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  1. silence.speaks

    Any EBMM owners?

    Am I too late to join the 3 Luke club. I cheated with a Luke 2, a Luke 3 with rosewood neck and a BFR Luke 3.
  2. silence.speaks

    Help please with global virtual capo

    I don't know about multiple presets, I guess you just make the pitch block a global block. Insert a pitch block, set to virtual capo -1, set bypass as a control switch, and set up selected control switch on your FC12, I also set up a custom label such as "drop tune".
  3. silence.speaks

    Guitars with similar necks to EBMM Luke III

    I've got a Luke 2, Luke 3 and a Suhr Modern. The 2 has a more pronounced V compared to the 3 but neither is like the Suhr which is a modern C. I've heard that the Eric Clapton sig has a soft V but I believe only the Luke's have a V with 1 5/8 in nut.
  4. silence.speaks

    Switching between FM3 layout and OMG9 layout

    Awesome idea and I'll now go check out the OMG3. Thanks!
  5. silence.speaks

    Switching between FM3 layout and OMG9 layout

    Bank size of 3 with 2 layouts and 2 views with just the FM3 and stand in switches, nothing complicated, just didn't want to redo it just to try the OMG9 layout.
  6. silence.speaks

    Switching between FM3 layout and OMG9 layout

    I've spent a good amount of time customizing the FM3 with stand in switches and layout links, if I load the OMG9 layout do I lose my FM3 layout? How do I revert back to my layout when I don't need the OMG9 layout? Thanks for your knowledge all.
  7. silence.speaks

    Any ESP E-II ST-1 players........

    Yeah mine is shorter than the neck too. When I got the guitar it really annoyed me because I expected perfection from the Japanese. I'm over it now, it's my main gigging guitar.
  8. silence.speaks

    Any ESP E-II ST-1 players........

    Took a peek under mine and the neck is routed for a humbucker. ST-1 made in 2013.
  9. silence.speaks

    Neat Christmas cover: rock version of Mr. Grinch

    Small Town Titans are a great band and their original stuff rocks hard as well.
  10. silence.speaks

    Any EBMM owners?

    Correct, a core Custom 24.
  11. silence.speaks

    Any EBMM owners?

    I've got a Luke 2, Luke 3 and Luke 3 BFR. You could say I'm a fan. The smaller bodies and necks of the Luke models fit my physique. Speaking of necks, I love the gun oil/wax finish and apply it to all my satin necks. But I've got to say, my CU24 is the most playable guitar I own.
  12. silence.speaks

    New album from Hum

    It's a great album, can't believe it's been 22 years. Hope you're doing well down there in S FL Sean.
  13. silence.speaks

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    These threads always give me a reality check... Guitars: PRS Custom 24 Wood Library, PRS Mira ESP USA M-III, ESP S-500, ESP E-II ST-1, Edwards Desorption (Exhibit build), LTD MH-1000ET EBMM Luke 2, Luke 3, Luke 3 BFR Suhr Modern Satin Warrior Isabella Jericho Edge baritone and 7 string JTV 69...
  14. silence.speaks

    Baritone guitars... And, go!

    I've got one from Jericho Guitars that fills the need for me.
  15. silence.speaks

    Upgrading (drop tuning)

    I kept my drop in the front of the III. I use it to go a full step down and the pitch block is passable with distortion but clean I can hear the warble in my IEM's.
  16. silence.speaks

    Post One Song

  17. silence.speaks

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Here's mine, a repurposed SKB 45
  18. silence.speaks

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    UPS shipment status: Exception Everyone's favorite shipping status. Oh well guess I've already waited this long...
  19. silence.speaks

    Will There Be Demo Video's B4 FC's Release?

    So.... how about those videos? It doesn't even have to be a polished Fractal video, one from a beta tester will suffice.
  20. silence.speaks

    FC-6 + FC-12 Manual

    Did I read correctly that you can use the pedal inputs for external switches, so I could have 6 external switches and 2 pedals? Can external switches be set up to have tap/hold functions just like the FC switches?
  21. silence.speaks

    Looper Block Levels

    Hey Chris. Perhaps "Balance" is what I'm looking for. It's very quick to find in Axe Edit, but buried in the mix tab of the looper block on the AxeFx. Anyways, here's the preset.
  22. silence.speaks

    Looper Block Levels

    I'm running the looper block in parallel and my recorded loops are much quieter than the input signal. When you try to equalize none of the levels will go above 0dB. No modifiers on any parameters and this is 1.15
  23. silence.speaks

    FC-6/12: Any Thoughts On How You'll Configure Yours?

    +1 How much (or how little?) tap dancing am I going to do to switch between scenes, blocks, and looper control?
  24. silence.speaks

    Any FC release time info ?

    I know the struggle Sean, I got an HX Effects so I could gig with the 3 this last weekend. Worked great.
  25. silence.speaks

    Placeholder MIDI Controller w/Scenes

    Hey Mike, did the HX work out for you? Looking to get one while I wait for the FC's to be released.
  26. silence.speaks

    What are you using for sustain?

