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  1. GreatGreen

    In praise of the "FX" part of the Axe-FX

    Over the last year or two I've built up an all-analog setup with the constraint of being a what-you-see-is-what-you-get rig. Tube amp, real cab, and a pedal board. If a parameter was available for adjusting I wanted a dedicated knob for it. No menus allowed. It's been great fun and a great yin...
  2. GreatGreen

    Wish Delay - wish to allow for dialing Ducking Attenuation into negative values

    I watched a Tim Pierce video the other day, and he mentioned that he liked his delays to sit nicely in the background, but to also have as inaudible of a trail as possible. This makes sense to me as I've always gone for setting up delays to be more about filling in the background between notes...
  3. GreatGreen

    Fryette Deliverance question

    Does anybody know how the "Gain I" control works on a technical level with this amp? I've been reading the amp's manual, and while it's clear that the "Gain II" control simply increases preamp gain, the exact function of the "Gain I" control is a little more vague. The opposite ends of the knob...
  4. GreatGreen

    Feature Request - Backup multiple presets

    Currently, Fractal Bot allows users to individually back up one or multiple specific banks at a time, or one preset at a time. Would it be feasible to add a "Back up presets #[X] through #[Y]" option, where X and Y are numbers manually entered by the user?
  5. GreatGreen

    Gate Block - stop playing, gate closes, then re-opens on its own, then closes again after a second - with clip

    I've been trying to setup a Gate block after my amp block, but the Gate keeps behaving strangely. Doesn't matter if I'm using an Axe-Fx model or routing outside the Axe and using a real amp and reactive load. What happens: 1. Gate block placed after Amp block. Sidechain source set to Input 1...
  6. GreatGreen

    Clean, Capable W/D/W + FoH Grid Routing Idea

    Hey guys, I’ve found that with the Axe-Fx, the potential for setting up W/D/W patches is there, but setting up the grid to give you maximum flexibility can be tough to lay out. Lately I’ve been trying to really nail down how to setup the most flexible grid layout for W/D/W and after some trial...
  7. GreatGreen

    Wish Two sets of Scenes - with suggestion for controlling them with single CC#

    There's an interesting discussion on TGP about users wanting to be able to detach user-selectable blocks from Scenes, so for example you could change all your effects but leave your Amp blocks unchanged. Well, for a while now, I've thought about the possibility of having two sets of Scenes per...
  8. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx III Cab Block as general purpose mic pre?

    I checked the manual but wasn't able to find a solid answer. Can I use the Axe-Fx III's Cab block with a flat IR to emulate a general purpose mic preamp? In other words, can I simply connect something like an SM57 straight to Input 2, then route the Input 2 block on the grid to the Cab block...
  9. GreatGreen

    Cab Lab for summing Fractal IR's to save CPU

    Hey everybody, I'm trying to use Cab Lab to take my favorite IR's in the Axe-Fx and sum them into a single IR to save on CPU for my patches. I'm having trouble accessing the IR's in the Axe-Fx though the app though, and the manual doesn't seem to explain how to access them. Can anybody point me...
  10. GreatGreen

    Wish Power Tube Type + HF and LF Resonance and Q interactivity

    According to Cliff's article about the differences between power tube types, those differences mostly present themselves in the form of what the impedance curve ends up looking like when plugged into a given guitar cab. For example, EL34's will have a higher damping factor than 6L6's so the...
  11. GreatGreen

    Do all power tube types sound the same through a given Reactive Load? (bonus EVH amps info)

    Considering Cliff's article about the differences between tube types, specifically about how each type of tube doesn't really do anything to the sound other than change a poweramp's damping factor (EL34's have higher damping than 6L6's, which is why 6L6 tubes can sound more mid-scooped than...
  12. GreatGreen

    Fixed Amp Block: Speaker Tab - Speaker HF Resonance knob move

    In the Speaker Tab of the Amp Block: The top row is arranged: Freq, Q, Level The bottom row is arranged: Freq, Level, Q This is just a bit confusing, and I think it would streamline the Speaker tab if the HF Resonance knob was moved to where the HF Slope knob is so the HF Resonance knob...
  13. GreatGreen

    EVH Brown Sound - Variacs and Tube Biasing

    Conventional wisdom around the Brown Sound is that Eddie used a Variac to dial his Plexi down to 90v, after which he would then re-bias his EL-34's back up to normal ranges. How does this work in the Axe-Fx III? If you decrease the Variac value, is it necessary to increase the Grid Bias value...
  14. GreatGreen

