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  1. J

    RED SOUND Stage Cab

    Hi, has anyone used or heard the REDSOUND Active Stage CAB? THanks
  2. J

    What's a good distort pedal for a Fender Deluxe?

    Hi.. Is there a distort/overdrive pedal that works with any other Fractal clean amp models. Basically, my main amp model is a Fender Deluxe. But, I am struggling to find a pedal, that I can just kick on and get some sweet distortion/drive going. Like I can do with a real fender and a pedal...
  3. J

    Anybody using a FX8 with a AX8?

    Anybody using a Fx8 with a AX8?
  4. J

    ‘Don’t stop believing..Neil Schon?? Thanks

    Would anyone have a good preset for Journey’s ‘Don’t stop believing..Neil Schon?? Thanks
  5. J

    Does any know how to program the Fender Deluxe ( with out any breakup) High Headroom..

    Good morning( Fractal) family :) 😊 Does any know how to program the Fender Deluxe (without any breakup) High Headroom clean..? Is it possible for the AX-8 or any Fractal unit? I'm trying to put together a new Deluxe preset for a new Scene I'm putting together. Thanks in advance :) 💯🎶🎶
  6. J

    ISP Technologies Vector FS Full Spectrum 400-watt 1x12" Wedge Cabinet

    Has anyone tried this FRFR ? Thanks ISP Technologies Vector FS Full Spectrum 400-watt 1x12" Wedge Cabinet
  7. J

    Just a Thought: Genzler Amplification BA12-3 STR Bass Array Straight 350-Watt 1x12

    Just a thought, what do you guys /Gals think of this new Genzler for FRFR us. I've reached out to Own Jeff Genzler and this is what it stated: Thank you for your interest in our products. I believe you are referencing our BA10-2 and BA210-3 cabs The line array concept has been very well...
  8. J

    Dual input > AX8 for two Guitars...

    How and what are you suing for two inputs for the AX8..Electric and Acoustic Guitar??
  9. J

    Help. Just got an AX8

    Hi guys, reading thru the manual and some youtube vids has got me going. However, I need your expertise. I'm stuck :) I'm trying to edit presets.. Like, add and eq block or eq pedal. Turn down the delays.. What are your best practices? I'm a "pristine" clean player, so I'm looking that almost...
  10. J

    How and what are you guys/gals using for using 2 inputs?

    How and what are you guys/gals using for using 2 inputs.. Ie: Using you electric, and your Acoustic with your AX8,FM3? With only one input? Thanks
  11. J

    How to get more volume from your Powered Monitor?

    Hi Guys, AX-8 user. Question: How are many of you getting more volume from your FRFR Powered monitor? I've tried a few out, but I can't seem to get the level I want for stage volume. Also, I don't think I'm nowhere near hitting the limit of the monitors I've tried. Thoughts: Will adding a...
  12. J

    Live Setups with your Axe-Fx III

    Hi Guys, asking how are you guys dealing with "cable management" in your live ( ax-fx II) gigging setups? With control pedals, Floor controller, rack for the Axe Fx...Cables to and from FRFR or Cabs... It seems that it can get messy.. :)
  13. J

    Any word of a new AX8?

    Hey Guys/Gals, Any word of a New Ax8 or AX? ( Floor Unit)? Thanks
  14. J

    What I want to See AX8 II

    Well Winter NAMM 2017 and here is what I want to see coming from Fractal Audio.. The AX8-II.. 1Features: 1) Layout. Similar to the Helix and Head Rush Pedal board 2) Same CPU strength as the AXe FX II 3) Color LED layout 4) On -board audio interface 5) (2) Mic Pres 6) Dual Onboard...
  15. J

    Dual Input

    Question: How would you guys approach using 2 guitars (Electric and Acoustic) with a AX8? I only see one input.. Do I use a separate input box.?? Thanks
  16. J

    Is it time for Fractal to upgrade the DSP chips in the Axe FX II/Xl

    Ok.. Is it time for Fractal to upgrade the DSP chips in the Axe FX II/Xl? I ask this because, I'm seeing so many post about CPU usage(V17) or CPU amount. I thought the whole idea with the AXe FX was that it eliminated the worry about "running out of steam" DSP wise while being able to...
  17. J

    Where are the cool "Clean" tones presets??

    It seems that Fractal is concentrating on metal players only. What about us Funk, Jazz players, country..Where is that endorsed player? Does the Axe fx lack great clean sounding amps?
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