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    Tony’s Heaven & Hell Live tone?

    Has anyone tried or bee successful at getting Tony’s modern tone? I know most would start with a Marshall but having had a Laney GH50 20 years ago I can say that the mids don’t seem to sit in the same range as a Marshall, among other differences. A good example is around 5:30 in this video.
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    Export Impulse Responses with Eq baked in.

    I know there are plugins like Mikko & Libra (both I own) that will allow you to export Impulse Response mixes but I still find the need to EQ these often. Does anyone here know if there is a way to create an IR from these exported mixes with your eq'ing included? That would save me from having...
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    FRFR in live sound from stage scenario?

    Hi all. Has anyone been into a situation where you’re playing gigs where the guitar sound to the crowd will be from the stage? In the past with these types of gigs my sound has come from either a 4x12 or 2x12 cab pushed by my Axe FXII running into the fx return of a tube amp. I am thinking of...
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    This Three Days Grace Tone

    I am trying to get a certain kind of guitar tone for a project I am working on. We are tying for a more industrial tone which is something I am not used to. If you listen to the tone at :30 in this video where the distorted guitars kick in that's pretty spot on to what I am trying to get. It...
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    Hold Toggle between 2 scenes?

    Hi all, setting up for my first Rock gig with my FM9. My scene 3 is clean, scene 6 is the same but the chorus is off and a drive kicks in. It’s for a quick lick then I return to clean. What I want to do is press fs 3 to select scene 3 and then hold fs 3 to get to scene 6 and then for it to...
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    Switches rough.

    Used my FM9 at a rehearsal last night for the first time. The switches seem a little rough and maybe less responsive than I would like. I think I recall seeing people talk about lubricant for them that really smoothes them out. Anyone have any tips?
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    GK 250 ML

    Anyone have a patch that gets this sound? I know its similar to the Rockman stuff but I like it much better. Less.cocked wah tone to my ears.
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    Ventilation space on pedalboard with FM9

    I am starting to put together a pedal board for jamming and some gigs. Beside of my FM9 I have an expression and a whammy. Since the unit vents to the side, how much space you reckon I need to leave for proper heat venting and to not overheat the unit?
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    How are you drawing your wah automation in DAW?

    if you are doing this how are you? Ideally I'd like to do it with my foot for it to be more authentic. Of course I've thought of recording with a way but I really like the idea of using one in my FM9 during reamping so I can really sculpt the sound.
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    Recreate Sansamp PSA

    Has anyone tried to recreate the sounds of a Sansamp PSA in the FAS modeling? I’m assuming disabling the poweramp of an amp model would be a start, I have some IR’s someone posted from a Palmer PDI-3 I’m also guessing those would work better than regular IRs. Has anyone with experience with the...
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    If you wanted to Replicate a Full Triaxis, what would you use for R/Y, Ld1/Y & LD1/G?

    Hey all, I am working on something and thought it would be fun to try to mimic a full Triaxis. The channels below are the ones not modeled. What do you guys (and or gals) reckon I could use to get as close to the channels below? I figure the USA Clean for Rhythm Yellow, what are your...
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    Closest Fender Pro Sonic

    Hi wizards, I am doing a demo for a friend who has sent me DI tracks for re-amping. When I asked about the guitar tone he'd like he said he LOVES the sound of his Fender Pro Sonic and would like for me to get him as close to that as possible. I am not familiar with that amp aside from its a High...
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    Programming External Switch to Tuner w/o Hold

    Hi all, I am up and running with my FM9 and am almost where I wanna be functionality wise. The one thing I cannot figure out is my external switches. I have Ext 1 as an expression pedal, Ext 3 is working as a tap tempo but Ext 2 I cant get to work like I want. I would like to set it up to take...
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    Pedalboard Powersupply with 120v outlet..

    I am building my new pedalboard around my FM9. The planned board will consist of a FM9, Digitech Whammy, Digitech Drop Pedal and Line 6 Relay Wireless. I'd love to find a singular power supply that could provide power out to all 4 but without having a ton more than I need. I would also like it...
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    Recording Template Preset?

