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  1. VegasGuitar

    My God! New beta test

    You cannot smell what the Cliff is cooking!!
  2. VegasGuitar

    Fortin Omega presets

    Axe-FX III preset format is not the same as FM3, or FM9. Different parameters.....
  3. VegasGuitar

    AxeEdit disconnection since 20.04

    Try changing your ready-to-play sequencing and see if it makes a difference. 1. Wake the computer, AXE-Edit will now be ready for USB communications. 2. Power on the Axe. When I had my problem with the hub I contacted Apple Support. They indicated that sleeping a Mac shuts down ALL USB...
  4. VegasGuitar

    AxeEdit disconnection since 20.04

    I had a simillar problem and it was found to be the USB hub I had things connected through. Move the Axe-Fx to the first hub port stopped the "disconnects." BUT, this was well before FW 20 was released.
  5. VegasGuitar

    David Lee Roth Shares Previously Unheard Version Of Van Halen's 'Panama'

    Al Estrada posted (9-1-22) a link to this video on another forum saying,"Recorded this a few months ago, had no idea it was going to be released until a couple of hours ago haha, all 1 take, solo and all on the same track.......Marshall '69 Superbass converted to EVH SuperLead specs by Friedman...
  6. VegasGuitar

    Global EQ

    And if that sounds good to you and the others in the band then it is good. As Mr. Chase says, dial in tones with your ears, not your eyes.
  7. VegasGuitar

    Fulltone closing down after 30 years

    I hooked up with Mike many years back while I was in Colorado about his early pedals, and some Marshall amp mods. Always a helpful guy, willing to help with info and ideas, and a killer guitar player. Was looking for him to retire a few years ago, but he kept on making new and better things...
  8. VegasGuitar

    The 300th amp model?!

    Suhr BELLA for the win!!
  9. VegasGuitar

    Keeley Halo Take 2

    It will not load on 20.3
  10. VegasGuitar

    Keeley Halo Take 2

    @fremen, is this in the new beta FW?
  11. VegasGuitar

    Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight model

    @AlbertA - You did an amazing job on the Halo pedal, how about throwinng your genius at the Sunlight? I think it would be a great compliment to the Halo.
  12. VegasGuitar

    Modern high-gain tones: amp block input drive + drive block vs. only one and not the other?

    Use another AMP with the Power section disabled as the drive. Can't much more gain.
  13. VegasGuitar

    Voodoo Modded JMP-1

    Take a Plexi 100 and put a Plexi 50 in front of it as added gain stages, but in the 50w turn OFF the power amp portion. Play as you will with levels/EQ, etc. Play with tubes, bias, etc. You too can be Jose! And with the Axe, never worry about the mystical, musical blue smoke!
  14. VegasGuitar

    Keeley Halo

    Burgs, I could listen to you all day, go for it if it suits you!
  15. VegasGuitar

    What do you think about this sound?

    Masterfully done sir.
  16. VegasGuitar

    Another Axefx vs Amps thread

    I love my real vintage Marshalls, but for the last year or so they only get run once a month, and many times not even played through. I'm quite happy with the tones I get from my Axe-FX III, and if I get the bug for chest thumping, I just crank it up. Many times that missing "something," is the...
  17. VegasGuitar

    Mac Studio or MacBook Pro?

    The new Mini has Apple Silicon and much better performance than the last Intel Mini.
  18. VegasGuitar

    Banned from TGP

    All are owned and contributors to the revenue, status, and egos of Enthused Digital Music Network. Robert Pavlick - President Scott Peterson - Director of Marketing & Sales
  19. VegasGuitar

    Latency of amp modelers

    Actually I am thinking of another video test that used the Logic tool. I will revise my initial post.
  20. VegasGuitar

    Banned from TGP

    And their fearless leader still serves here as a Global Moderator. I find that strange ......
  21. VegasGuitar

    Banned from TGP

    Scott is the chief problem at that forum. If he went away it would improve 500%. But always remember, he is a real, "professional."
  22. VegasGuitar

    Axe FX III Firmware update conditions with another audio interface connected too

    Never encountered an issue updating Axe-FX III with all my other audio devices connected. Kemper, Focusrite, H9, TC2290, SY300.
  23. VegasGuitar

    Struggling user - I can't get anywhere close to my prophecy's gain and sustain, please help.

    Funny, I dumped my Rocktron Prophesy for an Axe-FX II, and then my current Axe-FX III. Never ever had a problem exceeding the gain I had on the Rocktron. My current fave is a Herbie CH3 evolved from a Devin Townsend preset in the factory banks #372, try scene #6
  24. VegasGuitar

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    See you later on Todd. You will definitely be missed, but never forgotten ......
  25. VegasGuitar

    IV anywhere on the horizon?