    Wish RTA Block: Color Options + Show Block on Patch Selection

    I think it would be a cool thing if we could set the RTA block to be displayed on the Axe's screen when you load a patch. It's a cool visual effect but I feel like it's never used because you always have to manually select it after the patch loads, which I can't imagine anybody does. Also...
  15. GreatGreen

    "SS Poweramp + Cab" Output setting and Class-D amps

    In the Fractal Audio Blocks Guide, the section on setting the Output Mode to either "FRFR" or "SS Pwr Amp + Cab" has the following note: NOTE: The SS PA +Cab Mode is NOT intended for use with “current drive” power amps, i.e. tube power amps, Class-D current feedback amps, etc. This mode CAN be...
  16. GreatGreen

    SOLD SOLD - Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 - Honeyburst finish

    https://reverb.com/item/33646856-gibson-les-paul-tribute-2018-honeyburst Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2018 - Satin Honeyburst finish - $900 + $75 shipping (local pickup available for Nashville) Official paperwork and travel bag included. Original owner. Some specs: Solid body, no weight relief...
  17. GreatGreen

    Poweramps used by Fractal Audio for testing - which ones are they?

    Presumably Fractal Audio tests the accuracy of its models against real amps in multiple scenarios, including with IRs + FRFR monitors, as well as straight into a poweramp and guitar cab for amp and cab in the room scenarios. Anybody know what kind of amps are used in these cases?
  18. GreatGreen

    MIDI Block - Request to add Channels

    It would be really useful to have ABCD channels available in the MIDI block, and for the MIDI block to re-send commands each time its channel is changed. With this capability, anybody who uses an external effect or amp with MIDI capability would then be able to use Scenes to control external...
  19. GreatGreen

    Wish PEQ / GEQ "Compensation" Mode

    EQ is a tricky mistress. Especially when boosting frequencies. Yes, best practice is to cut, but sometimes boosting is just the best way to create the best sounding curve. Unfortunately, boosting can be deceptive and make us think we sound bigger and better than we do. Adding a big bass boost...
  20. GreatGreen

    Tube Amp -> Reactive Load -> SS Amp -> Cab

    Has anybody run a rig like this? Basically I'd like to go with a real tube amp + cab, but instead of mic'ing the speaker, I'd be inserting the Axe-Fx between the amp and cab to use as an IR box. I guess my biggest question is how much this would effect the sound of the tube amp. Is there much...
  21. GreatGreen

    I've always been a v30 guy. Let's talk about Greenbacks.

    Update: EVH 4x12 cabs use heritage greenbacks, not standard greenbacks. Good to know, and that clears up a lot of confusion I had about these things. So I've recently started playing an EVH 50w head. I still love the Axe-Fx and play it all the time of course, but every now and then a change of...
  22. GreatGreen

    X-Load LB-2 unavailble in store?

    I'm trying to buy one of these units for the November sale and the Add to Cart button isn't populating on its shop page. Is anybody else seeing this same issue?
  23. GreatGreen

    R121 alternative?

    The combo of an SM57 and R121 sounds great blended together. The R121 sounds great for the mids and lows, and the SM57 is great for filling out the highs. However, while the SM57 is relatively inexpensive, the R121 goes for something like $1,300. Are there any relatively inexpensive, relatively...
  24. GreatGreen

    EVH 5150 III 50 watt - anybody else tried this thing?

    The amp has been around a while so I'm sure a few of you guys have tried it, bought it, sold it, etc... but I've kind of had my head under a rock lately as I've been so happy with the Axe-Fx that I haven't really given tube amps much thought, probably in several years. Anyway, as these things...
  25. GreatGreen

    Humbucker to Single Coil: Blend Knob. Holy crap it's great.

    ---- I posted this on another forum and it got a decent response, so I thought I'd share it here with you guys as well. ---- Hey guys, a couple of months ago I bought a Les Paul and decided to change the pickups. I figured that while I'm changing the pickups, I might as well look into making...
  26. GreatGreen

    Matrix GT1000FX

    I've been reading up on the Matrix GT1000FX for a while now but for those of you who have one and are familiar with them, I have a question: What makes this thing different / better than any other stereo solid state poweramp of similar wattage?
  27. GreatGreen

    [implemented] Feature Request - Channel Library

    Currently the Block Library saves an entire block of usually 4 channels, all together in a single chunk. Back in the days of the Axe-Fx II when you only ever dealt with two channels at most, this was fine. But, now a more granular approach seems like it would be much more useful. The Axe-Fx III...
  28. GreatGreen

