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  1. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.03.07

    Extra awesome, thank you!! Fractal never sleeps...:p
  2. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 10.00 Public Beta #2

    Looks like it’s going to be a wonderful week of exploration. Thanks so much Cliff!!! I burned about 2 hours on an AC-30 rig this evening...WOW, just wow :blush: Can’t wait to try more. Might have to review quite a few presets.
  3. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.01

    BOOM, no rest for Fractal Peeps...You are AMAZING Thank you
  4. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 9.00

    And again...THANK YOU!!!!
  5. GtarLover

    AXE FXIII Live Tips Anyone?

    The Axe III is seriously more powerful. Your ability to use channels will not transfer from the Axe II. I would take some time to learn about your options, they are vastly superior now. More versatility in most areas. The Performance screen is invaluable for live use, IME. 10 options at your...
  6. GtarLover

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    Thank for the update Matt...it's always challenging to "not know" and wait. At least now there's a light at the end of the tunnel for some folks. Me, I'm super HAPPY with my Axe III and Fractal foot controllers. I've already found a travel solution and have flown with the Axe III a few times...
  7. GtarLover

    Ten Tap Delay - Deep Dive

    Always great!! Thanks Leon
  8. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 8.00 Public Beta

    OMG, better... Thank you, just thank you :oops:
  9. GtarLover

    FS Mono PedalBoard Pro Case and Temple Trio 28

    Sure, thanks for the interest. FYI, you can see it at the Temple web site. Trio 28 it's called. 28" x 16.5" with a slight rise front to back.
  10. GtarLover

    FS Mono PedalBoard Pro Case and Temple Trio 28

    Complete solution for FX8 or AX8 or FC-6, FC-12, or....... Just letting this whole package go for a fraction of its value!!! Over $370 worth, maybe more now. Mono PedalBoard Pro case in EXCELLENT condition. Temple Trio 28 Pedal Board Also included is a FULL set of plates for the Temple board...
  11. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 7.00

    BOOM...on target once again Thanks Fractal
  12. GtarLover

    Travelling to The USA /Florida?

    Hey there. I’m not in St Petersburg, I’m a bit North of Tampa, yet have played around town a bit. Check out who’s playing at Jannus Live. Great outdoor venue, First Friday’s of the month are free. Many shows from a variety of artists. Nice area there, restaurants, shopping, etc... Also, there...
  13. GtarLover

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    I believe the SKB has an empty weight of 28lbs...yet I can't be sure about that. Certainly it COULD work, yet I need wireless, so it doesn't make sense for me to go that way.
  14. GtarLover

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    OK, so my flight weight at the scale of Southwest Airlines counter was EXACTLY 50.0lbs. Axe III and 2 Shure SLX4 wireless receivers. It's an SKB 4 space rack inside foamed outer shell. Had to carry my FC6 and other stuff in a separate suitcase, not even an extra OZ available. That said...
  15. GtarLover

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    Just a quick update. Took the SKB travel 4 space out to gigs this weekend. Not fly, yet I wanted to give it a whirl in a live situation. No problems, nice wheels and decent handle. I did like being able to lift out the rack, and I only had to plug in power and XLRs. Oh, and a cable to my FC6. I...
  16. GtarLover

    SKB Travel Case for Axe-Fx III and FC-12

    I just purchased the 4 space travel case from SKB, the one from the pic above. The real issue is the weight. The Kemper is less weight than the Axe III I believe. When I put my Axe III in the case and it’s already at 43lbs. 50 is airline MAX. The case with the Axe III and my wireless is coming...
  17. GtarLover

    My "Kitchen Sink" Preset

    Super Cool Leon, much appreciated.
  18. GtarLover

    Ragdoll - Rust

  19. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    This is CRAZY!!!! Thanks everyone at FAS :D
  20. GtarLover

    JP2-C Yellow

    Very nice, thanks for the preset as well :D
  21. GtarLover

    Sad But True with the JP2C

    Nice job...preset?? Please ;)
  22. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

    We're not worthy...we're not worthy Thanks Cliff :D
  23. GtarLover

    FC-12 at first blush, from a current RJM user

    WOW!! That's an interesting idea, using both. I have the older LF Pro, it's just hard to consider spending MORE to upgrade to the RJM at this point.
  24. GtarLover

    Firmware upgrades, general question

    You guys are certainly correct, not trying to be logical I'm just saying 2 Axe III's are happiness :D #GOALS
  25. GtarLover

