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  1. dr bonkers

    Why Have Otherwise Globally Significant Cultures Failed To Produce Iconic Music Acts?

    When I visited Italy, I became hooked on a band that was played on the radio called Circus 2000. To describe them in a sentence, think of The Doors with a Grace Slick singing. I think the reason France and Italy don't have more iconic acts that sell a lot is due to exposure in other...
  2. dr bonkers

    Do I need a an Eventide H9 or can it be done with AXE-FX III

    I feel the same way about them. I wish there was a middle ground of 500 ms. Ir loading.
  3. dr bonkers

    Do I need a an Eventide H9 or can it be done with AXE-FX III

    I agree for the most part. Where I have a difference in perception is in the following scenario. The resolution settings on the reverbs in a band mix are a processor savings and not a really remarkable difference in a double blind test.
  4. dr bonkers

    Do I need a an Eventide H9 or can it be done with AXE-FX III

    The only reason I would think you may want an H9 is if you find that you run out of processing power in the Fractal unit. You would need to have some pretty complex signal paths to run out of processing power to do that. I personally have yet to max out the Fractal processor. I have seen...
  5. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    Once you get the strings stretched out, it is as stable as my other Floyd Rose guitars. I may end up upgrading the tuners to locking ones though, so I don't have to lock down the nut. I have that setup on one of my guitars and it is stable and allows me to throw it into different tunings quickly.
  6. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    Casa Grande!
  7. dr bonkers

    The 300th amp model?!?!?!

    The Hiwatt and the Sunns are really, really popular.
  8. dr bonkers

    The 300th amp model?!?!?!

    If you have a link to that video, I would be honored to link to it on my site. It makes me happy that it brought your dad some joy. That makes all the work making them worth it.
  9. dr bonkers

    The 300th amp model?!?!?!

    Based on sales of the cab files, this would be wildly popular as an amp model.
  10. dr bonkers

    The 300th amp model?!?!?!

    There doesn't seem to be many Aethers that exist. At one time I was approached about creating IR files for them, but the deal fell apart due to their wants of a particularly one sided benefit relationship. Dr Bonkers is a nice guy, but he doesn't work for free. Before that point where things...
  11. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    It feels pretty solid for having the routes already for the ghost system, battery, Floyd Rose, control cavity, and switching. I can't imagine how many more cavities they would route into it without it feeling like a ES semi hollow LP.
  12. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    I bought mine off of Ebay from a Japanese seller because Sweetwater contacted me and told me they had to cancel my order because Epiphone told them they didn't have any to send them and were discontinuing the model.
  13. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass

    That's not really my bag of tricks. Personally I've always preferred a miked cab mixed with direct versus drive block direct with eq.
  14. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    30 minutes outside of Phoenix, AZ. Come on down!
  15. dr bonkers

    Great power amp options for axe fx3?

    Solid state reference amps are where it's at for me when monitoring. Crown, Hafler, QSC or similar quality. Flatter response and usually cheaper than the Matrix such choices are too.
  16. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    That I get that more so, even though viceroy brown is not tobacco burst, than your "Alex who?" comment. I never really understood why people need to state artist a is better than artist b, especially when the thread's subject is about a certain guitar that is not, in most significant specs...
  17. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    Not sure what Duane Allman has to do with this thread at all. I must be missing something.
  18. dr bonkers

    NGD: Epiphone Alex Lifeson LP

    This thing is stupid fun to play and sounds great. Made in January 2022! I'm so stoked to have tracked one down.
  19. dr bonkers

    Making profit selling presets with the altruistic support of this community

    I've had that happen. It stinks. My favorite though is when people ask me to help troubleshoot presets with IR files made by other esteemed colleagues. I respectfully let the person know that they should reach out to that particular IR producer for troubleshooting the preset as they have...
  20. dr bonkers

    Wish 88.2k and 96k sample rates

    Post in thread 'Axe FX at 96k' https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-at-96k.175372/post-2127738
  21. dr bonkers

    POLL: What should the next NEW AustinBuddy TonePack be, before 2023 hits?

    The second half of the Led Zeppelin oeuvre would be great. 4 things that I would love to see in it are: 1. In the Evening preset. 2. Achilles Last Stand bass preset 3. In the Light synth block preset 4. We're gonna groove octave divider preset
  22. dr bonkers

    FAS Hot Rod is a Beast!