    Does anyone have good recording presets they use as a template for recording they would like to share? Not concerned with settings as much a routings. Thank you in advance.
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    How customizable is the Foot Switch Layout architecture?

    I posted this into a discussion on Favebook but wanted to also post here to broaden the responses. If anyone can point me in the right direction you would be my hero! The topic was- Is there anyone here that is a FM9 layout guru? I'm not yet able to wrap my head around it. There are some...
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    Which External Switch do you use with your FM9?

    I am sure this has been covered and I did some forum searching but I thought I would ask. I am looking to use 3 external controllers with my FM9 like this... 1- I have a Mission EP-1 (with the return to heel spring) that I want to use for the WAH (auto on) 2- I would like to get a dual switch...
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    Wish Power amp only models

    I don't have an AF3 but I am on the FM9 list but there's not a wishing place yet so I thought I would put it here since its about modeling and not FM9 specific. With the f drive models we have that were designed to be used as (or also as) a preamp pedal (supposedly the Metal Zone for example)...
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    Difference in Modeling coming from Ares to Cygnus

    Hi all. I am thinking of selling my trusty old AF2 and putting that towards a new FM9. I am curious about the difference in sound of the new modeling. For me in my AF2 for the last few years of updates there was something about the midrange that I didn't like and could not dial out, when I tried...
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    Bogner Uberkab IR's?

    Hey all, who all has a Bogner Uberkab IR pack out there? I know there is one for ML Mikko which I own but ML tones and I dont seem to bond well (something about the midrange I think). I know that York has a Bogner but I don't think its the Uberkab and it only has V30's, I think I would also...
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    FS STL Tones Tonehub + 10 Preset Packs $375 (includes x-fer fee)

    Hi all, moving items to buy more gear, among other things I am looking to sell my STL Tonehub stuff. The 10 packs include: Howard Benson Kevin Thrasher Atrium Audio Kris Crummet 1 Kris Crummet 2 Josh Middleton Mark Lewis Michael Britt Soldano SLO Dual Rec New value: $369.89, selling for $375...
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    Can the Footswitches on the FM9 be se to do this?

    I am going to try to make this as concise while a quick as possible. For a lot of years I used my AF2 and a Voodoo Labs GC-Pro in the 4 preset/8 Stomp mode which covered most of what I needed. A few years ago I got a stoopid deal on a new amp an picked up a Helix Lt to use for FX. Eventually...
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    FAS Wish

    With the FM9 coming out, I have realized what my true dream FAS product is. something akin to a desktop/tabletop version of the FM9 meets an interface. . Basically an FM9 processing power and ins and outs wise, adding 1 or 2 phantom powered XLR's but no switches and not in a rackmount format. I...
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    WTB Explorer Style guitar Epiphone etc. SEARCH ENDED

    Hi all. I’m looking to buy a budget Explorer style guitar. Epiphone or similar. Though I like the Dean bodies, but I just can’t get down with their headstocks. If you have something you’re thinking of selling please let me know.
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    What’s the FAS models closest to Wizard MC II and PRS Archon

    Hey guys, coming back to using my AF2 after a time away. When I was using STL Tonehub I found 2 amps who’s profiles I get really cool results from are a PRS Archon and an amp called Wizard 50 from Howard Benson which I think is the Wizard Modern Classic II. For the Wizard I know Marshall is the...
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    FAS Gear Wish

    I think this would be a cool piece of kit but realize I am probably alone on this... I think a very cool product would be an Ace FX desk top/recording interface. I am sure it’s not quite this simple but I envision it to be something akin to the FM3 but without the switches and the addition of a...
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    What’s your favorite drive pedal advanced setting mods?

    Just like the subject says. What’s your favorite advanced parameter settings in the drive block? What does it do for you? Is it replicating a different drive pedal?
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    Anyone tried FM3 to record vocals?

    As the subject says. just curious if anyone has tried such? I know it doesn’t have an XLR but aside from that, I wonder how it could do?
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    Reamping USB vs SPDIF is one cleaner?

    I have a Focusrite 18i8 gen 1 and have been reamping via spdif so to maintain 1 interface in my DAW. I feel that maybe it’s not as clean as it would be reamping via usb even though spdif is supposed to be digital. Does anyone here know if there is a quality difference? thank you guys!
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    Maybe it’s the IRs?