    Looks like they just announced MIDI 2.0

  29. GreatGreen

    Wish Split Global Blocks and Axe-Edit Block Library into indiv. channels

    Currently with both Global Blocks and Axe Edit save libraries, we can only save entire blocks at a time. In other words, we can't save and recall single channels of any specific block via Global Blocks or in Axe Edit when using the saved block library. I believe both Global Blocks and the Axe...
  30. GreatGreen

    Implemented Looper Functionality - Classic Button Behavior

    It would be great if the Looper block's buttons had the option to be configured to behave how they used to behave in the Axe-Fx II. Specifically, hitting Record once should start recording like it does now, but hitting Record a second time should: 1. stop recording 2. start playing the...
  31. GreatGreen

    Save Patches via MIDI

    Most MIDI controllers allow you to change effect bypass states and select scenes, obviously. However, there doesn't seem to be any MIDI or SysEx command you can use to save Axe-Fx patches from your MIDI controller once you've edited the patch. Basically, if I'm playing live and decide I like...
  32. GreatGreen

    [SOLVED] Missing Factory 2 Cabs

    I just got an Axe-Fx III in the mail today and the Factory 1 cab group shows up fine but the Factory 2 cab group is reading <EMPTY> for all cabs. Does anybody have these and know how I might install them?
  33. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx 3 - MIDI question

    The Axe-Fx 2's MIDI functionality always confused me a bit. It seems like there are so many unused values it could take advantage of. For example, in the Axe-Fx 2, CC #37 controls Amp 1 bypass. Specifically: CC #37 = 0 turns the block off CC #37 = 127 turns the block on. Same thing with CC #38...
  34. GreatGreen

    Wish Search Tags for Patches

    If Fractal is still taking suggestions, it would be extremely useful if you could apply tags to patches you create for quick searching in the future. Off the top of my head, examples like: clean ambient stereo amps lead live recording high gain vintage modern for single coils for humbuckers...
  35. GreatGreen

    Supported number of (physical) guitar cabinets

    So I was just thinking about the possibilities for running a device like the Axe-Fx 3 into tube poweramps and what the extent of its capabilities are in that department. Specifically, I was thinking about how many guitar cabs you could reasonably use without blowing anything up to amplify the...
  36. GreatGreen

    Not a Bug Angel Severe Presence Control

    Does this control sound funny to anybody else? It's been this way for a while, but I don't think I've seen any threads on it. I remember when the amp model came out a long time ago and the presence control was this incredible thing that at low settings made the amp a tight but smooth high gain...
  37. GreatGreen

    Atomic CLR - Unable to reach Atomic Support

    Does anybody have a phone number for Atomic amps or something? One of my CLR's stopped working (no output signal, just TV volume white noise no matter how the levels are set) and I can't seem to reach Atomic. I've emailed them at support@atomicamps.com 5 or 6 times over the past month and...
  38. GreatGreen

    Pedal to reproduce Van Halen's Balance effect?

    When I want to embiggen my sound a bit without the swirling effect of chorus or the phasing issues of a 1-2 ms hard panned delay if my signal gets collapsed to mono, my go-to trick is the old Van Halen Balance effect. I use a pitch block after the amp and set hard left to -8 ct and hard right to...
  39. GreatGreen

    Better to buy RJM Mastermind direct or via Sweetwater?

    Anybody have any suggestions here? Does it matter at all? If so, which one do you prefer? It might be a small detail, but for a purchase like this I think it at least warrants asking before pulling the trigger.
  40. GreatGreen

    So how do the new Drives sound?

    I haven't been able to test out the new Q5 firmware yet due to a tight work schedule lately. Has anybody been able to test out the new drives or compare them against the old drives and/or the real things?
  41. GreatGreen

    2 Preamps, 1 Rig

    So I'm building a guitar rack for the studio that includes two tube preamps and a stereo tube poweramp. The end goal is to wire the preamps into an RJM Effect Gizmo or some other loop switcher so I can put each preamp in its own loop, and then switch between them. Easy enough. However, I've...
  42. GreatGreen

    Let's talk about the Presence control

    This might be dumb, but I've always heard people describing the presence control on amps as "a control that increases or decreases the amount of high frequency negative feedback in a poweramp." Basically, and this is a bit embarrasing to admit, but I have no idea what that actually means from a...
  43. GreatGreen

    Anybody ever try the Tube Pre with an external preamp?

