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    Case for FC-12 & 2 EV-1 pedals?

    Dear FAS community, I am looking for a floor case for my FC-12 and two EV-1 pedals. Has anyone ordered such case at Thomann and can make a recommendation ? Thank you !!!
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    Any Suhr guitar players out there?

    Hi, I own a Suhr Modern with the following pickups: - Neck Pickup: SSV Humbucker - Middle Pickup: V60LP, single coil - Bridge Pickup: SSH plus, Humbucker Unfortunately I am having a hard time setting these correctly. I have currently set the high e string with a distance of 2,5 mm and low e...
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    Matching of Master Volume and Preamp Gain

    Dear all, I use my Axe Fx II XL+ with Equator D5s and am mainly focused on home recording at low volume. Recently I purchased some high gain presets from Fremen and would like to tweak them to my needs. Where I am struggling with is how to match the Master Volume to the preamp gain...suitable...
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    Why do downloaded user presets sound different on my set-up?

    Dear all, I think this question was one of the Top 5 questions discussed in this forum, but I never found a convincing explanation…maybe someone can help and explain how to tweak: Why do downloaded user presets sound different on my set-up? Assuming that that the user has the relevant Cab IRs...
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    Question regarding Preamp Dynamics

    Dear all, Was tweaking a high gain tone last night and notices the following... When I increase Preamp Dynamics in the Amp Block I can turn off my noise gate at a certain level as an increase of the Preamp Dynamics leads to significant noise reduction. Can anybody kindly explain the correlation...
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    Recording Question -> 3D sound?

    Dear all, Trying to improve my recording quality and would really appreciate your advice on this. I am really impressed about the professional sounding recordings people are posting without any post-processing in the DAW. Tried experimenting today and came across the following: I am recording...
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    Power Ballad from Germany

    Hi, this is our latest song "In the heart of winter"...a power ballad...all guitars recorded with the Axe FX II...and the awesome Fremen presets !!! Drums: Superior Drummer, Mixed and Mastered with Logic Pro X using Slate Digital Plugins. This is a song for the fans of 80s hard n heavy power...
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    Settings of recording tracks in Logic for rhythm guitars

    Dear all, I have got a question regarding the recording of rhythm guitars in Logic: I have two presets which are in stereo. These presets are used for two different guitars. How do I set up the recording tracks in Logic... a) two stereo tracks (Input 1 & Input 2) or b) two mono tracks (each...
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    Video Tutorial on post-processing of Axe FX recordings

    Dear all, Everytime I watch a video or listen to a recording of an Axe FX recording, I am impressed about the recording quality and dynamics of such recordings. Wouldn't it be awesome if some expert in this forum reveals his secrets in a video tutorial on how he records and improves his Axe FX...
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    Re-Amping question

    Hi, I am using my Axe FX as soundcard via USB and would like to know if re-amping is possible in the mix as well, i.e. re-amping of a guitar track without the playback running through the re-amping as well. Normally I would have to mute all other tracks in my DAW in order to not get them...
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    Recording issue...help

    First of all, the Fremen Q2 presets are awesome...very glad I purchased them !!! can only recommend them to axe fx community !!! Currently I am recording my songs with some of these presets and am not happy with the recording quality....so I decided to try to re-amp some of the dry tracks...
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    Any Axe FX users from Munich ?

    would be great to get in touch with you...please PM me.
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    Looking for Logic Pro X Recording Template

    Hi Axe Fx community, I am using my Axe Fx II (Mark 2) as sound card and record via usb. Furthermore I am using superior drummer 2, Slate Digital plugins and Fabfilter Q2. Was wondering if somebody of you has the same setup and is willing to share his Logic Recording project template as I am...
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    New demo song recorded with Axe FX 2

    Hey there, This is our first demo song recorded with the Axe-FX 2 still on FW18.....those of you how like 80s metal should dig it ;) If you like the song, please follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLonghinoHoffmannProject?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
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    Firmware updates...blessing or curse?

    hey there, I generally love firmware updates...but when it comes to the axe fx I wonder how you guys deal with your your favorite presets... unfortunately existing presets get unusable (or hardly usable) after a firmware update...how do you update your favorite presets to the new firmware...
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    New studio monitors for home recording

    Hey there, Want to replace my current studio monitors (Yamaha HS 7) with smaller ones. The HS 7 occupy too much space on my desk and are overdimensioned for living room home recording. Mainly hard rock / metal productions. Have spotted the following two alternatives: - Genelec 8320 apm - Adam...
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    Recording Question...can anyone help ???

    Hi, I am recording via USB with my axe fx 2 into Logic with following features: a) stereo preset - output 1 mode : stereo b) input put level adjusted to my guitar -> 32.2% c) no output clipping on my axe fx 2 (-> no red light) d) no clipping in logic d) sample rate set at 48kHz My...
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    How to set up a decent sounding guitar track in Logic Pro X?

    Dear all, The title of my post says it all :-) I would like to start recordings in Logic Pro X with my favourite AXE FX 2 preset. I am using an audio interface to which I have connected my studio monitors and linked it via USB to my MacBook. Could somebody explain step by step how to...
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    Pitch Shifter / Harmonizer Preset request

    Hey there, I am looking for a preset containing the pitch shifter / harmonizer effect...like in the beginning of this song... EVIDENCE ONE - Virus In My Veins (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - YouTube Looking forward to your input :-) Thanks !!!
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    Recording Level in Logic

    Hey there, I am recording via USB from my AXE FX 2 intro my MacBook in Logic Pro X. Unfortunately my recording volume is much lower than my monitoring volume (connected studio monitors to my AXE FX). Tried to tweak in Logic's mixer feature but nothing helps...any idea how I can handle this...
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    Recording issue in Logic Pro X – Playing volume level vs. recording level

    Dear all, I have started recording in Logic Pro X and am facing a recording problem…I hope you can help :) I am using my AXE FX 2 as soundcard and have connected studio monitors to it. Unfortunately the volume level of the recorded track is much lower than the volume level I hear when...
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    Setup...AXE FX2, EZ Drummer and Reaper

    Dear all, Hope you can help me… Up to now I am using my AXE FX 2 at home via Yamaha studio monitors…I want to gain further experience in home recording. Just got myself EZ Drummer from Toontrack and Reaper…could somebody please explain step by step how to link EZ Drummer in Reaper in...
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    HELLOWEEN - AXE FX 2 Preset

    Dear all, I am looking for a preset coming close to the German Power Metal band Helloween...especially the lead guitar...I am struggling in creating that particular sound which uses a pitch shifter...can anybody help? Regards, Jeff
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    AXE FX 2 with Matrix GT1000FX

    Hi, I am using my AXE FX 2 with a Matrix GT1000FX and a Marshall JCM900 1960 cab. I have noticed that a major part of clean sounds come along with slight distortion...any idea how to fix this? The cab sim has been disabled...when I disable the power amp modelling in the global menu my clean...
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