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    Any database to sort through amps, pedals, presets, …?

    Buy the AustinBuddy Live Gold presets. He arranges them into families of amps (Fender style, Marshall style, etc.). Within those families each preset is generally ordered by amount of gain by amp model. And within each preset he provides scenes from low to high gain levels targeted at both...
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    FM3 Turbo?

    An FM3 using the FM9 Turbo’s chipset has some advantages. From a firmware maintenance point of view it means essentially a single firmware image can be used for both the FM3 and FM9. That’s an advantage in development time and also pushes out more value to the FM3 product line in terms of...
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    Plexi. Who's got one?

    +1 on York's M25 mix 3. I was surprised to see other mentions here! Also typically go to that IR.
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    Speaker Impedance Curve: Why is this in the Amp Block instead of the Cab block?

    From an electrical signal flow point of view the speaker impedance curve lives in the amp block. From a user point of view it lives in the cab block, because the speaker impedance curve changes depending on the cab selected. Today the "cab" means the IR, which of course also includes the mic...
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    Analog Drive Pedals in front of Axe III to get better FEEL, who else is doing this?

    Totally off topic, but your music is fantastic!
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    Wish Modeling the clean channel Amps

    VH4 and Silver Jubilee clean channels would be fantastic to have.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 3

    Is it just me or is 19 taking external drive pedals much better than past versions? Have recently been playing around with a few external drives in front of plexi models set to edge of breakup. This version is a heck of a lot of fun with them, and better than I heard using them with 18.
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    Help understanding the Control Switches (CS)

    I had a similar question, wondering how to enable CS2 from within Axe-Edit without using a physical footswitch. This may be useful to someone else. Here's one way that works. Decide which Scene to try CS2 on. Select Controllers in the upper left. Select CS per Scene in the lower area. For the...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    From 15.x I notice a change. From 16.02, not so sure. I was already very happy with 16.02.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.04

    16.04 is phenomenal. The releases before have been as well. But I felt compelled to bow to my III in honor after a quick jam just now. Amazing! Might need to pick up an FM3 too. I use another device as a portable unit, but this sounds so much better. o_O
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    I’ve only gone as far as 4 semitones down, to get to C standard. It works very well and is playable. The only thing I’ve had to watch for when using the capo feature is that the level is high enough that I’m not hearing the sound of the strings on my guitar at the same time. If you hear them as...
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    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    I have the III and the Drop. Didn't A/B them, but the virtual capo on the III impresses me to the point of not using the Drop. I believe it was verified that it has less latency than the Drop. Either way, I'm very happy with it.
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 11 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #8

    These updates just make me want to play. Best compliment I can possibly give. Last time I camped on a BE and 5150 setting playing the heavies. This time I went for near-cleans using the 1959SLP with the gains low and single coils. No temptation to tweak or even to leave the amp model I was on...
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    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Loving this beta. Thanks for posting it. Got lost playing for an hour, and mainly camped on the BE V2 through a York MRSH M25 IR. The Axe-FX III is the only modeling unit I can just enjoy playing without entering into endless tweaking. Strange statement, it seems, for a unit that can be...
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    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    And they used 6L6s before 6550s! EL34s are my personal favorite in the amp overall. I met with their distributor in the early 2000's. He said a well known guitarist was fond of Ruby 6L6's in his amp, and that they were shipping with 6L6s at the time. I tried them and couldn't find that tone on...
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    A Headphone Hunting Review

    I have listened on both the K240 and Sennheiser HD600. I preferred the HD600 by a wide margin. I understand the K240 has a reputation as a great headphone, but I just didn't like it much, especially when A/B'ing with the HD600. I haven't heard the 6xx or 650 specifically, however from...
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    Wish Value Knob Behavior Change Option

    Is there any potential for this? It would completely improve the UI usability, at least for me.
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    Looking for a sleek Rack Case for my AxeIII

    I tried a couple and found this one to be perfect. It fits it snugly with just the right amount of coverage. Others were too deep.
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    Ideas for super clean chimey tones?

    Any tips for reproducing the chimey glassy single coil tones by using a germanium fuzz? I tried making a preset with the Face Fuzz as the first device, and tried a few amp models behind it (HiWatt, low gain Marshall, Fender). I used a coil-tapped guitar with the volume turned down. Also played...
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    Closed Ability to Load 3rd Party Plugins

    Obviously VST and AU plugins aren't feasible. But I would love if the Axe III had an API to create a custom block, written in C.
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    Wish Value Knob Behavior Change Option

    For me, the panel on the Axe III would be more intuitive if the Value knob acted as a navigation knob. This wish is for there to be an option to change the behavior of the Value knob, so that turning the knob instead changes the selection to the next field on the display. This means the knob...
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    Does anyone use a distortion pedal in front of the Axe-Fx 3?

    I'll echo the second part of the OP's question. What clean amp model do you prefer on the Axe 3 when running a physical distortion pedal or AIAB type pedal in front? I have a collection of distortion pedals and it would be fun to try this. I'm thinking of selecting something like a Fender Deluxe...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    I stand corrected. This is user error on my part. The tuner is fine. o_O:) I am using SPDIF and had both the clock on my RME interface and the III set to external. I had been swapping between using the RME and the III's clock and forgot to set it back to Internal. The sample rate ended up being...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    I'm encountering an issue with the tuner that seems to have started with beta 4. The tuner is showing a half step lower for all notes. In the tuner config I confirmed downtune is disabled. Doesn't matter whether or not the active patch has a pitch block in it. And Input 1 is my tuning source.
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    Diezel VH4 Moderns.

    I own a VH4 and had the opportunity to talk in person with two techs that were also their US distributors in the past. It has been shipped with KT77s since around 2011, and was shipped with EL34s for many years prior. I prefer it with EL34s, myself. Although, if you want the Jones Tone, then use...
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    Mac peeps - What do?

    Buy it! That’s the same model I’m running, except I have a 512GB SSD. It is still fast today, and I haven’t felt the need to upgrade. $300 is a great deal. Here’s a tip. Add a second “internal SSD” on the cheap, and easily! That year MacBook Pro has an SD card slot on the side. Buy the BaseQi...
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    FM3 with Headphones Jack - Now Shipping

    Don't sell that solid state amp you tried playing your Helix through with a guitar cab, which may not have impressed you at the time. My Axe-FX III sounds phenomenal through a flat solid state amp and a guitar cab! I have one of the real amp models which is modeled in the Axe-FX III, and it...
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    Wish A 12AT7-like tube in preamp selection section

    +1. Changing V1 to a 12AT7 is something I’ve commonly done on my tube amps, and often with great results. I’m new to the FXIII, and was a bit surprised to see no 12AT7 listed, especially considering there are several brands of 12AX7 available. It would be great if it could be possible to change...
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    Wish Dizzy V4 Channel 1

    I recently took delivery of an Axe-FX III from Fractal, my first purchase from the company. It sounds fantastic and has great features! I own a VH4, and am happy to see several channels modeled. But I’d love to see channel 1 added for both the blue and silver versions. Channel 1 of the VH4 is...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Wait a day, because I think it’s a reporting anomaly. It seems that the current day’s count always shows low, with the final number being posted the following day. If that day still looks lower tomorrow then it’s a good sign. That said, I think it’s nearly impossible the increase rate is...
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    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I think there are some defense measures we can take at home. One of the main threats of the virus seems to be the inflammation from the cytokine storm. The best anti inflammatory I’ve used personally is CBD, with magnesium being second best. I live in an area where CBD is legal, and am keeping...
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