    Firmware upgrades, general question

    Personally, I tend to upgrade as soon as I can. Meaning, NOT right before a gig, yet as soon as I have a few moments to check presets and make adjustments. Firmware updates are NOT frivolous and DO represent and support more evolution of the product. I appreciate this as part of the Fractal...
  26. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.03

    OMG, I didn't even turn my Axe III back on from the 4.02 firmware That's got to be a record!!! Thanks Cliff
  27. GtarLover

    Weird color ring behavior

    Thanks guys. I get it. I just thought it was odd.
  28. GtarLover

    Weird color ring behavior

    Thanks for the reply BryantP Yep, EZ page. Then I push the switch and it's white. When I leave EZ page it's red if I hit the switch. Just kinda weird. Looks like per preset override is default enabled, so it's on
  29. GtarLover

    Weird color ring behavior

    OK, so I'm out of edit mode and things seem to be working normally. Just a very strange thing that happens when editing I guess.
  30. GtarLover

    Weird color ring behavior

    So I was programming FC-6 today and when I set the switch to toggle between scene 1 and scene 2, there is no problem, color ring is red as is default. However, when I do the same thing with the next switch, set to toggle between scene 3 and scene 4, the color ring shifts to white. Same thing...
  31. GtarLover

    Axe-Edit III 1.01.00

    HOLY SH*T!! Thank you Michael!! So much. so fast, LOVE the FC implementation. It's a GOOD day :D
  32. GtarLover

    FC-6 First Impressions

    Did my first show with the Axe III and FC-6 a little while ago. Flawless operation!! Great footprint, easy as pie. Still on the waitlist for a FC-12, so at the moment I am STOKED to have the FC-6. I can really see advantages of owning BOTH of these controllers. Enjoy!!
  33. GtarLover

    On the Passing of our Co-Worker Charlie Vessey

    SO sad. He helped me out big time and was a real stand up guy. Went beyond the call of duty. Seriously appreciated his help. He will be missed. Condolences
  34. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.01

    All good...I knew about Plex Delay, just for some reason thought the Plex Verb was a separate choice. Thanks guys, my bad.
  35. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.01

    Oh, I just thought it was an option like the "cloud" verbs... Where do I find that one? Thanks Chris
  36. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.01

    Did I miss something? I updated to 3.01 and the Plex Verb is not a choice :( Was Plex Verb a BUG???
  37. GtarLover

    80s Hair Metal Infusion!

    Thanks for taking the time to explain!! Really appreciate that. Sent you a PM response, no one wants to hear me talk o_O
  38. GtarLover

    80s Hair Metal Infusion!

    Hey there, Cool tones and nice tune all around. I would be interested in doing something similar as far as set-up. Currently I just run things into my Apogee Duet and directly into Logic. The idea you have is great, yet I've never done anything like that. I have an Axe III and some great amp...
  39. GtarLover

    Fractal AX8 bank per song, preset for intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo

    I am not advocating anything specifically, the OP was asking about options, versatility and what "CAN" be done. Regardless, the AX8 can do a bunch. As was mentioned, ALWAYS "level" your presets, no matter how many or what use use...the VU meters in the AX8 can work well for that. Austin Buddy...
  40. GtarLover

    Fractal AX8 bank per song, preset for intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo

    First of all, play around a bit and see how things work. Everyone has different needs and desires, AND the AX8 is quite flexible. I have tried and “used live” a variety of options with the AX8. I usually don’t need 4 amps for anything, so that’s a non-issue. It’s easy enough to change presets...
  41. GtarLover

    How many Axe-Fx processors do you own?

    I have owned MANY Fractal units along the way...my reality is always have a spare for the current gigging unit...including wireless and other items as well. Although, I have never needed to use ANY spare at a gig, it has been close a couple of times. So, currently I have 2 AX8’s for regular...
  42. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Wins Premier Gear Award

    Congrats to Cliff and ALL at Fractal. Well deserved
  43. GtarLover

    Looking for some help getting a Metallica chorus-clean

    Hey M, can you elaborate at all here? Just curious. Clearly studio is one thing, yet live may be another. I know Metallica has gone to Fractal, which is great to hear...just wondering if they are trying to match tones for live use or creating “live” presets. Also I’m sure they are using Axe III...
  44. GtarLover

    (Review / Verdict!) FX8 to replace my Timeline, Mobius, and TC HOF

    Nice board and sweet grooves...Congrats on the purchase. FX8 has eight slots that you can route various ways (pre/post) preamp. Very NICE!! Lot’s of great effects available as well. I have scenes set-up to use various gain stages with or without effects. Basically, you can either use scenes or...
  45. GtarLover