    I’ve had my AF2 since Dec 2011, it served me well through a long stent with a popular and busy coverband but there are many posts In these forums through the years to attest to my struggles with the AF2 for recording. I recently got into the STL Tonehub game and am going back and forth on my...
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    Only using FAS for studio work, is going from AF2 to FM3 advisable?

    So basically what I am saying is that I’ve been using my Axe FXII only for recording/studio stuff for the last few years and have a different live rig. As much as the III could be cool to have, I just can’t really justify the stepping up to that. Currently I reamp through my AF2 via spdif and...
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    Getting your music in streaming services...

    Hello fellow home based rock stars! Are any of you like me and have multiple recording projects that you just want to get out there for people to hear i.e. Spotify, Amazon music, Apple Music etc and not really concerned with selling the music? If so, have any of you used a service like...
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    How to get the most out of changing power tube types

    I know this has been discussed ad nauseam, a lot by me but has anyone here cracked the secrets of getting the most effect from changing power tube types in the Axe FX? I know that power tubes are flat in tone and all but the fact remains that in the amp world when you change tube types you get...
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    Midrange management?

    Something that’s been tossed around here in the forums for about as long as I can remember is that the Axe FX II (at least) has an “inherent tone”. Many agree but I think it’s true. There is something that I just can’t seem to put my hand on but it’s in the midrange. Have any of you noticed...
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    STL Tonehub or Mercuriall as a plugin alternative?

    Hey all, just curious if anyone has any experience with any of the Mercuriall or the new Tonehub stuff? I’m really not going to be gigging much anymore and when I do I think that my Helix LT will do what I need and since I will be doing quite a bit in recording, I think I’d like to have...
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    How far are “we” from hardware for VST?

    I was sitting around thinking.. I wonder how far off we are (if it’ll ever happen at all) that someone makes a hardware unit to load VST’s for on stage use? What I envision is something not too far off from a laptop or tablet type device with a stripped down but stable os (win or Mac based) a...
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    Plugin Amp Sim to Compete with Axe FX?

    As the title says. Have any of you come across a plug-in that’s good enough to at least make you consider selling your Axe Fx? I’m not gigging very much any more and when I do I have a Helix LT that’ll get the job done. I am however doing a ton of recording. The Helix Native is cool for FX but...
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    How many power-on’s?

    So how many times you reckon you can turn on your Axe Fx II? I bought mine at the end of 2011, I have to admit I’m getting a little paranoid every time I got that switch these days. Thanks
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    Copy settings from one model to another for auditioning?

    I hope I ask this right. When I am auditioning different models of the Mark IV (for example) and I get a tone I mostly like between the GEq and maybe a couple of advanced tweaks, but I want to try the BRT or BRT+ and I lose the GEq or advanced tweaks. You guys have any work arounds you use?
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    Is anyone sending Midi CC to AF2 for reamping?

    As the thread title says. Has anyone been doing this and if so how? I would like to be able to use cc’s from DAW to turn modifiers on and off during reamping. while we are on the subject has anyone tried to record automation for a way to send from DAW to AF2? Did you use an expression pedal...
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    Reamping to blend amps...

    I searched the forum knowing this has to have been discussed ad nauseam but I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. I also feel a bit silly asking because for as long as I have had my AF2, I should have tried already, but in my defense until recently I’ve been playing in a coverband that...
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    Tuner not correct with recent updates?

    Has anyone had a issue with their tuner in the AF2 not being accurate after the last couple of updates? Mine seems to be off by almost an entire 1/2 step. With my current set up for recording it’s frustrating and inconvenient but Isn’t killing me, but I’d like to figure out a solution before I...
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    Parameters that change with Tube Type?

    Hey all! I know we have in the past gone back and forth about whether or not changing power tubes changes the tone. My understanding is that when you select different power tube type in the AF2, certain parameters change which is one of the reasons you don’t hear the difference so much, and if...
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    Outputs 1 & 2 not working?

