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  1. unix-guy

    Boss CE-1 serial #1… yours for only $1,000,000

    https://www.guitarworld.com/news/boss-ce-1-reverbThe first ever Boss CE-1 has reportedly been found, and it's listed on Reverb for $1,000,000
  2. unix-guy

    Andy Timmons - That Pedal Show

    Watching this video with Andy Timmons on That Pedal Show. At one point Andy's playing is so emotive that Dan literally walks off camera as he's overtaken by emotion. Enjoy!
  3. unix-guy

    Corey Wong / Mark Lettieri / Larry Carlton

    Just stumbled on this and started watching. Excellent so far. Enjoy!
  4. unix-guy

    R.I.P. Brett Tuggle

    I was really only aware of Brett Tuggle via his work with DLR but he obviously had a long, successful career: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/brett-tuggle-fleetwood-mac-david-lee-roth-band-keyboardist-dead-1370965/amp/
  5. unix-guy

    Pentatonic Arpeggios?

    This is a very cool sound, planning to start exploring this technique:
  6. unix-guy

    New Nick Johnston Schecter PT Tele

    I was browsing Reverb and was surprised to discover that there's a new Nick Johnston Schecter PT Tele. https://www.schecterguitars.com/Nick-Johnston-PT?quantity=1&custitem_color_master_list=481 Looks pretty nice!
  7. unix-guy

    Allan Holdsworth Improv lesson

    I stumbled on this video a couple weeks ago and have been watching it in small increments. This video is 5 hours long but based on what I've seen so far it's a really great look into the "building blocks" of Holdsworth.
  8. unix-guy

    Lonestar - SRV

    I just finished watching this documentary on Stevie Ray Vaughan on Amazon Prime video: https://watch.amazon.com/detail?gti=amzn1.dv.gti.84b06420-d7b6-17c7-9d8d-fb2ccee183c7&territory=US&ref_=share_ios_movie&r=web Not the greatest documentary I've ever seen, but definitely worth watching. Now...
  9. unix-guy

    How to best EQ FRFR monitors?

    I'll just say this plainly: I suck at dialing in EQ. I've recently picked up a pair of EV PXM 12MP powered coaxial monitors after many years of using Xitone passive wedges with a Matrix power amp. They sound very good but also different, as expected. I have the EVs set to DSP mode "monitor 2"...
  10. unix-guy

    NGD - Incoming Schecter NV-3-24-AL

    On my nightly perusal of Reverb I saw this listing for a (MIJ) Schecter NV-3-24-AL. I have been interested in the Schecter Japan line as they share a lineage with Tom Anderson guitars seem to be nice instruments and I like the specs and visuals. I wasn't familiar the specific model but on...
  11. unix-guy

    Help me replicate this sound...

    Ok... So this might seem a bit weird, but I'm going to ask for ideas in replicating a sound I created myself (back in 2015). This was Axe Fx II with an eBow and a Wah pedal (inside the box). It's the "solo" section here (starts about 2:13)...
  12. unix-guy

    Axe Fx III vs FM9 Output levels

    Do others that have both the Axe Fx III and the FM9 notice a large discrepancy in volume between them with all settings identical and using the same preset? I recently bought a pair of EV PXM 12MP monitors. They have 2 XLR inputs on each. I connected both the Axe Fx III (Output 2) and FM9...
  13. unix-guy

    Bassman - How do the way the 2 Drive controls interact

    Can someone explain to me how the 2 Drive controls on the 59 Bassman Bright and Normal interact? I just got to load up FW19.04 and tried out the new 59 Bassman Normal model. Really digging it! The 59 Bassman (now called Bright) has been my go-to for a while now. Just curious how the 2nd drive...
  14. unix-guy

    Bug: Default Scene wrong behavior on boot-up

    The other night I made a couple minor changes to my 2 main presets. Tonight when I powered on I couldn't figure out why my default clean scene 1 sounded so overdriven. After scratching my head for a minute I realized it was not on scene 1. Changed to scene 1 and power cycled. It started back...
  15. unix-guy

    Ditch the pick?