    Loud pop noise when switching between scenes

    This is an EXCELLENT explanation Moke, THANKS I’ll have to run through a few of my presets that pop or have artifacts, I wasn’t clear about how the interaction matters, but that just helped me to understand, thanks again brother. YOU my friend are a Fractal WIZARD :D
  46. GtarLover

    Need More Gain Stages

    Welcome to the club :D Many have mentioned scenes and scene controllers. These are two different concepts that you MUST understand completely to get the most out of your AX8. I do agree with Chris, take your time and watch some videos about the way to use scenes and scene controllers, as well...
  47. GtarLover

    Stage Clothes

    Wornstar Clothing is getting bigger. They have pants, shirts, other gear. I get skinny black pants there. Definitely not the "regular" jeans look. Personally I like eBay for button down shirts with a "Rock" flare. Some are pre-worn, but I'm just gonna sweat my ass off in them, so the lifespan...
  48. GtarLover

    Poll: Where do you use your Axe-Fx III mostly?

    I’d have to agree. This is how I’ve run my controllers as well. For me, regardless of which unit I’m using, my scene 1 is my rhythm sound, scene 3 is clean, scene 5 is lead. Then if there are alternative rhythm, lead, or cleans, they live in the “even” scenes 2, 4, 6. With this I don’t need...
  49. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.01

    I LOVE long weekends!! Thanks for working through the weekend Cliff & Fractal
  50. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.00

    Very grateful for my Fractal goodies. Thank you for a great weekend, as M just mentioned!! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL :D
  51. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.00 Public Beta #2

    Done and thank you!!
  52. GtarLover

    Pitch Block...

    Not trying to be combative, just realistic. I play regularly and bring what I need to get the job done. Your needs may be different and that's cool...I wouldn't mind the update to the AX8 either, yet as I said...the Axe III just got it's pitch shifter upgraded and the AX8 may follow suit. At...
  53. GtarLover

    Pitch Block...

    The new Axe III firmware has addressed many of the issues of the pitch shifter. Many have remarked the need for the "Drop" is gone. However that's for the Axe III. Be patient, AX8 usually gets updates AFTER the Axe III, if it's possible. New AX8 firmware may be along "soon." Until then...if the...
  54. GtarLover

    Formant Help Needed

    +1 on Moke’s Preset here. I did tweak a bit, but the formant/wah is great!! Saved tons of work, THANKS MOKE!!
  55. GtarLover

    Wish Add VU meter in AX8-Edit

    Would be much appreciated!!
  56. GtarLover

    Time for new amp-SD PS 170 or Quilter Tone Block 201?

    So, you’ve tried some things and still want to “monitor” with amp/cab, is this correct? I have the SD 170 and a Quilter Pro Block. I enjoy both. Here’s a couple things about each. SD170: treble, mid, bass along with a volume knob. I have used it with a 4X12 live with no problems. The big thing...
  57. GtarLover

    LT Presets

    Always appreciate your efforts Leon, you rock brother.
  58. GtarLover

    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

    This is so great, excellent promo. Congratulations to Cliff and ALL at Fractal Audio!! I saw the show with Journey in Tampa, REALLY GREAT!!! Matt, did you help them get all the tones matched up? I’d really love to see the presets, with the IR’s...they really translate well to FOH. Sounds like...
  59. GtarLover

    After all of these years, finally--I've bit the bullet and jumped on board the Fractal train..

    Congratulations!! You won't regret it. That said, I still have a TON of other gear, yet the AX8 is a game changer. SO EASY and quick. Best solution I've come across for traveling, especially fly in gigs. If it's for home use, you can record SUPER easily as well. Great unit, as is the Axe...
  60. GtarLover

    Wireless IEM systems - which one to buy / avoid ??

    A friend actually directed me to another site that had the MIPRO 909's and I called him and he immediately matched prices. Anyway, it's working for me.
  61. GtarLover

    Wireless IEM systems - which one to buy / avoid ??

    +1 on the MiPRO909. I moved from the older MIPRO 808 (kept it as a spare) and the 909 is GREAT!! As was mentioned, all digital and DUAL antenna...this is key for reception. There are some decent deals and if you're looking at the Sennheiser it is LESS $$ for the dual antenna 909. YMMV Here's a...
  62. GtarLover

    Atomic CLR Vs. Tube Amps (4c method) for Live shows?