    I've been using the Digitech Freqout, the only problem is that as the note dies off the effect cuts out. So to help with that issue I use a Voicesolo Fx 150 mounted on a mic stand at my guitars level.
  27. silence.speaks

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    This new wait list stuff is frustrating. I already have the AxeFx 3 and would like to gig with it so I wish they'd offer the purchase invites to those with the unit instead of dropping the wait list at 6am est while the western half of the country is still asleep.
  28. silence.speaks

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    On the list at 11:17 AM on Jan 29, just received the purchase invitation.
  29. silence.speaks

    The III seems like a bass dream machine (or just a dream machine period).

    Any bass players receive a III yet? I'm curious what the bass centered improvements are.
  30. silence.speaks

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    If you create a UPS profile you can request a package to be held at the distribution center, either online or through the app.
  31. silence.speaks

    Has the Ax lll shipped yet?

    Happy birthday Karl, today is my birthday too! I'm just hoping to see an invite in our birthday month so I can say it's a birthday present.
  32. silence.speaks

    Most agressive song that i ever done (maybe the hardest one too)

    I am envious of how clean your playing is, this is excellent.
  33. silence.speaks

    Which Rack mount Mixer?

    I've been using an XR18 since it was released, a few shows every month. I have an external router hooked up to it so I can access it on 5Ghz which I would say is a must. The apple app has disconnected from the mixer a lot but the android app has been rock solid. The mixer has been flawless for...
  34. silence.speaks

    Full song, play thru video with vocals! fw9.03

    Those guitars...:openmouth: How do you like the Skervesen? The song was great, would like to hear more.
  35. silence.speaks

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    I see the pitch block is improved, does this mean better polyphonic tracking for downtuning i.g. Digitech Drop? Difference between Scenes and Channels? Is the hierarchy preset>scene>channel? Anything extra in the III over the II for bassists?
  36. silence.speaks

    Recommend an Amp Combo for a Dorm room

    Boss Katana Mini, 6W battery powered $100. Or maybe the Blackstar Fly 3 with matching extension cab?
  37. silence.speaks

    Ear Molds for IEMs

    InEarz has a remold service (https://www.inearz.com/product/), they are the only company I've found.
  38. silence.speaks


    Which Boss pedal?
  39. silence.speaks


    DigiTech will introduce a feedback simulator at NAMM. Looks like a cool option for IEM and silent stages.
  40. silence.speaks

    God is an Astronaut (Axe-Fx Content)

    Love this band, Torsten has been using the Axe for a while. Thanks for the heads up!
  41. silence.speaks

    Auto-Engage Wah turns off audio in heel down position

    Thanks, I'll take a look at this.
  42. silence.speaks

    Auto-Engage Wah turns off audio in heel down position

    Bypass mode set to thru, here's the preset.
  43. silence.speaks

    Auto-Engage Wah turns off audio in heel down position

    I've got my wah set up with auto-engage and it turns off at 95%, so toe down. In my FRFR patches this works great, but I've built one 4 cable method patch where when the expression pedal is heel down the audio of the guitar is cut out, nothing, until I move the pedal towards toe down. It turns...
  44. silence.speaks

    Switching channels on Legacy via scenes

    OK, I figured this out, thanks to paranoid for pointing me in the right direction. On the MFC under Edit - MIDI, set your IA switch you wish to use as NONE. Then set your CC to 34 for Scene's and a value to select which scene, reference the Scenes mini manual. On the 2nd command selector, set...
  45. silence.speaks

    Switching channels on Legacy via scenes

    Yeah it's set to 19, which is the channel select CC. It just seems that the CC isn't being passed through the Axe. I read in the manual that the IA switch can send 2 CC messages, so I figured it could send 34 for Scene and 19 for Amp channel selection, but it's not working for me.
  46. silence.speaks

    Switching channels on Legacy via scenes

    Does anybody have any more insight to this? I'm trying to switch channels on my Line 6 DT50 amp using a MIDI CC of 19 along with selecting a scene. So IA1 is Scene 1 and I've set Command Select to 2 and the CC# to 19. AxeFx has MIDI thru turned on and the MIDI cable is out of Axe to in of amp...
  47. silence.speaks

    Mini/Micro FRFR - Are one of these the best option? Others?

    I use the VoiceSolo FX150 in conjunction with my IEM's to provide feedback from my guitar. I think it performs well as a monitor, just need to get it on a mic stand so that it's close to your ear.
  48. silence.speaks

    8" or smaller FRFR Monitor vs. AER acoustic monitors

    I use a TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 with my IEM for guitar feedback and monitoring. So far it's performed flawlessly for 2 years worth of gigging.
  49. silence.speaks

    Recommend a 7-String For P&W!