    I am totally sure this is user error but today I am trying to work on learning reamping through SPDIF. I updated the firmware and grabbed my guitar and nothing from outs 1 & 2. SPDIF working fine. I have checked the XLR, changed channels in my interface etc. I am sure that I am missing something...
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    FS ESP LTD guitars for sale

    Hello all. I have several guitars for sale and making some good deals. I currently have 3 LTD guitars listed 2 Potbelly models and a Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) 7 String. I’ll post a pic of each below, pm for more details. Prices are negotiable but do not include shipping. If you are...
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    Closest to Archon

    I’m sure this has been talked to death but the search didn’t yield anything. Since the FW’s are done with the AF2. What amp model do you guys thinks gets us closest to the PRS Archon? Has anyone had any luck nailing its tone? If so, what tweaks? Thanks all!
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    What changes with Power Tube parameters?

    what all values change when you change power tube types? It’s my understanding that changing power tube type also makes other parameters change to accommodate the tube type, and if those parameters don’t change then changing power tube type is more noticeable. Is this accurate? And if so which...
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    Tuner not right...

    I was in the middle of a project the other night and went to check my tuning and the tuner said I was off by almost 2 Steps per string. I checked the offsets, and the calibration. No offsets, and the CAL is set to 440. I even checked another guitar and had the same result. Checking with a...
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    Celestion IR’s, who likes them?

    Celestion is running some cool Black Friday deals on their IR’s. I really don’t have a whole lot of available $$$ for that but I’m just not 100% happy with the packs I’ve purchased, my biggest purchase in that realm being the OH HHC. So for a guy who likes warm Rock/Metal tones with a bite (but...
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    Ghost musicians on "famous" recordings

    My interest in ghost musicians has been peaked because I'm a huge Kiss fan and have been discussing lately what leads Ace probably did or didn't do. I've read that Dan Huff actually played the intro to Sweet Child O' Mine, which makes sense to my ears because that's awefully clean for Slash...
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    Post EQ in Daw High Gain

    What kind of Post EQ do you guys do? I've had my AF2 for a little over 5 years, it's been used live A LOT but I have yet to use it on anything beyond demo recordings. I've had many false starts but my coverband (that's winding down) just keeps me so busy. I've been getting ready to actually...
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    AX8 4 cable limitations

    Hey all, AF2 user 5 years now. Looking into a back up rig, getting a stoopid good deal on a 5150iii, also have access to a good deal on a Helix floor that the guy will throw in but I gotta make a decision today. I want something that will work well 4 cable method but also run as a stand alone...
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    Hi gain topology Marshall vs. Mesa

    Maybe the topic is a little misleading sorry for that but while you're here... Anyone ever notice in high gain amps that no one really ever clones Mesa amps? What I mean is, when you read about an amp you'll usually read something like "it's basically a tweaked Marshall _______" I don't know...
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    Mark IV-Anyone know how to simulate EL34 in outer sockets?

    For some reason I've started lusting for a real life Mesa Mark IV, but since I am short of funds I will live vicariously through my AF2 and be just fine. One thing I would like to do if I were to ever have a real world Mark IV would be to mix 34's and 6L6's. I tend to gravitate towards amps with...
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    Has anyone here tried a Barefoot Pale Green compw?

    One of the guys I play with at church has one. He plays a Gibson 135 into a Vox AC 30, one thing that really got me about his tone is this percussive hit at the beginning of his notes. He has a pretty substantial pedal board and on it is a Barefoot Pale Green comp, twice we played together he...
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    Tech 21 Fly Rig Alternative

    I've been looking into a back up right, something simple and the Tech 21 Fly Rig really caught my eye. Excellent price point, and a great concept. One thing I don't care as much for is the lack of an FX loop. It has the most basics you'd need but I'd like to be able to use some modulation pedals...
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    1 (high-ish) Mid-Gain preset and volume knob...

    So one of my current gigs is playing in the praise band at my church. It's been a long haul getting my tones dialed in but I'm getting closer all the time. Lately I've been using the Boutique 1 & 2 models. I use Boutique 2 as my main tone (X) with the drive at about 11:00-11:30 and the master...
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    Quantum 6 and the Euro Über

    The Euro Über has been a model I have long fought with to the point I've left it alone. I finally got around to installing Q6 yesterday, didn't get to do much with it, but I was messing around with the Euro Red model getting a really cool tone. It seemed more alive to me than before, so I walked...
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    Slate Digital... what's your thoughts?