    I'm wondering how well it might work to run something like a Triaxis in the Axe-FX's FX loop, then straight into an Amp Block set to the Tube Pre with the preamp dialed as neutrally as possible but with some poweramp emulation applied, then of course into a Cab block and straight out to the PA...
  44. GreatGreen

    Mastermind GT Question

    If I'm using 4 Amps in a preset, Amp1X, 1Y, 2X, and 2Y, is there a way I can setup 4 buttons on the GT labeled CH1, CH2, CH3, and CH4 so that hitting each button activates its respective Amp block and toggles the respective X/Y state, while also showing on the board itself being activated while...
  45. GreatGreen

    MESA Triaxis question

    Ok so we all know that the Triaxis went through several different versions involving changing the LD1 Red mode. But what about the rest of the preamp and its modes? How did the very first run of these amps sound? LD1 Red aside, were there ever any fundamental changes between versions of the...
  46. GreatGreen

    Any MIDI Pedals that support AX8 style Hold and Page functionality?

    Part of the reason the AX8 is so appealing to me is because of the incredibly well designed midi functionality. You have eight normal switches that have both tap and hold functionality, and three function switches that also have tap and hold functionality that change the function of all eight...
  47. GreatGreen

    Wish Hold Switches 1-8 to Change Scenes

    It would be extremely handy if we could set the AX8 so that if you hold switches 1-8, the preset would swap to the corresponding Scene 1-8. As it is now, we currently have the option to hold switches 1-8 for X/Y switching, and then for scene selection we must press a Function switch first. I...
  48. GreatGreen

    Wish Hold Switches 1-8 to Change Scenes

    It would be extremely handy if we could set the AX8 so that if you hold switches 1-8, the preset would swap to the corresponding Scene 1-8. As it is now, we currently have the option to hold switches 1-8 for X/Y switching, and then for scene selection we must press a Function switch first. I...
  49. GreatGreen

    Is it possible to do this... (traditional pedalboard behavior)

    Is it possible to setup the AX8's 1-8 switches to behave like a traditional stompbox pedalboard, such that whatever effects you toggle on and off persist through patch changes? In other words, let's say I have two patches, 001 and 002, and that both are saved with a bypassed delay and a...
  50. GreatGreen

    Cab Block Preamp "High Quality" Mode and Air Parameter - Out of Phase [FIXED]

    The title pretty much sums it up. I tried out the new Preamp sims for the Cab block and it sounded fine until I turned on the High Quality mode, then the sound got notchy and out of phase sounding. I played with other parameters until I got around to the Air control, which I usually leave...
  51. GreatGreen

    FAS Link - Wireless Question

    Has anybody tried to use a wireless XLR device with FAS link between the MFC and Axe-Fx II? Did it work?
  52. GreatGreen

    Studio Monitor Question - JBL LSR series

    I've been hearing really good things about the JBL LSR305 and JBL LSR308 series monitors lately and was wondering if anybody here has tried these for themselves. Any opinions? Here's a pretty good image of the two side by side, LSR305 on the left, LSR308 on the right:
  53. GreatGreen

    MFC Wish: Stompbox mode IA toggle

    I think it would be incredibly useful to be able to assign an IA switch to toggle a "pedal board" mode on and off. ON = effect bypass states persist between patch changes. For example if you engage the Drive1 block in a patch, it's then auto-engaged in every patch you recall until you switch it...
  54. GreatGreen

    How do I make the MFC ignore patch 000?

    By default, Bank 1 Switch 1 selects patch 000. What's the best way to set the MFC so that Bank 1 Switch 1 selects patch 001 and continues from there?
  55. GreatGreen

    Brootal Wanking

    Here's an experiment to see what the new Brootz amp can do besides the djent stuff. Turns out it works pretty well for high gain leads too, I think. Even for tasteless wanks like this! There's a little bit of mid cut in the Amp's graphic eq, no post eq though. edit: Here's the patch if...
  56. GreatGreen

    ENGL Savage 120

    Just a quick and dirty clip of me screwing around in my spare time this afternoon with the Angle Severe model. Two tracks, one panned about 60% left, the other 60% right. No post eq, no parametric or graphic eq on the grid or in the amp block. The only thing I did was add a high pass filter in...
  57. GreatGreen

    New Standalone Mesa Boogie 5 band EQ pedal

    So I was on the Gear Page this morning and saw this: Mesa Boogie Five Band Grahic EQ Pedal And all I could think when I saw it is that Mesa is about 30 years too late with this one. People have literally been asking for this exact pedal since the eq was first featured on the Mark series...
  58. GreatGreen

