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  1. Scott Peterson

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00

    Pretty outstanding work. Lovin' it!
  2. Scott Peterson

    When do you guys....

    I remove the button screen plastic immediately. Then, instead of any compulsion to get a screen protector for the bigger screen, I leave that one on the screen and call it a screen protector.
  3. Scott Peterson

    How are you guys attaching it to your pedalboard?

    Dual Lok is your friend.
  4. Scott Peterson

    AX8 patches to FM9?

    No tool I am aware of can do that. Manually has a side advantage of making you really 'get into' your presets, though. It's somewhat a grind, but the results are worth it in the end. IMHO. YMMV.
  5. Scott Peterson

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    I loaded up the 2.0 beta (excuse me, beeeeeta) and ran with it on Sunday for P&W. I got some excellent feedback on my tone from a knowledgeable friend in the congregation after. I've been working with it with my own presets for my working band (non-P&W), and it's been flawless. Feels very good...
  6. Scott Peterson

    FM9 fan noise

    If I didn't know there was a fan, I'd never suspect there was one. You can hear it when it boots, but you'd be hard-pressed ever to notice it in use.
  7. Scott Peterson

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday, Cliff - I hope it was a good one.
  8. Scott Peterson

    Help me decide: Strat-style - Suhr or Anderson

    I am an Anderson owner and love their guitars. However, I don't judge guitars in general terms even though Andersons are very consistently excellent; I have found through trial and error over the years what I like and why and bought/sold/borrowed/demoed guitars like anyone else. That goes for...
  9. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Yes. You need a special cable but it works perfectly as it did with the FM3.
  10. Scott Peterson

    My FM3 Board Setup

    It fits really well. I have almost zero issues with anything being 'unattached' from my board during transport and I gig weekly. I do lie the bag flat in the car but at home have it flipped up on edge in the bag when not in use. Zipper closes easily. No problem with clearance on the pedals or...
  11. Scott Peterson

    My FM3 Board Setup

    I have to power other stuff besides the FM3 if you look at what I have on the board.
  12. Scott Peterson

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Oh my. This is a world-beater. WANT!
  13. Scott Peterson

    FM9 FAQ

    Excellent. !!!
  14. Scott Peterson

    My FM3 Board Setup

    Yes, but you have to set it up with the editor.
  15. Scott Peterson

    My FM3 Board Setup

    They are a rock guy's (like me) dream Marshall tone IMHO. And mix ready is a great way to put it, they work fantastic in a two-guitar band like mine.
  16. Scott Peterson

    My FM3 Board Setup

    Yes. I primarily play in my rock band with another guitarist, bass, drums. The +4db works perfectly for me and I've used that for over 14 years of 'Fractalhood' as my go-to for myself and almost every rig I've dialed in/programmed for others assuming you run direct-to-FOH.
  17. Scott Peterson

    My FM3 Board Setup

    Thanks. I love these pedals - excellent quality, smooth taper/sweep, dependable, perfect size/form for what I do (as shown). Very satisfied with them.
  18. Scott Peterson

    My FM3 Board Setup

    I was asked about my setup with my FM3 rig about what I am doing with it. In this thread, I'll break down the setup, and in another (TBD), I'll break down my basic preset design if people are interested. To start, here's a photo: The board is a Mono (the biggest one). I have a padded case for...
  19. Scott Peterson

    Now everyone has Cygnus, do you think you should still reduce cab block hi's from 20,000 to 6,000-8,500

    I use York Audio Ir's but always 80Hz High Pass, 6-8kHz Low Pass depending. If I am home playing alone, maybe no high pass (go for the big bottom) but in any production scenario (recording or performing) ALWAYS do it because it makes it sit. Save the sound guy the effort (because he's going to...
  20. Scott Peterson

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Killer stuff. World-class leading modeling. Insane musicality. Everything sings.
  21. Scott Peterson

    Curious: modeling & profiling. What’s the difference?

    I always describe the difference as: Profiling: go to a restaurant, order from the menu, take what you get. Maybe great, maybe not. Essentially, "sold as is" based on what is available as a completed pre-prepared meal. Modeling: go to a restaurant, walk into the kitchen, and make your own meal...
  22. Scott Peterson

    Sevenstring.org Forum

    Check your PM.
  23. Scott Peterson

    Ares vs Cygnus - if it was perfect - how can it be better now?

