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    Disabling USB Out 5/6 ?

    Actually, this gives me a better idea... I'm goint to try to see if I can record the video in reaper. The base goal is to avoid having to deal with multiple files and software.
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    Disabling USB Out 5/6 ?

    Hello, Since the working from home thing I got a webcam. Then I noticed it accepted "axe III" as an input and could record clips so... joy ! BUT... the webcam also records the dry strings input and I get a mix of both. Problem: the webcam is a pretty simple device with one setting only, I can't...
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    My weirdest tech issue with the Axe-Fx III so far

    More of a weird issue and nothing vital but I can't fathom why it happens. I was looking at Barcelona vs Inter on a PC stream (using Firefox) and thought that while I was at it, I could do a few guitar exercises. So I start my axe III and... the stream freezes. No way to get anything out of it...
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    Very low volume when used as a sound card.

    Using the headphone output, all presets work fine when playing, but when listening to playback (tried both reaper and Studio One, and also Youtube for good measure) the playback level is reaaaaaally low. Like setting the headphone volume to max is just hearing low volume whispering sounds. Of...
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    New Amp Discovery (AFD) - What's Yours?

    Most amp models sound pretty good, the "challenge" nowadays is to find the right IR/Cab for it in the case those stock in the axe don't do the job.
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    Axe-Fx III hardware failure rate?

    You just need to have a decent marketing department. I'd answer "After the 7th time ? 80%." If *that* doesn't sell, I don't know what would..
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    Is the wait list/ launch price an introductory price ??

    It was the case at the release of the axe II. Expecially since G66 received very few units for Europe (received mine 7 months after being put on the list) I do hope it's not the case for the III but who knows. It's not like Fractal has a 5 times bigger factory, plus I'd rather have good QC than...
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    axe fx 3 in europe?

    Note that the three year warranty is only one year, as EU laws mandate 2 years warranty to begin with. You just get one extra, which makes the pricing a bit steep.
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    Third bar on “Axe-FX III” blue light logo dimmer?

    It's a slight logo alteration to avoid being sued by Adidas.
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    III on the Floor

    Well, back then I started to buy rack units to stop using pedals and cheap multieffects boards. As a result I accumulated since then a lot of MIDI peadalboards and don't plan to have units on the ground ever again.
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    axe fx 3 in europe?

    I got on the II waiting list on the 11/05/2011 and got my unit on the 5th of January. I found back all the G66 information emails we got then, and yes they had issues getting units delivered to them as FAS couldn't meet the demand and likely favored the US market first. That was seven months...
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    axe-fx II & III combined, what are the options?

    Prices will go back up. They're stupidly low now because everybodu is selling at the same time to purchase a III. I'll likely sell my II a few months after I got my III, I expect I'll still be able to get 1500ish for it. From the 2300€ new it means I rented an axe FX II for 100€ a year, not a...
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    Axe-Fx II is hundreds of dollars cheaper than my Axe-Fx II. :)

    Paid 2304€ exactly, on the 5th of January 2012. (EU got very few units at start, I hope they don't do that again this time) The US$ was much weaker then, at that time I bought quite a few used guitars from the US, it was worth it even with VAT on top.
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    U.S & European version - Different?

    If it works the same as previous models, you will have to purchase from G66 to have a warranty in europe.
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    Favorite New Feature?

    8X8 USB wins for me, and is the reason I got into the G66 wait list. The additional I/O come second, as I will be able to do some funny stuff with my Micro Korg without having to unplug it.
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    Anyone else super excited for the III?

    Yup. the new I/Os open a TON of possibilities for studio use.
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    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    To be honest, the big selling point for me is not the tone: the Axe II is weeeeeeeeell enough for me. The selling point is the added I/O ans ESPECIALLY the 8 way USB. You likely can find one of my older posts asking for just that when the axe II was released and I found dialing a tone in the mix...
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    axe fx 3 in europe?

