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    Hello Somebody help me..After I installed the last version of FracTool 3.05 something went wrong. before that everything went perfect. There is a way to go back to the version before 3.05 ? If so,please tell me. Thank you
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    Pitch used for detuning...

    Hi,guys ! I am on Axe Fx II and I'm using pitch block for detuning some of the songs I play..from E to D. There is some tips to do 'cause I feel like some latency in the sound.my guitar is tuned normally on E but then when I engage the pitch block (-2 ) I feel like something is missing..I tried...
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    I have them all..but still

    Dear Fractal cab users maniacs , I bought almost every cab pack from RedWirez ..to Ownhammer from cabIR.eu,Celestions..tons of Marshalls you name it...almost everything,but still..the best that work for me is "Clark Kent`s gift to mankind IR" no matter how hard I tried to switch to a different...
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    Axe edit stop working..

    Hi guys, never had this problem before..played a lot ,I use a lot Axe Editor last firmware...I just tap the SAVE buton to have my patch in place and suddenly it says : ""Axe edit stopp working"..just like that ! Reinstall Axe Edit its an option..? and when I try to change with that up arrow...
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    Ax8 edit bug...

    Hi guys, I am connected with my Ax8 editor and Ax8 modeler.. I import from folder a preset....edit the delay block..save ..export the preset to the Ax8 preset folder on my Mac.. recall the preset..its ok ..but it came back with another delay settings.. must be me that Im doing wrong..but what...
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    Just askin'..

    Hello, please, I have a preset on Axe II..can I use it ( transfer) to Axe8..? ( sorry if this was asked before..) Thank you !
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    Just help me with my indecision..

    Hi,guys I just want to hear you saying loud and clear.. first, the facts : right now I am on :Axe Fx Ultra,AxeFx II,MFC-101,Matrix 1000 and 2x12V30 cabs.. My name was on the waiting list for AXE 8 untill yesterday when G66 told me it's my turn and the wait is over.. well my indecision came and...
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    Axe Ultra sound cabs and FOH..

    Hello, Here is my set up Axe Ultra, Matrix 1000,two cabs Laboga 2xCelestionV30 each.I already use this set up on stage with my to cabs and its ok. I want to know how to set my Ultra for sending sound to FOH ( without changing my stage volume). Thank you !
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    YEK,Thank you...

    Hello Yek, I just want to show you all my respect and gratitude for all your hard work and dedication. Speaking of myself ,your work and knowledge helped me trough the process of achive my favorite sounds on my Ultra and Axe II.You helped me settings my GCPro and MFC 101..helped me to sound...
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    Dear friends, Someone help me .. I have USB driver version 1.67.0 installed on my Windows PC Do I have to go for 1.68.0 or i can leave it as it is now..? ( No issues for the moment..everything works `till now-very well...) thank you
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    Clean amp ..?!

    Hi there, Well with pickups like Seymour Duncan SH-6 in bridge position what do you think will be the best preset( amp, cabs) for a good clean tone...? (PRS Mark Tremonti , Axe II, )
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    Looper Video..??

    Hello, can you tell me ,please, if there is a looper tutorial..? I want to set up my MFC-101 to be able to use the looper.. If someone knows how to do this ,please help me ! Thank you so much !
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    Wich one..?

    Hello guys Ease tell me: in amp block in advance tab, input select /wich one is better to select: -LEFT -RIGHT - SUM L+R ...?
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    after changing eprom....

    Hello, any advice will be much appreciate: My Ultra frozen...in a very short time g66 send me an eprom.. I change the broken one ,installed the new one ,everything was in the right place ( my patches,my settings..) but playing my guitar i noticed that one of my cab ( two cabs wth two...
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    Don't do this..!!!! and thank you G66.eu

    Hello dear Axe Fx users..! Even if this will show you how stupid I am I want to share with you my sad experience I had yesterday .. I have an Axe Ultra since the begining.. I was very happy with my tones I made with the help and advices you all contributors around the forum gave to all of us...
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    Volume incrs ,dcrs on MFC -101

    Hello, Help me please to solve this problem:I have Axe II ,MFC-101 updated,... I want to be able to change the volume level of the preset I play with IA switch. For this I assigned IA #10 for volume decrease and IA #15 for volume increase.. ..it`s not working on my Axe...sure I`ve done...
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    Neal Schon tone

