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  1. WatersDeep

    Software FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8, Axe-Fx III and FM3

    I have Android V 5.1, so does that mean this will not work at all?
  2. WatersDeep

    Song to my Wife

    Thanks for the kind words all. And yes there are two kids involved 5 and 6 year old boys. More than half my life with her and I dont know what to expect without her.
  3. WatersDeep

    Song to my Wife

    Well a tragic thing has happened to me. My wife filed for divorce after 15 years. While I've been doing all I can to save my marriage, I wrote this song for her. May god help me. Let me know what you think. I love her dearly.
  4. WatersDeep

    How many guitars do you own?

    I guess I have 9 if you count bass guitars. Fender Stratocaster MIJ Gibson Les Paul Std Schecter C-1 BC Rich model from 80's - gave to my 4 year old to bang on the floor Ovation Acoustic Fender Acoustic Applause Acoustic Bass Fender American Jazz Dlx V5 Schecter Stiletto Bass
  5. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Kudos on all the new amps and Dizzy V4 Blue fixes. I am happy to see some new delays and that just gives us more options.
  6. WatersDeep

    Reduce the sound of the pick

    You could also just change picks. I use Tortex when I want the pick clicking/scraping sound, but then when I dont want the sharp click/scraping sound I use Nylon picks. I've even recently experimented with Timber Tones picks made out of various wood and that pretty much eliminates that...
  7. WatersDeep

    New Ownhammer IRs - Questions

    Are you planning any new High Gain collections? Some of my favorites which are no longer available were pretty much all the HGE IRs using 5881. The Diezel v30 16ohm is wonderful and the Sunn stock speaker is amazing. Would love to see some new releases in this category.
  8. WatersDeep

    Working on a Tool (Adam Jones) tone.

    He does use Recto v30 cabs but also mixes in SUNN cabs in the studio. Another thing is there is a shiver in his sound that seems to be a combination of the Diezel CH3 with gain maxed and a digital flanger in the mix. I think having the Diezel Blue is key and the second amp is about finding...
  9. WatersDeep

    Working on a Tool (Adam Jones) tone.

    Experimenting with cabs will get you the rest of the way. I have gotten close with the Diezel Blue face and a Friedman HBE using the OH HGE Diezel IR's. Unfortunately Kevin at OH recently revamped his site and delisted those cabs. Maybe if you emailed him you could get your hands on it...
  10. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    I cant seem to attach a .ir .rar or .zip file to send it to you. Is there an email I can send it? Basically the only way I can describe it is when I switch from browser preview to the mixer, the full round bottom is lost and its becomes more focused. However the thickness of the palm...
  11. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    I just checked settings and I do have output format set correctly to UltraRes. I still dont get why there is a difference still.
  12. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    I've experienced this more on some IR's vs others. Recently it was the Justin York Collection. Shouldn't what you hear using the .ir directly from the cablab browser sound exactly the same as using None when sending from the mixer? It seems like its cutting of the low end more than...
  13. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    Anyone else notice this issue or did I post in the wrong forum?
  14. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    It has been frustrating at times and I just don't know why it occurs but only began with CabLab 3. I don't recall this happening with CabLab 2. First I have converted all the .wav to .IR with Cablab 3. When I load though an IR through the browser and sample the sound based on selecting the...
  15. WatersDeep

    Reamping - still one track at a time?

    Im not sure what you mean but I reamp with the AXE while listing to the entire mix that is already recorded all the time. I then tweak my preset until it fits just right with all the other tracks in realtime. Then when I like my setting, then I record the reamp. Not sure why you wouldnt be...
  16. WatersDeep

    Come on Cliff... ;)

    I see a huge red flag on that listing, "Payment by Wire Transfer Only " Isn't that against the ebay rules in the restricted category because you are not protected?
  17. WatersDeep

    The "ML Secret" finally revealed

    Class-A probably not my style. Angle Citrus however I may be interested in. Sample of that sounded killer and peaked my interest.
  18. WatersDeep

    Hi Gain tones overly Dark Muffled

    You may also try increasing the MV slightly as I've found that can make a major difference in bright and clarity for some amps but not all. On one amp I turned the gain to Face Melt and it went from dark to glass shattering.
  19. WatersDeep

    Your preferred DAW

    Sonar on PC is my first choice. I've looked around at others, Studio One comes close but is missing things Sonar has. Other than those every other DAW had a completely different concept which I wasn't accustom to. Learning curve is easier on those two mentioned than others out there but...
  20. WatersDeep

    Strap locks

    Schallers is the best. I've seen others where you insert with a push button which to me seems insecure. Schallers scoopes over the button from the bottom up and along with strong metal by the Germans, its solid. I have some Schallers on my 87 Strat been there since 87 and still taking a...
  21. WatersDeep

    What made you decide to go Axe FX?

