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  1. steverosburg

    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    This is why we respect you so much Cliff, beyond your mad skills.
  2. steverosburg


    Personally, I'd be completely fine with that.
  3. steverosburg


    I personally use very few of the custom IR slots, so personally I'd be all for reclaiming some slots.
  4. steverosburg

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Wow, super cool. I have absolutely no need, since I have an Axe-Fx III and FC-12, but this is such a great balance of form and function. Kudos on an awesome product announcement!
  5. steverosburg

    SOLVED: USB Driver, or some other conflict keeps screwing with Win 10 sound.

    Windows 7 was the last version I didn't think was outright rubbish.
  6. steverosburg

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I've a 2020 model 5K iMac with the 10-core i9, and I'm quite happy with it. Certainly doesn't offer the value proposition of a Windows-based PC, and there are some programs/devices which only support Windows, so I've got my Windows PC as a backup when needed.
  7. steverosburg

    Ares vs Cygnus - if it was perfect - how can it be better now?

    From my experience over the past decade, Cliff doesn't plan obsolescence into his designs, but it's the nature of the beast that algorithms will advance as new, more powerful hardware becomes available. That doesn't make existing hardware/firmware sound worse; I was happy with my Axe-Fx II...
  8. steverosburg

    Is arrived the time for Axe-Fx III to profile an amp?

    I voted "Yes, but never/rarely use them", and why would you think the poll is not representative? All it has to be is of a decent sample size to be representative, there's no right or wrong answer that would only attract a certain demographic. Personally, I have purchased both IR's and Presets...
  9. steverosburg

    FM3 Wins Gear of the Year Award

    Congrats! It looks like a great product, which I would be really interested in if I didn't already have a III. :)
  10. steverosburg

    Helix Modeling Question

    There are only so many truly brilliant engineers in the world, and even fewer are those who possess Cliff's unique skillset. Add to that his ethos, work ethic and incredibly high standards, and that he hasn't sold out. We're incredibly fortunate as a community. The rest is good people and...
  11. steverosburg

    Tuner "noise" from FC-12

    I'll play with it more next time and see, but while I don't think my guitar cable is anything exceptional, it's made with Neutrik connectors and Gepco XB20UB cable, so it's decent. Note that I never noticed this problem with my Axe-Fx II and MFC-101 Mark III, but I didn't have the tuner on...
  12. steverosburg

    Tuner "noise" from FC-12

    Thanks. I've tried it a number of ways, both crossing my guitar cable, as well as crossing the XLR out to the stage pocket. Even at right angles, it still introduces interference. I made a set of small isolation towers on my 3D printer so I can elevate one cable where they cross, but this is...
  13. steverosburg

    Tuner "noise" from FC-12

    I love the tuner on heel down feature available with newer firmware versions, the problem I have is that I get a lot of cross talk between my cables when the tuner is active. I can clean up the problem by carefully separating the cables, but it can be tedious and awkward to do so based on where...
  14. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.02

    The tuner change is genius, thank you!
  15. steverosburg

    FM3 sounds like an amp with a blanket on top of it

    I usually use my Beyerdynamic DT-880's to keep the family happy, but have been using Yamaha HSM-80's for years, and find them to be pretty neutral and translate well. The newer HS-80's aren't quite as fancy with the controls, but the basic monitor is the same.
  16. steverosburg

    What is your favorite beer?

    Sculpin Grapefruit IPA
  17. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    The Axe-Fx Ultra was the best equipment purchase I ever made. Then the Axe-Fx II was the best equipment purchase I ever made (multiple II units, actually). Then the Axe-Fx III was the best equipment purchase I ever made...
  18. steverosburg

    Going solar

    Yes, net metering. We have a terra-cotta style cement tile roof, and I've see installers remove them completely in areas or drill holes through the roof to install the solar.
  19. steverosburg

    Going solar

    We added solar a couple of years ago. We were well into Tier 3 here in California, so we added enough to cut our annual usage roughly in half (which would eliminate all of Tier 3 and much of Tier 2). We got our 30% federal tax credit, and it still only made sense because of the Net20 agreement...
  20. steverosburg

    Let’s see those Les Pauls!

