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  1. bke

    Focal vs Genelec vs Dynaudio

    Hi all, Trying to decide on studio monitors, my room is 12ft by 10ft - currently not treated but likely on the cards over the next couple of months I currently have Dynaudio BM5 MkIII's which have served me pretty well over the last few years, but have been pondering an upgrade, (will probably...
  2. bke

    Scrolling through IR’s vs moving mics

    I wonder would it be technically feasible and if so in the fractal roadmap to change how ir’s work to be more about dialing in the cab vs scrolling through lists of IR’s. . I firmly believe that the axe fx has the best amp modelling and effects out there, but I find myself more often using...
  3. bke

    Settings for tube power amp into flat speaker

    HI, Wondering what peoples opinion would be on settings for this - (other than use my ears;-) Ive been experimenting with a clean tube poweramp (synergy 50\50) into a 112 with a celestion fx-200 speaker I know normal advise using a poweramp into a cab would be to select resistive mode in the...
  4. bke

    Question about Marshall el34 50/50 poweramp

    Am mostly a Marshall guy, tried the axe fx3 through the return of my jvm into a normal cab and loved it. Worked really well for 800, afd, Friedman and the other Marshall type amps. Anyone use a Marshall el34 50/50 power amp into a cab? One has come up really cheap locally and an thinking of...
  5. bke

    Routing USB Audio from computer to output 2?

    Hi, I have my speakers set up to output 2 on my AXE FX, anyone know how i can set up so my computer audio plays through them? seems to default to output 1 and haven't been able to find a way to change it - saw below in the manual but not sure what it means... thanks COMPUTER INPUTS 1+2...
  6. bke

    Anyone’s try Focal Shape monitors?

    anyone try these with the axe FX, how were they? Thinking of getting Adam ax7,s but considering these also. Don’t have opportunity to test in advance Cheers
  7. bke

    Change focal alpha 50 for Adam ax7’s?

    been offered a pair of Adam ax7’s in a part exchange for some gear. Find the focals a little fatiguing. Anyone tried both by chance? Wondering if the Adams would be much of an upgrade from the focal alpha 50’s. Cheers
  8. bke

    what power amp do you use?

    hi Have been enjoying playing through the return on my JVM 410 and playing through a cab. Considering getting a power amp to have that option. Have had matrix a few years ago and also a power station, not interested in either of those again. Usually play Marshall type amps. Don’t mind if...
  9. bke

    I think I really hate IRs

    recently got an axe fxiii, have had fractal products over the years, axe FX, axe 2, ax8 etc. so have had lots of experience using ir’s. Have also had Kemper and helix so pretty comfortable in the digital world, Anyways, before getting the axe3, I was using a couple of amps into a load using...
  10. bke

    Anyone try l6 Powercab?

    wondering how it plays with a fractal product, both the modeled speakers and with ir’s. Don’t have an axe FX these days but loving the lb-2 with my amps and wondering if the Powercab might be a good solution when I want more than my studio monitors...
  11. bke

    What acoustic guitar to buy?

    Hi, Have owned and played electric guitars since forever. Never really spent time on acoustics but getting an itch that i need to scratch. Now whilst i know lots about strat's and les pauls etc, i realised i know very little about acoustic guitars, or where to start.. would love some...
  12. bke

    FX8 as floor controller for axe fx2

    hi all, I currently have an fx8 which is great, am very tempted to get an axe fx2, I had one a while ago but traded it for a guitar... Am wondering how easy it is to use the fx8 as a foot controller for it? How limiting it is? Can use the pedal input on the fx8 to control a wah on the axe fx2...
  13. bke

    Brit silver issue?

    hi Got my ax8 a couple of days ago, so far I think it's awesome! Anyway one thing I was doing was going out to my real silver jubilee, into a load box and back into the ax8 for cab sims and effects. Works really well, but when comparing against the model in the ax8 the amp model sounds off...
  14. bke

    Tone woes, is this possible... Poor electric current impacts sound

    Got an xl last week. Had a mk1 but sold it some time back. As soon as I got it, updated to fw18 beta, didn't like the sound at all. Lots of high end content, lacking bass almost like the cab block wasn't fully engaged (but it was in global settings etc). Went back to 17.04. Sounded better...
  15. bke

    Stange feedback/ sustain - help needed

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me with a problem. This seems only to have started recently (have had axe fx 2 since Jan 2012, never noticed this until last week). When fretting around the 12th fret E string, the note sustains, then takes on this strange feedback type noise where the volumes...
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