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  1. unix-guy

    CPU Usage Ratio: FM9 to FM3

    Gotcha... Yeah, you're basically describing Global Blocks. Once loaded from the library, the presets know nothing about block library.
  2. unix-guy

    CPU Usage Ratio: FM9 to FM3

    He's talking about importing blocks into the library and then using those blocks to load into individual blocks in individual presets ;) Edit: Or he wasn't... Nevermind! :)
  3. unix-guy

    Axe-Edit Layout Inconsistency

    Also, you say "latest"... But it's best to list the specific versions. And have you done "Refresh After Firmware Update"?
  4. unix-guy

    Axe-Edit Layout Inconsistency

    They just don't... A computer screen has a lot more room and flexibility compared to the Axe Fx.
  5. unix-guy

    Exp pedal calibration issue

    If the calibration is only moving 30% then it's not going to work. Bad cable, bad connection, problem with the soldering on the pot or jack. Did you try another pedal jack?
  6. unix-guy

    Not a Bug USB - FM3 not connecting with Mac anymore

    That has nothing to do with connection... And it wouldn't work if not connected. What it does is read block definitions from the FM3.
  7. unix-guy

    FCB1010 Manager - help, please

    The Axe Fx III is not a midi interface. You'll need to get a USB to midi adapter.
  8. unix-guy

    Charvel Pro Mod dk-24 tuning issues

    Factory strings are .009-042... That may be the issue.
  9. unix-guy

    Charvel Pro Mod dk-24 tuning issues

    Hopefully that solves it. If not, may need to get the nut slots filed.
  10. unix-guy

    Charvel Pro Mod dk-24 tuning issues

    Are your trem studs locked? Have you tried bypassing the string tree? Have you lubed the nut slots, the knife edges, the string trees? Staggered tuners and removing string trees got the most benefit and the locking saddles helped, too.
  11. unix-guy

    EV PXM 12MP Comparision Review with Pics

    This is very true!
  12. unix-guy

    Crazy loud hiss in 4CM

    Got it...
  13. unix-guy

    Crazy loud hiss in 4CM

    You don't. See this page for the setup of 4CM. There's no load box.
  14. unix-guy

    EV PXM 12MP Comparision Review with Pics

    What DSP setting are you using on the EVs? How are they setup position-wise? Wedge, pole, upright? Also you're comparing 8" to 12" speakers and I'm betting the EVs may be a truer representation...
  15. unix-guy

    FM9 output louder than FM3

    If you're leveling your presets to the 0dB in the VU meter, you're going to have a challenge running the knob at 100% with headphones. I have HD650s and my output 1 would need to be below 50% or less...
  16. unix-guy

    FM9 output louder than FM3

    Does that affect the headphones? I didn't think it did...
  17. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    Silver linings ;)
  18. unix-guy

    Wish Make Control Switches scene specific rather than global

    So you want the midi to be triggered on demand and not when you change scenes?
  19. unix-guy

    Opinions and Help Needed

    You might try the Cab block with the cut slope at 36db...
  20. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    Well then, looks like we have a conflict of information ;) I'm pretty sure the wiki is correct as I was thinking it did... Not in front of mine at the moment to confirm. @Admin M@ / @yek - who wins? Somebody's got an update required :D
  21. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    Yeah, there are a handful of effects that are affected...
  22. unix-guy

    Opinions and Help Needed

    You should be able to achieve very similar results from the Cab block high and low cuts... What does your EQ look like?
  23. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    I was thinking it did but I just checked the Blocks Guide which says only Axe Fx III....
  24. unix-guy

    Randy Rhoads got it done live with this rig. An FM3 and two pedals does this and more.

    "Rhoads" Sorry, personal pet peeve of mine ;)
  25. unix-guy

    Instrument input (secret sauce) differences FM9, FM3 & AF3

    That's not what Secret Sauce is... That's about optimizing signal to noise ratio. You're probably thinking about the variable Input Impedance, which the FM3 doesn't have...
  26. unix-guy

    Why are all the factory presets so bass heavy??

    Depends if you want the same cuts applied to all IRs you have loaded or the individual IRs to be EQ'd differently...
  27. unix-guy

    FS FS: Suhr Modern Koa

    Sorry you have to sell... Very nice guitar. Good luck!
  28. unix-guy

    Own Two of the Same Guitar?