    Perhaps if TI or other develops a quantum DSP, 256-core processor ..... I believe Mr. Chase would take on that challenge.
  26. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.06

    Did you get this critical issue resolved yet?
  27. VegasGuitar

    FedEx and the Great Resignation

    Received an email from UPS last night to expect delivery of a shipment today requiring an adult signature. Checked with the shipper who said it will not be shipped until tomorrow. All carriers are totally messed up now, and trying blame anyone else for the woes they brought upon themselves.
  28. VegasGuitar

    How loud is your frfr?

    Two (stereo) RCF NX12-SMA. Both set at less than ½ volume, generally limit the level to 93-94dB at my playing position. One time, dragged the Marshall Major out and ran it thrrough 2 4x12 cranked, and cranked the Axe RCFs. RCFs buried the Marshall, but couldn't stand either for long, with...
  29. VegasGuitar

    Need some help!

    Open SETTINGS>PREFERENCES and set your WORKSPACE to the proper follders you moved all your files into. Because you copied an installed app to a new system, you may need to do a full UNINSTALL of Axe-Edit and then a fresh INSTALL to eliminate the previous system paths in preferences.
  30. VegasGuitar

    Devin Townsend "Infinity" livestream ...

    And i just watched his February 25, Twitch hangout, where he said that he would get with @Admin M@ to provide his Axe presets! He also mentioned a guest singer .... M@'s daughter! 👍👍
  31. VegasGuitar

    'Fairies Wear Boots'

    Love it! Thanks for sharing your preset, you do rock! 🤘🤘🤘
  32. VegasGuitar

    Fw 19.02 - Full PINK FLOYD show

    Just got a chance to listen and you rocked it! Outstanding tone and playing! PS: Went to your site to update my downloads and received a lot of errors. Logging in, checking my downloads, logging off. Took a couple tries to get by the error page, FYI. Sorry, that didn’t work. Please try again or...
  33. VegasGuitar

    Health Update

    Outstanding to hear! Nothing better for a string-slingers soul and health than rocking one out. Keep getting better, we are all pulling for you!
  34. VegasGuitar

    Georgia Tech Professor is going to DIY an Axe-FX III

    Yeah, hardware made to look simple and trivial. Share your Open Source firmware which will be a piece of cake, right?
  35. VegasGuitar

    Austin Buddy login issues

    Interesting... tried about 90 minutes ago and same errors. Just now opened his page and I am logged in, without logging in!
  36. VegasGuitar

    Matt's Raygun for Mark Day

    Banshee GT FR S
  37. VegasGuitar

    Austin Buddy login issues

    Ditto, and the reset password link never sends an email.
  38. VegasGuitar

    Austin Buddy login issues

    Sent you an email, but the message I get using username or email flashed up and iis gone as soon as I move mouse. Going to try another browser!
  39. VegasGuitar

    Austin Buddy login issues

    Email sent to him
  40. VegasGuitar

    Austin Buddy login issues

    Yeah, I can't log in either.
  41. VegasGuitar

    Devin Townsend "Infinity" livestream ...

    Awesome and a great demonstration of the Axe-FX III. He even gave a shout out to Matt! Not sure if you can still buy in and watch, but here is the link: infinity-live-stream
  42. VegasGuitar

    Date Format in Thread

    Huh, no.
  43. VegasGuitar

    Does a USB cable affect the tone?

    Check your eprom backup battery. Those are a HUGE impact on tone! :wrench: :electricplug: :eyes:
  44. VegasGuitar

    Health Update

    Seen you around the forum, but just checking in that all is going as well as can be expected. Thoughts & prayers are with you!
  45. VegasGuitar

    Wish Ibanez Mostortion and Nobels ODR-1

    +2 for adding both!!
  46. VegasGuitar

    Remember the dead Jammit app?

    Crammit works great for me and allows use of those old Jammit files. Happy to pay for this, George, you did a great job!!
  47. VegasGuitar

    Fractool - Runaway hum and feedback

    The all things Fractool thread is found at thee link below. Best to put your issues there. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fractool-ultimate-multitool-for-fas-devices.112538/page-189#post-2190497
  48. VegasGuitar

    Star-Lord Band (Guardians of the Galaxy Game)

    Outstanding, you nailed that 80's vibe!! Great showcase for the Axe as well! 👍👍👍👍
  49. VegasGuitar