    Cliff is nothing but driven; you can love him or hate him, but the man is not afraid to tear it down and build it again. He has always had epiphanies; It used to be a running joke that he'd bang his head and develop new ways to rework his modeling algorithms. Just speaking from the standpoint...
  24. Scott Peterson

    What are your favorite FM3 Accessories?

    I vinyl wrapped mine.
  25. Scott Peterson

    Controlling and Tightening Up Bass in your Amp/Cab Tones

    It is also possible to do the '80s distortion thing a lot of us used to do with outboard gear and analog amps; pull a bunch of mids before the amp and then crank them back in after (used to use an EQ pedal). Stryper used to do this among others. Very popular with Rocktron and ADA-1 users too...
  26. Scott Peterson

    Controlling and Tightening Up Bass in your Amp/Cab Tones

    As I use it and as shown, it is on the input page of the amp block. You can also use the cab block, it has a page to do a similar thing. As for advantage or not, try all of it and use your ears.
  27. Scott Peterson

    Controlling and Tightening Up Bass in your Amp/Cab Tones

    It's not for every preset, it's not for every amp. It is just using the tools at hand if you find you like a tone but the bottom is just a bit loose.
  28. Scott Peterson

    Klon Centaur

    I had an original Klon Centaur (Silver one) I bought for $400. I don't remember the year but I sold it (early '2000s?) for $1200 to pay for a PRS Custom 22 (the one you see in my avatar picture - still here, still my favorite PRS out of the 40 or so I've ever owned). I loved the Klon but I was...
  29. Scott Peterson

    Taming the High End via the Cab Block With One Slight Tweak - Any IR

    I do not but I typically use 'baked in' cab IR's that are essentially pre-mixed.
  30. Scott Peterson

    Taming the High End via the Cab Block With One Slight Tweak - Any IR

    Everyone has different requirements, rigs, tastes, and preferences. Also with the wide range of IR"s from so many sources, it's not always one value to rule all. It's where I start from, not where I always end up. But I'm a traditionalist if you look at what I like in general. If your taste...
  31. Scott Peterson

    Free IRs in Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Frank Zappa

    Whoa... !!! Merry Christmas!
  32. Scott Peterson

    Dirty Loops -Breakdown - my guitar solo interpretation

    That's totally on point Marco. Well done. My hat is off.
  33. Scott Peterson


    Cover version/arrangement of Lindsay Eli's "Criminal." It started as a demo to practice programming drums. I added guitars with my Tom Anderson Drop into a Vox on the left and my Strandberg Boden Standard into a Morgan on the right via the Fractal Audio FM3. Other tracks, including the solo, are...
  34. Scott Peterson

    Taming the High End via the Cab Block With One Slight Tweak - Any IR

    Do you run directly into your DAW, direct-to-FOH, or FRFR? This is a trick that I've done for many years, and though it isn't my idea... here it is again. This is not an "FM3" only trick; this works on any device or IRL (in real life with analog gear in the recording/mixing realm). Many people...
  35. Scott Peterson

    Controlling and Tightening Up Bass in your Amp/Cab Tones

    I've done something for ages (with EQ pedals, parametric EQ, people use Dirt Pedals for this, etc.) in real life (IRL) and the digital world using Pre-EQ before the amp block. This isn't just an FM3 'trick' - you can do it on any Fractal device. I've been doing dating back to the original...
  36. Scott Peterson

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.0

    I need to do a post on this but there is an easy fix to that per-preset that I've done for many years. Go to the input EQ block and do a high pass on just the input. I use 100Hz a lot on heavier amps as a starting point. Just depends on the guitar. You'll have all your low end but it'll be...
  37. Scott Peterson

    FM3 FW 2.0 Preset Pack

  38. Scott Peterson

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    Should be interesting seeing/hearing whatever this is.
  39. Scott Peterson

    A FM3, Kemper and HeadRush Walk Into a Room.... (live video)...

