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  1. GregBroChill69

    Postrock Idea

    I dig!
  2. GregBroChill69

    Friedman HBE - Periphery "Luck As A Constant" Solo Recording (Cover)

    Wow man, awesome! Just tried my hand at learning this solo and discovered that neither my legato or my alternate picking techniques are fast enough to play those triplets in the first solo, looks like I got something to work on!
  3. GregBroChill69

    Periphery solo Toon Track Entry thing...

    I have a TS115A Active Speaker so let me answer that for you. I'm not a fan of it at all. When I crank it up to a band volume level and stand too close I feel like the sound is extremely distorted. I've messed around with the EQ, but I could just never get it so sound organic, if you know...
  4. GregBroChill69

    Old Song Re-recorded and Re-mixed. Ownhammer Mesa v32 IR. S2.0. FAS MODERN & TRILIAN

    Was trollin' the forums and came across this gem, sounds great man! Love the mix (especially the solo tone).
  5. GregBroChill69

    Do you record with effects?

    Thanks for the info guys, I'll make sure I'm recording a dry track simultaneously from now on!
  6. GregBroChill69

    Do you record with effects?

    I'm finally starting to record a couple of songs I've written over the past year, and being new to recording, I have a million questions going on in my head. I noticed that when I started tracking multiple guitars (Rhythm/Lead), I'm getting quite a bit of muddiness. I'm thinking this is due to...
  7. GregBroChill69

    would you buy axe 2 mark I ?

    If I may ask what's the difference? I wasn't aware there were two different models.
  8. GregBroChill69

    Little post rock/ambient jam

    Cool song man, what are your delay settings on that clean tone?
  9. GregBroChill69

    Axe-FX II + Bass Guitar + Yamaha HS80M's

    Thanks for the response, just what I wanted to hear!
  10. GregBroChill69

    Axe-FX II + Bass Guitar + Yamaha HS80M's

    So I'm looking to buy a bass for recording purposes and I'm wondering if it's feasible to run it through the Axe, while being monitored by a pair of Yamaha HS80M's. I'm just skeptical since I don't have the the sub for the system. Does anyone have any experience with a similar configuration...
  11. GregBroChill69

    So I have had continuous stupid moment for the past 6 months....

    Haha dude I feel your pain, I went about a year with the mids cut and god knows what other options on the back of the HS80M's until I finally looked behind my monitors one day.
  12. GregBroChill69

    2 Covers - Hans Zimmer - Man of Steel and John Murphy - Sunshine. All AXE-FX

    First off, very cool! It seems that you like to use that Omnisphere plugin in your most recent stuff, do you recommend it? By the way what does your clean reverby patch looks like? That's a very cool sound.
  13. GregBroChill69

    Ambient sounds using modifiers

    Yeah I'm living around the Fairfax area, it's cool to see someone local with an Axe!
  14. GregBroChill69

    Ambient sounds using modifiers

    Many thanks! I see your band is playing at the 9:30 club soon, I'm going to have to check that out.
  15. GregBroChill69

    Ambient sounds using modifiers

    You wouldn't be willing to share any of those patches by any chance would you?
  16. GregBroChill69

    Ambient sounds using modifiers

    This is extremely helpful for me considering I've been experimenting with some ambient/post-rock music. Thanks!
  17. GregBroChill69

    Man of Steel - 'An Ideal of Hope' Cover

    Your songs and covers are always money, can't wait to check this out when I get home. Perfect time to release it too, hope Man of Steel is a good movie! *EDIT* Awesome dude, loved it!
  18. GregBroChill69

    A new song I recorded!

    I really dig it, but I kept waiting for the song to spring to life with that boom. Definitely might be a phase issue like Johnny said above. It sounds like the song is going through a filter or something.
  19. GregBroChill69

    Axe-FX II Pro Tools Help

    Thank you all, worked like a charm
  20. GregBroChill69

    Satriani using an Axefx in the studio?