    My dear friends...I will pay for having matching tone of Neal Schon from Revelation . Please.. its not a joke.. I will.. I think Neal Schon has the best guitar lead sound from all.. Just let me know.. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Volume +/- on MFC 101

    I would like to assing IAs on my MFC for volume + and one IA for volume - Can you help me with some advice?
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    Error 14

    Hi guys.. i tried to upgrade to v2.02... on my MFC 101 display is ERROR 14... What do I have to do now???
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    Volume +/- on MFC 101

    Hello, Please somebody give an advice: on GCP pro I could asign two IA switches for incr.and decrs. the volume of my presets.Was good for customize the presets level. Can I do the same in MFC-101 ?..if yes tell me please how I will do this ? Thank you so much !
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    Cliff Chase..thank you !

    ..not only for give to all of us .. this magic box..but for cure me of my alcohol habit.. Since I have this Axe Fx II device ( Ultra before)..I just quit drinking..Yes man I did this.. I was a mess before..Now for almost 6 months no liquors on my "system". ..I just wake up in the morning...
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    upgrade from 9 to 11...

    Upgrading from v.9 ( wich I`m very happy with..) to v.11 on my Ultra.. do I have to upgrade the presets to? and if some high end occur on my presets.. where do I have to look first to turn those highs down? thanks guys !
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    upgrade from 9 to 11...

    Hi guys, Take some time and Pease tell me what do I have to do to move from version 9.00 on my ULTRA(- 09.151 on my AXE EDIT-)..to version 11 and the last version of AXE EDIT? Thank you very much..
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    My Guitar Tech....

    Sorry guys.. I couldn`t help it... His name is Dusty and he is in charge with my PRS`s...
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    upgrade from 9 to 11...

    Hi guys... It`s hard to upgrade from v9.0 to v.11? I am very satisfied with my actual version..but also heard a lot about v.11 so I need to try.. Any useful advice to go for this upgrade?... Just put me on the right track and tell me what to do ! Thank you !
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    GCP Pro - MFC - 101

    Hello, Now I have GCP-pro..I`d like to move on MFC-101.. On my Ultra I still have and old version 9..or something.. but I`m so pleased with my presets and sound that I don`t want to upgrade.. Q: I can switch to MFC -101still keeping that firmware on Ultra..? will it be OK for my presets..or...
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    Axe Ultra w/Vista/Windows 7

    Hi everyone, Just want to ask something: I have MidiSport Aniversary 2x2.. Before I had Vista and my BomeSend`X worked like a charm.. Now I have Windows 7 and nothing ( Bome`s and Midi Ox )works anymore.. Do I have to reinstall Bome`s and MidiOx..or someting else has to be done ? Thank you...
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    Two delays...

    Hello guys, I have ULTRA.It is possible to assign to the same switch ( Ground Controler Pro ) let say number 4 on my GC ( delay )..another delay with differrent settings..? And if the answer is ""ÿes"what do I have to do? Thank you !
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    mfc-101 with axe fx firmware..

    Hi guys, One Q..just one: MFC-101..will it work with my axe fx if I have 9.02 version ? thank you
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    ISP Pro + Axe Ultra..

    Hello, I need an advice : Trough the years I had a lot of guitar amps,effects,cabs.. I sell and bought Axe Ultra. (I can tell you I`m happy ,very happy with it...) The only item I kept it`s ISP PRO DECIMATOR stereo... I wonder..? It` s ok to set this up in my AXE Ultra+ ART SLA 2+ SENHEISER...
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    from v.9.00 to v.10.01

    Hi, I want to upgrade from v.9.00 to v.10.01... I`m very pleased with my patches right now....but I want the Marsha amps too.. what do I have to do to keep my sounds ? is there an increasing treble in the hi gain patches after upgrading to v.10?? I have to look out for something ( fizz...treble...
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    Can`t bypass the wah-block

    First of all I `d like to say "thank you " to all of you who took time to respond to those who needed an advice .. This is a great forum where you can feel comfortable and you guys are the best. To all of you my best regards... now... 1. If somebody knows how to set the speed in the wah block...
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    please answer my Q..

    well,I know you mix two RW IR`s... I saw the third one there in some receipts...What is that ? and...the result..is a mix that I can load into the user cab #1 in my Ultra ,right? in this case I have to go mono hires ? what if I want to go stereo..? can I load both #1 and #2 user cab with the...
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    To Marco Sfogli...

