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  1. jmp220478

    petrucci - mountain top tone and delay

    recently stumbled across this video - John Petrucci uses his "Mountain Top" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay - YouTube im wondering if anyone has replicated the delay settings as a standalone block for use with other amp sounds ; also im a rectifier / boogie virgin but am mightily...
  2. jmp220478

    Mission Engineering SP1 - replacement feet

    Managed to lose a pedal foot on Friday at local gig in UK - contacted Mission for replacement but uneconomic @ $4 for pack of 4 & around $50 for post ! Enquired which Dunlop pack would fit but they couldn't be sure - anyone know ? My current analog wah is a CAE MC404 and whilst it's a Dunlop...
  3. jmp220478

    Using a mission SP2 pedal with Axe 2

    Hi - recently picked up an SP2 at a good price to compliment an SP1 ( primarily my wah pedal in most patches ) - anyone got any good ideas to get best value out of it ? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  4. jmp220478

    CFR/Q12 users in NW UK ?

    Hi - i'd really like to hear them in some context before I order - live would be ideal but any other opportunities would be greatly appreciated . Im a GT800FX owner and am using various guitar cabs with sims off mainly but not exclusively - I've heard a preproduction unit a while back but...
  5. jmp220478

    MFC v 2.15 - cant get it to extract ?

    MFC v 2.15 - cant get it to extract ? fixed with reply in this thread Can someone please post an extracted copy of mfc 101-2p15.syx - struggling with windows zip utility and winzip 17 ... I have downloaded from site 4 x :(
  6. jmp220478

    ac or dc over 7 pin midi cable to power GCP

    Ive got a 2 and have picked up a gcp to run with it .. The GCP will run on either dc or ac - as long 9v 500ma supply .. My question is, are both currents acceptable to the axe fx 2 using the phantom power option and an appropriate 7 pin cable .. ?? and if I opt for dc is there likely to...
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