    Looking for opinions on this (these) product(s) especially from persons with extensive experience with them. What do you think about them? Is it worth the $15 per month? What did you use most? What's useless in the bundle? How do they compare to waves, Ik, Softube UA etc...? I've got Sonar...
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    Dial in popular Mods

    I would like to try to to get the JCM 800 in the AF2 to mimick the Platinum Mod from Voodoo amps, I played through one about 6 years ago. I just remember it having more gain than one would ever need and a lot of tight bottom end. I know the description doesn't give much info. The first obvious...
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    Help getting percussive tones?

    Ive played with the same guitarist in church the last couple of weeks, I use my AF2 and he uses an AC30. One thing that strikes me about his tone is that his amp has this percussive quality to the beginning of the note or attack. Almost like a hit before the note makes it to your ear. Its the...
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    Pitch Shift 1/2 step up

    Hey guys, had a quick question. Most of my guitars are tuned 1/2 step down but when I play with the PW band they are in standard, until now I've just tuned a guitar up, but the guitar I've been using is giving me some trouble, I was wondering how it would sound if I tried to put a pitch block at...
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    Ownhammer HHC pack = WOW!

    Finally got around to picking up the HHC pack. I can say these IR's are NO JOKE! The clarity, the variety, and THE TONE. Right now I'm stuck on the Orange M25/V30 Modern 02 mix. Worked extremely well with Recto 1 Orange modern, USA Lead Brt and HBE V2 models for some Nu-Metal meets Modern Heavy...
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    Frequencies to dial out that "grindy" tone?

    Ok so I am ashamed to admit that after almost 5 years of Axe FX II ownership I am just now getting to serious recording. Something I am noticing, especially when I compare to other recording sounds that I like is that I'm the tones I record seem to have this "grindy" kind of quality to them...
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    KSE End of Heartache/Chevelle Family System

    Doing some tracking for someone and 2 guitar tones they said they'd really like to have similar tones to are "End Of The Heartache" by Kill Switch Engage and "Family System" by Chevelle. I dig those tones myself so I am excited to try to emulate them. I have been trying to find stem files to try...
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    How to get the Maxon OD-808 sound in AF2?

    As the title says. Anyone had any luck recreating this? ***edit*** The "this" being the OD 808.
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    Any good free open back IRs out there?

    I normally don't look for free IRs but I need just one maybe two good IRs of an open back 1x12 or 2x12 for some live performing, none of the stock IRs in the AF2 really seem to be speaking to me. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Dial the honk out of the Tube Screamer

    I have become fond of using a boost in the front of my gain amps. I think the Tube Screamer is probably my favorite with the exception of the mid honk, any one have suggestions on how the get the benefits of the TS while dialing out that honky sound? Thanks!
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    Quilter Tone Block 200

    Got one of these a few weeks ago, here's my thoughts so far... Since April 12 I've powered my AF2 bua the fx return of my 5150, i have tried a few other power choices a Mesa Boogie 50/50, the power section of a L6 Vetta, a QSC and an ISP Stealth. I was worried about the headroom and holding up...
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    Hardware IR Loader?

    Is there a hardware IR Loader out there other than the Torpedo? Seems like this would be such a handy thing that shouldn't cost as much as those do IF you don't need a load box. I'm looking for something to put in my backup rig that could run in line between my preamp and power amp so I can...
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    Setting up volume tap & tap tempo

    Good day all! Still trying to get my lovely AF2 working for my PW gig. I played with another guitarist yesterday, he had a fairly common set up for this kind of thing, using a pedal board with a couple of delays, a reverb, volume pedal and a couple of other goodies into an Orange amp. After...
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    Nashville Number System

    Hey guys, I just started playing with the Praise & Worship band at church. They use the Nashville Number System which as far as I can tell it assigns numbers to chords based on its interval position in the key. So in the key of A, 1=A 2=B 3=C# 4=D 5=E 6=F# 7=G#. I was told they use this because...
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    AF2+ P&W Advice?