    OK Gustavo, No, I'm running Out 1 XLR's directly to the FOH and running Out 2 OR Out 1's 1/4" to the CLR, when used. Depends on what's needed at the gig...sometimes my drummer likes to grab a direct feed to a mixer by him for his own in-ears. In this case he will usually get a 1/4" off of OUT 1...
  63. GtarLover

    Atomic CLR Vs. Tube Amps (4c method) for Live shows?

    Gustavo, I hear your challenges as a newer user. You already have some great tips here. Personally, I had a difficult time transitioning to FRFR at first, coming from amps, pedals, and cabs. It took me a while to understand and get used to doing it. For a while, I ran 4CM with my Boogie, then...
  64. GtarLover

    Preset Inspired by George Lynch

    Thanks Leon You are always fun to listen to and the break down is quite helpful. I did feel like I noticed a slight volume drop on the lead scene. Wonder of the pitch needs to come up a db or 2...I've found that to be the culprit sometimes. Regardless, love the sounds and will be excited to...
  65. GtarLover

    Matrix GT1000FX vs Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

    There are many individuals with different opinions on this. For me it really comes down whether you need stereo or can live with mono. The Matrix has stereo outputs and the SD170 has one cab output. In my experience both have enough power to drive a 4X12 or two for the Matrix. No worries about...
  66. GtarLover

    Using Axe III for live gigs

    Yeah, as others have said, the MFC 101 works fine with the Axe III. Just programming... I gigged it a couple nights at a theater in Alabama a couple weeks ago. Worked very well. Of course, there are things that can't be done without the 2-way communication, yet I also watched a couple videos and...
  67. GtarLover

    AX-8 Firmware Version 10.00

    Thanks so much Cliff. I also gigged my AX8 on 2 fly-in shows this weekend in WV and Ohio with 10 RC2, performed very well. Will download immediately :D
  68. GtarLover

    Some Dokken

    Sweet Mark!! Thanks for posting...
  69. GtarLover

    Q10 RC2 In Depth

    Wow Leon, thank so much for the video. I hadn't had the time to understand the update, and that REALLY helped. Also, really appreciate you and your willingness to share. As a long time Fractal user and a gigging musician, it's very much appreciated!!! And BTW, your playing is always a welcome...
  70. GtarLover

    Proper etiquette between 2 guitarists?

    Personally, it's all about working together. Tone wise, rhythm, lead, intro, whatever...If you can't work together, it's going to be BAD. However, if you are willing to discuss things with the other player, then your fine. It's about the BAND, not individuals. It can be really fun, yet of...
  71. GtarLover

    Please recommend a rack case for Axe-Fx III

    I have little experience with SKB, yet I really like the rear rack rails on the Gator stuff. 4 space rolling rack with in-ears in space 4 and then my Shure wireless in the back rail. Effectively a 5 space with enough space in the lids for antennae. Everything is plugged in and all I have is...
  72. GtarLover

    My first video with Axe-Fx III - Bogner Ecstasy Sim

    Sounds great, nice tones and sweet playing!! Would really enjoy a tutorial regarding the automated scene changes in Logic X. That would be really great to be able to do whole shows that way. Maybe connected to a click track or something, hmmm......
  73. GtarLover

    Honest Thoughts On Axe-Fx III, II and AX8?

    Would you be willing to share the rig that "gets you there" with the III, Please??? I'm considering switching from the AX8 for live, yet not quite sure the best way to use it. It would be a great help Big M, thanks!! Especially for those of us who travel to play, the AX8 has been a...
  74. GtarLover

    RJM MM GT/16 First Impressions

    Been looking at the RJM products as an option. Really hoping that the Fractal controllers will handle things well...and be available "sooner." I'm assuming a few proprietary functions will set them apart and make them the MOST desirable. I really got along well with my MFC controllers and yet...
  75. GtarLover

    [Video] - Firmware 1.09 - Major new features demo'd

    Very much appreciated Chris!!
  76. GtarLover

    ‘80s-‘90s sound

    Very nice
  77. GtarLover

    Behringer X32 Rack + S16: Do I need a splitter too? Help!