    JCM800 2203x halfstack vs AXE FIII w/poweramp and cab

    I run the Super OD level on 10, drive just above off. On the Amp, Drive is 8.6 and Master is 4. I use two Bogren Digital cabs; BD_LD_Valovirtuous and BD_LD_SexyTime. I have a PEQ following that boosts at 200 and 4200. A scoop is at 1000 Rolling guitar volume down doesn't really get to clean...
  50. VegasGuitar

    JCM800 2203x halfstack vs AXE FIII w/poweramp and cab

    I almost exclusively run a Brit 800 Mod on the Axe and love it! Blows my real Jose-modded JCM800 out of the room. Put a Super OD DRIVE in front. Adjust to taste. Set it to 6550 power tubes. I crank the AMP Grid Bias to 1.0; the variac to 150%; and crank your room volume .... Won't be taking...
  51. VegasGuitar

    Joe Bonamassa Fractal or dis?

    Quote? Link? Anything?
  52. VegasGuitar

    Poll - What cabs do you want?

    4x12, or 2x12 with Celestion Hempbacks ...
  53. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    My apologies ... carry on, please.
  54. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    And, the reason I will stay at 16.05 and see, since Cliff already said he made improvements .......
  55. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    Because I downloaded and installed it and had CPU warning issues.
  56. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    Thanks for you reply, that is good to know. Still, thinking (MKI) I may wait for 17.01 ...
  57. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    Sorry, but that amount of time is ridiculous ..... @FractalAudio is this the normal case????
  58. VegasGuitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    I like being at the curb ...... just kick me to it whenever .......
  59. VegasGuitar


    I have beccome quite happy with my current sounds from the Axe-FX III. i didn't hear anything in Cliff's audio files that makes all gooey and wet inside and kicks in my "got to have that," reflex. I cuurently have one 114 presets loaded into my Axe, and probably use 8-10 regularly. Less than...
  60. VegasGuitar


    No matter the new features in a Firmware, not scrapping my Mk I to buy a Mk II. Save the fancy limited use FW features for the Axe-Fx IV, or make it useable on all Axe-Fx III.
  61. VegasGuitar

    USB recording with Axe FX III

    Sure, just select the Axe as the audio input device and then use Input 1-2 on a track to be the stereo output from the Axe. PREFERENCES>AUDIO>INPUT DEVICE>Axe-Fx III TRACK #>INPUT 1-2
  62. VegasGuitar

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    Yep! Great time to just play guitar and not have to fiddle with "knobs."
  63. VegasGuitar

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    And I forgot to mention that my Scenes are also very consistent from Preset to Preset. 1-Clean; 2-Rhythm; 3-Crunch; 4-Lead; 5-Scream!
  64. VegasGuitar

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    Been thinking about this while sitting at my Axe and FC-12, and I believe it is because I use a standardized FC-12 layout for EVERY preset. I "know" what each button is going to give me, so reading the labels is less important. Won't work for everyone, but me be happy!
  65. VegasGuitar

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    My layout is as you describe, Scenes across the top, 1 to 6, effects on the bottom row, including a press & hold BOOST. Preset increment switches are external to the FC-12, but stuck to the frame.
  66. VegasGuitar

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    Don't envy my eyess, cataracts are getting to the point they will (both!) probably need surgery this year. Nothing to look forward to at all.
  67. VegasGuitar

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    6' and slightly over half the time sitting in a high chair, barely able to just touch the front edge of FC-12. If I want to hit a switch, I roll forward and then back. But when standing, much further back until I need to place foot on switch. Also, my "Bright" is set to only 75%.
  68. VegasGuitar

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    II have no issues or problems with the my FC-12 display, and I have to wear glasses. Can't operate a switch from 8' away, and have no issue remembering the layout.
  69. VegasGuitar

    Fixed Bug? AxeEditiii Setup Button

    Same for me, and also the Controllers button behaves same as Setup. The others are ON/OFF.
  70. VegasGuitar

    Lay Your Hands On Me!

    Just went back through all the 3 Canadians previous videos, and I am still blown away. Had you guys on the 60" home theater blasting, and the wife walks in and says, "Oh! Those guys. They are still amazing!" Mr. Day you truly do rock!! 👍 👍 👍.👍
  71. VegasGuitar

    Fastest way to audition IRs?

    The key to making the arrow keys work!!
  72. VegasGuitar

    (not a bug) Archean cutting out

    <SNARKINESS=ON> How about trying, "Help, I have a problem..." before declaring a problem with hardware/firmware since you are not privy to the design details? Everything is not a bug if you fail to properly use, test, and report. <SNARKINESS=OFF>
  73. VegasGuitar

    Reamping while listening to other tracks in DAW?

