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    A bit of an issue...

    Sooo, I bought an expression pedal. Plugged it into my Pedal 1 slot in the back of my FM3, and the tip of the TRS cable is now stuck inside of my port. Would anyone please shine some light on some of the ways you guys have remedied this kind of issue in the past? I can't be the first.
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    Simple approach for similar air movement?

    Alright, lets try and keep this simple. I have a PRS MT15, an FM3 that goes into an SD PowerStage. And 2 identical 2x12s. My MT15 sounds glorious, as does my FM3, but side by side it's obvious the MT15 is just pushing out more air, and sounds overall a bit more "Present/Crunchier" than any...
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    Review from a long time user.

    Hey everyone. I'm not much of a poster but I've been here since 2012. My first unit was an AxeII. I was just getting into extended range metal at the time, and I knew I had to make the jump. The unit was way over my head, but I eventually dove in and after a few years, got a decent understanding...
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    June 1st is coming. Who's interested? Who saw the 60 minutes piece? Who's still skeptical? Lets talk it out.
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    FM3/PRS MT15 question.

    Hey all. Weird question, but I'm curious. My MT15 has a great Lead channel, but it's clean is pretty rough. I was wondering, is it possible to run a clean amp from the FM3, and use the main Lead channel from the MT15, and have this swap controllable through the FM3?
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    PC not detecting AxeFx 2 after power surge.

    Hey everyone. Pretty sure this is likely a hardware issue that i'll have to send off, but I would like to at least try my hand here first..... Long story short, power went out at my house and shorted quite a few things. Looks like it almost shorted the AxeFx at first power up but the 2nd power...
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    Recording dry signal.

    I've looked almost everywhere but I can't find a solution for my problem specifically. I'm trying to setup a session for a guitarist to record a dry signal for re-amping in the future. I am using the Axe FX as the Playback Engine in Pro Tools. I was able to setup the appropriate tracks for wet...
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    Pro Tools question.

    Super unrelated for the forum, but you're all really smart, and I know at least one of you deals with Pro Tools here. :P I have PT10, and I was wondering. I already have an instrument track with Omnisphere on it, with a certain effect that I like. Now, I would like to use another omnisphere...
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    Some Cool Clips! (I hope...) HARSH AND BRUTAL criticism wanted!

    Hey all, just looking to get some serious constructive criticism on some of my clips... looking to do this for a potential future band project, but that'll all be based upon feedback really. No bass on this one, but I added an 808 drop to it that I found off of some sketchy random site, lol...
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    MFC issue

    Searched and couldn't find anything on the issue... I just purchased an MFC, and when I initially plugged it in via Ethernet cable, it seemed as if it was scanning my AxeFX library, which I guess is normal. But then it suddenly stopped, and now my MFC only browses and pretty much skips 5 patches...
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    Tone Match with Cabs

    I've searched through a quite a few posts to try and find some kind of answer somewhere... I don't have any problems going through the actual process of Tone Matching. Maybe it's my ears... but I used a YouTube video as a reference point, and through my computer speakers, the tone of the...
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