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  1. Solarfire

    One click install for Axe-Edit updates

    I would really like to see a one-click-install for updates of Axe-Edit instead of having a 12 click orgy (on win platform) every time when an update comes along.
  2. Solarfire

    Wish: Retain last GUI mask when navigating same block types

    For example: 2 Amp blocks on the AE grid, current GUI mask of Amp 1 is “Power Amp”, selecting Amp 2 will default back to the “Basic” settings GUI mask. The wish being to remain in the last used GUI mask when changing to a block of the same type as the previous.
  3. Solarfire

    Anyone else here using or tried an external DAC on the Axe?

    what is/was your experience? Well I just got me a Cambridge Audio DacMagic plus for my media-PC (a small Zotac) in the living room and decided to give it try in my home studio, between the Axe and a Carver TFM-42 power amp (2 x 375Wrms) on a pair of JBL 4425 Studio monitors (mid field setup)...
  4. Solarfire

    Bug? CPU usage indication

    Don’t quite know where to put this one, AxeEdit or AxeFX Strange behavior of CPU usage indictor in AxeEdit: AxeFX II MI, AxeEdit V3.6.1, FW 2.04 > Opened a preset, CPU @82% > Move a block one slot to the right > Preset Initialize > CPU@81% > Move same block one slot to the left >...
  5. Solarfire

    Just a heads up! win 10 x64 OS update trashed USB drv

    Just a heads up call: After an auto update of win 10 x64, AxeEdit nor CabLab would connect with the AFII anymore. Rebooting didn’t help! A reinstall of the USB driver did the trick! Damned windows sometimes, don’t think it’s just win 10 related, I’ve had this back on win 7 x64 also...
  6. Solarfire

    Wish Disable Axe front panel editing via SW when connected to AE

    Keeps people from playing with the FP when connected to AE. But then again they'd probably report this feature as a bug.. Been editing via FP so long I also catch myself reaching for the FP sometimes (out of reflex) when tweaking presets.:roll
  7. Solarfire

    Firmware expectations???

    Axe & Firmware expectations Apparently the versatility of the Axe, can and will overwhelm some people. To even think that firmware updates, which involve model improvements/changes, will leave your sound untouched and everything unchanged, is absurd; if that were the case then there would be...
  8. Solarfire

    Axe-Fx II = stairway to guitar heaven

    Bear with me here, advanced technical English is not native to me. I’ve had my Axe-FX II for about 2 months now and wanted to share my personal experience so that others seeking info’s/reviews (like I was) to justify spending so much money on a guitar processor. Especially us EU people who are...
  9. Solarfire

    A quick hello/intoduction of a newly infected

    Just a quick hello and introduction to everyone here. I’m 53 years old, bin playing guitar for 40+ years and I come out of the hard core tube amp fraction. Even most tube amps out there couldn’t satisfy my interpretation of the holy grail of tone. Being electronics engineer I started modifying...
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