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  1. Fenris

    Judas Priest 80s sound - Rock Hard Ride Free solo

    Hi, Well, like when I uploaded the Gojira video... I was doing some experiments and I ended up making a small video haha enjoy and if you want the preset, I can upload it, but it uses a user cab.
  2. Fenris

    Gojira - Magma sound

    Hey, sorry, I thought direct was direct to FRFR. I mean, no external amp, no cab, no nothing. Is just the output of the FM3. What option should I have select? Regarding the IR, is a Ownhammer OH 412 EDVH SHF, basically because I read that they used this Cab. Also, notice that the AMP block is a...
  3. Fenris

    Gojira - Magma sound

    Thank you. Also, I think it sounds more compressed in the album. In the chorus I just dialed the gain down to 1.5 or 2, to imitate that sound
  4. Fenris

    Gojira - Magma sound

    Hi there, It was a long time I didnt post anything here. I have been playing around last month with my brand new FM3 and well, we all should know it is awesome. Thing is that I was testing some amps and I ended up creating different presets that reminded me different bands... and, for testing...
  5. Fenris

    Cab Lab Lite with FM3

    Well, the option for connecting to FM3 is there, so I think it is probably a bug. The problem for me is that I do not have any other way to send my cabs in .wav to the FM3, and you need the full Cab-Lab to save the cabs in the required format...
  6. Fenris

    Cab Lab Lite with FM3

    Hi, I just bought a brand new FM3 and I wanted to add some IRs I have in it. The thing is that with the latest version of the Cab Lab Lite and the latest FM3 Firmware I am receiving an error while comunicating. Error is: "Cab-Lab 3 was unable to complete the following communication request...
  7. Fenris

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Yep, it was very fast to me too. Around 2 months
  8. Fenris

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Well, I have received an email from G66 that in probably 2 weeks they will send it.
  9. Fenris

    FM3: G66 availability?

    Hi, I have not read the whole thread yet, but does anybody know how is it going the waitlist in G66? I have got into it just 2 months ago, as soon as I have sold my old Axe Fx II + MFC101, and I am wondering how much time it takes on average.
  10. Fenris

    Death - Crystal Mountain

  11. Fenris

    Graveyard Disciples Solo (Black Label Society Cover)

    Hi guys, I recorded this solo yesterday. I wanted to test my XVive by recording something, and well, I always enjoyed this solo so... why not? It has been recorded with Firmware Ares v1.03 and Brit AFS100 1.
  12. Fenris

    Street Fighter 2 - Ryu Stage

    Wow, sorry, I just realized that it is in Axe Fx III recordings, but it has been recorded with II. Could it be moved?
  13. Fenris

    Street Fighter 2 - Ryu Stage

    Hi guys... I wanted to do a small experiment. I recorded this song more than 10 years ago, so I recorded it again in order to find out if I improved or not hahaha ... well, here is the NEW one: And, the one from more than 10 years ago hahaha :) I tried to replicate more or les the same solo...
  14. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    Sorry man I dont remember. You could download the patch and check :)
  15. Fenris

    MFC101 Mk III with Axe Fx III

    I don't care how much better is. The point is that I would have to sell mine, and I like it, so I probably will not update to III unless I see something really spectacular in it
  16. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6073 ...and I hate when people complains :) I think I don't need to explain why I didn't have time to do this before ;)
  17. Fenris

    MFC101 Mk III with Axe Fx III

    No, don't worry. Well, that is a big disvantage for the AFX III...
  18. Fenris

    MFC101 Mk III with Axe Fx III

    Will it be possible to use the MFC101 with the Axe Fx III? Thank you
  19. Fenris

    Axe FX II for Studio Recording?

    I recorded 2 albums with Axe Fx II for guitars and bass, and I think the result is good
  20. Fenris

    Axe FX II XL+ support

    Well AX8 and the other are smaller than AFX II Mk 2 and they have been released not long time ago. I dont think they will not have more updates or support for that reason. It is clear that somewhere in the future updates will finish but I think it will not be from one day to another
  21. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    @symphx no, I couldn't upload them yet. I will answer here when I upload them
  22. Fenris

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    Well, if bass player just needs an overdrive then... maybe 3 guys, right? :)
  23. Fenris

    So What's New on the III? ...(Axe-Fx II vs III)