    The Cameron with the Variac set to 75% becomes a fire breathing dragon!
  23. dr bonkers

    First Photo from James Webb Space Telescope

    In before the lock. I love the images of the telescope. Is anyone else noticing a subtle motion blur to the images? Is that an issue that can be addressed?
  24. dr bonkers

    Pantera Tour

    I would be interested to see this. It's an interesting combination. I was kind of disappointed that I never got to see Pantera or Damageplan before Dimebag passed.
  25. dr bonkers

    Wish Demeter TGP-3

  26. dr bonkers

    Top Ten Principles To Being The Best Guitarist You Can Be

    If I may add some that I have found useful on my journey: 1. Play bass. Once you learn how to hold down to root harmonic content with a marriage to the percussion of a song, then you learn as guitarist how to sail on top of what the rhythm section is doing so that you are not locked into...
  27. dr bonkers

    Gibson ruining yet another acquired brand.

    Yep, I can attest to some of that.
  28. dr bonkers

    Gibson ruining yet another acquired brand.

    I loved the robot tuners. The only downsides I found to them were: A) I like old strings. Once the tuners need to deal with strings over 6 months old, the oxidation would throw off their calibration and snap the strings. B) Gibson sued Tronical, so the future of replacement parts and service...
  29. dr bonkers

    Gibson ruining yet another acquired brand.

    I love Steinberger trans trem. I wish Gibson would sell the tech to someone like Keisel who would do a lot with it. When I blew a tweeter in a K-Rok monitor that I owned and used since 1993, Gibson was most unhelpful. When my Dusk Tiger had the fretboard shrink, they were most unhelpful. The...
  30. dr bonkers

    My 2 Cents: Why Some People think Axe-Fx Doesn't Sound Great

    Here's an fun analogy that people can take any way they like: Glenn Fricker is to YouTube as Jay Mitchell is to TGP.
  31. dr bonkers

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    I captured the cab if you want to get partially there.
  32. dr bonkers

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    I'm very sad to hear this. He was a great guy and a gifted player.
  33. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00 Public Beta (Beta 4)

    Cliff has a vintage box of Calgon that he waves at the algorithms, chanting, "Ancient Chinese secret!" Prior to releasing firmware. LoL Either that or he thinks disclosing such info gives up a competitive advantage.
  34. dr bonkers

    What’s the deal with the Quad Cortex?

    I tried it. My two word review: Quaffed Kotex
  35. dr bonkers

    Ace Frehley - Fan-Filmed Video From Solo Show In New York Surfaces

    Okay, the smoking guitar bit at the beginning of Shock Me seemed like a bit that Spinal Tap should have used.
  36. dr bonkers

    Mouse Review

    I'm addicted to trackballs too.
  37. dr bonkers

    Wish Modifier For Tempo subdivisions parameter in all blocks and controllers that have tempo

    Let's get freaky. For example, if I pick hard, then tempo is dotted 1/8 note. Pick soft and note becomes 1/4 note
  38. dr bonkers

    Pultec, Echoplex tape and other gear in IR Player blocks ?

    The difference though is that the Echoplex tape echo preamp has no user variable frequency cuts or boosts. The inherent problem with capturing IR files of mic preamps and EQ units is the gain controls necessitate lots of files to capture the tonal variations. For eq and mic pre units that...
  39. dr bonkers

    Pultec, Echoplex tape and other gear in IR Player blocks ?

    Having an IR pack of a Pultec eq is kind of unwieldy. Do you realize how many permutations of the controls you would need to capture if you don't have one set up in your posession with your settings already dialed in? That's a lot of IR files to go through and would make cab pack single mic...
  40. dr bonkers

    Fair Warning.....

    For me, I love the falling down the stairs solo in One Foot Out the Door. It's such an atmospheric piece only equaled by Crossing Over from the Japanese release of Balance. Fair Warning to me is the ultimate dark Van Halen album. The bass tones and parts on that album are stunning too.
  41. dr bonkers

    Health Update

    My good vibes are with you Brother Todd. Not only your musicianship but your courage in the face of this is truly inspiring.
  42. dr bonkers

    FAS amps

    It's Cliff's creation but I keep trying to get him to use the name for a model.
  43. dr bonkers

    FAS amps

    My wishes: FAS Seal Clubber = Sunn Model T idealized FAS T&C = idealized Marshall Club and Country FAS Grey = idealized Marshall Silver Jubilee FAS Geek = GK 800 RB
  44. dr bonkers

    Early Van Halen

    Very inspiring. You've got the swinging phrasing down solid.
  45. dr bonkers

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

  46. dr bonkers

    Health Update

    Much hope, strength, well wishes, and good vibes headed your way!
  47. dr bonkers

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    As another option or two: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product-tag/evm-12l/
  48. dr bonkers

    His Dark Materials

    I loved the His Dark Materials books. I was lucky enough to work on the paperback conversions of the hard covers books of The Golden Compass and The SubtleKnife. They were really well plotted though my favorite character was the polar bear.
  49. dr bonkers

    Recommend a bass cab Ir with a deep tone

    You may find these useful: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/product-category/bass-guitar-cabinet-files/ All my non-user submitted demos are using the cabs and presets reamped through the Axe-FX 3.
  50. dr bonkers

    Recommend a bass cab Ir with a deep tone

    If I had unlimited funds and space, I would biamp a Sunn 200s 2x15 with JBL D-140 speakers along with an Aguilar DB810. They were the two most visceral cabs I've ever had the pleasure of playing through.
  51. dr bonkers

    Octave Divider in the Pitch Block

    Envelope Modifier on the mix level set so the harder you pick, it will duck the level of your dry signal.
  52. dr bonkers

    12 string bass

  53. dr bonkers

    Digitech lives???