    Oh wow, that is awesome. I love the sculpted heel and tummy cut, way better comfort and playability. I don't have a lot of meat on my bones and I like my guitar at rib-height, and traditional single cuts really dig in uncomfortably.
  21. steverosburg

    Let’s see those Les Pauls!

    I'm just a wee-bit jealous, that is a beautiful guitar, Cliff.
  22. steverosburg

    Discussion | John Mayer's interview about amp modelers

    I didn't perceive it as such; I was just trying to say it can be both.
  23. steverosburg

    Discussion | John Mayer's interview about amp modelers

    You can be a professional at more than one thing; many people are. The term "professional" is generally used to refer to getting paid for doing something, and the assumption is that you can do it with a high degree of skill. All of my friends who play professionally have day jobs that pay the bills.
  24. steverosburg

    The "Modelers Don't Clean Up with the Volume Knob" Myth

    Thank you for an excellent explanation, Cliff!
  25. steverosburg

    Compressor Trick

    This is so cool! I have droning bass string riff, and this really helps tighten it out without actually having to cut the bass.
  26. steverosburg

    Who lifts weights here?

    Yep, I have a similar experience. I used to lift heavy from college into my 30's, and with my small frame/joints, it eventually just became too painful/annoying. I started fighting one injury after another due to the stress. It never affected my dexterity negatively, but I never had much to...
  27. steverosburg

    Tony at it again...smh, Axe-Fx III inside and out video review

    I don't care what the parts in the Axe-Fx III cost, I look at the value proposition as a whole. It's the most powerful, most flexible, best sounding product on the market, not to mention FREE and frequent updates due to Cliff's relentless pursuit of perfection. I can carry it in a 3-space rack...
  28. steverosburg

    Plexi 6550

  29. steverosburg

    Just got my new FC-12

    All I can say is... wow. I have everything I want on there and still have a button left unused. So powerful, and built like a tank. Thank you, as always, Fractal Audio, for making a superlative piece of equipment.
  30. steverosburg

    SOLD Axe-Fx II XL+ and MFC-101 Mark III

    Thanks! 😉
  31. steverosburg

    SOLD Axe-Fx II XL+ and MFC-101 Mark III

    Axe-Fx II XL+ is SOLD.
  32. steverosburg

    SOLD Axe-Fx II XL+ and MFC-101 Mark III

    MFC-101 is SOLD. Axe-Fx II XL+ is still available.
  33. steverosburg

    SOLD Axe-Fx II XL+ and MFC-101 Mark III

    FWIW, for anybody interested I will ship either 2-day or standard overnight, no extra charge.
  34. steverosburg

    SOLD Axe-Fx II XL+ and MFC-101 Mark III

    I'm selling my Axe-Fx II XL+ and MFC 101 Mark III to make room for an Axe-Fx III. I've posted on Reverb, but would rather sell here if there is interest. The Axe-Fx is in pristine condition. There is one technical issue: when connected to the MFC via the MFC port (i.e. ethercon), the MFC powers...
  35. steverosburg

    SOLD Warmoth Stratocaster

  36. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    I'm still completely happy with my II, but dang, it's getting harder and harder not to try to the new Kool Aid. As soon as the FC12 is available without a waitlist, I may have to take the plunge.
  37. steverosburg

    SOLD Warmoth Stratocaster

    Price drop: $750 TYD.
  38. steverosburg

    SOLD Warmoth Stratocaster

    I'm selling my custom Warmoth Stratocaster I built several years back because I've got too many guitars and haven't played this one in quite a while. It's chambered swamp ash with a high grade flame maple top and natural maple binding, one-piece quarter sawn maple neck (standard thin profile...
  39. steverosburg

    Quality of everything is getting worse

    Haha, I very much empathized with so much of this thread. Cliff, thank you SO MUCH for making such an outstanding product. I have considered buying an Axe-Fx III, but my II XL+ still does everything I need it to (and way more than my skill level warrants, but you don't have to be an amazing...
  40. steverosburg

    FAS Skull Crusher for my new song "Passione"

    That was Satch-tastic! The tone, feel, and musicality are outstanding, coupled with skillful playing. Love it!
  41. steverosburg

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Jam Ray (based on Vemuram Jan Ray)

    I love the way you keep it real, Cliff. Thank you so much for all you do.
  42. steverosburg

    Best Wishes For Cliff on His Upcoming Spinal Surgery!

