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  1. southpaw68

    Fractal Audio Product Development Question

    So, you're on the Amplifire waiting list and wonder if FAS is going to release a similar product :D
  2. southpaw68

    Messing about with Brit 800 +TS808

    Nice to see a fellow lefty on the forum. Never seen a left-handed 24-fret Jet King and a Prestige at that.You must be an Ibanez artist... Thank you for the video.I enjoyed it.
  3. southpaw68

    New Ipad user ... cool audio interface ?

    Yes and they will all charge your ipad while using it.
  4. southpaw68

    Anyone use a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 for SPDIF Reamping?

    Cool, looking forward to your tutorial I need an audio interface and the 6i6 is on my list.
  5. southpaw68

    The history of Axe Fx so far.

    Kind of, a lot of Vetta owners and regulars on the ION forums ended up getting the Axe. THE LINE 6 USER GROUP DISCUSSION FORUM - Fractal Axe-Fx ordered!
  6. southpaw68

    Wish MORE bass amps, por favor!

    Sure do but it has been asked a million times and no result unfortunately. Check this out for instance (look at the date): http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/43631-more-bass-amps-2.html http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/43631-more-bass-amps-2.html#post586012 Good...
  7. southpaw68

    Wish MORE bass amps, por favor!

    Ah, the recurring 'More bass amps' thread... No, just don't expect much if anything.
  8. southpaw68

    Downloaded patches muted? Why?

    Missing IR probably.
  9. southpaw68

    I Need A Shredder Guitar

    Make sure the pickup selector isn't in the way of your strumming hand. It was a deal breaker for me.
  10. southpaw68

    Pete Thorn's Suhr SL68 Tone Match

    Yet he did share his George Lynch patch.That's actually what made me buy an Axe Standard back then... Axe-FX :: View topic - George Lynch preset MP3Lizard.com: Downloading Axe FX George Lynch preset... Anyway I'd like his new patch too.It sounds really good on that YT video.
  11. southpaw68

    Maximum Number of Amp Models

    Guitar amp models: I don't know Bass amp models: 1
  12. southpaw68

    New Amp Sims Welcome

    I'm aware that will never happen but anyway, EBS Fafner: EBS Sweden AB - Professional Bass Equipment
  13. southpaw68

    getting Excess cpu message when trying to upgrade to 6.0??need help?

    Exact same thing happened to me.Tried 4 times and it drove me crazy.Never had any problems with firmware upgrade before. I used another computer running W7 and it worked! Too bad if you only have Vista.
  14. southpaw68

    so with FW 6, what's the next big step!?

    There's no such thing. It's either a Cream Machine or a Crunch Master.
  15. southpaw68

    New Amp Sims Welcome

    +10000 There has been many requests to add more tools for bass players. Unfortunately that's unlikely to happen. I regularly spend some time trying to dial in decent bass sounds on my Axe II but I can't get what I like.
  16. southpaw68

    Version 6.00 Preview

    Alternatively there's always the old joke: 'What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? American.'
  17. southpaw68

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    The MFC is 749€ now. Wasn't it 699€ not that long ago?
  18. southpaw68

    Live backing tracks through monitor(s)?

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I mistook FR for FXL. I'll try again tonight. Thanks!
  19. southpaw68

    Live backing tracks through monitor(s)?

    I have a drum machine connected to Input 2, the meters of input 2 show there's a signal coming through but I can't hear anything. What am I doing wrong? http://s8.postimage.org/sa7ixbwmt/Image2.jpg
  20. southpaw68

    Version 5 mini review

    Patience my friend, the Demeter simulations are taking longer than expected: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/43631-more-bass-amps-3.html#post583225 http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/43631-more-bass-amps-4.html#post586012
  21. southpaw68

    More Bass Amps

    Requested a million times already... http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/45375-bass-amp-wishes.html http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-fx-ii-wish-list/43631-more-bass-amps.html http://forum.fractalaudio.com/lounge/36584-might-why-we-only-have-one-bass-amp-sim-3.html...
  22. southpaw68

    Bass Amp wishes....

    +1 Yes, it IS an amazing amp.
  23. southpaw68

    Tempo Bled Through

    I have the same issue with the bypass button (LED blinking when bypass is off).Is there a quick fix to this or is this a hardware problem?
  24. southpaw68

    Wish new drive blocks (pedals)

    Another vote for the Majik Box Fuzz Universe here. Channel A of the EBS Microbass II would be really useful for us bassists looking for a modern bass sound.. EBS Sweden AB - Professional Bass Equipment http://www.bass.se/2009/products/500/microbassII_upfront.jpg
  25. southpaw68

    OZZY Flying High VIDEO MARK DAY Fatter strings Skinnier dude.