    Anyone here ditch the pick and play only with fingers? I've been playing with a hybrid approach for many years as I've always found it useful for things like pianistic chords such as those often used by Eric Johnson. That eventually grew into other use cases like arpeggios and single note...
  16. unix-guy

    After Life (TV Series)

    My wife and I started season 3 of After Life tonight. It's such a good show. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry... Ricky Gervais is brilliant! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8398600/ If you're looking for something to watch I really recommend it.
  17. unix-guy

    The Omnific

    Are you guys familiar with The Omnific? My oldest son just asked me if I knew about them. Pulled up their YouTube channel and watched a few videos. Cool stuff! It's like Animals as Leaders with bass instead of 8 string guitars ;)
  18. unix-guy

    Would you trade...?

    My buddy has a basically unplayed 2018 Fender American Elite Stratocaster HSS with OHSC. It's got the Shawbucker and Noiseless single coils. I've got a 2016 PRS CE-24 with PRS gig bag that I rarely play. It's just not my thing... I'm debating a trade... Obviously I would want to play it first...
  19. unix-guy

    Thornbucker+ in DK-24 HSS

    So I was inspired by another recent pickup thread and decided to put a Suhr Thornbucker+ into my MIM Charvel DK-24 HSS replacing the factory Seymour Duncan Full Shred. I still need to put fresh strings on as the current ones are a bit old but it's an interesting change. Interestingly, the TB+...
  20. unix-guy

    Looper Fun #2

    Playing around tonight with the Valve Screamer VS9 drive along with the 59 Bassman. Dropped in a looper and had a bit of fun improvising. The one I did right off the cuff was a little better but this isn't bad. Made a loop, doubled it and started playing. I love this machine and all my...
  21. unix-guy

    Selectable auto Makeup Gain in Compressor

    With the recent updates to the Compressor block in FW18.03 (and FM9 FW 2.0 beta), we got auto makeup gain added to a number of the models: It would be cool if we could optionally disable the makeup gain in these models. I have built a number of presets where I used the JFET or Optical...
  22. unix-guy

    Kaleidophon... WTF?

    Randomly stumbled on this... It's a trip!
  23. unix-guy

    Jeff Beck - Upp?

    Ok, I know some of you guys are older than dirt (I'm merely the same age as dirt ;)) and may already be familiar, but I just learned of Jeff Beck with the band Upp... Interesting stuff! Here's a live jam from a 1975 TV show:
  24. unix-guy

    This one time... At guitar camp

    I was scrolling thru some old pictures and came across this one that I had completely forgotten! This picture was taken by @Larry Mitchell at Vai Academy 5.0. You can see Steve's pedalboard with MFC-101 there. In the audience (among others) were @fremen (my camp roomie) and myself (I'm on...
  25. unix-guy

    Rick Beato interviews Sting and Dominic Miller

    Rick Beato interviews Sting and Dominic Miller. Excellent!
  26. unix-guy

    TIL #2 - Where Have All the Good Times Gone

    I had no idea that Where Have All the Good Times Gone was a Kinks tune! Wow... Today I Learned!
  27. unix-guy

    Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scott's

    Never seen it before... Watching for about 15 minutes now. Wow! I love Jeff Beck and this is such a great performance. Tal Wilkenfield looks about 15 years old (and sorta separated at birth for Guthrie Govan minus the beard) and totally grooving...
  28. unix-guy

    PSA: TIL - Gotoh bridges

    So, I play with the tremolo on my guitars all the time. It's a key part of my style. Tonight while I was noodling around on my Charvel DK-24 USA I noticed that I was hearing noise from my FM9 when I was using the trem. I thought it must be a loose ground wire on the claw but it was solid and...
  29. unix-guy

    Implemented RCB as boost type in the Amp block

    It would be lovely if we could get the RCB as a boost type in the Amp block. I got pretty close with a PEQ but it would be great if I could shave some CPU by not needing any extra block for it. Thanks!
  30. unix-guy

    RIP Emmett Chapman

  31. unix-guy

    Matt Bacon?

    I was just reading an interview with Adrian Belew from a couple years ago (I'm behind on my guitar mags). He was talking about his album and the gear he used - primarily the Axe Fx and the GP-10. He mentioned getting help creating some of classic effects from "Fractal programmer Matt Bacon"...
  32. unix-guy

    Can you fit 4 Mission pedals on a Temple Duo 17?