    With that number of I/O would it be possible to play 2 or 3 different guys using just 1 axe fx III?
  24. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    Backing Track for Guitarists: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jgvmats2saslt5x/Tornado%20of%20Souls%20-%20Backing%20Track%20for%20Guitarists.mp3?dl=0 Backing Track for Vocalists: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdaaiksl77fx59c/Tornado%20of%20Souls%20-%20Backing%20Track%20for%20Vocalists.mp3?dl=0
  25. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    I will add the presets in http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/ at the end of the week. I will also add to the video backing tracks without vocals and guitars, if anybody wants to play the song! Thank you for your comments!
  26. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    Hi there, I just recorded this song from scratch with a friend 1 tone below the original. I used Brit JVM OD1 Rd for Rhythm gutiars and Brit AFS 1 for lead. Bass was recorded with USA BASS 400 2 and some distortion using Fat Rat. If anyone wants the patches I still have them. Hope you enjoy it!
  27. Fenris

    USA C++ Playthrough

    Sounds awesome!
  28. Fenris

    Marshall JVM Patch

    OD1 is great but OD2 has TOOOOOOOOO much distortion for me... I usually put OD1 at 1.5 of Gain... so OD2 would be at 0.5? xD
  29. Fenris

    AX8 High Gain Scenes Demo Q9

    Sounds great!
  30. Fenris

    Progressive Metal N Persian Traditional music W/ Dulcimer

    Wow, sounds great! Amazing music!
  31. Fenris

    [Cover] Firewind - The Fire and the Fury (Quantum 9.02)

    Gear used: Franfret BLOODHUNTER for Lead Guitars - Brit JVM OD1 Rd Franfret Vento Deluxe for Rhythm Guitars - Brit AFS100 1 A ultracheap bass almost dead for Bass Guitars - USA Bass 400 1 Axe Fx II
  32. Fenris

    Terra's Theme - Final Fantasy VI (Quantum 9.02)

    Thank you @kcyrowolf :)
  33. Fenris

    Terra's Theme - Final Fantasy VI (Quantum 9.02)

    Rhythm guitars are Recto2 Red Mdrn and Leads are USA Lead Brt+.
  34. Fenris

    Over the Mountain Cover

    I love this song! Great job!
  35. Fenris

    Jawbreaker Solo - Judas Priest Cover

    Holy tone match haha I think the guitar sound is fucking similar to the Defenders of the Faith album!
  36. Fenris

    Rurouni Kenhin - Starless

    Ey, I just recorded this. I was testing some sounds with my new Franfret custom guitar. It has been recorded with: Axe Fx II - Quantum 7.02 Franfret Bloodhunter - Lead (BRIT AFS100 1) & acoustic guitar (USA CLEAN) Franfret Vento Deluxe - Acoustic guitar (USA CLEAN)
  37. Fenris

    GOJIRA - The Heaviest Matter of the Universe Cover

    Hi guys. I love this song so I made a cover of it. The problem is that I used a sound VERY VERY close to the original, so you can't feel my guitars. I uploaded just the guitars on soundcloud, but they are on the video too haha I used a 5150 III and 2 cabs, the 5153 Mix and the PVH6160. If...
  38. Fenris

    CHILDREN OF BODOM - In Your Face Cover with 6505+

    Well well well brothers and sisters. I just found this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHnVfV9Tv2k) and think that should be funny to record the "other" guitar, so don't kill me because I didn't play the solo :)
  39. Fenris

    Judas Priest cover Painkiller

    Sorry, I just cum listening the solo :D Will you share the patch? Guitars sound awesome!
  40. Fenris

    Iron Maiden - Seventh Son (Murray solo)

    Fuck! Sounds really really good... like the original
  41. Fenris

    Lucretia FW18.10 USA Lead

    Downloading......... Great tone!
  42. Fenris


    My video for the #100GUITARSFROMHELL recorded with the BRIT JVM OD2 Rd and the 1960 V30 cab w/57. I tried to sound like Alexi Laiho in the example vid :) The contest: http://www.helsinginjuhlaviikot.fi/tapahtuma/100guitarsfromhel/
  43. Fenris

    Test FW 18.08 IIc+ [Yep, JP inside. How original...]

    Nice sound and playing! FW 18.08 is the f****** best
  44. Fenris

    Testing Live Preset 6505 - FW 18.08

    Maybe it has too much bass, I'm doing it right now BUT, the overall sound is fucking better than ever!!!! Holy shit!!!!
  45. Fenris

    FW 18.08 IIC+ Careless Whisper

    Wow, no words!
  46. Fenris

    FW 18.08 Badger 30 Clean Sound

    Sounds great! How about the patches? :)
  47. Fenris

    Time for BR00TALZ! FW18.01 and Ownhammer V3 7-string demo! (4 different amps & cabs)

    I like the recto and the usa lead. Can you share the presets? I'm a little lost with this update haha
  48. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Hahaha yeah... well everything sounds good but its different. I was trying to update my live tone for BLOODHUNTER and I found more hard to get the right amount of drive in the lowend and not too much for the highs. Palm mute sounds good but very different haha I like it by the way but I have to...
  49. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Well definitly FW18 is more realistic than previous, but it's more hard for me to get a good tight tone. Did you notice that? I think that maybe I have to check the sat parameter but well I will try soon again... FW18 changes A LOT old presets haha there is work to do here for the next gigs!
  50. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    I updated to 18.01 and reset globals. After that the only change I did is to set input source to USB and output to USB/Digi Out. Nothing else and it worked fine.
  51. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    I installed and used it yesterday for reamp, because I have a finger with a cut, and it sounds more realistic. I reamped a little song Im doing and the difference with FW17 is big.
  52. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Thanks Chris!
  53. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    The link is not working :(
  54. Fenris

    Fw18... news?