    At one point, I had 10+ '87 and '88 Ibanez S540Pro guitars. All are essentially the same aside from finish color and hardware color. Some I built from parts, including stripping paint and hand varnishing. A few have some different pickups but most were stock. The difference between the 2 years...
  29. unix-guy

    Spruce thinline tele with random stain from the garage

    I like the brown one better... And the fretboard grain is interesting!
  30. unix-guy

    Waitlist Email

    One thought I just had: my expression pedals connect via midi using an Expression IO. My pedal jacks are used for external switches. Maybe the midi is the difference?
  31. unix-guy

    Opinions and Help Needed

    Because they are FRFR speakers not guitar speakers...
  32. unix-guy

    FM9 pre-delivery questions from a Helix user

    There is no option to disable it. However, if you go into the Setup->Utilities menu on the front panel you can page over a couple pages and see the exact value of the knob in a few seconds...
  33. unix-guy

    Opinions and Help Needed

    Remember that a modeler into FRFR is like an amp into a mic'd cab into a monitor. It's not intended to sound like an cab in the room. Try other IRs, try lowering the High Cut further... Maybe down to 5-6k. Use ears not eyes
  34. unix-guy

    Anyone using the FC12?

    I personally use my own layouts on the FC-12 with my Axe Fx III and on my FM9.
  35. unix-guy

    Anyone using the FC12?

    The capability of Layouts are no different between FM3, FM9, FC-6 or FC-12 other than how many switches there other...
  36. unix-guy

    Waitlist Email

    It only matters on the active scene... I've definitely pushed things too far to where everything works and sounds great but then I try to kick in the Wah or Whammy and... It... Just... Takes... Forever
  37. unix-guy

    Input Impedance or Pickup Change?

    I'm not the OP... I was commenting on the direct mount.
  38. unix-guy

    Input Impedance or Pickup Change?

    For some reason, some of the DK-24 models are not... My HSS MIM and USA models both have foam underneath but I've seen several people here say that their models don't. Seems to be the HH models don't.
  39. unix-guy

    [WISH] Modifier Control

    The current ONE or ALL choice is an improvement over the previous implementation that was either none or all... The wish for independent controllers per channel has been wished many times going back many years. It would be nice but don't hold your breath ;)
  40. unix-guy

    Wish Make Control Switches scene specific rather than global

    You can already do what you want without an extra switch by using the Scene Midi block.
  41. unix-guy

    equivalent of a "mix" parameter on the Speaker Impedance Curve?

    As far as I'm aware that's just a display issue...
  42. unix-guy

    Clean Amps sounding all alike..

    Many amps get a lot of their character from the power amp. Turning off power amp modeling will not sound authentic.... If you want more gain, turn things up.
  43. unix-guy

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    I think that post is about the knob not working vs the knob being missing ;) Maybe related, though, I guess.
  44. unix-guy

    Andy Timmons interview

    Thanks for sharing - a great read!
  45. unix-guy

    Waitlist Email

    Whether they're turned on or not they still use the same CPU... I'm really surprised your Wah will work accurately in that scene to be honest. My preset gets over 79% and my expression pedals start to lag a lot.
  46. unix-guy

    Volume Pedal

    Yes, you can.
  47. unix-guy

    FM9 output louder than FM3

    There was a difference between Axe Fx III and FM9 for me when I got it... Don't know if there still is. I didn't compare FM3 as it's used by the other guitarist in my band. Cables can make a difference. I've had issues before where one side was significantly quieter than the other and swapping...
  48. unix-guy

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    You're clearly lacking in drive pedals! ;)
  49. unix-guy

    Waitlist Email

    I hope you don't use any controllers? That's going to be a challenge when the CPU is that high. Your Wah will probably lag...
  50. unix-guy

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    Wished already for a long time: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/search/1169212/?q=Typematic&c%5Btitle_only%5D=1&o=date
  51. unix-guy

    Local Music Shops

    While I haven't visited them all, I've probably been to 8-10 and they have all very similar to the experience described above... Unless it's coming fresh out of a box, I would consider almost nothing at GC as "new"... Dents, scratches, missing switch tips, nothing in tune, etc.
  52. unix-guy

    Talk me off the ledge

    If you have your modeler going to FOH, it IS what the audience hears... Just that the "monitors" are probably bigger ;) Especially with bigger bands/venues, the audience isn't hearing a lot of the sound of an amp on stage. They're getting the feed from a mic'd cabinet or a modeled rig.
  53. unix-guy

    View 2 in Per Preset: blank/inactive switches

    So, I tried changing to View 2 on the layout I mentioned before. All the switches show up as configured and do what they should.
  54. unix-guy