    After being acquired by Samsung and gutted, it looks like Cor-Tek is looking to revive them. https://dshowmusic.com/cor-tek-acquiring-digitech-official-statement/
  54. dr bonkers

    12 string bass

    When I saw them about 3 years back, Dug busted out the 12 string for 3 or 4 tunes, including an encore of Dogman.
  55. dr bonkers

    12 string bass

    Some of the 12 string bass guitars have the thinnest strings tuned to unison, some to a 5th above, and others to an octave above.
  56. dr bonkers

    Wish Frequency plot of IR in Cabinet Block

    Doesn't the align page in the cab block do this?
  57. dr bonkers

    Steve Howe "Relayer" tone

    As someone who convinced his sister to hand paint him a Yes - Close to the Edge T shirt that mimicked the cover in in Kindergarten (along with a Black Sabbath Masters of Reality and Tarkus shirts because no one made that stuff in kids sizes then except for Kiss - I had an original Destroyer t...
  58. dr bonkers

    No More Tears Solo

    This was great!
  59. dr bonkers

    Time based effects in serial or parallel?

    It all depends on the sounds that are your goal. When I am feeling randy I like to put reverb before the delay in serial. It's a really cool have the sound bounce around in such ways. Parallel reverb and delay is great too. Especially because you can group a chorus or pitch with the delay on...
  60. dr bonkers

    Metal Lords

    Very cool stuff. It captures those awkward high school band vibes well.
  61. dr bonkers

    Closest to Boss OS2, Sunn, Cave In?

    Cliff said a long time ago that the JTM45 was the basis for the Sunn. Then he acquired a Model T years ago, but we heard nothing more about progress of modeling it.
  62. dr bonkers

    Wish voltage starvation in drive block

    I was really hoping this was going to be an Easter egg in the latest update.
  63. dr bonkers

    Teeth of the Hydra

    This is inspiring to say the least.
  64. dr bonkers

    Wish Envelope follower improvements

    +1 I love using the envelope follower to do lots of cool things to make stuff respond more dynamically.
  65. dr bonkers

    Hoshino USA celebrating 50 years of business

    That artist is gorgeous but the prices are nutty, like they went the full Gibson.
  66. dr bonkers

    Banned from TGP

    The mods at TGP slurp a bag of latex anatomy. Never was there a bunch of more power tripping yet illogical people.
  67. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass

    Does the Dingwall have any sort of bass boost engaged? That much roll off seems highly unusual to need with those IR files.
  68. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers' Guide to Using Fractal Axe-FX 3 for Bass

    It really depends on the curve of your monitoring, output of your pickups, and treatment of your room along with how much low end is dialed into your kick drum and floor toms. If you have room eq/treatment and those other instruments dialed in well, then you shouldn't need a ton of roll off.
  69. dr bonkers

    We all have our favorites, so...

    I can't believe I am the only no so far. There's a tool for every job. The fun is finding which tool works best for you in each situation that arises.
  70. dr bonkers

    WAR PIGS (silent thread)

  71. dr bonkers

    dB Levels In Your Primary Listening Place??

    I usually use 80 dB SPL with spikes of 85 to 90 dB when creating IR cab mixes and presets. This way there are no lamentations regarding Fletcher Munson curve effects among players who use my wares and like to play like kings or queens of volume.
  72. dr bonkers

    Native Instruments and iZotope joining up

    This could be very intriguing.
  73. dr bonkers

    Making your own Fullres IRs?

    Yep, that's correct. I really don't like shooting files exclusively in syx format when people want to port the files to devices which do not use that format or want higher sampling rate captures.
  74. dr bonkers

    Wish: add preamp from the cab block to cab lab

    That's a neat way to save CPU. +1
  75. dr bonkers

    Making your own Fullres IRs?

    The current issue with using a DAW to create Full Res IR files is that the current version of Cab Lab doesn't give you a WAV2SYX option for Full Res. So all your converted WAV files would be truncated to UltraRes length via that method. You may be able to drag and drop a WAV file into your unit...
  76. dr bonkers

    So that's bizarre!