    Satch looks more and more like Voldemort every time I see him.
  21. GregBroChill69

    Axe-FX II Pro Tools Help

    Hey guys, I posted this in the lounge yesterday but figured this would be a better home for the question, so sorry for the double post if anyone saw the other thread. So I recently made the switch from Reaper to Pro Tools 10 and I seem to have something configured incorrectly. Whenever I...
  22. GregBroChill69

    Pro Tools 10 Axe FX II Help

    Hey guys, So I recently made the switch from Reaper to Pro Tools 10 and I seem to have something configured incorrectly. Whenever I arm a track and start jamming on through my Axe-FX II, I get this delayed playback that comes through my speakers almost like a delay, and it's annoying as...
  23. GregBroChill69

    Little offtopic: How do you manage drum programming?

    I'm a little new to drum programming myself, but I've made a little progress. I use Superior Drummer 2.0 with the piano roll in Reaper (at least until Pro Tools 11 comes on Wednesday!) and have had some minor success in programming. The hardest part for me was the fact that I'm not a drummer...
  24. GregBroChill69

    My entry for the Guitar Messenger Contest (AxFx2 + DC700)

    Saw this over on the Carvin forum yesterday I believe, awesome stuff! How do you like the DC700? That spalted top is beautiful, I'm looking into getting one in the next few months and was wondering what you thought of the pick-ups and wood combo. Outstanding playing by the way!
  25. GregBroChill69

    Posted to Fractal FB by Openmind1984

    Damn, now I'm GASing for a Suhr.
  26. GregBroChill69

    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    The way this is being described is confusing me, so hopefully this will help. Essentially you have two kinds of third intervals, minor and major. These are found by counting the semi-tones between the notes. For Example: D -> D# -> E -> F would be a minor third because it contains 3...
  27. GregBroChill69

    Anyone know where to find free SD 2.0 User Presets?

    Yeah I guess you're right about that, sucks only having the Avatar kit. I really like the "Natural Avatar" preset but a bunch of my toms and my snare clips in the preset. Not exactly sure how to fix that unfortunately.
  28. GregBroChill69

    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    When the semester ends and I start getting paid again you're getting a donation sir!
  29. GregBroChill69

    Ambient Swells - Matchless, POG, tape delay, univibe, tremolo, cavern reverb

    Sharing that patch would make my day friend, that's some awesome stuff!
  30. GregBroChill69

    Advise on recording software.

    Reaper is a good DAW and it's super cheap. Download it and try it out before you buy anything.
  31. GregBroChill69

    Anyone know where to find free SD 2.0 User Presets?

    I wish the Superior Drummer community was as helpful as this one, it seems like everyone wants money for their presets. Anyone know where I can find some free ones?
  32. GregBroChill69

    Hello! (Post rock jam/Work in progress)

    It's good to see someone that likes post-rock on the forums! I just started getting into it and I'm loving every second of it. Very cool composition.
  33. GregBroChill69

    Any Superior 2.0 programming tutorials out there?

    Thanks for those! I did some digging on the AskVideo site and found both Superior Drummer 2.0 AND Reaper tutorials, so I went ahead and got those. Also picked up the book for good measure. Thanks!
  34. GregBroChill69

    What are some must know licks?

    That's funny, I've been working on that for a few months now, almost have it up to speed!
  35. GregBroChill69

    What are some must know licks?

    Can't wait to check this out when I get home!
  36. GregBroChill69

    What are some must know licks?

    Just trying to expand my vocab, hit me with your favorite licks!
  37. GregBroChill69

    Any Superior 2.0 programming tutorials out there?

    Haha yeah that took me a while to figure out, I felt pretty stupid when it hit me.
  38. GregBroChill69

    V10 - Friedman HBE + Blackmachine B2 = 8:20 prog journey

    This is SICK!. I love when I find music like this that inspires me to write.
  39. GregBroChill69

    Any Superior 2.0 programming tutorials out there?

    Thank you Spazi, that's actually very helpful! Sounds like the velocity is why I've had trouble hearing the drums when I click them in the piano roll (they are very feint).
  40. GregBroChill69

    Any Superior 2.0 programming tutorials out there?

    Does anyone know here I can find drum programming tutorials? I'm using Superior Drummer 2.0 and Reaper but I'm having a hard time getting things set up and working. It also doesn't help that I know very little about drum beats, but I'm sure that will come with time. I'm able to beat-box my...
  41. GregBroChill69

    Total newb...why should I buy Axe FX II?