    Good luck, Cliff! I hope everything goes well and you're feeling much better.
  43. steverosburg

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Wow, just wow! Major kudos to Cliff and the whole team, this looks incredible. You took the best product in the world, and just kicked everything up several notches. Definitely worthy of the "III" moniker, and although I don't need it, it's absolutely compelling at $2499.
  44. steverosburg

    How do you increase your guitars volume when playing a solo?

    Cliff has made it too easy with the virtual arsenal of tools. I typically use scenes, but when I want control over the amount of volume boost I'll just put a null filter block at the end of the chain and attach a controller pedal to the output level between a range (say 0-3dB).
  45. steverosburg

    Missed discount

    Cliff is awesome when it comes to taking care of customers. About 5 years ago, one of the outputs on my Axe-Fx Ultra blew, and Cliff fixed it at no charge, even though I was prepared for an out-of-warranty repair. About a year and a half ago, one of the DSP chips on my original Axe-Fx II fried...
  46. steverosburg

    USB audio crapping out

    It's a Mac issue, I have this happen every once in a while, and everything is fine after I reboot my Mac.
  47. steverosburg

    Anyone Using Factory Cabs 54-57?

    Nope, don't use 'em.
  48. steverosburg

    Line 6 Helix Reviews Are Starting to Appear...

    There are too many variables to conclude how a product sounds from a poor demo, and even with a good demo much (most?) of the credit is owed to the player himself. I haven't listened to a Helix in person, but my guess is that a great player will make it sound fantastic, in the same way that a...
  49. steverosburg

    Does the XL+ have more processor power?

    Reminds me of a t-shirt my wife got me: "I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong."
  50. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Released

    Love the new Twin IR (Factory 21). Thank you, Cliff!!!
  51. steverosburg

    Keep It Simple Stupid...

    Did you switch to one of these: First Listen: AudioQuest Diamond USB cable | Hi-Fi+ :roll
  52. steverosburg

    Cab-Pack 10!

    Go ahead, take my money AGAIN.
  53. steverosburg

    So much love for G3

    I hadn't had a lot of chance to play with G3 yet, but after a lot of suggestions to just treat it like a brand new box and try stuff I hadn't previously, I did just that. I had never spent too much time with the Matchless Chieftain (Boutique 1 and 2) previously, but oh man there is some serious...
  54. steverosburg

    FW18 Panama.... ....with a Telecaster!

    Sounds killer, Tyler!
  55. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    Thanks for the tip, Cliff. No, not obvious to me, but that speaks as much to my ignorance as anything else. Now I know something I didn't previously, and have better tools at my disposal. I will back some of my presets off a couple dB to make sure they don't go past 0dB.
  56. steverosburg

    I don't "get" the VU meters...

    I took a patch I was already familiar with, used Reaper to get an idea of what I was used to as far as a VU meter, and then used the one in the Axe-Fx to see how it compared. I don't care so much what the actual level is so long as my presents are similar level without clipping. Seems like...
  57. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    Wow... Buttercup, you done good!
  58. steverosburg

    Best way to improve headphone tone

    I'm with Alec here. I use a Nuforce Icon HDP with my DT-880's, but that's primarily because I have 600Ω cans and the Axe-Fx headphone output just doesn't have sufficient power for them.
  59. steverosburg

    Owns Axe FX XL and uses only one amp

    Yep, love the Badger 30, I use that one a lot for low-mid gain tones.
  60. steverosburg

    Owns Axe FX XL and uses only one amp

    I didn't get that hint at all. I took it to mean that the core processing power needed to model even one amp accounts for most of the cost.
  61. steverosburg