    Cool :) I also use the open E & B strings a lot in my rhythm parts (hence my concern). Not exactly my style but just for comparison this is how I like the open E & B strings to sound (I have no idea what his setup is??):
  26. southpaw68

    OZZY Flying High VIDEO MARK DAY Fatter strings Skinnier dude.

    Thank you for the video. I'd like to comment on a specific point though (hopefully you won't be offended): I hear unpleasant high frequencies when you play the open E & B strings (@54/56 secs for instance).
  27. southpaw68

    Headphones we can all use to tweak

    Do you use a headphone amp with the 650?
  28. southpaw68

    Whats your age again...?

  29. southpaw68

    Wish More bass amps

    Oh yes I would LOVE to have HBP and VTBP sims. Sorry, I don't have any of these preamps though.
  30. southpaw68

    Axe Fx II Headphones question + Problem.

    It's possible your headphones enhance or tame certain frequencies. Some say higher impedance headphones usually have a flatter frequency response and are truer to the original signal. I'm not sure I agree with that.The Sony MDR 7506, for instance, is known to have a flat FR yet it's only 63...
  31. southpaw68

    Recorded clip doesn't sound exactly like what I hear on the phones out.

    Thank you. That's what I wanted to know.
  32. southpaw68

    Axe Fx II Headphones question + Problem.

    Dang, you're going to drive Cliff crazy. Have you read the other posts about the Axe II and headphones? In your particular case you need to mention what monitors you use with your PC.How does their frequency response compare your headphones'? That'd be a good start... Edit: Wait, did you say...
  33. southpaw68

    Recorded clip doesn't sound exactly like what I hear on the phones out.

    Yes please, if someone from Fractal could clear this up that'd be really nice.
  34. southpaw68

    What's with all the haters?

    Don't get your panties in a bunch.I'm sure not trying to change your mind.I respect everybody's opinion. That's just the way I interpreted what Paco wrote. My comment was aimed at the haters, no matter what side they're on (since, unfortunately, somebody opened yet another counterproductive Axe...
  35. southpaw68

    What's with all the haters?

    You know the saying, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. That's basically his message and I agree with him.A lot of Axe owners are quite narrow-minded and have that irritating holier-than-thou attitude. The Axe and the POD HD are great units (I'm lucky to own both and...
  36. southpaw68

    Wish More bass amps

    Thanks for the tips.
  37. southpaw68

    Wish More bass amps

    MM Stingray's , Sandberg JM4, '93 Ibanez SR 800, '96 Ibanez ATK 300 and Ibanez SR600. All have their stock pickups.
  38. southpaw68

    Wish More bass amps

    Exactly the type of tone I'm after. There's no way you can achieve a punchy modern bass sound like this with the Axe.
  39. southpaw68

    Wish More bass amps

    Yet nobody feels the need to post tips about using the Axe with bass guitars. Bass & Other Instruments Besides, what you mentioned doesn't make up for the lack of extra bass amp sims to me.
  40. southpaw68

    Wish More bass amps

    Yes, +1 but good luck having someone listen to you when requesting bass sims. The 'Amp & Other Instruments' section of this forum is a desert.It says: 'There have been no posts in the last 30 days in this forum.Try using the controls below to search for any older posts that may exist.'...
  41. southpaw68

    warranty ? do I have to register my axe fx 2

    When I wanted to buy a used Standard (originally purchased from G66) a few years ago Sussi told the seller to give the new onwer's name so I could take advantage of G66's customer service. I have no idea if warranty transfers are still possible.
  42. southpaw68

    UK Customs Charge Ridiculous!

    Yes it is, especially since the VAT increase at the beginning of the year: HM Revenue & Customs: Increase in the standard rate of VAT to 20 per cent Then import duty, brokerage fee and whatnot, ... all these add up.
  43. southpaw68

    G66 Waiting list poll

    I wouldn't expect anything before February/March (2012...lol) for Euros who ordered sometime in May...2011. Hopefully I'm wrong...
  44. southpaw68

    Help chosing studio monitors

    My personal favorites (for a relatively small room) are the Focal Solo 6 Be. They're expensive but consider that as a lifetime investment. For my use I only have a single monitor at home.If I want stereo I prefer headphones.
  45. southpaw68

    Axe fx 2's on eBay

    Voltage is not an issue. RTFM 2nd page of the manual (you can download it even if you don't have the Axe II): 3. Connect only to a proper AC outlet of 100–240V, 47–63 Hz. Warranty is the BIG issue in your case.
  46. southpaw68