    Hello, First I want to say what a beautiful masterpiece of work is "There`s Hope" I bought the CD and still listen to it. My Q is: What amps and settings,driver and cabs are used for the song " Spread the Disease "? I just want deadly that intro guitar sound.. Marco if you read this give us a...
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    Wah problems..

    In a patch I use the Wah block.. When I save the patch I want it with the Wah block..bypassed. so,I bypasee the wah block..hit the save button..ok But when I dial in another block then back to the one with the wah.. The wah is engaged.. It seems that it doesn`t stay in the by-pass mode.. Any...
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    waiting for some answers,please !

    Hello Do you know if MIDI OX v.7 is working on Windows Vista ? This Editor (the latest version ) is good for firmware version 9.00 ? I mean I don`t want to upgrade right now..still I can use the new editor? and the last one... where can I found earlier firmwares for download ? Thank you very much !
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    Can`t bypass the wah-block

    Hello Guys, Tell me please,why I can`t bypass the wah block in a preset? I`m running: Comp--Wah--Amp---Cab--Geq---- When I push the by pass button (to by pass the wah block ) it start to be in the by pass mode but instantly it comes back to the ON mode.. There is a setting in the wah-block that...
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    phantom power...

    Hello to you all, Guys I`m in the middle of a tour and I`m in trouble.. I play Ultra and Ground controll Pro.. But yesterday night my phanthom power stopped.. I checked everything..the midi cable is good The GCP is ok.... The guitar tech said to me that Ultra doesn`t send the phantompower to...
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    I need help on Mark Knopfler`s patch...

    Hello guys, Maybe someone knows how to dial in Mark Knopfler `s Local Hero (live version) patch. I will be forever gratefull to you.. I don`t know where to start and I don`t know .. .how to get that sound. It`s so important to me... Thank you !
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    old firmware..

    Hello, Tell me ,please, I `d like to go back to firmware 7.08.. Where I can find it and is it possible to upload with axe editor v 9 ? thank you
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    Big trouble...

    Hi guys, Well...since I upgraded my Ultra (9.00 ) I`m in a big trouble... My rig is : PRS Mark Tremontti,Ultra,power amp QSC , 2 Laboga cabs with Celestions V30.. I know almost everything about how to get a good sound out of my rig... The problem is I have feed back all the time...I can`t...
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    real names of the amps sim ...?

    Hello, Tell me please : There`s a place in wiki where I can find the real names of the amps sim in Ultra? If there is any..please let me know. Thank you very much !
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    patch problems...?

    Hello, Tell me guys,do you have any problems with your earlier patches after upgrade to 7.18 ? I`m asking `cause I feel happy with my sounds on my 7.16.. Do I have to take care of "something"...before or after I upgrade to 7.18? thank you
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    To you all...

    Hi ,to you all I just stopped by to say to you all " THANK YOU " ! This is the most friendly forum I was in.. ever...! You guys helped me a lot every time... Sometimes there are noobies around,asking silly questions... I am one of them..but I found that nobody laughted at me.. You gave me the...
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    Tuner problems...

    Hello guys, I just update to 7.12.. I have Ultra..and everything is just fine... One problem happened since I updated.. The tuner display is ..I dont know how to say it.. it just doesn`t stand still..it`s moving fast... Once I hit the strings..everything is fain..I can tune normally But then...
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    power amp for AXE-FX ULTRA...

    Hello, I really need an advice : tell me please : I need a power amp for my Ultra. Wich one goes better ? must be rack mounted (no Mesa 2;90 ) I already had one and I didn`t like tube solid state...just give me a clue to follow.. Thank you !
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    what midi cable to use ?

    Hello, I have a GC Pro and Axe-Fx Ultra...tell me please,what midi cable do I have to buy to connect them ? Thank you
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    need help on cabs....

    Hello, everyone.. I`m living in the middle of nowhere and the only ones who can help me are you guys, here on this forum.. If somebody have some time...please help me...to use those cabinets... I have Ultra ,6.10 and editor 1.34... I do have NO tehnical skills at all ..but still I like to use...
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    set up for stage and P.A....

    Hello guys, Well,I`m ready for the road again,with my band.. I`m just another happy owner of an ULTRA... One question please: 1...( Being onstage..I still enjoy my mesa 2:90 with two La Boga 2x12 cabs.. ...and I want them there next to me... but also I`d like to run to the P.A. system and...
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