    There is always a lot of discussion of minutia on forums; it is easy to get lost in the weeds sometimes. I used to participate quite frequently in that madness but always held you can use the current crop of modelers together... for good, not evil. LOL. To actually, perform music live. My band...
  40. Scott Peterson

    Pete Thorn FM3 Demo

    Pete kills. Love it.
  41. Scott Peterson

    Why are different amp channels treated as different models?

    What controls are configurable at the user level has nothing to do with the underlying code; only the parameters we as users can access. Assuming how the code is assembled or how Fractal models amps is... fool's gold. The initial assumption that the OP makes is flawed to be kind.
  42. Scott Peterson

    Wow, things have changed.

    Welcome back!
  43. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Yea, I can't figure it out. Every time I try to post it - even in a PM - it creates a media link that is empty. Dunno. The TC-Helicon also does vocoder so I'd guess yes but it's a very different effect. The TC-Helicon is also a vocal processor though, which for me is essential.
  44. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    It's pretty unique. You have to work with it to get the right distance from your vocal mic or you can overpower the entire vocal mix (which was fun to learn on the fly at the first gig out with it lol) but once you get it, it is so easy to work with. The synth engine doesn't use your voice for...
  45. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I think it sounds as good or better. I know (I used to own and use a Rocktron Banshee) that the tube/hose.... was nasty and a hassle to keep clean. The Talkbox from TC-Helicon also adds a killer built-in vocal processor when you are not using it as a talkbox and that includes pitch correction...
  46. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Mine are not spring-loaded. I do not know if that option exists.
  47. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Length: 32" Depth: 16" Height: 3.7"
  48. Scott Peterson

    Ventilation FM3

    I pulled the end caps off, reusing the original screws. I use a Mono large pedalboard. To mount, I use 3M Dual Lok. In my tests, I've run it for 18+ hours (at home, not in sunlight... yet) and never got it to go above 91 degrees F (Setup/Utilities, Page all the way to the right).
  49. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Straight 3M vinyl for cars/motorcycles. Peel backing, reapply as necessary. the FC6 was purchased pre-cut; I custom did the FM3 myself.
  50. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I bought the vinyl wrap for the FC6 (I could look it up to remember where) and then slapped myself because I have a bunch of nice carbon fiber vinyl wrap and the experience doing it myself so I did my own for the FM3.
  51. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Here we go - first new rig since 2016 (centered around the never fail AX8) featuring the FM3 and FC6. The exceptional power of control and tone have me beyond gobsmacked now that everything is sorted and I've worked out the board layout and now gig tested it. I'll be doing some in-depth...
  52. Scott Peterson

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: MRSH 412 MV30-Dual

    I've posted on TGP but not here about York Audio. I am a customer - I paid for them. All of them. I bought them all because the more I tried them, the more I liked them. I don't have any relationship personally or professionally with York Audio other than a few emails from me expressing my...
  53. Scott Peterson

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    Sold them all in 2010. Never thought about it again. Still use and love amps when borrowed, provided, rented as necessary but haven't bought an amp in 10 years now.
  54. Scott Peterson

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Stay tuned... OG Fractal guy (me) FM3 based rig TBA...
  55. Scott Peterson

    Lesson learned...

    I run wireless but when/if I run direct I am OCD about looping the cable prior to the jack because I've done the same thing multiple times - though not into a III. !!
  56. Scott Peterson

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    I rely on and gig my AX8 weekly, and have since it was new. Great news that there is still life in the old girl to possibly get ARES in there - would be great. But even as is... always on the current firmware available... mine's been rock solid for years and years. I don't spend any time...
  57. Scott Peterson

    Chair, yes chair

    I have a Swopper. It is great to play on but you cannot do all day in an office sitting on it working at the computer. No way. I've tried. I used to have a Herman Millar Areon - it was great except when I had the arms down low and pivoted in it to play guitar, the front of the frame would make...
  58. Scott Peterson

    Now, this is something different. The world has changed...

