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  1. LoPaN

    2x12 cab question

    I’ve been running two Xitone FrFr wedges in stereo for a long time now powered by a Matrix GT1000 power amp. I recently acquired a Randall 2x12 V30 loaded guitar cab, the cab can be run in stereo or mono. Is it even worth running it in stereo? Or is mono better suited?
  2. LoPaN

    Virtual capo

    I gave the virtual capo a try today to downtune to D I mainly play in E standard. I put the pitch block first in the chain does it matter if it's first or could it even go after amp/cab? Thanks Alan.
  3. LoPaN

    My Dream USA ESP

    So just before I purchased my AxeFx3 I got this dream guitar, its a USA ESP Horizon in Lynch burst, never played a guitar that has such perfect fit and finish. The neck is so comfortable and the fret work is outstanding. This is one of those guitars I know I will never sell its a lifer :)
  4. LoPaN

    Herbie CH3 (Cygnus beta 10)

    Herbie CH3 Scene1 Rhythm, Scene 2 Rhythm + filter to reduce low end, Scene 3 Lead, Scene 4 lead + Chorus. Really nice chunky chewy sound :) I use a purchased YA cab but I found a factory YA cab after a little high cut low cut was really close.
  5. LoPaN

    Gary Moore SGTB

    Took a try at the Still got the Blues tone, Used a JTM45 and a BBpre to try and emulate the Marshall guvnor tone. It always surprises me just how much gain Gary used and controlled it all so well with volume and tone on his guitar. Adjust to your setup, scene 1 amp alone, scene 2 where the magic...
  6. LoPaN

    Metallica -Justice

    A four scene attempt at some rough sounding Metallica And Justice for all tones, probably need to tweak to your setup. Scooped to hell just like the real album :P
  7. LoPaN

    Visual graphic EQ

    Okay so I've had my Axe3 for a few days now, I've see pics of the screen with a live graphic EQ visual but cant for the life of me cant enable it? yes I even tried reading the manual lol, Added a pic for reference. thanks
  8. LoPaN

    Mesa IIC++ Cygnus

    Just got my new shiny Axfx3 and decided to give a filthy IIC++ preset a try, 5 scenes. Scene 1 Crunch, scene 2 Heavy, scene 3 Lead, scene 4 Heavy with a Multicomp, scene 5 clean. I actually use an aftermarket IR but for the upload I used a factory IR that did a really good job. Give it a try...
  9. LoPaN

    SOLD AxeFx 2 XL+ and MFC-101

    Looking to sell my AxeFx2 XL+ and MFC-101 3 foot controller, I purchased the Axe new direct from FAS. Foot controller has a few small imperfections but the rack unit itself is near perfect a you can get. $1300 obro + shipping. USA only. It will be shipped in two boxes and shipping fees...
  10. LoPaN

    Coming from Axe-Fx 2 XL+

    Hi guys I receive my FM3 today, I’ve had my XL+ from new since 2015 and still love it to this day. Is there anything different I need to know that’ll catch me out or is it basically same deal as the XL+ just better sound. So any tips I may need as a day one FM3 user? I run two Xitone passive...
  11. LoPaN

    FS ART SLA2 Poweramp

    200watt 1u poweramp, I've used it with guitar cabs and FrFr speakers and its a fantastic poweramp, plenty of clean power. looking at getting $200 + $25 shipping, shipping will almost certainly cost me more than that due to the weight but a $25 flat rate fee within in the USA only is fine.
  12. LoPaN

    Guitar EQ differences

    Hi all I have two guitars that are the same make model etc same pickups and one of them has way more low end (thicker muddier sounding). Is there any way to see a graphical representation of where the guitars frequencies differ? thus allowing me to EQ a particular guitar? Thanks Alan
  13. LoPaN

    80s/90s kinda tone

    This is based off one of my Mesa IIc++ presets, added some chorus and an enhancer, scene 1 is dry rhythm and scene 2 I think is the via without the drive engaged, scene 3 is where its at :) full on solo mode. Oh and I'll give props to Mikka for his free best ever IR :) Preset made on an XL+
  14. LoPaN

    Angry IIC++ preset.