    Whether to get Axe Fx II XL for recording

    +1, I use the SV Bass amp block with low gain and no cab block, plus compressor and a bit of EQ'ing. Sounds fantastic. +1, I *never* (and I do mean never) use the Advanced parameters anymore. It sounds so good right out of the box just using an amp block with the defaults and only changing the...
  62. steverosburg

    Ethercon vs FASLink

    Is there any advantage (beside cable availability) to using Ethercon vs FASLink for a new Axe-Fx II XL / MFC-101 Mark III combo?
  63. steverosburg

    V9 Cabs, Anyone Use 'Em

    No opposition here... the more UltraRes, the better.
  64. steverosburg

    Invitation to Purchase XL

    I hope it stays at $2499, because I'd like to buy one at some point, but it's hard to argue with the idea of charging whatever the market will bear. Obviously the Axe-Fx has been a tremendous value all along.
  65. steverosburg

    Can you hear a difference?

    While I can appreciate your perspective to a point and am not trying to start anything here, I disagree with what appears to be your perspective that Cliff should just grin and bear whatever people want to say because he's the face of Fractal Audio. He's proven over and over again that Fractal...
  66. steverosburg

    Stratocaster - SSS Pickup Config - Maple or Rosewood Board?

    I've got two SSS: a maple and ash, and rosewood and alder. Both sound good, but they're obviously different. I think the maple and ash is a better vintage combo for a lot of sparkle, the rosewood and alder are a bit warmer.
  67. steverosburg

    Tips/help for 13

    Now, is that with a clap, or no? :)
  68. steverosburg

    Can you get these tones out of the Axe? Axe vx CAE 3+SE

    I would consider this a definite upgrade from what I'm subjected to by the local Latino contingent. More tuba!
  69. steverosburg

    Ownhammer ultrares

    Wow, I've been sampling/playing through these, and while I'm not exactly comparing apples-to-apples, I must say that everything just sounds more transparent than before. I thought it sounded good before, and I still do. It seems tighter and clearer with the new UltraRes, I'm definitely not...
  70. steverosburg

    Ownhammer ultrares

    This is a different situation. Here the owner is taking the .wav content (which he owns), and using properly licensed software to do it's intended function. That is not illegal, because you are not copying what someone else has done. However, if you both use the same generated UltraRes files...
  71. steverosburg

    Ownhammer ultrares

    I've only purchased a few IR's in the past because I've been pretty happy with what ships with the Axe-Fx and really don't have the desire/time to play with mixing my own. Those IR's I have purchased have been OwnHammer, and I use them all the time. Even though it's complete overkill for my...
  72. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    For my taste (low-mid gain), it definitely sounds better to increase MV and LF, and reduce input gain. It gives it that looser, more open feel which I prefer, even with higher-gain MV amps which normally default to lower values (like the Friedman) without getting all flubby or farty. I've found...
  73. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    To be fair, I did say I was using Scene controllers, and listed how. I realize that what I did not indicate was that they were working correctly prior to 12.04, so I had fundamental idea of what I was doing. However, thank you for your willingness to help.
  74. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Thanks, that's likely the problem, even though Yek tried to steer me in the right direction. I assumed resetting the block or creating a new one would use the correct values. You made that change in 12.03, and I never noticed any problem before now, so I must have last played those presets on...
  75. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Sure, will do when I get home tonight. I'll post two patches, the "real" one I upgraded from 12.03, and a new "fake" one which has nothing but a delay block. I can record what it sounds like as well.
  76. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Nothing against Chris at all, I just described my issue and indicated that I was using scene controllers previously, so hopefully I would get some benefit of the doubt that I did in fact know what I was doing. EDIT: I just re-read my original post. I realize that I did *not* in fact, indicate...
  77. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    Yep, I know how it works. The scene controller value in a valid patch which worked correctly on 12.03 had values like Controller 2 Scene 1 = 10%, Controller 2 Scene 2 = 15%, etc. for delay feedback. When I created a brand new preset, I didn't even set up any controller values, so they were all...
  78. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    I hope I don't sound rude, but why does everybody assume I don't know what I'm doing? I was using Scene controllers as soon as they were introduced in 12.00, and it's only because I already had patches which used scene controllers for delay that I noticed a problem when I updated to 12.04. Also...
  79. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    I upgraded from 12.03 GA, and have tried resetting the block as well as changing the feedback parameters. Can you give me a specific example of what I should be doing? Even if I delete the block and recreate it, it still exhibits the same behavior. Furthermore, I can create a brand new patch...
  80. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    My delays are definitely messed up, and resetting the block doesn't fix it. As soon as I assign one of the Scenes to the modifier source for Feedback I'm hosed. UPDATE: I also seem to be experiencing intermittent issues with my scenes not switching when I click one of the Scene buttons on the MFC.
  81. steverosburg