    How about Halo Guitars? ( http://www.haloguitars.com/store/7-String-Guitar/ ) I don't own one but I've looked into them because I love my Evertune bridge in my LTD and they have 7 and 8 string Evertune bridges installed in some of their guitars.
  50. silence.speaks

    Fractal Sighting

    Oh good, the drummer found the rest of his drumset. ;)
  51. silence.speaks

    I think I have a problem...

    Yeah I saw you struggling with GAS over on TalkBass. Do you still have the combustions? Whoops, should have read before commenting. I'd be interested in your combustion if you decide to make it an all Canadian family.
  52. silence.speaks

    How many guitars do you own?

    I wanna play... Suhr S4 Warrior Isabella PRS S2 Mira Les Paul Studio Pro ESP LTD MH-1000 Evertune JTV 69 Brian Moore i21.13 Washburn Tabu w/ Deathbucker pickups Squier Tele 2 Alvarez Acoustic/Electrics Lakland 55-02 Lakland 44-01 Fretless Lakland Decade MTD KZ5 Fender Precision And a drum set
  53. silence.speaks


    I'll go with Mallorca Spain or Cozumel Mexico.
  54. silence.speaks

    Roland JC 40 and AxeFX

    I use the Axe with a JC-120. I insert into the FX loop, sounds good and is plenty loud. Surprised it's not a more common amp to use with the Axe, it's a pretty common backline amp.
  55. silence.speaks

    Accessories on stage

    I Velcro my Ebow to my strap, works ok if you don't jump around on stage.
  56. silence.speaks

    Spacey Cleans, EVH Leads, Tight Rhythm and Grinding Bass!

    I would buy this album. The bass was awesome. Was everything Axe Fx?
  57. silence.speaks

    what are you guys using to transport your MFC's in?

    I have the Axe in a SKB 6u rack, with a 2u rack shelf holding the MFC and the bottom of the case holding cables and 2 exp pedals. It's pretty heavy but everything is in the case so I just roll up with that and a guitar.
  58. silence.speaks

    Royal blood no guitar involved...really ?

    I believe it's 2 POG's and 2 Boss tuners to mute between the guitar and bass amps.
  59. silence.speaks

    James Tyler variax. Should I buy it???

    For that price you really can't go wrong. Wow. The guitar alone is worth that. I have a 69 and a 59P and use them in a cover band that plays in 4 different tunings and has a couple acoustic songs. The crowds can't tell that I'm using a modeled guitar and I don't have to bring 5 guitars to a gig...
  60. silence.speaks

    TC Helicon VoiceSolo

    Anyone have any experience with the new TC Helicon VoiceSolo FX150? Looking to use it in conjunction with my IEM's for guitar feedback. TC-Helicon | VoiceSolo FX150
  61. silence.speaks

    DT-50 as AXE Power Section

    Before the Axe Fx I had the 'dream rig'. The one negative thing about the DT50 was the popping when changing the topology, but maybe I'll give this a try before I sell it.
  62. silence.speaks

    Is the line6 Variax JTV69 a toy or a pro piece?

    I guess I'll chime in with a positive experience. I have both a 69 and a 59P, both Korean. The 69 is a 1st gen. I haven't had any problems with electronics & in fact my battery for the 69 holds charge longer than the newer battery of the 59. I did change the neck on the 69 to a compound radius...
  63. silence.speaks

    FAS Modelling Guitar ala Variax?

    I use a 69 and a 59P for the cover band I'm in, guitar tunings range from standard, 1/2 step down, drop D, drop Db, to one step down. I also use the guitar models & "built" my own custom firebird through the software. The pluses: no interference with stage lights or AM radio stations, sounds...
  64. silence.speaks

    EASTER Sunday Song List?

    King of Glory has some good tremolo in it. We'll have 5 services this weekend. Only King Forever All Because of Jesus Beautiful Jesus For the Cross Jesus Paid it All
  65. silence.speaks

    MFC-101 dimension reference

    Out of curiosity, where did you buy a padded rack drawer? That sounds like a winner. Thanks
  66. silence.speaks

    MFC-101 does it fit inside rack case with your Axe?

    I'd like to see if anyone is doing this as well. What about just a shelf? I have a SKB 6u I was hoping to fit everything into but don't want to add 18 pounds of drawer metal. Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
  67. silence.speaks

    Why do I lose Gain and sustain through in ears?

    I'm new to the Axe and am having the same issues. I'd love some tips & tricks if anyone has any. I'm running direct with custom Westone dual drivers from a Roland personal mixer, just like an Aviom system, at church. Thanks!
  68. silence.speaks

    Bass and Guitar with Axe Fx II

    Cool, I will check those out, thanks for the reply.
  69. silence.speaks

    Bass and Guitar with Axe Fx II

    Hello long time axe fx dreamer, first time poster. I've got a two questions. I haven't read everything about the axe fx 2, so forgive me if this is obvious. Is the 2 much better at tracking below a low E (tuner functional for B string) and overall more bass friendly than an ultra? Also I...
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