    Maxon OD-808

    Hey guys, the more I look up modern metal guitar player rigs, the more I see the Maxon OD-808 pedal being used to boost amps. What is it about this pedal that's so great, and what do you think would be the best way to emulate this pedal in the Axe-Fx?
  59. GreatGreen

    Question about the Speaker Tab and Tube Power Amps

    If I'm using a tube poweramp, wouldn't the speaker tab of the Amp block apply the resonance curve twice, one from the Axe and another from the tube amp itself? If that's the case, does zeroing both resonance parameters effectively negate the Axe's speaker resonance modeling?
  60. GreatGreen

    Question about tube vs SS poweramps and latest firmware

    So we know that the primary difference between tube vs solid state poweramps is that one operates on current drive and the other operates on voltage drive. Forgive me if the terminology isn't spot on, I'm just a dude with a hobby here, not an EE. The important thing to note though is that tube...
  61. GreatGreen

    CLRs and Amp In The Room tone. I think I've figured something out.

    So I think I might have stumbled across a technique that allows Axe-Fx FRFR rigs to get very close, if not surpass amp-in-the-room tones altogether. It has definitely made my Axe II + CLR rig sound bigger and better in the room to me than my Axe II -> tube poweramp -> 2x12 rig after A/B testing...
  62. GreatGreen

    W/D/W Rig Question

    If you run a Wet/Dry Wet rig, how do you set your signals? Do you run your dry side 100% dry and your wet sides 100% wet, or do you run your dry signal to all three sides, but only the effects on the Wet channels?
  63. GreatGreen

    W/D/W Rig Question

    If you run a Wet/Dry Wet rig, what's your opinion on this... Do you run your Wet sides 100% wet, or do you run your dry signal to all three sides, but only the effects on the Wet channels?
  64. GreatGreen

    Mojo? No thanks!

    Amp Mojo Something interesting occurred to me the other day. A buddy of mine told me about a new music store in town that had some really cool amps I'd always wanted to play, but never had the opportunity to do so. Well, I called and asked when a good time to come to the store might be, letting...
  65. GreatGreen

    CLRs as Nearfield Studio Monitors

    Reading one account after the other about the clarity and accuracy of these CLRs makes me wonder. Have any of you CLR owners ever set them up at your computer or mixing desk and used them to mix or to casually listen to music? How did that work for you? Also, if you have experience with other...
  66. GreatGreen

    FW 12 Hangs longer at startup

    After updating to 12.00 last night, I noticed that during startup, the part when the display is blank and all LEDs are on, that phase with other firmwares has previously lasted only a second or two but with v12 it tends to hang for about 4 or 5 seconds before the unit continues on as usual, and...
  67. GreatGreen

    M-Audio BX8's

    I listened to these monitors the other day in a roomful of other monitors of all different sizes and prices, and these seemed to sit somewhere between critical mixing and hifi, casual listening territory. In other words, they sound like the highs and lows are slightly exaggerated, but the...
  68. GreatGreen

    Hey all you 4x12 users! It's the old straight vs slant issue.

    So the other day I went to a music store to try out a few Mesa cabinets with an Axe II/VHT 2:90:2 rig. The store had several 4x12 recto slant cabs, and a 2x12 recto cab. No straight cabs for me to try. After a few hours playing with all of the cabs, I found the 2x12 sounded by far the best in...
  69. GreatGreen

    Presence and Depth controls for a VHT 2:90:2

    I use a VHT 2:90:2 with my Axe-Fx and I started to think about how to emulate the poweramp's presence and depth knobs, seeing as the thought of replacing it for gigs with a Matrix poweramp has crossed my mind, but I don't really want to lose the functionality of the extra presence and depth...
  70. GreatGreen

    Tube Pre + Actual Tube Preamp

    The Axe-Fx wiki states that in the Amp block, the Tube Pre type is a neutral preamp intended to be used as a way to warm up an actual tube preamp by applying the poweramp modeling to it. Has anybody actually done this? How was it?
  71. GreatGreen

    Is it possible to do this...

    I'm really not all that great at this whole MIDI thing, but for each patch I'd like to feel like I have a 4 channel amp available with 4 dedicated channel switches on the board. Also, I'd like to accomplish this without using scenes, as I'd prefer the "channel switching" to not affect the bypass...
  72. GreatGreen

    Bug? Scenes and Link Incompatibility

    I was experimenting with the Link functionality earlier, trying to pair up a group of 4 effects so that when I activated any one of the four, the other three would go into bypass mode. That was easy enough, but the bug presented itself when I tried to then switch to a new scene. When I did, all...
  73. GreatGreen

    Genz Benz G-Flex 2x12 and Speaker Resonance.