    In all seriousness, you would get an Axe-FX II for the great tones and versatility. And so you can brag about it to your peasant friends :twisted (Kidding :mrgreen)
  42. GregBroChill69

    Seeking songwriter opinions (specifically adding drums)

    A lot of people around here use MIDI drums (Superior Drummer 2.0, Steven Slate, etc..). I'm in the same boat as you man, I would have so many songs recorded right now if I could come up with decent sounding drum beats. I have Superior Drummer 2.0 but I'm not exactly a drummer.
  43. GregBroChill69

    New Song Demo - Ownhammer/Fas Modern/S2.0

    Always a pleasure to listen to your tunes mate. Great job, can't wait for the others!
  44. GregBroChill69

    V10 Firmware

    Oh shit, don't forget about the Axe-Edit 1.9 BETA BABY! MUCH LOVE FRACTAL!
  45. GregBroChill69

    Please Help me with studio monitors

    I've actually never owned another pair of monitors, or used another for that matter, but I absolutely love my HS80M's. They sound great, and hopefully I'll never have to hear nicer ones so I wont start gassing.
  46. GregBroChill69

    New Song Demo 'It's Because I'm Bane' - New Ownhammer Impulses

    As someone who is getting into recording and layering, do you mind sharing how you got that really thick sound for the distorted parts? Sounds amazing man, how many guitars do you have layered by the way?
  47. GregBroChill69

    SuperiorDrums, how?

    Good call on that, I actually do have Guitar Pro. Off to find some tabs!
  48. GregBroChill69

    SuperiorDrums, how?

    Do you guys have any tips for someone who isn't a very good beat creator? I have Superior and Reaper but I know close to nothing about drums.
  49. GregBroChill69

    Cliff Hangers......

    I clicked that link expecting a flame post, but was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. +1
  50. GregBroChill69

    Help with poor FRFR sound

    Hey guys, So I've noticed that my tone on my TS115A FRFR speaker sounds way different than my pair of HS80M's that I use at home. I usually just jam in the bedroom, so I bought the Alto as a budget speaker for jams and such. I know this isn't the nicest FRFR speaker in the world, but...
  51. GregBroChill69

    Help me find some progressive bands

    Holy shit, +1,000,000 to the Porcupine Tree recommendations. My iPod is going to be full and my bank account is going to be drained by the time I'm done listening to all of the bands in this thread, but that's the way I like it!
  52. GregBroChill69

    Help me find some progressive bands

    Haha wow, thanks everyone. I'm already familiar with a few bands you've recommended that I totally dig, so I can't wait to check out the rest of the stuff!
  53. GregBroChill69

    14 videos with the Axe FX2 using different guitars...

    I found your videos online about a week ago, great stuff! Glad to see you on the forums. Is there any way to get your patches? That tone you had in your third video with the RG3250 is ridiculously awesome.
  54. GregBroChill69

    Here's a BRIT SILVER tone that I dialed in....

    Mark me down on that list mate, sounds amazing!
  55. GregBroChill69

    Help me find some progressive bands

    Looks like I got some CD's to buy, thanks for the recommendations guys. Just saying, still open to more input from everyone!
  56. GregBroChill69

    Help me find some progressive bands

    Hey guys, I'm very tired of writing songs in 3/4 and 4/4 with my band, and I figure the best way to get out of this is to start listening to music in odd meters that changes time frequently. What are some prog bands you can recommend to me that can help give me an ear for odd meters? Thanks!
  57. GregBroChill69

    Post your home rigs with the Axe Fx!

    Not gonna be gigging with it? I run a pair of studio monitors in my bedroom (Yamaha HS80M's) which are great. If you are looking for something similar Hello Music is having a solid deal right now on HS50M pairs ( $298 ). You could also get a powered speaker monitor if that suits you. I just...
  58. GregBroChill69

    Ground Control Pro Boost IA

    I figured as much, sounds like a solid solution thanks for the help!
  59. GregBroChill69

    Ground Control Pro Boost IA

    Hey guys, So this is hopefully just me being an idiot, but I can't figure out how to assign one of my GCP IAs to the "boost" switch you see in the amp block. I'm just trying to get that extra volume to play over the looper, but I don't see boost anywhere in the I/O control tab. Thanks in...
  60. GregBroChill69

    Noodling around on the Axe FX

    Hey man, just curious what you are doing for drums? I've been looking for a decent program to use for some time now so I can start recording some backing tracks/ideas but I haven't really the slightest clue which one to get.
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