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Or maybe for some US citizens like the nice people @FAS it simply means that kind of flow: Maneken Piss If so, the 'flood-gates' metaphor makes perfect sense then.
  47. southpaw68

    Bass Amps and Vocal or console preamps

    I agree, the Axe is weak when it comes to bass sounds.It seriously lacks punch/headroom. It'd be nice to have a block dedicated to bass amp simulations and a sub-block for bass effects.
  48. southpaw68

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    Paypal exchange rates are updated twice a day. There's a 2,5% conversion fee for foreign currency transactions.That's the average most banks charge (depending on what type of payment card you have).
  49. southpaw68

    The EUs AFX2s are HERE! Cliff! Everyone!

    I think contributors (moderators, axe edit, axe wiki, ...) were served first but paid for the Axe (probably got a discount as well).
  50. southpaw68

    New Amp Sims Welcome

    Channel A of the EBS Microbass II.
  51. southpaw68

    Cubase 6?

    Since you're using the Axe as a soundcard you'll only be able to hear the playback from the Axe outputs/headphones jack.
  52. southpaw68

    G66 - Update (Europe axe fx II buyers)

    Unless you try to understand my reasoning and realize that profit may have to do with your simple question being unanswered. The Axe-Fx II is victim of its success.If the release date in Europe is constantly being delayed it means there's more to it than meets the eye. What's simple for you...
  53. southpaw68

    G66 - Update (Europe axe fx II buyers)

    Isn't their profit margin higher in the us? If so, as long as it's sold out stateside there's no reason to supply the European market with these new units. At some point the production will catch up and they'll start shipping but for now they can afford to 'buy time'. I may be wrong but...
  54. southpaw68

    Let's all wish Cliff good vibes and a quick recovery!

    My cat thinks you should take some time to take it easy and is sending good vibes your way... [
  55. southpaw68

    Which REAL amps do you own?

    Splawn Street Rod.
  56. southpaw68

    Why do Europeans have to pay $3,300

    No VAT in the US, it's a sales sax which is collected if the product is shipped within the same state. There's no sales tax in New Hampshire (where Fractal Audio is located) anyway. Why do Europeans have to pay $3300 ? Probably because they're willing to. G66 has a huge waiting list for the Axe...
  57. southpaw68

    AxeFX II High Gain Clip VIDEO Mark Day at Tone Merchants

    Thanks for the video. Do you have some sort of active boost on on your guitar?
  58. southpaw68

    New Looper block ??

    Apparently you can't store the loops (that's what a memory slot would be for). 60 seconds is a long time for live loops only.
  59. southpaw68

    Will there be an Axe Fx 2 Ultra?

    You don't expect an answer, do you?
  60. southpaw68

    G66 has opened its waiting list

    Mid June 2008 - Ultra was 1899€ Mid June 2010 - Ultra was 2199€ In the meantime the $ hit low points against the € (especially during the fall of 2010). G66 never adjusted their prices when the exchange rate became more favorable again. They did increase the price by 300€ in a 2 year...
  61. southpaw68

    Axe-Fx II Technical Questions Thread

    Being able to use the front input (guitar) and the stereo rear inputs (keyboard/sampler/hardware sequencer/drum machine/...) at the same time would be really nice. Is that possible?
  62. southpaw68

    Liquid foot Pro to UK

    I hear you.I'm exactly in the same situation. The guy has an awesome product but is terrible to deal with.He has a weird way of running his business. That's not the first time I read complaints about his lack of communication.
  63. southpaw68

    Announcement: Atomic Reactor FR - UPDATED 7/27/09

    Thanks for the fast reply!
  64. southpaw68

    Announcement: Atomic Reactor FR - UPDATED 7/27/09

    I have a question for Tom. How would the Axe-Fx and a drum machine/hardware sequencer sound through the Atomic Reactor (using the mono output of a small mixer)? I'm occasionally doing the one-man-band thing and I was wondering if this amp could be used that way. In other words, how well can the...
  65. southpaw68

    Anyway to Reach Liguid foot, to order a Liquid foot pro ?

    Did you guys use liquid.orders@verizon.net to order a LF product from outside the US?
  66. southpaw68

    First contact - Atomic Reactor FR content

    Thanks Dave!
  67. southpaw68

    First contact - Atomic Reactor FR content

    Jochen, What about the weight and the dimensions of this amp? Thanks.
  68. southpaw68

    Why are you waiting for the MFC?

    Why are you waiting for the MFC? Because I think I'll have a better chance of finding a used LF jr then.
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