    Outstanding - Alan makes incredible amps.
  59. Scott Peterson

    Still killing it - Fractal AX-8, Boss EV-30, Shure GLXD

    We roll with everyone on IEMs, no amps, no cabs, no monitors on stage. Our drummer is still on an analog kit but the stage is quiet other than the drum kit and cymbals. That said, we have done benefits and festivals with a backline. I have no issues with it. However, I do not feel it's...
  60. Scott Peterson

    Still killing it - Fractal AX-8, Boss EV-30, Shure GLXD

    I think they are brilliant. I don' t EQ for them. They are very good for monitoring. The A-3's a remarkable monitor for live work, very honest and non-fatiguing. At the NAMM show, I got to try out many of the models from 64 Audio; the top model to check out was the A-12's. If I knew then what I...
  61. Scott Peterson

    Still killing it - Fractal AX-8, Boss EV-30, Shure GLXD

    Expression pedals are used for (from left to right): wah, 'gain' (amp input gains; also solo boost gain); Wet/Dry for effects and the final pedal on the right is for delay wet/dry mix) Double duty for pedal 3 is as a volume pedal when I use that.
  62. Scott Peterson

    Cool video with cool Larry Mitchell

    Larry is the MAN.
  63. Scott Peterson

    Still killing it - Fractal AX-8, Boss EV-30, Shure GLXD

    Just a little update on the rig as it is and has been. Been playing most every weekend between 2-3 gigs the past year and a half and the rig's been great. Running direct to FOH the past year and a few months running with IEM's (64 Audio A-3) and it's been stellar. Very satisfied. It's been 2-3...
  64. Scott Peterson

    On the Passing of our Co-Worker Charlie Vessey

    Prayers for his family and all his friends.
  65. Scott Peterson

    Making Yek's amp models write up even better......

    Good idea. Incredible resource.
  66. Scott Peterson

    Audio interface, how important to tone?

    Mic pre's add their own timbre and color; running direct in digital negates any chance of that. However, if you like the tonal color/timbre of your mic pre it can be another tool. Chasing YouTube tones is a fool's game though - too many variables outside of just the AX8 - your guitar, your...
  67. Scott Peterson

    What Will You Do?

    *IF* and when ???, I'll buy the new one and use the current as a backup. I have that much faith in Fractal.
  68. Scott Peterson

    AX-8 Firmware Version 10.00

    Everything is excellent and no dialing necessary for me on anything; just solid stuff.
  69. Scott Peterson

    AX-8 10.00 Release Candidate #2

    Been rolling with RC2 here with no issues to report with my own presets. I did have to re-level my presets - which is (always) often the case with firmware updates. Sounds great, feels great and that's that for me. Massive surprise - to me - that Cliff could advance it while saving CPU cycles...
  70. Scott Peterson

    Brit 800 #34

    Sounds great!!!!!!!!!!
  71. Scott Peterson

    OwnHammer Basketweave GNR

    I have this cab and it's a monster IR collection. I am so blown away, I've starting using it with most all my Marshally presets (which are my bread and butter) favoring the RAW-ALL mix overall for most everything I do. Just freaking ideal. Stellar in the mix and alone.
  72. Scott Peterson

    Rush's Permanent Waves full album performance!

    Freaking awesome!! He's a stunning example of how music can be mind-blowing in the literal sense.
  73. Scott Peterson

    All That Power

    As far as techs go - those are two of the top guys. I know Scott - he's a great guy!!
  74. Scott Peterson

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Current look of my work rig. Gigging hard weekly with The Detroit Drive. Has never once let me down.
  75. Scott Peterson

    Cliff, Please explain using the very last cabinet "FLAT"

    That's what it always was used for here. At least for me.
  76. Scott Peterson

    Can you use an IR to compensate for tone loss?

    You could try it and let us know. I might work, it might not. There is always three aspects to what we hear - compression/gain/EQ - and you are accounting for EQ only with the IR. Just IMHO and experience. Give it a rip and share your results.
  77. Scott Peterson

    Stone Temple Pilots. The Art Of Letting Go

    At first listen it's really good but I have that 'wince' factor since STP was/is one of my favorite bands that have new vocalists (Dishwalla, Alice In Chains are others) but like the two... just creating good music. Giving this a lot more time on 'play' though, I dig it.
  78. Scott Peterson

    Rolling the trolls - USA C++ Metal

    Sounds killer Leon. Stellar... as usual. Haters are just that. Meh.
  79. Scott Peterson

    Cabinet Organization

    Not really. The factory cabs (which I assume you are discussing) are there in groups by the way they were added over time. The key is to zone in on what type you are looking for and then try the various groupings of them out till you find the right one.
  80. Scott Peterson

    Control output level

    I use the VU meters also and remember that essentially you are trying to balance the relative value - an important distinction. So just bang the guitar the way you would with the preset and have it balance mostly around 0db and everything will work when you are done with all your presets.
  81. Scott Peterson

    How do you pan stereo cabs in your rhytm presets?