    Yeah, we like to complain about prices but then we also like having our social security, state retirement pensions etc. Those have to be paid for somehow, althogh G66 markup is nothing to be laughed at. To their credit though, every time I had to deal with them the customer service was top...
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    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Only thing I want from the list of features so far is the 8X8 USB. Soundwise the II is more than enough for me.
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    Stereo delay troubles

    That did the trick, cheers
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    Scammer alert

    ... and the french bank would refuse the cancellation. I'm french, bank transfers aren't cancellable here without the approval of the recipient account's holder. The way to do trading over the internet is to only deal with people having a reputation. Dudes with no ebay sales or forum sales are...
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    Stereo delay troubles

    Here it is.
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    Stereo delay troubles

    To put it simply, the digital stereo delay block refuses to operate in stereo. It operates in mono only. Other stereo effects work fine, when I switch to the stereo delay while playing it stays in stereo for half a second or less and then goes mono. I have looked at every parameter I can think...
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    I have Slash's Guitar Tone

    I have it, and the answer is no, to all four of you. Hic.
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    anyone has a slayer preset ?

    I actually use the Engl savage amp for my slayer tones, can get there with much less work than the 800. That said I like the early era show no mercy kind of tone better.
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Firmware Released

    Well, you did a video that explained how to setup the master volume in amps, which show clearly some people are in need of it, and that making an amp model sound good isn't as easy as it sounds. Those of us with years of experience can manage, but new users can rightfully feel overwhelmed. The...
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    FAS-FX Rack

    As an exe II owner, I don't mind getting a VST using the physical axe for sound processing. All I want is a simpler reampingèwhile listening-in-the-mix process than what we can currently do, as it currently requires using another sound card than the one in the Fractal unit. I asked for this ages...
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    What will you do when no more firmware updates?

    I'll just keep my gen 1 axe II which has seen me though quite a few years already. The friedman amps and Engl Savage are my personal favourites, I'm recording an industrial metal album rythm guitars with the savage model. Only thing that could make me switch to something else now would be going...
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    Further proof that Fractal blows everything else out of the water

    I disagree with that assessment, plugging different guitars in the axe fx gives me entirely different tones. Most of my gutars are pretty different from each other and it can go as far as making some patches unusable. My personal experience would lead me to think that the most important factor...
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    FAS-FX Rack

    To be honest, I'd be fine with a UI using the axefx 2 as a dongle.
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    Short clip, Engl Savage 2/USA Bass 400+Superior Drummer and Fishman Triple play

    Just a very quick test I ran to play with my newly acquired fishman Triple Play and see how it worked. Guitar is Engl Savage 2 amp with a 808 mod, chorus and reverb Bass is USA Bass 400 Guitar is an EBMM Luke II, bass is an Ibanez SR1805 Synth is done with Triple Play. It actually ended...
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    Axe-Fx II XL+ price on g66.eu

    That's why I compared with other distributors. Your margins are on the line of Mesa Boogie more than they are Fender's; comparing sale of US products in Europe, all including VAT etc. ;) I didn't yell "what a band of ripoffs" from the rooftops either. ^^
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    G3 Dumble and Cliff's Impression

    I'd feel lucky my amps of choice cost between 700 and 1800€ used...if I didn't have an axeFX. The only amps I'v bought since I've owned one are toy lunchboxes for fun. (Some of which sound pretty good btw, especially the made in china H&K Tubemeister 18)
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    Axe-Fx II XL+ price on g66.eu

    G66 has always been expensive-ish as distributors go, but they are super nice people. I luckily didn't need any support but I bought my standard and II there and every time communication was good, emails answered fast, etc. Plus, the box of chocolates is a nice intent.
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    G3 Dumble and Cliff's Impression

    The fact that a physical copy is basically useless can be experienced by anyone: just go to any shop and play their [insert amp here]s. they'll likely all sound different, sometimes amazingly so. I played 4 rectos in the studio last week and they were definitely different even though they're all...
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    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    Marketing ploy is all well, but you forgot "May contain traces of nuts".
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    Mono or Stereo?

    I record stereo but I'm cheating: I have a mono dry signal and a mono wet signal. I usually pan dual tracked guitars 75/75 and the wet signal on the opposite side at 100% pan. Pure stereo (ie, stereo effects) is only for live use. I didn't find a way to make a single streo guitar sound good and...
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    Firmware release dates since FW 9.0......FW 15 when?

    I'm actually not that much excited for new versions because, honestly, where the axeII sits at the moment is way enough for what I use it for. Maybe a Marshall MF 280 hi-res cab....
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    Silent Underground Axe Fx II 96 Tone Match Presets...