    Well, she could have satyr horn implants in her head. If you've ever seen that, then you know you can't unsee them. By contrast, elf ears are pretty normal.
  77. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.04

    Cliff is more machine than man in the way gets these fixes out! Most impressive!
  78. dr bonkers

    What was your first Digital Modeler?

    Another Digitech GSP-21Pro starter owner Used the Fox Studio's Rockman Rack, Marshall JMP-1, Mesa V-Twin. Used various VST plugins like Revalver. I upgraded to a Johnson JM-150 with J-12 foot controller. Sold that to fund an Axe-fx II mark 2. Akin to Cliff, I was disappointed with the sounds...
  79. dr bonkers

    Wish How to Fix The Problem with ROTARY model!

    I had that amp too and loved it. If replacement parts weren't a problem, I would still have one.
  80. dr bonkers

    So I finally was able to get Atomic CLRs from Craigslist...

    I have Studio Slips for my Dirty Shirley extension cab and my Mesa Thiele cab. They are highly recommended.
  81. dr bonkers

    So I finally was able to get Atomic CLRs from Craigslist...

    Yeah, Jay pretty much despises me and that's OK. Not everyone will like any given person in life. I won't be asking Jay questions any time soon.
  82. dr bonkers

    So I finally was able to get Atomic CLRs from Craigslist...

    I'm thinking of covering mine in python tolex to make them more fun.
  83. dr bonkers

    So I finally was able to get Atomic CLRs from Craigslist...

    Well they are certainly more rugged than getting a pair of Genelec or Adam monitors for gigging usage. Don't you agree? The EV monitors, JBLs, or Headrush monitors are less flat than the CLRs
  84. dr bonkers

    So I finally was able to get Atomic CLRs from Craigslist...

    Holy smokes! These are great sounding units. If you are looking to replicate your in studio monitoring experience in a more rugged package, these are worth getting. They move a lot of air. They remind my favorably of UREI 813 monitors except that they are a lot lighter and they are on a bit of...
  85. dr bonkers

    Dr Bonkers Ambient Thing

    Actually I designed it for guitar, but it sounds really good on bass as well.
  86. dr bonkers

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    I tried that, but that thing kind of killed the Jazzmaster jangle for me. The Jaguar replacement bridge helped stabilize things so that the 12s were stable in the saddle.
  87. dr bonkers

    Rick Beato on string gauge

    It's pretty wild that I need to use a 12 on my Jazzmaster otherwise I launch the string out of the saddle. On my other guitars I use 10 gauge except for my strat and tele which came with 9 gauge and feels/sounds ok.
  88. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02 Public Beta

    I totally missed that. Thanks!!!!
  89. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02 Public Beta

    My Johnson Millennium J12 foot controller had this double tap revert functionality back in 2001. I would love this to be available as I would use the crap out of it.
  90. dr bonkers

    Still Searching-Home Studio VOCAL mic :-(

    The Audio Technica 4033 is one that I like on vocals more than the 4050 than the KSM or the Rode. The used AKG-414 XLS can sometimes be found in the price range and is a stellar vocal mic for the money.
  91. dr bonkers

    Looking for a V30 IR with similar properties to the TV mix cabs?

    My Engl and Bogner have serious thump.
  92. dr bonkers

    FullRes IRs vendors or packs ?

    I'm waiting for the update to Cab Lab to create these files.
  93. dr bonkers

    Bass Tone help - eliminate Fret Clicking but still clear

    @JRod4928 this post may help. Your preset has way too much going on that could be addressed via other methods: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/does-this-bass-di-sound-off.173658/post-2127121
  94. dr bonkers

    Looking for suggestions for a new 7 string guitar

    I love my Ibanez AX7521 7-string. I picked it up for a really good price used by trolling the GC used instruments section. The bonus of this model for me is that it is one of the Wizard neck profiles in 24-3/4" scale. For my T-Rex hands, it's a very comfortable instrument and stays in tune well..
  95. dr bonkers

    Cabinet RW

    @Muzicianist 432 AB = Austin Buddy OH = Ownhammer RW = RedWirez ML = ML Soundlab DB = Dr Bonkers Soundlab The rest of the abbreviations may be found in the Wiki here.
  96. dr bonkers

    About that Blackglass B7K Model

  97. dr bonkers

    About that Blackglass B7K Model

    The 4x10 cab is in there already since the product release: GeekRB Cliff let me add it. If you want bass 4x12 cabs, I do have a few.
  98. dr bonkers

    Hot for Teacher

    Wow! That was crazy good right down to the drum tuning.
  99. dr bonkers

    Fractalverse, Please Settle This Important Debate: Motley Crue vs Pearl Jam

    Both singers could use subtitles when singing some of their songs live. Instrumentally and compositionally both bands are solid. These feuds are all publicity stunts.
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