    That's pretty standard; I just go 0/0 live though. I only use stereo when recording.
  82. Scott Peterson

    AX8 Basics

    Fantastic series - enjoyed them all!! I'm a fan of Leon's work - great stuff.
  83. Scott Peterson

    2007-2017: 10 Years with the Axe-Fx

    Eric (aka soloact) spent about 1.5 hours on the phone with me in 2007 as I barraged him with questions and he did indeed explain my head would explode. Here I am in 2018 and it's been a helluva ride. Gigging every week in a classic rock/pop/country band (often both Friday and Saturday) and...
  84. Scott Peterson

    AX8 Firmware 9.04 Released

    Nice. Onto it!
  85. Scott Peterson

    How I use my AX8 ... (+ presets)

    The DS is my main go-to for almost everything I do, but I am a primarily Marshall gain type of guy. I find it can be vintage or modern depending on how you play 'into' it. I love it.
  86. Scott Peterson

    Position of wireless receiver

    Running mine in a rack, I never had any issues with the receiver in the back. I use a Shure GLXD. Currently, i run the foot pedal receiver on my pedalboard.
  87. Scott Peterson

    Support bag

  88. Scott Peterson

    Probably asked before but...

    And a third yes.
  89. Scott Peterson

    Ax8 - Stand Alone or Pedalboard?

    I roll with this because it's my "A" rig and life is too short to roll with your "B" rig all the time. lol.
  90. Scott Peterson

    Controlling the lo end

    Be sure your pickup choice in the guitar matches the natural timbre of the guitar. Be sure your electronics are well done. Besides the obvious, I almost always have used the low cut/high pass (same thing, different name) in the cab block. I generally always start at 80Hz and go from there...
  91. Scott Peterson

    [Video] Using a (free) LUFS meter to loudness match amps and presets

    Agree 100%. When I watch the meters, I look for where they hit on average over time. As noted, I used to do this process with a db meter and would set it to C weighted slow response for exactly the reasons you note.
  92. Scott Peterson

    My Live Rig - PRS SC245 & Fractal AX8

    Dig it Leon. Love your videos!
  93. Scott Peterson

    How I use my AX8 ... (+ presets)

    Nicely setup Yek - very flexible and highly configured for real-world use.
  94. Scott Peterson

    [Video] Using a (free) LUFS meter to loudness match amps and presets

    Pretty interesting stuff - but IMHO the meters on the DAW stuff is great for recording. For live work, I personally use the VU meters on the AX8 (or Axe-FXII) to do the same thing and the key as noted in the OP is the relative volumes, *not* the peaks. Glen posted in the thread that his cleans...
  95. Scott Peterson

    Review: Atomic Amps CLR Powered Wedge Neo Version

    I've not heard the Gemini's. I'm not a big believer in stereo for live use; it's only stereo within a limited 'cone' and unless you stay in that - or your audience does - it's much ado about nothing.
  96. Scott Peterson

    Review: Atomic Amps CLR Powered Wedge Neo Version

    Great point, I was literally speaking figuratively. Honest. Sorry if it was confusing. In fact, I have bruising from being blown through the wall... all these years later. I'll install a plug-in to check my grammar from now on. ;)
  97. Scott Peterson

    Taming the Monster - Series and Parallel Routing

    Really glad this still has legs and helps people out.
  98. Scott Peterson

    Taming the Monster - Series and Parallel Routing

    You have to use your ears. My 8% will most likely not match your 8%; it's perception and it's subjective. I'm here, haven't gone any where. I just don't post unless there's something to say and I have not had anything worthwhile to say. lol.
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