    Stryper. Somone actually tonematched Stryper, of all things. :D Will give those a try, thanks :)
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    Do You Hear a Difference

    There is less difference than between two amps. :D For the record I listened to the clips with very bass heavy speakers and there was definitely more bass on the first riff than on the second in the first clip.
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    USB Direct vs Audio Interface

    I've used USB since the release of the AxeII and I'm buying a sound card sometime soon.© Nothing to do with sound qulity but with routting options. What I want to do can't be done with the USB limitations. (Editing patches in the mix, having three wet outs and a dry one, chiefly)
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    Help With First Metal Patch???

    Can't listen to it at the moment, but since 13.0, my starting point for a metal patch is the 5153 red with EQ at 6/6/6 -(no joke) using the chinese V30 hi res cab from OH that came with the last firmware upgrade.
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    Any way to make this kind of routing ?

    I'm actually using the axe as a sound card atm so I'll have to work with that. I was planning to buy something like a sapphire be able to tweak reamping in the mix, looks like I'm looking at the 1U one in a neaf future then. At the end of the day I really want to be able to record 4 outs at the...
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    Any way to make this kind of routing ?

    That makes sense, thanks a lot for the help, I'll try this as soon as I can get a patch cable from my "Random unassorted music stuff" storage.
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    Any way to make this kind of routing ?

    I want to do something that would be simple but for teh life of me I can't manage to do it: I want to record on separate tracks: -the direct out from guitar -The dry tone without effects -Reverb 100% wet -Delay 100% wet I did my patch like in the attached picture and setup reaper...
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    Cliff. Firmware 13 - now what? :)

    -Boss HM2 -4 way USB for dialing in the mix without needing an external audio card. Please ? I'll be good.
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    New cabs that came with firmware 13

    They're indeed pretty scooped, too much in some cases (try them with the Engl sim....the mids go to the bottomiest pit of hell) but very usable for some specific styles recordings. I wouldn't use them live though, as you'll likely end up drowned by other instruments.
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    FW 13.02 Help, I can't get away from it!

    Spent some hours playing myself and it's really good. Being more of a metal guy I mostly played with the 6150II and the guitarhack sneap impulses and this looks real promising. I don't feel the need to go to advanced parameters anymore, which is a good progress.
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    Thank you for the bass amps!

    The USA 300 1 with the 4*10SV bass subkick is godly. Haven't even touched the controls yet and I could ZZtop all day long already.
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    Why all the Metal??????

    I think that you have a lot of "metal" guitarists, because they are the first victimes of "must get loud to sound good" and therefore the most likely to embrace stuff such as modelers, iso cabs and other neighbour relations items. I can have fun playing the blues on a nondescript amp at home. I...
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    will the FX3 come out as soon as i buy the Fx2

    V11 patch notes: "You don't need more amps than John Lennon. Removed everything but the Vox AC30." :D
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    What will be Fractal's next product?

    If Fractal Audio can come up with a universal pickup simulator I'll raise a temple to them. Not talking about Variax like stuff, but a pickup that I could switch from an EMG81 to a super distorsion to whatever in the same guitar.
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    Mesa Boogie Mark IV / IIC+ tones

    I have a IIC+ patch that was pretty good, it relied heavily on a PEQ between the amp and cab blocks, I think you can find the settings on the Axe1 wiki somewhere. Haven't played it again since V10 though so it would likely need some tweaking. I used the Cali cab for it back then, to get a sound...
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    Version 10 Firmware: Now truly a box full of tube amps!!

    I'm a high gain metal player, so I spent my first few hours with V10 with the Marshalls, Mesas, Peaveys and boutique stuff like the Diezels etc. There is now a definite difference in tonal character between amps that wasn't there before. With proper EQing you could make pretty much any amp...
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    Firmware 10 and other stuff: my favorite parts

    I'll say it again but I nearly fell off my chair listening to it, the 5153 red is INSANE.
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    Just wondering....is the Axe Fx II used in any major studios?

    -That pretty much leaves: AC/DC (I don't believe it for a second) U2 (credible) The Rolling Stones (no way I see Keith richards using an axe II) Pink Floyd - Maybe Iron Maiden - not really see it coming. Metallica: they're in it for the endorsements, so, no. Who's bigger than the above...
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    5153 RED with ....

    I agree, best of the lot for me. didn't change the cabs yet, will try your suggestion. :)
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    V10 Firmware

    The high gain tones are SO MUCH BETTER. The 5153 red blew me away. Euro red is excellent, and Euro Uber went from excellent to awesome. The rectos sound like they could use some more tweaking (I did all patches with the same guitar, so, obviously, some won't sound as good as others) I'm french...
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    OMG FW 10 is so fucking good!!!