    We use significantly more than 16 channels, so we have the X32 rack AND the S16 snake from Behringer. Then, we are setting up multiple saved “scenes” where we use this in various ways (only IEM monitors-sending a separate split snake to FOH, AND IEM monitors plus mixing ourselves-where we send a...
  78. GtarLover

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Yep definitely still filling orders from day 1of waitlist. If you check the top of the page here and my times, we are literally a minute apart... Waitlist Confirmed: Jan 29th 5:53pm Invite Received: May 3rd 1:10pm Order Confirmed: May 3rd 4:13pm Looking forward to FINALLY having some time with...
  79. GtarLover

    AX8 & Cab-Lab

    Really cool video Leon. Thanks for the tips.
  80. GtarLover

    The III does a very chill Sugaree

    Well done!! Grew up on the Dead, been a while since I listened much. Great job and brings some fond memories. I like the way music does that, thanks!!
  81. GtarLover

    Acoustic Simulation Question

    Moke's Acoustic Simulator preset is GOLD You can do it yourself, yet the time to get ALL the parameters, mixing, Tone Match this to that, then transfer. Just buy it and be done. Seriously, I have been using it for a while, with hum bucker equipped Suhr's. EXCELLENT!!
  82. GtarLover

    Hells Bells cover, Plexi rules!!!!

    Sounds GREAT!!
  83. GtarLover

    To All The Pundits

    I gotta agree, 1&4 same source, 2&3 same source. Personally I like 1&4 better, as they sounded more full to me...or maybe 2&3 sounded farther away to me. Right or wrong doesn't matter any more. If I'm right, I want one and if I'm wrong, I want one. Then again, I can't hear much difference these...
  84. GtarLover

    AX8 vs Axe-Fx 2 vs Axe-Fx 3

    Yep, I agree with Yek and Dogstarr. AX8 and Axe II sound virtually identical, which is cool. I'm using my AX8 a bunch these days. However, the III stands up and out a bit and even sounded "more 3D" if that's possible. I can't wait to get that thing in person and explore!! Thanks for the video...
  85. GtarLover

    Metal guys, PAmp+Cab/FRFR? Either/or, or something that's skull crushing heavy!!

    You can choose FRFR or power amp/cab, either is a decent choice and can get ROCKIN' As mentioned above, 2 FRFR carbs in stereo can be very full sounding. I used my Axe FX XL with a Matrix power amp into a pair of 4X12's, killer tones. Really depends on how much room you have and what you want...
  86. GtarLover

    "Pull Me Under" - Petrucci Rig Preset

    Really AMAZING!! Great tones and Fabulous playing. I can't wait to get mine...
  87. GtarLover

    Wish EVH Phaser & Flanger

    Yek had some great ones a while back. Any chance of a re-post??
  88. GtarLover

    And then the light bulb finally came on...

    Glad you found "your" tones. Honestly, I have found excellent tones in a variety of uses with a variety of units. Ultra, Axe FX II, Axe FX II XL, AX8...you name it. That said, I have always enjoyed the power amp/cab set-up along with Fractal Gear and foot controllers. For portability I have...
  89. GtarLover

    AX8 - Missing Switch Cap

    Haven’t made it that far Scotty, just interested if others had a quick fix.
  90. GtarLover

    AX8 - Missing Switch Cap

    A couple of mine popped off as well. I found them, but how to re-attach?? They won’t stay put now. Works fine without. I’d enjoy hearing if you find out anything.
  91. GtarLover

    FX8 vs AX8

    Clearly the problem is not using an amp/AX8 or AX8, both are great options and will BOTH work very well, either direct or with, amps, power amps, and cabs. I have used ALL of the above at one time or another with stellar results. There is more than likely some sort of USER error on the...
  92. GtarLover

    Gig video: Ozzy’s Rock N Roll Rebel

    Excellent, as usual brother. Really, great job.
  93. GtarLover

    AX8 Show Footage

    Great band Leon...looks like you're having a great time too :D
  94. GtarLover

    Can FX8 be used with a Kemper?

    Thanks for this...gonna have to give it a whirl!!! Just LOVE the AX8 so much, yet it's always good to have options, as well as backup.
  95. GtarLover

    Can FX8 be used with a Kemper?

    The Kemper will accept CC commands I believe...so it should be compatible, yet I haven’t tried it. It’s an interesting idea actually...thing is the Kemper Remote is connectable via CAT5 cable and has the ability to use 4 expression pedals. If you used the FX8 you’d have to go midi (which is not...
  96. GtarLover

    Switching/Relay question

    You will be able to switch channels with one TRS cable, no doubt. You may have to experiment with the loop, because it's not clear how that switching is done. My Splawn QR head has 2 foot switch inputs on the back for a variety of options...I use one TRS in each and the FX8 can handle all the...
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