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  1. Ventanaman

    AxeFx III - 4CM with On-Stage Cab and Stereo to FOH

    Hi All! I am planning on going down the 4CM rabbit hole with my B rig and would like to have my tube amp provide the amp tone and power an on-stage cabinet while sending a DI back into the AxeFX for the cab sim and then stereo to FOH? I tried searching but couldn’t find a specific schematic -...
  2. Ventanaman

    SiB Varidrive Pedal Alternative

    Does anyone have experience with the SiB Varidrive (Dean DeLeo uses one to boost his Vox in his live rig)? I would love to know if there is a sonic alternative in AxeFX. Thanks in advance! VM
  3. Ventanaman

    Live Workflow for Cover Bands - Song Lists vs Complex Presets

    I play in a 90’s cover band with about 60 or songs in the current rotation. I just finished re-creating all of my AxeFxII presets in the III, and the associated FC12 programming - and I am very impressed, especially withe the FC12 customization. I have been able to get the 60 songs into 5...
  4. Ventanaman

    FC12 Switch Sensitivity

    I love the customization of the FC12, but as I get to rehearsing and gigging with my newly acquired AXEIII/FC12 rig (coming from 10 years of the AXEII/MFC platform), I am a bit uneasy about FC12 switch sensitivity. On the MFC, I had to depress almost all the way down to actuate the switch; on...
  5. Ventanaman

    Shout Out to Support

    Over the weekend I was having an issue with my FC12 displaying information from the AXEIII. I emailed support on Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon we had the issue fixed (loose ribbon inside the FC). A big thanks to Mark Day and the Fractal team in providing an excellent experience on a...
  6. Ventanaman

    Matrix Amplification Customer Service

    I need to tell you about my customer service experience with Matrix Amplification. I have a 4-year-old Matrix GT100FX that I have run fairly hard with full-volume rehearsals and gigs - some outdoor shows in 110 degree heat. It has never even blinked an eye until a couple of weeks ago when it...
  7. Ventanaman

    New Fractal GB and V30 Cabs

    For the Fractal GB M160 and the Fractal V30 AT4047 Cab IR's that are included in FW18.04, does anyone know which exact .IR files from CabPack 10 are used? Thanks in advance.
  8. Ventanaman

    Excellent Experience with Support and Service!

    For the first time since I purchased my Ultra and my Axe II I had to interact with the Fractal customer support and service team. I was having something squirrelly going on with my Output 1 feeds and couldn't fix the issue myself. I contacted support through the proper channels (not on the...
  9. Ventanaman

    Dean DeLeo and Stone Temple Pilots

    I am a Dean DeLeo junkie and have been asked about my live tones for STP. I posted these in another thread, but thought they may be useful here as well. I found the guitar-less backing tracks on the Interwebs. Here is a one-take recording of Crackerman. All of the guitars are AxeFx: the left...
  10. Ventanaman

    Do 11b Patches Need to be Created from Scratch?

    I am a bit confused on this (and since it is beta, there aren't release notes). If I am upgrading FW from 10.12 to 11b, do I need to re-create my patches from scratch, or can I just re-initialize the amp block and dial in to taste? Thanks.
  11. Ventanaman

    Unplanned Volume Boost with Bank Changes

    I a running AxeII 10.10 and MFC 2.18, and I am experiencing occasional volume boosts (about 3dB) when switching between banks in song mode. For example, if I am on Preset 1 in Bank 1 and then switch to Preset 2 in Bank 2, the volume is then boosted. If I then switch from that preset to another...
  12. Ventanaman

    My (not so) Huge Rack

    I posted this over at TGP and thought you all might be interested: I just revamped my gigging rack and thought some of you may be interested in my setup. First, I am a weekend warrior guitarist/singer in a modern rock band that does mostly covers and a few originals in bars and private...
  13. Ventanaman