    Not the same type of music obviously but.... DAT 5153 RED !!!!!!! Of course not all presets sound good with any guitar, but I'm rolling through them with a mahogany ESP with EMG 81/85 and...dafuq am I hearing those high gain patches are sooooo much better. (In standard tuning anyway, my...
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    Recording the Axe Without Effects

    Studio one can very well record at 48k, but you need to have the AxeII defined as its audio device first.
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    Just wondering....is the Axe Fx II used in any major studios?

    I have a pro friend using an axe II in France, the way studio he records in worked was the following: they used his axe to get in the ballpark of what tone he actually wanted, and the engineer told him "ok, I see", went to forage for an amp/cab/mike and set the dials on it himself, and asked my...
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    What did you rely on before the Axe-Fx

    My rig beforehand was: Mesa studio pre 20:20 mesa power amp GMajor2. Marshall MF 280 cab I recorded through a Marshall SE 100. I still own it because, you never know, and it's the best cab sim/line out I've owned and it's not expensive so nothing to gain by selling it. The cab I still...
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    Using a U.S. Axe FX II in Europe

    Buy a 5€ power cord, switch your axe to 220V, done.
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    Version 10.0 Sample

    That sounded stellar, and I'm a knopfler fan. I, however, find your lack of th3 br00talz tuned to B cover disturbing. *hint, hint*
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    AXE-FX II Rack is Finished.... (I think)

    Did you think about using those foldable monitor stands that are used in server control rooms in the racks ? You could then just need 1 or 2U and unfold it when needed. Edit; hadn't real all topic and it already was suggested.
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    To EQ or not to EQ - that is the question

    I found using it was necessary to achieve some old school thrash mark mesa tones, other than that I avoid it as much as possible. High and low pass are all I do now. If it needs further adjustments to fit in a given mix, it's done in the DAW.
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    Guess What Amp I Just Bought

    ****John Mayer Retirement Fund crashes to all time low****Police clears Dumble owner riot at Fractal Audio offices*****Steve Vai still missing - Rumoured to be held hostage to program an AxeFX****
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    What I've Been Doing the Past Month

    [curmudgeonmode] grmblmissingastringgrmblblueslicksgrmblyunohighgainforthebrootalzgrmbl [/curmudgeon]
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    Need a little help choosing a Flightcase/Rack

    The 2S isn't deep enough, I had one (the 4U version) and my axe 1 fit all right, but the axe II is deeper: it *barely* fits and keeping cables on is out of the question. The axe II is something like 1cm too deep, you can still close the hatch as it is rounded but I felt that was too risky to...
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    Fitting in the mix

    300hz might be a bit going overboard depending on what you play but it's the idea.
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    Artist Patches?

    Well, for starters, there isn't any reason to believe they'd sound good played with another guitar. Especially in the high gain dept where the presets are pretty awful with what I'm using for exemple.
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    My Feared competition entry

    https://soundcloud.com/vaestmannaeyjar/fearedmixingcomp-final-result I used the DIs sent by Ola Englund and reamped all of them through the axeII. Rythm is a pretty straightforward IIC+ patch, lead is a dual JMP1 patch I'm working on currently. Mix is far from perfect but I had to call it...
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    Should I do something with my input signal when recording ?

    I've had big difficulties getting proper recording tones with the axe2, while playing live is really no problem. Ola Englund has an ongoing mixing competition and he has been sending his DIs to people who participate. And I got stunnign results with them reamping through the axe. I looked at...
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    What are you setting your Input% at?

    From those I have available to test right now, EMG81, Lundgren M6 and Seymour Duncan SH6 all tickle the red at 45%
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    Layering guitar helpful tips…?

    Not all styles of music benefit from quad tracking. The day Iron Maiden start quad tracking I shoot them. To me it's better when you only have one guitar player in a band, when you have two, a single track from each of them is better and conveys the idea of a multiple guitars band. Metallica's...
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    "Tonematching"....a Marshall SE 100 ???

    I don't have a SS amp but can try via the effect loop of a 8100 head I have somewhere in storage. Might be interesting, I'll try that and give results here.
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    "Tonematching"....a Marshall SE 100 ???