    So I'm really starting to mess around with the speaker resonance tab in the amp block and I'd like to match up the speaker resonance with my G-Flex 2x12 cab, but I have no idea what the actual cab's resonance is, and my Google-Fu seems to be failing me. Does anybody have any idea how I might...
  74. GreatGreen

    VHT/Fryette 2/90/2 vs ENGL 850/100

    I've been hearing a lot of talk about ENGL's poweramps lately and was wondering if anybody has had experience with both VHT/Fryette's amps and ENGL's. Personally, I own a 2/90/2 and have been curious about the ENGL poweramp lately, but there really are no ENGL dealers within driving distance...
  75. GreatGreen

    Anyone ever try to tonematch an ENGL SE?

    If so, what amp model did you start with, and how do you tweak it to make it end up sounding like the ENGL SE?
  76. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx II Fan Noise: Still an issue?

    When the Axe-Fx II was released, a few people complained about the fan noise the unit put out. However, it was advised that users not repeat the common practice of replacing the internal fan with one from Silenex or other quieter, slightly less powerful fan like they did with the Axe-Fx...
  77. GreatGreen

    Amp EQ Controls

    Okay, so I'm going to assume most built-in EQ sections in tube amps aren't centered in the same place right? In other words, the center tone control frequency of a Dual Rectifier is probably going to be different from one of a JCM 800. And on top of that, I'd imagine that a lot of amps have...
  78. GreatGreen

    Making a Mission Engineering SP-1 alternate between VOL and WAH

    I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do this, but I've got nothing yet. Maybe you guys can help. I'd like to set up a single Mission Engineering SP-1 pedal to alternate between controlling the VOL1 block and the WAH1 block. In other words, I'd like the Mission Engineering pedal to...
  79. GreatGreen

    Skipping Preset 000

    So, I just got the delivery for my brand new MFC-101, and it's pretty fantastic so far. The form factor is great, the display is extremely legible, pretty much everything you could want in a foot pedal. Anyway, I've messed with the display offset options, but that still doesn't quite do what...
  80. GreatGreen

    Mission Engineering Exp Pedals

    I'm only going to be able to buy either the SP-1 or SP-2 expression pedal, but whichever one I get, I'd like it to pull double duty. That is, I'd like it to default as a standard volume pedal, but when engaged, I'd like it to swap from controlling volume to controlling another modifier like a...
  81. GreatGreen

    Axe-Fx II CPU Usage

    The Axe-Fx Ultra has tons of memory, but if you get too crazy with the blocks, you'll run out of your CPU's resources. How does this compare with the II? How many blocks can you fit into a given Axe-Fx II patch? I know that's hard to answer because every block type takes up different amounts...
  82. GreatGreen

    FAS Amp Sims

    I've always liked the FAS amp sims, but I'm curious about something. What amps, specifically, are being simulated with these things? I know they're all home grown at Fractal, but it would be really neat to find out just exactly what went into them. Which amps were taken apart and frankensteined...
  83. GreatGreen

    Question about the CAE 3+ amp sim

    So, I've been hearing a lot of clips of the Custom Audio Electronics OD-100 SE+ lately, and it sounds phenomenal. Mark Day's clips in particular are just killer, but then again that guy would probably sound good playing through a Metal Zone plugged into an old TV so maybe that's not the best...
  84. GreatGreen

    Please allow amp parameters to be MIDI controllable!

    I think that a real tube amp still has a functional advantage over the Axe-Fx when used live in that you can make super-quick adjustments to the tone controls on a tube amp, whereas with the Axe-Fx, making an adjustment like this requires menu navigation and other button pressing before actually...
  85. GreatGreen

    Using External MIDI knobs to control internal parameters

    Ever since I bought my Axe-Fx, I've been pretty much completely satisfied with the sounds I get. However, getting to those sounds can be kind of a pain. It would be so much simpler to get something like a Behringer knob box and just assign those knobs to individual parameters within the Axe so...
  86. GreatGreen

    VHT 2/50/2 vs. VHT 2/90/2

    Has anybody taken the time to really sit down and compare these two amps with the AxeFx side-by-side, at multiple volumes? I already own the 2/90/2 and use it with the Axe, but there are just so many people who use the 2/50/2 that I'm wondering what it's all about. Do the two amps sound all...
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