    Can you fit 4 Mission pedals on a Temple Duo 17? Yes, yes you can! With some work and outside the box thinking. You'll notice in the top view pic that there are no visible cables connected for the middle two pedals. Here's a close-up of the secret to making it happen. I removed the pedal...
  33. unix-guy

    Bug? Stand-In Switch Behavior with Tap + Hold

    I was trying to add a Hold function to one of my already functioning Stand-In switches. The Tap function is a Channel Increment on Delay 1 that rolls thru all channels and wraps around. I was trying to add a Hold function to Bypass Delay 1. Once I add the Hold function everything goes...
  34. unix-guy

    Bug: Channel Increment / Decrement in FC switch setup off by one

    I noticed this the other day and forgot to post it: when picking channels for channel Increment / Decrement in the FC Editor, the channels are off by one. The drop down list will show B-E instead of A-D... Selecting E as an example will result in D being selected.
  35. unix-guy

    Mounting FM9 / FM3 / FC-12 / FC-6 to Temple Audio boards?

    For those of you mounting your FM9 / FM3 / FC-12 / FC-6 to a Temple Audio board, are you using the M3.5x.06 16mm screws? And are those being used with the "end caps" still on the unit, or removed? Also, anywhere in the US to source said screws where I can buy less than 100? The local Ace...
  36. unix-guy

    Sooo close... :(

    So since I ordered my FM9 I've decided I wanted to use a Temple Audio board. But I wanted to actually use 2 smaller boards with the FM9 on a Duo 24 and my Mission EP-1s (4) on a Duo 17. Using a 4x1/4" module on each board I can connect them easily and in the future I plan to mount my FC-12 on...
  37. unix-guy

    Layout sharing?

    Anyone know if layouts can be shared between FM9 and Axe Fx III like presets? I can check when I'm next in front of my gear, but it would be cool if they can.
  38. unix-guy

    The boot up animation

    Just curious why I haven't seen anyone mention the cool Fractal logo animation on the FM9 boot up? It's eye candy, for sure, but very cool in any case :)
  39. unix-guy

    FM9 vs Axe Fx III - the sound

    Just tossing this out for discussion amongst those of us with both an FM9 and Axe Fx III: have you done a side by side comparison of the same preset to see what the results are? My initial impression (done very non-scientifically) is that my main preset using 59 Bassman model seems to have a...
  40. unix-guy


    I just finished watching this. Such a cool documentary! https://www.netflix.com/us/title/81212488?s=i&trkid=13747225&vlang=en&clip=81242605 Makes the recent passing of Dusty Hill that much more bittersweet. Man, there are some great, great guitar and bass tones presented, too.
  41. unix-guy

    My genius (or hare-brained?) idea for FM9 pedalboard hack

    So, my FM9 will be arriving Monday (although looking at tracking, possibly today). I've been trying to figure out the best way to maintain what I do with my Axe Fx III and FC-12, which utilizes 4 expression pedals. This is a challenge because the FM9 only supports 3 expression pedals and/or...
  42. unix-guy

    Bob Ross

    Watched this last night. It was good but quite sad at the same time. His legacy was stolen from him. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14539744/
  43. unix-guy

    Easy instrumental song suggestions?

    So until COVID lockdown threw a giant monkey wrench into the mix, my newest project had been working on original instrumental tunes for about a year. We had worked up 7-8 tunes that were still not ready to play live but getting there... Now 18 months later and it's almost like starting over...
  44. unix-guy

    Don Everly - RIP

  45. unix-guy

    Thornbucker pickups - odd high end?

    Does anyone here with Thornbucker pickups find them to have an unusual high end response? I've been spending a lot of time with my new Charvel DK-24 USA HSS guitar and when I started playing my Suhr Modern HSH I found the top end to be very unpleasant to my ears. I tend to be sensitive to high...
  46. unix-guy

    Sound of Metal

    I just watched this movie... Thought it was pretty good, especially as a musician. Good thing there isn't much "metal" in the film because what was there was pretty bad: https://watch.amazon.com/detail?asin=B08KZDC2CH&territory=US&ref_=share_ios_movie&r=web
  47. unix-guy


  48. unix-guy

    Good times...