    I read this topic from the beggining and... Petrucci? new IR's? Hell... Now I'm really excited! hahaha
  55. Fenris

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    Is there a expected date to the release of the FW18 (no beta) and Axe Edit Updated? I'm asking because I can't update the stable firmware to a beta before the upcoming gigs but I can't wait to use FW 18 :o:cry
  56. Fenris

    Cab-Pack 5 - UltraRes™ 4x12 Collection

    I stupid question. This are not the UR cabs that came with the FW update, aren't them? :?
  57. Fenris

    Testing 3 www.franfret.net custom guitars with Axe Fx II

    Hi there! I used my axe fx II to test the sound of this hand made guitars from Franfret® Custom Guitars All sounds are with marshalls (JCM800 and Plexi 50), but I used my sound at the end of the Vento Deluxe vid (5150 III very tight). Hope you like it! Vento Deluxe Cherry Special...
  58. Fenris

    Mesa Boogie, Dual rec. METAL

    I dont use the mesa but your sound is great
  59. Fenris

    BLOODHUNTER (full album)

    Hi there! I posted here our first single a month ago. We just released the full album online (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify...) and I want to share it with you again. All guitars and bass were recorded with the Axe Fx II: You can listen it at our Bandcamp https://bloodhunter.bandcamp.com/...
  60. Fenris

    BLOODHUNTER - Ages of Darkness (Single) - Melodic Death Metal with Axe Fx II

    No feedback? :( It sounds great for me!
  61. Fenris

    BLOODHUNTER - Ages of Darkness (Single) - Melodic Death Metal with Axe Fx II

    Hi guys! I didnt post in a long time, because I was very busy with our first album which will be online next 6 May. I want to share with you the first album single, because all guitars and bass were recorded with my Axe Fx II. I didnt tell the people around me that it was recorded with the...
  62. Fenris

    FW12.03 and EVH 5150

    Its the best amp of the axe for me. Sounds good but I have to say that I dont like that all metal riffs or tests has their tune very down. I would like to hear something in D or E. Everything sounds BIG in D or less. But as I said, sound awesome!
  63. Fenris

    Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island Cover

    Hi AlGrenadine! There are no more details. This guitar is hand made by a luthier of my city and I used a EMG 81 to record this. Believe me, there is no magic. You can use the default settings of the EVH III. I added more resonance and presence and turn down the gain to 2 with the boost on. If...
  64. Fenris

    Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island Cover

    Hi! The preset is this simply thing: EVH 5150 III + Peavey MIX IR + 5% Default reverb + Noise gate at -70, Ratio 2.5 ~ 3.0 Thanks for your comments! It's a easy song. I learned the same day I recorded it. Maybe it would be the 3th time that I played it. I'm trying to record different styles...
  65. Fenris

    Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island Cover

    Hi! I cut some freq to try that my guitars sounded in the first line instead the original ones. Axe sound really like the originals. Hope you enjoy!
  66. Fenris

    All my solos for the band ZELION - Hard Rock Guitar Shred with AXE FX II

    Esse!! Un fenómeno el señor Charles Arcay!
  67. Fenris

    Mozart meets the Axe Fx II

    Cojonudo!!! :D
  68. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II FW12: Amp demonstration

