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  1. speedloader

    Bug? can't save amp blocks in the library

    Communication time-out AX8 was unable to complete the following communication request: Block Library Query : effect-get-all-params Firmware 9.0.2 OSX 10.6.8 I can save any type of block in the computer folder but for some reason I can't save amps anymore. It happened after I emptied my amp...
  2. speedloader

    Egnater SL2X ch2 Patch

    So with the Axe 3 and all the but-how-real-is-the-2 polemic, I decided to resurrect my Randall RM50 and see how close I can currently get with the AX8. The RM50 is loaded with the SL2X module, channel B. It's an early SL2X, hosting two tung sols 12ax7. The RM50 is also loaded with two tung sols...
  3. speedloader

    Multi-purpose patch tricks Thread (for lazy feet)

    A place to share some unusual ways to keep a lot of options and effects in a patch while minimizing CPU% and simplifying the footswitch work. 4 channels amp - 2 footswitches - 2 rows If you lack horizontal room, CPU% and need many free footswitches : Add the Scene 1/2 and Control Switch 1 to...
  4. speedloader

    Finally figured the best room simulation for a cab.

    I wanted to share because I've been really happy with this one for a few months and everything else I tried is just... not as good. It's a subtle effect, it definitely adds a bit of 3D and wetness to the IRs, with almost no phase added, but a nice creamy post distortion that thickens the sound...
  5. speedloader

    Tristram Village acoustic sim - winter IR

    Funny that nobody made a Tristram patch so far. So here it is, gloomy and dreamy.. I had some issues to record the video in stereo, so it lacks the ping-pong/rotary delay. Nothing perfect, just a quick patch to complete the IR. If it doesn't sound like the video, your guitar simply needs some...
  6. speedloader

    Christmas Tonematch : Reza Moosavi's Diezel (9.02)

    Hi, so there's that guy on youtube who makes great, maybe the best, amp playthroughs. Reza Moosavi, or RezaMatix. I used my VH4 settings to tonematch his Herbert/Uberkab playthrough, with the mid cut activated on the Herbert, and added the kind of effects Reza uses, a dark delay, a chorus and a...
  7. speedloader

    Secretfluid (free IRs)

    Hey, so I've been into IRs and cab Sims for maybe 15 years. As I've never found satisfaction on the market of cab Sims, I got used to make my own IRs (and hate most of them). When one of those is as good as an IR can be, I brand it as "Secretfluid". I must shamelessly say those are as far as I...
  8. speedloader

    Gapless Amp System - 5 channels 3 footswitches 1 scene

    Here's a simple system I use to cover all amp gain levels with gapless transitions. For that, we'll use the two control switches with the x/y amp switch. SW2 : clean / dirty SW3 : crunch / high gain SW4 : rhythm / lead SW2 bypasses the amp block and engages a PEQ to simulate a clean amp. SW3...
  9. speedloader

    A Mark Gedon IV

    Celebrating my new AX8. It's a super-charged Mark IV on Diezel cab to face the end of the world. Lead Brt+ channel. Slightly modded, no drive block. Warning : not a dark patch. You need the Cab Pack 24. Both IRs are in the ML Dizzy V30 ACE folder : Cab L is the SM57 A1 Cab R is the SM57 B1...
  10. speedloader

    Optional bands in PEQ block

    Hi, so it will be my only wish and reproach. Two PEQ blocks are fine per se, in concept, yet they aren't complete enough and I would suggest at least +4 band and +8 band options inside of the block. Especially because the AX8 is destined for live playing, we can't reamp advanced pre EQs...
  11. speedloader

    Fractal Audio and the future of... cabinet sims?

    Hi, long time no see. It's been years I didn't put my hand on an Axe-FX but I followed Cliff's evolution with great assiduity and interest. Now Cliff has reached a point where I can't hear the axe as an amp simulator anymore.. It's just the real deal with different types of circuitry and...
  12. speedloader

    Phasey sound issue

    Hey ! Until now I mostly used the axe-fx with a real cab on stage so I didn't pay attention, but my axe-fx ultra has a strange comb filtering issue, sort of. Actually it's audible through my cab (output 2 left) and of course in my DAW (output 1 left balanced). I can't record and pan multiple...
  13. speedloader

    using a drive block as a harmonic exciter

    Enjoy ! Axe-fx : using a drive block as a harmonic exciter (kinda) by justanothermountain on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  14. speedloader

    FAS modern patch (flat PA + real cab w/ v30)

    FAS MODERN drive 3.5 bas/mid 10 treb 6.5 pres 4.5 master 4 depth 8 damp 8.5 thump 5 lo cut 25 hi cut 7.7K bias 0.5 xformer lo 10 xformer hi 9K tone freq 610 GEQ 125 hz +0.5 250 hz +1 2 Khz -0.5 4 Khz -0.5 Fore more gain : boost on, crank the master a little...
  15. speedloader

    VH4 + special IR

    Warm and bright ;)
  16. speedloader

    Teh brootlz free IR (axe1)

    It's a bit phasey but check it out and never come back :mrgreen (regarding high gain stuff, keep the master around 5 and increase the mids)
  17. speedloader

    early Van Halen attempt (11.0)

    Way not perfect, but .. give it a try :twisted (front input, passive pickups, input1/output1 at noon)
  18. speedloader

    Powerball there (11.0)

    I use the front input, passive pickups, input1 and output1 at noon, it sounds like this First patch to the left, second to the right.
  19. speedloader

    Heavy Black Eye (title says all)

    So after 6 months of tweaking, I'm finally 100% satisfied with my high gain tones .. this one is my go-to patch .. set the mids to 8-10 for the lead parts, and .. nothing more, enjoy !
  20. speedloader

    recto new/fas modern patch (for the axe ultra)

    http://soundcloud.com/apophtegmatique/fromtheinside So, a multicomp is used to tame the low freqs, and the fas-modern sounds here pretty much like a recto-red with more controlable basses.
  21. speedloader

    petrucci live patch

    Inspired by these vids http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmBkP0NmtaI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQbC8h3JRgk&feature=related I tightened the bottom a bit, otherwise it sounds pretty much the same with a superstrat and a seymour SH5 in bridge position
  22. speedloader

    UPDATE - rectifier + powerball

    update - DAS UBER UPDATE 01/27/11 As simple as the previous ones, you can program it directly and improve it easily as well LEFT AMP = DAS METALL ** LEFT CAB = 4x12 30W (air 35% 3500hz) drive 4 * boost on * bass 7 * mid 7 * treb 9 * bright on * pres 8 * mast 3 * lvl -3.75 ------ RIGHT...
  23. speedloader

    another happy customer

    Just a short review .. one month has passed since I received the axe-fx and I can't believe I already found (95% of) my grailtone ! It wasn't fun every days but .. worth the effort a thousand times. Redwirez helped a lot though.. So, here's a short random clip to express my gratefulness, thanks...
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