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    Does it sound better than the Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    "It actually does sound a little better. The extra DSP horsepower means that we didn't have to make compromises in some of the algorithms. The amp modeling algorithm is very similar but there's a few places on the II where we had to make compromises to get the algorithm to run within the...
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    Coverting Ultra Res IR To Use On Ultra

    Is there any way to convert Ultra Res IR's to use on a Axefx Ultra and or Standard? https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/10-ultrares-cab-irs-converted-to-axe-fx-standard-ultra.90795/ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I found this thread but I cannot get it to work :/
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    Using Output 2 w/ 2 Guitar 1 Axe Fx Set up? Please Help!

    Hey Guys, I ran into a bit of a problem today when setting up my new rack and i'm not sure if it can even be done, or if i'm just doing something wrong. Situation goes like so. We are running a 2 Guitar 1 Axe Fx Ultra Rig. Everything works as intended except I would like to be able to use...
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    some links to old ultra patches i made...

    Thanks for posting, I'll try them out later today.
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    Thy art is Murder Deathcore patch

    Sounds awesome, good job!
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    Ultra Presets Section Looking Lonely, Let's change that!

    I don't have a AxeFX 2 so I have no patches for it. And I'm just using a stock Schecter Black Jack ATX C8 with Seymour Duncan Black Out's.
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    Progressive Metal Track

    And I used a Schecter Black Jack ATX C8, going into my ultra, going spdif into a saffire pro 40, recording in pro tools, and Superior drummer. That's about it.
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    Progressive Metal Track

    I uploaded all my favorite patches on a thread I started. ( http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-preset-exchange/90214-ultra-presets-section-looking-lonely-lets-change.html ) Check it out, and if possible share your favorite patches as well!
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    Violin and strings

    I'll post a link to a bunch of presets I posted the other day. In the folder labeled crazy there is the standard violin preset some have mentioned as well as a pretty insane one I found on the forums ages ago called love rears, it's violin/orchestral like for sure...
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    Ultra Presets Section Looking Lonely, Let's change that!

    Alright so I will leave a link to download all my favorite patches down below. For recording I primarily use the Keith Merrow preset found on the forums. Over the years I have changed the names of certain patches I've found on the forums as well as some stock ones I modified. So I apologize to...
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    Ultra Presets Section Looking Lonely, Let's change that!

    I'm going to upload all my favorite patches tonight, Sorry for the delay, I got caught up with some Shenanigans.
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    Ultra Presets Section Looking Lonely, Let's change that!

    The community for Ultra Patches has died down significantly since the 2 came out. The Ultra reached it's limits but I still think there is tons of great patches out there that are almost as good as the 2. String Theory is my most recent track posted to sound cloud. I'll gladly share my favorite...
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    Progressive Metal Track

    Recorded this the other day, Let me know what you guys think! Ill be happy to share any presets if any one is interested.
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