    Wondering if this can be done. I just love the cab emulation that is inside and wonder if I could make a cab block out of it.
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    Ping pong delay woes

    Cheers I'll set to that as soon as I'm back home. :)
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    Ping pong delay woes

    I'm currently working on a recording patch, in stereo, with a ping pong delay. The plan is to use the guitars panned 75% L/R and adjust from there. I would therefore want to have the delay start left of a guitar and right for another, but I can't for the life of me find the parameter that...
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    Darkglass Bk7 Tone Match !!

    Ditto, that "rush rio" is riduclously good, I'll record somethign with it tonight or tomorrow, it should go very well with my last guitar patch.
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    Firmware 9 + Das Metall/Ownhammer/Blackmachine

    Seeing blackmachine+axeII I feard to hear some djent stuff but that was actually surprising. your bass tone is stellar.
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    How about some micing tips for Tone Matching?

    I'm currently trying to get an IR of my own cab, the one most single important thing you need is TAPE. So you can mark emplacements on the grille. it's cleaner than, say, marking those spots with chalk. The downside is, if you wanna try different mics it becomes expensive pretty fast. I'm...
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    Struggling with the Mesa MkIIc models...

    For Santana fans, maybe :p Closest I had to one was a studio preamp and there was no way around the EQ for metal tones.
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    Struggling with the Mesa MkIIc models...

    The only difference with 1 & 2 is that the guitars are doubled L/R in the second one, it's the same patch and left guitar is the same on both. ^^ I'll share when axe edit is up.
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    Fractal IRs

    The main issue with any kind of preset, whetehr baked in or not, is that every user is still different, with different pickups, guitar, not counting fingers. I have a variety of guitars available, and most presets sound bad with all of them. But one of my ESPs is getting stellar result with the...
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    Fractal IRs

    Cliff, please make sure among those cabs you do a Marshall MF280. /beg.
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    Fractal Audio T Shirt?

    Givn my musical ability I guess brands of gear I use would actually pay me to hide the brand and not being associated with my...er...technical "proficiency". :D
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    Struggling with the Mesa MkIIc models...

    Well, marks sound pretty bad without the PEQ, that's why the models without it sell for way cheaper. Mesa got the clue and there isn't any EQless Mark IV or V, but up to mark III they made some without EQ. The good thing about it is that youjust have to alter the PEQ *a bit* to get radically...
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    Struggling with the Mesa MkIIc models...

    Here's my take on it. V9.1 https://soundcloud.com/vaestmannaeyjar/axeiicplus Likely still a tad too much mids but I'll tweak it again when I'll have recorded a mix with it.
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    AXE FX 2 - gave up trying to make this work in a live situation :(

    Well, I'm exactly the reverse from you: getting live tones is easy, getting recording tones is hell. :/
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    I'm thinking of coming back...

    I can dial a good live tone in 5 minutes using the axe as a preamp and using a real poweramp and cab. Never used it FRFR for the simple reason I already owned the cab and poweramp and buying another piece of equipment after having shelled the dough for the axe II was not affordable to me. I...
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    Megadeth's Dave Mustaine officially joins the ranks of guitarists using the Axe-Fx II

    AFAIK Broderick uses a power amp and cab, since we can reasonably think he showed the axe to dave it's likely he'll do the same. Not that uncommon, say Dave Murray is using a DSL head as a power amp for his JMP1.
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    YT: Axe-Fx II vs Axe-Fx Ultra

    Well the graphics betray it even before listening: the second high gain one obviously has more compression just by looking. ^^ (Which could be misleading, though). For the clip, your ultra patches seem to have less bass too, but I'm listening on gaming headphones so it might be overdone.
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    How do I re amp a guitar track in my DAW?

    There's a whole setup for SPDIF reamping in the axe2 wiki, can't help more as I've never used that method.
  95. A

    OFFS! - EPIC fail! back to EPIC!

    We all have our facepalm moments from time to time. If you bought it used maybe the guy used it with a real poweramp, who knows.
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    V6 firmware: Time to Release the Monster - Speaker Resonance Page

    Ok I'm back home and tried a brand new patch with recto orange and a cab setting like you advocated. I ended up using the 4x12 uber T75+V30 and am starting at 75 (yes I'll go up afterwards ^^ ) since well its a speaker mix. I'm using...the same cab with your FF settings and the result is...
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    V6 firmware: Time to Release the Monster - Speaker Resonance Page

    Somone give Scott a medal, just read this and didn't try it yet but that amount of work and sharing is amazing. :)
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