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 12.04 Public Beta

    I just upgraded to 12.04 public beta, and I'm having a strange problem with delays on several of my patches repeating forever, as if I had the Feedback maxed, except that I have it set to Scene 2, which is set to 15% for Controller 1 Scene 1 and 10% for Controller 2 Scene1. Same kinds of...
  82. steverosburg

    Just my 2 cents

    I'm going to agree with Cliff and partially disagree with others. It sounds awesome by itself straight-up, but is too boomy in a mix without cutting the bass. It probably depends greatly which IR you use, but I turn on bass cut and still turn down the bass to 3, adjust treble ~6-7 and presence...
  83. steverosburg

    Most Underrated Amp Models

    The variety of responses seems to indicate that there aren't too many amp models in the Axe-Fx, it just keeps appealing to a wider audience. I've made several several new "friends" in the Axe-Fx that I would never be able to afford in real life. I don't know about underrated, since it's all a...
  84. steverosburg

    New amps in 10.06

    Then I'm going to have to try it. Thanks again for your hard work and perseverance!
  85. steverosburg

    Should I wait...?

    I'll throw my $0.02 in with the rest. I agree with so many of the previous posts--I bought an Ultra about 5 year ago, and after two years upgraded it for a II. Both are the best purchases I've ever made. I got ~75% of my original purchase price when I sold my Ultra, because value in technology...
  86. steverosburg

    Wish Me Luck

  87. steverosburg

    Firmware Version 10.05 Now Available

    Thanks, Cliff! Not only is the "chirp" gone, but the latency between switching X/Y is greatly improved. Many, many thanks!
  88. steverosburg

    Firmware Version 10.04 Now Available

    See another post where I reported strange volume jumps when switching scenes, I was just trying this as a short-term alternative in light of that problem. This was something I noticed and wanted to eliminate multiple variables--I do not generally use scenes to switch amps just for volume. I...
  89. steverosburg

    Expression pedal crackles with 10.04? User error?

    Your attention to addressing issues never ceases to amaze me; many thanks for all your continued efforts.
  90. steverosburg

    Firmware Version 10.04 Now Available

    I'm experiencing a chirping sound when switching between X and Y amps using scenes on 10.04 with MFC 2.16. For example, scene 2 is Amp 1 X, and scene 3 is Amp 1 Y. The amps are the same--I just copied X to Y and then adjusted the level. I don't experience this issue with 10.02. Just to prove it...
  91. steverosburg

    Odd volume behavior with 10.02

    I experienced similar issues this weekend. I use scenes and had some volume adjustments applies to some of the scenes. I reset all the scenes to 0dB and then used null filters which I selectively bypassed as-needed per scene, and the problems went away. I am using 10.02 with MFC on firmware 2.16...
  92. steverosburg

    Amps that have surprised & impressed you in V10

    I'm using the Plexis more than ever, they are just sonic goodness. I've been playing with the Atomica High lately as well in some places where I may have used the HBE previously. The Atomica sounds killer, but man that is a bright amp! I can set the treble to zero and still cut through effortlessly.
  93. steverosburg

    I got audio gap between scenes changes

    Awesome, Cliff, this is such a powerful feature, anything you can do is much appreciated, as always!
  94. steverosburg

    Version 10.0 Sample

    Great job, both modeling and playing. :)
  95. steverosburg


    I think the loss of higher frequencies as you lower the trim is in your head (or more specifically, your ears). This is a digital trim which does not cause treble bleed; it's not like reducing the volume using the volume knob on your guitar. It's like putting a null filter in front of the amp...
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