    An old singer from the originals band I started and led for 26 years before "retiring" it a few years back just tagged me on Facebook with a live performance video from almost 10 years ago. Aside from the added applause (done by our bassist who did the video edits) I thought it was a good...
  49. unix-guy

    Gene Simmons documentary

    I just stumbled across this documentary on Gene Simmons. I've watched about 15 minutes so far and enjoying it. KISS, and in particular Gene, is the reason I wanted to play guitar to begin with. Over the years, I've become less enamored of Gene and Paul Stanley on a personal level... But...
  50. unix-guy

    Auto panning for fun and profit

    The recent changes to allow for use of a step sequencer allow us to have a cool auto panning that will alternate the panning from left to right based on pick attack. @Admin M@ posted a cool sample and preset showing one variation, but I was after something else some time back when proposed...
  51. unix-guy

    Stolen Guitars recovered

  52. unix-guy

    Help... Real amp cutting in and out

    Today I pulled my Budda SuperDrive II out of the case for the first time in at least 2 years. Wanted to make sure I was ready to sell... I plugged in and played (quietly) for a little bit and noticed that the was dropping and coming back... And it started sounding thin and scratchy. I tried...
  53. unix-guy

    Fun with the looper...

    Here's a little idea I just started developing quickly. Created a "bass" with the Ring Mod, played the chord cycle and added a bit of faux percussion. Noodled for a few minutes and almost instantly had a "nugget" of a melody. Then I decided to just record it straight from my Axe Fx to Voice...
  54. unix-guy

    SOLD 1988 Ibanez S540Pro

    I'm starting to thin down my Ibanez collection. Here's the Reverb listing: https://reverb.com/item/40777075-ibanez-s540-s540pro-saber-sabre-s-series-1988-carribean-blue?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=40777075 Let me know if you have questions. I...
  55. unix-guy

    SOLD 1988 Ibanez S540Pro - $750

    I'm starting to thin down my Ibanez collection. Here's the Reverb listing: https://reverb.com/item/40647027-ibanez-s540-saber-sabre-s-series-1988-red?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=40647027 Let me know if you have questions. I will sell directly...
  56. unix-guy

    PSA: Wilkinson Locking saddles are in stock!

    No affiliation or relationship with Wilkinson. Many people have had a hard time getting their locking saddles. I happened to ask last night about when they would be in stock. They replied while I was sleeping that they just got a new batch and they would be available in 12-24 hours. I just...
  57. unix-guy

    NGD: Charvel USA Select DK24 HSS Autumn Glow

    Finally arrived this evening! I need to put my preferred (lighter) gauge strings on it and do some setup after that, but after playing it for an hour I'm very happy! Feel overall is very much like my MIM DK24 HSS although I feel like the USA model has a slightly thicker neck closer to the nut...
  58. unix-guy

    Charvel Guthrie Govan vs DK-24

    Anyone here have both a Charvel Guthrie Govan and Charvel DK-24? I really, really love the neck on my DK-24 and have been lusting after a GG since I first saw them. Wondering how the necks compare: overall shape, thickness, fret size. I know the finish seems to be the same and the radius is...
  59. unix-guy

    Mark Lettieri - Baritone funk!

  60. unix-guy

    Not a Bug Buttery High Cut mislabeled

    I was playing around with the Buttery model tonight. It seemed a bit odd to find a Presence control on the Authentic tab but I didn't really worry about it. Went to the Ideal tab to engage the Fat switched and noticed that the same knob is labeled as High Cut there. Testing it out and the...
  61. unix-guy

    The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

    Just finished watching this documentary on HBO on the recommendation of a friend (and former singer with my band): The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9850386/ Very good... So many hits both as a group and as songwriters for others.
  62. unix-guy

    Something coming from Morningstar

    I just saw this on Facebook: https://fb.watch/2wND7JE37W/ Sorry, couldn't find a way to get a non-FB link.
  63. unix-guy

    Camilo Velandia listed in Rick Beato's top 10 Instagram guitarists

    I just stumbled on this video from a year ago, was very happy to see @camilovelandiamusic listed among Rick Beato's top 10 Instagram guitarists, along with guys like Andy Wood, Matteus Asato, Tom Quayle and Mark Lettieri! Nice!
  64. unix-guy

    Cory Wong / Satch content

    This is a fun watch / listen:
  65. unix-guy

    Lisa Hannigan?