    Wish TWA SH9 Scott Henderson signature Distortion

    Wouldn't that be TWS? ;)
  55. unix-guy

    Help needed on presets transfer

    The Amp modeling (and other effects) have changed a lot since the Axe Fx II. Conversion will mostly just transfer the "layout” of your presets. You should expect to need to reset various blocks and start over because they likely won't sound as expected.
  56. unix-guy

    View 2 in Per Preset: blank/inactive switches

    I don't use Views with my FC9 but on my custom Layout 1, all 3 of the "extra" switches are assigned to stand-in switches that work without issue and show up in the editor correctly. To be honest, I'm not sure Views are expected to work on the FM9 itself. The idea of a View is to divide the 12...
  57. unix-guy

    A Deluxe Tone I Can't Achieve

    My understanding from another thread here is that those are slightly modified factory presets... Probably shouldn't even be selling them.
  58. unix-guy

    Local Music Shops

    Ah, yeah, I got you. The shop owner is also a working musician and all the "sales" people are musicians. They're very aware of the details, so that's great!
  59. unix-guy

    Possible Bug? Stand-in switches through FC-6 connected to FM9 (non-turbo)

    See the last bullet here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm9-firmware-3-00-known-issues-list.187062/
  60. unix-guy

    Bug? Help - FC6 keeps changing layout!

    There's a known bug on the FM9 for this issue that is being worked on. I haven't seen anyone post about this issue on the FM3, but it may be similar... The brains of the FCs are in the the modeler, so not likely a bug with the FC-6 itself.
  61. unix-guy

    Input Boost - No increase in volume?

    This does have the downside that delay and reverb tails can change volume...
  62. unix-guy

    Dead USB port

    No, they can't. Those are 2 different types of USB ports. The problem port is a USB B connector that is used for upstream peripheral devices. The unused one is USB A...
  63. unix-guy

    Dead USB port

    The part you replied to has an Amazon link to an extender... I just clicked on it from your quote and the link works as expected.
  64. unix-guy

    Local Music Shops

    The shop I referred to above has stayed with the times. They have a Reverb shop with much of their inventory listed, they sell on Craigslist and probably other online sites.
  65. unix-guy

    FM3 Firmware Version 5.03

    Since 6.0 is in beta I don't think you're getting 5.04 ;) Edit: Private beta
  66. unix-guy

    Guitar Summit 2022 Workshop | Fulcrum & Fractal Audio Sounds & Songs | Creative Sound Control

    Nice job Frank! Glad to see Sonja's great invention getting some attention.
  67. unix-guy

    Local Music Shops

    Local shop here has loads of Fender, PRS, Ibanez, Charvel, Gretch, Martin, Yamaha, etc... I think some brands require a minimum "buy in"...
  68. unix-guy

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.04 Release

    Both controls are there intentionally, so there won't be any removing ;) Both controls actually DO do something... I'm not knowledgeable enough to explain it, but I think @Joe Bfstplk might be able to shed some light on it for you. I guess maybe you could consider the Ideal page only having...
  69. unix-guy

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.04 Release

    There are 2 models (Normal/Bright). In the Normal model, the "primary" control is the Normal Gain and in the Bright model the primary control is the Bright Gain. However, the "alternate" Gain control interacts with the overall circuit. You can find some info here...
  70. unix-guy

    Bug? Delay glitch when using stereo output with Midi Time Clock

    Which is why I suggested watching the tempo on the Fractal ;)
  71. unix-guy

    Bug? Delay glitch when using stereo output with Midi Time Clock

    You will likely be surprised... Not that I've seen. They are there because they are emulating real world devices. I think some (all?) of the digital types don't do this but I'm not 100%. Also, just curious, are you the OP but posting under a different id? The thread was posted by @Greg...
  72. unix-guy

    Great Idea: Saves Tap Dancing

    Don't need to use them all... I have my main layout, which is mostly scenes plus tap tempo/tuner and a switch to jump to my Presets layout. Preset layout is completely for selecting presets, all of which then jump back to my main layout. I have as Looper layout with a small selection of...
  73. unix-guy

    Ok, I ordered, now come some questions

    It's a very simple room simulator... RC Boost - the pedal from Xotic Not sure. An Envelope follower follows an input signal. What do you mean by "swell"? Are you wanting the level to increase or just hold? The Reverb and Delay both have hold functions. You can use a Control Switch sweet as...
  74. unix-guy

    Bug? Delay glitch when using stereo output with Midi Time Clock

    You can tell that how? A large or rapid change in tempo can cause them. Midi beat clock isn't always stable. You can bring up the Tempo page on the Axe Fx and watch it "jitter" while it's being sync'd. Tape Delay definitely has artifacts from tempo changes...
  75. unix-guy

    Does the FM9 stack and hold just like the Axe iii does?