    Thats the best way to feel the amp, only amp + cab. Great work!
  69. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    That wasnt the point. The point was that the FCB worked well with one FW and not with another... The midi messages were the same always.
  70. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    To end the topic. My FCB1010 works with the LAST FW 11.05, so I think there was a mistake in the 11.03. @sevenstring, try to update and connect everything, take on the FCB and after that the Axe. I did it just now and it works. Strange.
  71. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    I used the Axe Edit and the FCB1010 togheter with the FW11.01 but it didn't work with FW11.03. Even without Axe Edit it didn't work. Se we will have to call Mulder and Scully... The truth is inside that xD
  72. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Thanks for your help. I have to do some more tests but I am really really really sure that the FCB1010 is working perfectly. I don't have so much time but if I do something else I will tell here. I tested it with a POD XT and it works fine.
  73. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    As I said, the FCB is not break. It works with anything and with the AFII FW11.01 or older. I told that to Cliff but he said that there is no enough people with that problem. There is people with a FCB without that problem so the problem is our FCB. BUT, I think that the problem is in the...
  74. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Im gonna try again, of course.
  75. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Whatever is, the point is that it doesn't work with the 11.03 so... why buy a soundcard with midi? I think I will have to sell the FCB :P
  76. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    I have news... I dowgraded to the FW 11.01 and the FCB1010 works fine. There is a problem in the FW 11.03. I will write to cliff, but maybe he read this thread. My axe is not break, my cables are not break, my fcb is not break... and after the downgrade... fuck, WHITE AND IN A BOTTLE, UH?
  77. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Well... my theory to the crap. Cables are OK FCB seems to be OK Axe Fx Midi In doesn't flash when FCB sends midi functions Axe Fx Midi In flashes when edit presets directly or by the Axe Edit 3.1 WTF is happend? This is what I made last time: - Reset the System - Set Midi Channel to Omni -...
  78. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    I didn't change anything so I think that I use the Behringer chip. I will try today to get the FW 11.0 and test if the FCB works or not... if it's not... maybe is the FCB, if it's... its the fw...
  79. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Nop, I don't. If nobody of FAS says anything in a while I will try but... if I'm not the only one with that problem... smells of deeeeead human sacrifices... I read in the FW release notes some changes in the midi section for the axe edit 3.0 (which works fine). Maybe in that way..................
  80. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    No, I'm not. You can upgrade to 11 or 11.02, because we have the problems with the 11.03. I didn't try to get a previous FW because I have my live preset done and... well, you know, that makes the axe get crazy. If you upgrade your axe tell us if your fcb still works.
  81. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Yes to all except the first. I have to try it with another device BUT it seems working fine. Maybe @sevenstring can say if he did
  82. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    It's all like before, I checked it almos 100 times. Maybe the FW upgrade has a bug...that happend before. Cliff, we need help. Im not the only one!
  83. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Well, so it's not me only... My midi in I think that is working fine because it flashes when you edit and it works with the PC via USB... Please help or a update! Did you update to 11.02 or before to try the FCB?
  84. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    It doesn't flash... so it could be a axe problem? :( Midi in flashes when i change anything in the preset, but not when I push my footswitch
  85. Fenris

    Bug? MIDI Through broken in USB MIDI

    I have a problem with the Midi In too, but I didn't fix it http://forum.fractalaudio.com/other-midi-controllers/75591-problems-midi-footswitch.html :(
  86. Fenris

    Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) cover

    Awesome! Every instrument sounds great! Good mix, good play... maybe the guitar melody has low volume, but everything else is incredible!
  87. Fenris

    Personal "cradlesong" (FW 11.03)

    Thanks for your comments! Well I like the drums hahaha
  88. Fenris

    Personal "cradlesong" (FW 11.03)

    Ey! I made this song over 5 years ago for my nephew, but I recorded it yesterday! I have looking for old songs and I found this so... I recorded it with the Axe!! There are some parts that I don't like (maybe a strange bending, or something like that) but it's a very special song! Enjoy!
  89. Fenris

    Problems with midi footswitch

    Hey! I have some problems with the Axe Fx II and my midi device (Behringer FCB1010). I don't know if it doesn't work because the FW update (11.03) or because nothing. The point is that I have my FCB with my own configuration and... one day it stoped to work. Anybody has problems with that...
  90. Fenris

    Original Shred Intro - 5150 Red FW 11.03

    I am not thinking about upload it, because it have another things. This sound is the basic part: Drive - Amp - Cab - Delay and Reverb. It's very easy: 5150 RED - BASS 4; MIDS 6; TREBLE 7; PRESENCE 4; RESONANCE 6; EDIT: OH! Shit! Gain at 4! TS808MOD - DRIVE 1,4; LEVEL 8,5 The cab is the Cali...
  91. Fenris

    Original Shred Intro - 5150 Red FW 11.03

    It's the Kiko's... that guitar plays alone hahaha Thanks for your comments!
  92. Fenris

    Original Shred Intro - 5150 Red FW 11.03

    Well, this is a old song I made some years ago. I was testing my solo sound with it and I recorded it. It has some little mistakes. Live things... xD Hope you enjoy!
  93. Fenris

    Axe-Fx II Firmware V11.03 Up

    I tested this FW update with the MatrixGT1000FX and a Marshall Cab and sounds better than ever. The 5150 RED sounded like the real... and so much better!
  94. Fenris

    About Amp Compression in FW11

    Ey I only wanted to know what happened haha. As yek said, Cliff said in another post this: :encouragement:
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