    I love when I stumble across something that is cool or inspiring. This is both! Never heard of Lisa Hannigan before, but the guy who does the video is cool. I've watched a few of his videos and enjoy them. This is more about the beauty of music than guitar although there's guitar content...
  66. unix-guy

    Lee Kerslake - R.I.P.

    Just saw this: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.billboard.com/amp/articles/news/obituary/9452907/lee-kerslake-dead-drummer-dies I was really only familiar with his drumming with Ozzy but that was so good.
  67. unix-guy

    Sire Guitars?

    Just saw this video and thought these looked interesting. Anyone have any experience yet? I only watched about half the video so far:
  68. unix-guy

    Anyone else not getting forum notifications since yesterday?

    Anyone else not getting forum notifications since yesterday? No changes to my preferences... Didn't get any since about 5am PST. Not a major issue, but seems odd. My email address is Gmail and nothing in my spam/junk folder.
  69. unix-guy

    Vai / Satch content!

    Just stumbled on this - pretty cool: Both Axe Fx III and II visible in the video. Also, is it just me or does Steve look like he's come from Vinny to collect his money (circa 1979)?
  70. unix-guy

    "Unchained" - Phil X

    Just stumbled across this. Never heard Phil before although I've heard of him. Great cover... Seems like a fun dude, too.
  71. unix-guy

    R.IP. - Frankie Banali of Quiet Rot

    Just saw this: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/quiet-riots-frankie-banali-dead-at-68/
  72. unix-guy

    Liliac Holy Diver cover

    Just saw this video... Impressive cover:
  73. unix-guy

    CA3+ Clean Anyone (part 2)

    The last couple nights I've been playing around again with the CA3+ Clean model. It sounds really good at almost stock settings. Just need to dial down the bass... and I have a very mildly set RCB Boost in front. I wanted to post this and then remembered I had "discovered" this model on the...
  74. unix-guy

    Fun with Bit Reduction and Sample Rate

    Noodling around for a bit and decided to try a different Drive block from my usual suspects. Loaded up the Ruckus Ge with Drive and Level on about 3.5 and Tone on 4 going into the Shiver Clean amp just at breakup (with out the Drive on). Suddenly I was in total Scott Henderson tone land. I was...
  75. unix-guy

    Martin Miller Band - Josie

    Interesting cover of Steely Dan's Josie: Mark Lettieri does his baritone thing at the end.
  76. unix-guy

    Amp blocks out of phase?

    Last night I was playing around with adding a second parallel Amp block into an existing preset just for fun. I have a preset with the Dizzy Blue v2 and another with the Shiver Clean. I copied the block from the Shiver Clean and pasted it in parallel to the Dizzy. The signal splits before the...
  77. unix-guy

    Wish Dynamic expression pedal assignment

    Back in December 2018 I was privileged to be a reviewer for the FC manual before it was released. During this process, I made the following suggestion to Matt: Matt's reply: My follow-up: I still think this would be a fantastic ability to have with the FCs. A recent thread where this...
  78. unix-guy

    New Vandenberg

    A friend of mine just shared this. Pretty solid if this is your taste in music. Took me back about 30 years ;)
  79. unix-guy

    New option for FCB-1010 - Tiny Box

    I just saw this and thought I'd share it - a new "brain" option for the FCB-1010. I have no need but others might find it useful: https://www.tinybox.rocks/
  80. unix-guy

    Cool take on “Sultans of Swing”

    Stumbled on this:
  81. unix-guy

    Two unrelated but entertaining videos

    My drummer sent me these videos. Enjoy.
  82. unix-guy

    Route 66 improv

    I'm not sure I've ever posted any recordings here before but I came up with this chord progression while noodling around with the Mr Z Route 66 model. The overall tone was really inspiring and I just started improvising and decided I should capture a bit. This amp was starting to break up a...
  83. unix-guy

    Nice fusion piece with Simon Phillips and Mohini Dey

    Great playing by everyone involved.
  84. unix-guy

    Shout out for the Princetone models!