    You can use a Control Switch to engage the hold and then make sure CS Per Scene is set to Last for all scenes you want it to stay on.
  76. unix-guy

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    I use the same cables... The official answer for the screws is M3.5-0.6x16. Those work great for attachment of FCs or FMs to Temple Audio boards.
  77. unix-guy

    AXE FXII with Lexicon MPX-R1

    The CC number isn’t important because you can make the Axe Fx use whatever CC you want for scenes. The CC data value is how you select which scene, and the manual page I showed seems to indicate you cannot assign the value. Only 0/127 are sent (as generic off/on values). 0 is a value that will...
  78. unix-guy

    [SOLVED] Initial value for pedal 1, 2, 3

    That's odd as it works for me... Haven't tested in a while, though.
  79. unix-guy

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    It's personal preference. I personally cannot use one on the left, only the right...
  80. unix-guy

    AXE FXII with Lexicon MPX-R1

    Does the MPX allow you to define CC data values along with CC#? If not then you can't do it directly. You can look into PC Mapping but that is limited. A quick check of the manual would appear that it only allows sending 0/127.
  81. unix-guy

    Turn a block on or off with the EV-1.

    It does have a "Scale" parameter at the bottom... ;)
  82. unix-guy

    Can I change the FM9 homepage display format?

    Not currently possible. There have been wishes/discussions (for FM3, at least) for different "formats" like what you're asking but nothing yet...
  83. unix-guy

    Wilkinson wvs1302p on a charvel pro mod gotoh 510?

    Wow - somebody's been hoarding! ;)
  84. unix-guy

    [Bug?] "Dark" drive tone with 20.04 for older presets.

    @Moke posted about this very issue last night in both the Axe Fx III FW20.04 and FM9 FW3.0 threads.
  85. unix-guy

    School me on CPU

    Additionally, you don't have a say in how many channels there are. You may only be using A and B in the Amp block, but all 4 channels are still there.
  86. unix-guy

    RTA Coming to FM9 or not?

    How does the RTA block help making an IR?
  87. unix-guy

    Vai first 30 years documentary free online

    Steve's been using Fractal for some time now... Effects only.
  88. unix-guy

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00

    I haven't noticed any difference in the sound of my Drive blocks and all my presets predate 3.0... I'll take a look and see what affect it has for me. Thanks for the heads-up!
  89. unix-guy

    FM9 Turbo vs non-Turbo....significant more CPU available.

    And neither can you for Axe Fx III, as I've mentioned more than once. I think this is being inflated to a much bigger issue than it really is...
  90. unix-guy

    Vai first 30 years documentary free online

    When I was young I kept a sort of "genealogy" of bands I liked and traced links and connections between them. There were a lot! Speaking of those Wikipedia references, I discovered a few years back that Robben Ford and Jimmy Haslip both had credits on a KISS album! Might have been Creatures of...
  91. unix-guy

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00

    I'm pretty sure this is the "random layout change" issue many have reported.
  92. unix-guy

    Wish Offline editing

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/search/1165342/?q=Offline+editing&c%5Btitle_only%5D=1&o=date It can’t... The editor is a "client" of the hardware.
  93. unix-guy

    Echo help needed. Number of repeats.

    Feedback will give you more or less regeneration (repeats) and Mix will make the repeats louder or quieter.
  94. unix-guy

    My FM9 Turbo is switching to View 2 on its own

    See this post: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm9-firmware-3-00-known-issues-list.187062/
  95. unix-guy

    FM9 Firmware Version 3.00

    See this post for currently known issues: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm9-firmware-3-00-known-issues-list.187062/
  96. unix-guy

    FC12 Stand In Switches With The FM9 - Possible Bug??

    See the last item here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm9-firmware-3-00-known-issues-list.187062/
  97. unix-guy

    Movie Review: Moonfall

    How about Rubber?
  98. unix-guy

    FM3 and true bypass pedals issue?

    Based on this I'm thinking it's an input impedance related issue... But I could be way off base. I don't like to tag @FractalAudio because I know how much I see him get tagged for trivial stuff, but I think this is a case where his expertise is needed.
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