    This preset is been through a lot of revisions, I pretty much live in the IIC++ lol . Included is a Free Hesu cab with the permission of Gzegorz Kulawiak of http://www.sinmix.pl/ . I love this cab with the IIC++ it sounds like a fire spitting monster! Preset was made using the EMG Het Set so...
  15. LoPaN

    New Cap hook preset

    So I really love the new Captain Hook amp, I plugged my JHS Angry Charlie V3 into my Axe and tried to get the same sound from the BB-pre along with the Captain hook amp, its now my go to blues preset. This was made using a LP Standard with some classic low output pickups. The cab is a free one...
  16. LoPaN

    Drive pedals

    Hi So never used an external drive pedal with my axe, to be honest the internal pedals sound awesome. But I'm really liking the sound of the jhs Andy Timmon's pedal, well from what I've heard via reviews. So my question is if I purchase one and plug it into the front input do I have to adjust...
  17. LoPaN

    Fixed Basic amp parameters missing

    Using certain amps on Q3 final release in axe edit the amp block basic parameters are missing until you set the transformer grind to zero using the front panel. This is on my XL+. Alan
  18. LoPaN

    will this footswitch work?

    Hi all, So I found this footswitch in a drawer today, I used it quite some time ago with a real amp cant remember which one though. Could this be plugged into my XL+ into the expression pedal jacks and be used to do such things as enable disable effects? the connectors are just regular mono...
  19. LoPaN

    XLR switcher

    Hi all So I currently use a set of Tannoy 802 monitors connected by balanced XLR to the Axe, I also have a pair of Xitone passive wedges and an Art SLA-2 poweramp that I also connect to the Axe via balanced XLR. Is there some sort of switcher I can purchase to go between the the speakers...
  20. LoPaN

    Gary Moore sounding preset

    Took one of Tony's (BLACKBITCH) awesome bluesy presets and tweaked it to my liking, changed and tweaked the amp plus changed the cabs, tweaked other things too cant remember what :) This is my go to Gary Moore preset, play this preset 90% of the time. I love the FAS hotrod amp!!!!! :) I...
  21. LoPaN

    Damn you FAS HOTROD!!

    Since it was added I cant stop playing it :) So yes damn you FAS Hotrod!!!!! Alan
  22. LoPaN

    AX8 preset on AxeFXII

    Simple question really will the AX8 presets be compatible with the AxeFX II?
  23. LoPaN

    Recording via USB to Reaper

    Hi all So ive been dabbling with recording via USB to Reaper, question I have is I can't adjust the level of the guitar? I move the level up and down for the guitar track but it does nothing? once I record something I can change it but while monitoring I cant, I couls when I use to use a...
  24. LoPaN

    JBL EON 315

    ok all Im currently using a set of passive Yamaha PA speakers along with an ART sla power amp, the speakers utilize an 8" cone along with a horn and they are ok but I think when cranked they are clipping and feeling the pain of my Metallica riffing lol So I just got an email for a deal on...
  25. LoPaN

    Convert a Mesa 4x12 recto cab to FrFr

    So I have a 4x12 recto cab sitting aroung, at the moment I run my XL+ through an Art SL1 power amp into two Yamaha PA speakers that have 8" woofers. Its sounds great but compared to the mesa cab lacks low end. I like the Mesa cab but I prefer FrFr the mesa cab colors the sound too much. Is there...
  26. LoPaN

    Mackie 300z

    Hi all, I'm currently running two small yamaha pa speakers at home. I've been offered a pair of Mackie 300z speakers for $150 each. Anyone ever used these speakers? Thanks
  27. LoPaN

    4x12 stereo or mono + introduction.

    Hi all First post here and a new owner of an XL+. So ive been using the unit for almost two weeks and love it! I previously used a mesa MKv through a recto 4x12. Since getting the Axe my mesa has been gathering dust (sorry mesa) plus I blame the Axe for making me late for work on a few...
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