    FW5.01 is not working with my MFC-101 *Solved*

    FW5.01 is not working with my MFC-101 I went from FW4.01 to 5.01 today and now my MFC is sending random program changes to the AxeFx. I am a 3 years user of Fractal products, so no noob here. I upgraded to the latest version of AxeEdit and the firmware loaded fine into the AxeFx. However, as...
  14. Ventanaman

    My NYC Pedal Board Specs

    For some reason over the past few months, I have been getting tons of PM's about my rather simple pedal board setup from NYC Pedal Boards. Instead of responding, and re-responding to each PM as they come in, I decided to just post everything here. Here is my simple setup: What I...
  15. Ventanaman

    Do You Think This Amp Will Have Enough Power??? [PICS INSIDE]

    :twisted Bwahahahahaha! Just picked this 1991 VHT Classic up last week for a price I couldn't pass up. I would love to hook up 8 4x12's and see what happens. 120W per side of EL34 goodness.
  16. Ventanaman

    Exp Pedal Function Based Upon Effect Bypass State?

    I am having a bit of trouble figuring out if what I want to do is even possible. I normally have a Mission Exp. pedal controlling the volume of Output 1. However, on some patches I like to use an octave whammy (from the pitch block) to bend the pitch up a full octave. Is it possible to to...
  17. Ventanaman

    MFC sends preset data to all channels by default?

    So I have had my MFC for about a month now and have it pretty well programmed in AxeFx mode for all of my guitar needs. Now I am incorporating other MIDI devices into my rig and the first is a Vocalist Pro which I use for mainly for vocal compression and high harmonies that I can't reach (I sing...
  18. Ventanaman

    Piezo/Clean Tone Test Clip

    Here is a short clip I recorded (intro to "Long Day" by Matchbox 20) for friend who wanted a sample of a clean tone from the AxeFx. It was the first take from some stock patches I made. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9530980 The Left Channel is the piezo pickup from an EBMM Axis SS; the...
  19. Ventanaman

    Mesa 20/20 - anyone using it with their AxeFx?

    ... or are EL84-based amps just not a good option with the AxeFx. Just curious. :)
  20. Ventanaman

    Patch for faking bass ... please help.

    I have tried to search the forum, but as we know, it is not the most user friendly application. I am looking for a patch to track rough bass lines into demo/idea recordings while using my non-bass guitars. I know I could go out and get a cheap bas for this, but I believe an acceptable patch has...
  21. Ventanaman

    Non-European Gordius users ... I need your input.

    Last year I used a Liquid Foot Jr. extensively, and once I got the hang of it, I thought it was great. It had a small footprint and extensive list of functions. However, last November, a stage accident damaged one of my LED's and Jeff offered to fix it for me. So I sent the LF Jr. to Jeff and it...
  22. Ventanaman

    Official MFC-101 Wait List?

    Does such an animal exist? I tried searching the forum, but really didn't find anything. If it does exist, could you please point me in the right direction? 6 weeks of silence from Jeff at Liquid Foot has me frustrated. I am beginning to think the MFC-101 might be available before another LF...
  23. Ventanaman

    Liquid Foot Jr. and the Boss FS-5U for Tap Tempo

    I am trying to use my Boss FS-5U wired into Exp 1 to control the Tap Tempo. I have tried almost every configuration I can think of, but I am having no luck. I am not a midi noob, but I am obviously missing something here. Has anyone done this before and can shed some light on the programming...
  24. Ventanaman

    Axe-Edit and Foot Controller - Routing Issue

    Last night I was setting up the Axe Editor and realized that I have to unplug my Midi Mate to free up the "midi in" port to send data or update to the Axe. I'm not exactly sure why I didn't see that before. Is there any work around to keeping both devices connected?
  25. Ventanaman

    Backing Track Resources

    Hi Everyone. I am a recording Noob with my Ultra and was wondering if the folks here have any tips, pearls, or resources for backing tracks. I searched the forum, but didn't really find what I was looking for. I have also been to many of the websites that have down-loadable mp3s and I use...
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