    Interesting that this came up this morning! I am trying to demo the standalone Soldano amp sim from Neural by routing through my Axe-Fx III. I want to plug into the Axe front input and create a preset that routes that plain, or DI, guitar signal via USB to the iMac Soldano application. And...
  74. VegasGuitar

    Axe-FXIII Consultant Needed in San Francisco Bay Area

    Also, it would help immensely if you detailed your signal chain from guitar, pickups, pedals, Axe, amp(s), and speakers. Every step in the chain is a potential failure/issue.
  75. VegasGuitar

    How would you characterize the leap from v15.x to v16.x

    Individual tastes will vary the responses. Install it, play it, and decide for yourself. If Beta FW scares you, then wait, but decide with your guitars and your ears what the difference(s) are.
  76. VegasGuitar

    DOKKEN : The Hunter tone

    Rocco can kill the Lynch tone. Check this => https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/george-lynch-lynch-mob-tone-w-patch.159704/
  77. VegasGuitar

    question for all you IR experts?

    If you duplicate your amp block exactly and then lower Supply Sag to zero, that power section is disabled, isn't it?
  78. VegasGuitar

    So, about those sample rates

    Most likely the higher IR are used by DAW plugin or specialty applications. Offhand I know Positive Grid can use 88.2 and 96 kHz. Most amp modelers are 44.1 or 48 kHz. After unzipping an IR set I delete the ones above 48 kHz as I won't be using them. The IRs and their zips are on a NAS that...
  79. VegasGuitar

    So, about those sample rates

    I keep the 44.1k and 48k wave files and trash those higher. But, I always keep the original ZIP so if I need them at a later time they are handy. No regrets yet, and haven't gone digging for them in a ZIP.
  80. VegasGuitar

    AC/DC - "If You Dare" - guitar cover

    Sony Music caught you, watch out for copyright strikes!!
  81. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    Ha! Try the Atomicas ......
  82. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    And Mud was saying to continue the BETA testing and refinement and NOT rush to a full official release. Always the best path with any software, always! I'll wait till it is nearly perfect!
  83. VegasGuitar

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Soon ...... and I bet, before the QC is out!
  84. VegasGuitar

    Is this normal?

    Useless bordering black bars to hide the desktop are, well, useless. Remember watching widescreen video in a shadowbox? How about 4:3 TV on a widescreen monitor. Shudder!!!!
  85. VegasGuitar

    Is this normal?

    The ratio of screen height to width is fixed. You cannot make it wider than allowed given the height at that point. Fixed proportions so as to not render their labels and graphics unreadable. Very common in software for all platforms.
  86. VegasGuitar

    Looks Like We Lost Another One: RIP Leslie West

    I still owe you that beer my Brother. We'll catch up when I get there .....
  87. VegasGuitar

    EVH tone deep dive feat. DAVE FRIEDMAN and PETE THORN

    In addition to doing a similar video for pickups they are also taking about a speaker comparison.
  88. VegasGuitar

    EVH tone deep dive feat. DAVE FRIEDMAN and PETE THORN

    And now Mr. Friedman and Mr. Thorn are going to make a pickup comparison video and use Dave's 50w reference Plexi as the amp. Now that one will be enlightening!
  89. VegasGuitar

    Wish empty presets

    I have never previously seen a blank entry in a preset "list" on Axe Edit. I have deleted all characters in the preset name, saved it, and see no name whenever I load that preset, but a listing always showed, "<Empty>". I assumed, that was as intended and I began using the period for my blank...
  90. VegasGuitar

    Wish empty presets

    Doesn't work me either after refreshing the preset list. However, a single "." (period) makes a less cluttered listing.
  91. VegasGuitar

    Managing Presets

    Dumped all the factory presets to disk using the Tools>Manage Presets>Export function. To speed this up, make sure to set the Axe on an EMPTY preset and the export moves along nicely. As a matter of fact, I'm backing up right now before installing FW 13.01. Fractal-Bot does banks, system and...
  92. VegasGuitar

    Cab-Lab Updates: Version 3.5

    CabLab itself will download and install the update upon launch.
  93. VegasGuitar

    Jimi Hendrix's Marshalls

    There is a long running and very detailed thread on the Metropoulos Forum that discusses Hendrix amps, their mods, etc. It is into the hundreds of "pages," but I found a lot of interesting info. Jimi Hendrix' Gear and Mods at West Coast Organ and Amp
  94. VegasGuitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    Now just add your model of some Bugle Boy preamp tubes ......... Hmmmmmmm .....
  95. VegasGuitar


    Impedance mismatch ...... plug all the damn cables in!
  96. VegasGuitar

    Condensation under LCD Screen?

    Burying the Axe in a 50lb bag of rice for a few days. Then remove and it should be dry, and you can eat rice for the next 22 years!
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