    Hay guys, it looks i am going to have the opportunity to perform with the praise and worship band at my church. It's one of those churches that the worship experience is a pretty big production and I'm looking forward to using my AF2 in this environment. I was hoping to get some advice from you...
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    Latency when recording 2 amps at one time...

    So this week I've been experimenting with recording via the USB out on the AF2. I set up a patch to record HBE on track 1 and USA lead on track 2. The HBE was panned hard left and sent to a cab block, the USA lead was hard right and sent to its own cab block. When played them back in my DAW...
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    Running 2 amps in stereo

    I am sure this has been covered but I wasn't able to find the answer through searching. I want to record some demo tracks via USB but I want to record 2 amps on to separate tracks simultaneously. For example a HBE & Cab block in channel 1 (or left output) and Mark IV & cab block in channel 2 (or...
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    Anyone try the new Lynchback IR from Ownhammer?

    Curious about this speaker, seems to be like a Greenback but also designed to take on some modern guitar tone work. Maybe equally adept at both? I was one of the fortunate enough to win the Mesa ST 60/70 watt V30's cab a while ago, I dig it, a lot. I'm looking for a great compliment to this...
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    Redid my presets for my cover band last night, used Mark IV for some my LA Studio sounds, Plexi 6550 for my Classic rock stuff but...for my "general tone" and more modern stuff I tried out the Herbie Ch3. Gotta say I am digging it, a lot. Anyone have any experience with the real thing? Is the...
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    Cameron Atomica Mod link to a good read on it...

    I came across this thread about the Jose Mod Cameron Atomica. http://www.rig-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=103745 I also saw a video of Mark Day playing one, sounds MASSIVE. I wonder if just turning on the Sat switch would get that tone? Maybe Mark Day could chime in with his thoughts since...
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    Clark Kent Job EP effect..

    Hey guys, do you remember the EP that Mikko was gracious to share with us and the free IR's? I was Rockin out to the tune Nympho the other day, he had an awesome stutter in it. Anyone have some tips on how to do this? I know there are plugs that can do it but I don't know that I want to spend...
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    Latency while reamping

    So I finally got an interface that's more conducive to reamping with the Fractal as opposed to my last 2. I am now running with a Focusrite 18i8 into Cakewalk Sonar X3 Producer . I tried reamping for the first real time tonight, while I was able to reamp, the reamped tracks had just enough to...
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    Does the Herbie sound different in the new?

    I don't have much experience with the Herbie model, I just really discovered it a month or so ago but since I updated the 1.02 that amps seems different and not in a way that I like. Almost muddy or buzzy. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    What Delay model will get me closest to the MXR Carbon Copy?

    I searched the "Mama" Threads but no luck on that. Probably my favorite delay sound.... While we're at it, anyone know of a good Full Tone OCD emulation? Thanks all!
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    Calling all Ownhammer experts, which IR will get me in this ballpark?

    Ok, as the subject says this is a question for people who use the Ownhammer IR's. This is an example of the overall tonality I am looking for. I know a YouTube video isn't the best example but it gives an idea. The amp used on the recording was a Bogner Shiva. This came from a conversation the...
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    Recorded from Axe Fx 2 through USB for the first time...crackily&distorted any help?

    I tried recording via the USB on my A2 for the first time last night. The playback was a nasty digital distorted snap, crackle and pop. Without being in front of my PC here's the info about my set up. Windows PC running Windows 8.1 w/8 gig ram. Intel quad core processor. PC was purchased new...
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    Can we discuss High Gain Amp designs Marshall Vs Mesa designs etc?

    I love to discuss guitar gear all day long. Unfortunately, most of the musicians in my circle are more just plug and play guys so they don't really dive into gear all that much. For this reason I love reading the Axe Fx wiki and learning about the amps in the AF2 (then trying them out)...
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    Carvin FET 450 vs. Mosvalve vs. ISP Stealth

    So I am trying hard to make a decision on a solid state power amp so I can stop using my 5150 head. There is a Carvin FET 450 on ebay for $275 & free shipping the auction ends in like 6 hours. I see Mosvalve often so there is no urgency and then there's the ISP Stealth, I had one before and it...
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    Carvin Fet 450...Any advice?