    I just spent the last hour blissfully jamming with the 3 Princetone models. Excellent! I like the 5F2 the best but all 3 are really nice for thick clean-ish tones. Check 'em out!
  85. unix-guy

    Don't F**k With Cats

    So I just finished watching the first episode of this documentary. Crazy! https://www.netflix.com/title/81031373?s=i&trkid=14183396
  86. unix-guy

    Cool collectible guitar!

    Just randomly saw this on Reverb. Jason Becker Kiesel signature for sale by Jason and signed by many great guitarists: Kiesel JB24 Jason Becker Tribute - Jason's Personal Guitar Signed by Multiple Guitarists...
  87. unix-guy

    FS Various pedals - mostly overdrive

    Before I list these pedals on Reverb I thought I'd put them up here in case anyone is interested. I have 2 of GAS-828 pedals. The one pictured was used in a rack drawer and has been modded with an external switch jack to allow remote switching. Can be removed in a few minutes. The other one is...
  88. unix-guy

    Mark Lettieri Lesson

    I've watched about half of this hour plus video. Very cool stuff and a good watch.
  89. unix-guy

    1982 Randy Rhoads seminar

    Just saw this posted on Facebook. Listened to about 10 minutes so far. Weird that I don't think I ever really heard Randy speak before other than when he says "there's a jet" in the outtakes in Dee on Tribute, Almost seems like he picked up a bit of accent:
  90. unix-guy

    Headblade Moto

    Just thought I'd share an unsolicited and unaffiliated opinion of the Headblade head shaver. I've noticed a lot of us are chrome domes and I thought others would appreciate it. I'd seen it advertised a few times before I decided that I was tired of using my clippers to clip my hair to scalp...
  91. unix-guy

    R.I.P. Curly Neal

    Harlem Globetrotters Curly Neal has died: https://sports.yahoo.com/harlem-globetrotters-legend-fred-curly-neal-dies-at-77-years-old-191923277.html :(
  92. unix-guy

    Andy Wood - Faux slide technique

    Great video from the Wood Shed! I'm a big Derek Trucks fan and I (also) suck at slide guitar. Many years ago I got quite good at the Michael Lee Firkins approach with the tremolo bar... But I didn't keep it up. More people have probably heard Jeff Beck do similar stuff, but I honestly think...
  93. unix-guy

    R.I.P. Kenny Rogers

    Just saw this on Facebook. So many songs... :( https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/kenny-rogers-country-music-icon-dead-at-81
  94. unix-guy

    Eric Johnson with Rick Beato

    Not much playing but an enjoyable interview:
  95. unix-guy

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    So I was playing my lovely new Suhr Modern the other night and could not figure out why I was having trouble playing a certain melody with a sustaining F# note on the G string. The next night I again noticed the F# (and F) on the G string had significantly less sustain. I opened a support case...
  96. unix-guy

    Guitar Teacher Reacts to Midnight in Harlem - Tedeschi Trucks Band

    I've watched a few videos from this guy and find them entertaining. Midnight in Harlem is my favorite song from Tedeschi Trucks Band.
  97. unix-guy

    RTFM - Read The FINE Manual!

    As a fairly active user and contributor here since 2013 when my Fractal Journey began, I've noticed a recurring theme: people don't read the manuals provided by Fractal for the products they create. Very fine manuals that have answers to many, many things. I'd wager that probably 80% or more of...
  98. unix-guy

    Gates of Babylon - Sons of Apollo

    I have yet to listen to any of their music, but I've seen a couple of really good covers by Sons of Apollo in the last few days. Gates of Babylon is one of my favorite Rainbow tunes from the Dio era. @2112 - I think you'll dig this!
  99. unix-guy

    Andy Wood teaches EJ / Bonnamasa style

  100. unix-guy

    Martin Miller + Josh Smith cover John Mayer

    Tasty playing from all. Enjoy! Great bass solo, too. I need to learn more about Josh Smith - never heard of him before this week.
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