cab

    Dear York, 1- You need a second opinion on the IRs I am currently in the middle of a mix, just sayin. 2- Bogner V30/T75... just sayin.
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    3 sigma initial impressions

    Do you have any recordings you've done with their IRs that I could hear?
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    FM9 Footswitches feel a little rough while pressing them

    So did you ever giggity the goo?
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    3D model nut for jacks - print your own

    Could you make “covers” for the jacks? Thinking it would be cool for gigs to be able to cover jacks that are not in use incase of spills.
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    Closest Fender Pro Sonic

    Ok so back to the drawing board. He sent me a clip on one of his songs he recorded with the SUPER SONIC, not the PRO SONIC, I mst have heard the wrong Sonic? Any advise on getting close to this?
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    Closest Fender Pro Sonic

    Dude thank you so much!!!! After listening to that I messed with a combination of the Triple Crown and SLO and I got what I think is a cool tone for the track…. Whether or not he likes it I’ll have to see. Once we get it dialed in tho I am definitely gonna post a preset.
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