    I have been using my 5150 head to as a power amp in my AF2 rig for the last few years. I have been wanting for a while to get a solid-state poweramp to run in my rig to remove the tube coloration of my 5150. I came across a Carvin Fet 450 on eBay for $275, a good price. My understanding is that...
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    Rotovibe/Unicode effect...

    I was working on a demo track last night and thought "man for this lead I'd really love to have a Rotovibe effect" I was using the Bogfish Strato with the T808 drive running the last FW18 update. I tried a roto block, a chorus block with mix 100% and a phaser set to classic vibe. None got that...
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    Emg weirdness?

    Hey guys, pulled out a guitar i haven't played in a while that's equipped with Emg active 81 in the bridge and 60 in the neck. The guitar sounds like the tone knob is rolled back or maybe a wah pedal is on and stuck in a close to heal down position(the best way I can think to describe It)...
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    Anyone have a good Uberschall Preset?

    I have been trying to get a good sounding Uberschall patch, trying to recreate my experience with the real thing I got to experience in a studio once. The tones I get seem to suffer from one or a combination of tbe following ailments; sounds like a blanket is overrated the cab, tone is too...
  91. S

    Lynchback IR's

    Has anyone checked out the Lynchback IR'S from Ownhammer? Reading about that speaker it intrigues me. I am a high gain guy but I tend to like the bite & almost fizz character of more vintage speakers....I would love to know your thoughts on those.
  92. S

    Question for truly PRO guitar recording engineers.

    In your professional/expert opinions in modern Rock, Hard Rock or Metal/Nu-Metal how important or essential is it to record multi amp set ups? I know the answer should always be to use your ears but I am curious of your opinions from a production technique standpoint. To really get a...
  93. S

    Learning new techniques, can I mix a project for you for FREE?!?

    Not sure if this is the best location for this thread but I am wanting to improve my mixing/mastering skills. I thought I would ask if anyone has some raw waves or a project that I could practice mixing? It will be a while before I can get my set up back to being able to record quality vox and...
  94. S

    Hi-Gain guru's help needed

    Question here for the high gain gurus. There are some amps I have been messing with in the A2 that I have had limited experience with in the real world but not able to obtain the same results in the A2. Hoping I can get some help, maybe there is an advanced setting that can help me nail it! I...
  95. S

    This needs an EQ genius!

    My live set up is Guitar-> Line 6 Digital wireless-> Axe FX2 out 2-> FX Return of Peavey 5150 head(using the power amp only) to Peavey 4x12 cab loaded with 2 Sheffields and 2 V30's. Out 1 of the Axe FX 2 goes to the FOH. Here's my question that needs and EQ genius answer: I want to put an EQ...
  96. S

    Shiva help

    I need some help dialing in the Shiva. Its the amp I want to use for 2 reasons. 1-I played through one about 4 years ago in a boutique amp shop and almost bought it right then &, there, if it wasn't going out of town on vacation (then bills kicked in after that) it was to me the perfect tone...
  97. S

    Ownhammer Hi, Mid & Lo gain what do you like best?

    I am a fan of the Ownhammer IR'S. I am curious about opinions on which is the better to get between the Low Gain, Mid Gain and High Gain essentials packs and why? I am looking for a warm cab/IR with good presence bite w/o being harsh. Also anyone checked out the Lynchback? What kind of...
  98. S

    Is there a contact number for Fractal?

    I have a broken value knob on my A2. When I contacted support I was given a ticket number and was told that most likely the repair will be done on the day the unit is received. The unit was received this past Monday June 2nd. Since then I have sent 3 requests for an update on the status of...
  99. S

    A2 oh how I miss thee

    I know I am whining here but I sent my A2 in for repair last Wednesday to have a broken value knob repaired. It's been a week and no word on the repair and when I will get my music partner back. My only solice lie in 3 facts 1-my band had 2 weeks off, 2- I have been caught up in a home...
  100. S

    Sans Amp...What's your take?

    With the recent reissue of the Rack Mount unit just curious what you guys think of the Sans Amp products. They are touted as the most widely used product of it's type and appearing on "countless" hit recordings etc. And of course its pointed out to be Analog. I remember when I was growing up...
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