    Had a Line 6 Spider IV amp I was micing. Decided I wanted a more direct approach and better quality for my recordings and ordered a Line 6 POD HD Rack. It was backordered and after almost a month I was frustrated. So I Googled "POD HD alternatives". AXE FX II came up and I watched like 2...
  22. WatersDeep

    Marsh-UK Multi-Cabinet Collection - OwnHammer

    Very nice. Just bought it on your site. As always you provide high quality with anywhere from 2 to 20 times the variety than other cab packs for a price equal or less. Thanks for all your hard work and looking forward to checking it all out.
  23. WatersDeep

    What Is The Soonest You Change Strings?

    Perhaps the lube is needed if you are doing this alot,
  24. WatersDeep

    What Is The Soonest You Change Strings?

    I used to change my strings very often which was almost weekly or 2 weeks max. I created my presets based on the fresh strings so when they lost life so did the preset and I had to replace them to get that sound back. Then I decided to just let them go and started reconfiguring my presets to...
  25. WatersDeep

    What tool do i need for adjust this truss rod??

    Looks like it takes a socket wrench. Could be 1/4 or 5/16 socket. If you have a socket set, try those sizes. Would need to be a small set if you have one, otherwise buy something like this,
  26. WatersDeep

    How organized do you keep yourself with your axe?

    Where can I find it? I tried but wasnt able to figure out where.
  27. WatersDeep

    How organized do you keep yourself with your axe?

    I try but don't organize very well and when I do it doesn't last and then I eventually have a mess to reorganize at some point. For my own presets I basically cleared out the entire A bank way back and build and move my presets around in there best I can. Reorganizing Presets is easy...
  28. WatersDeep


    I liked #2 the best. then 4 then 1 and no interest in 3 at all.
  29. WatersDeep

    What 2 amps are your favourite to blend together?

    I like blending the Diezel VH4 and Friedman HBE.
  30. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    LOL wholly crap, Damn, I'm actually watching Orange is the new Black on my second screen. Do you have a spycam in the AXE FX? :mrgreen Thanks for clarifying which dimension I am to follow.
  31. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    I am confused. So is this replacing what would have been FW20 or is it some parallel release that eventually ends up part of FW20 or is there going to be both. I just dont know what to think. Do we update to the FW20 beta or skip and do this?
  32. WatersDeep

    Replacing PC - Recommendations?

    Well first of all, the cost of the Gen 6 I7 is exactly the same as Gen 5 and DDR4 memory is the exact same price as DDR3 so there is no money being saved unless you get a slower CPU but why would anyone want to do that. If you get a good brand motherboard like Asus for example, bugs are usually...
  33. WatersDeep

    Gibson reconsiders

    I hope they do revert because I wanted to buy a Les Paul Standard in 2014 but I couldn't get past the stupid 12th fret anniversary statement they stamped on every guitar. So I decided I would wait till the 2015 models come out that would look more normal and we get hit with a huge price...
  34. WatersDeep

    Replacing PC - Recommendations?

    If I was building a new PC today, I would certainly go with the latest LGA 1151 Intel motherboards that support DDR4 memory and the new 6th Generation Core i7-6700K CPU which is the first to also support DDR4 memory in addition to hitting the 4GHz mark stock however you will have to watch...
  35. WatersDeep

    Help SeeD :)

    Metal Foundry SDX is the best one. Lots of flexibility and fits better into a mix than any of the EZ packs. You can add additional packs and pull kit pieces into your Metal Foundry kits which consist of some good Sonar, DW, Ludwig. Not fond of the Tama but all the snares, symbols are great...
  36. WatersDeep

    OWNHAMMER Multi-Mic Collections

    Do you have any plans for a V30 16 Ohm cab? Perhaps a Diezel. I've found that in all cases of IR's I've used, I always prefer and use 16 Ohm. I personally find them better sounding than any 8 Ohm. I always go back to the Diezel HGE 16 Ohm as my personal favorite and Mesa 16ohm as second...
  37. WatersDeep

    OWNHAMMER Multi-Mic Collections

    Me either but try blending a Marshall Greenback with a Mesa V30 and you get some sweet tone.
  38. WatersDeep

    OWNHAMMER Multi-Mic Collections

    Downloading now. Can't wait to try the latest. I've tried every other IR pack out there and I always end up using OH. Just has more character than all the others. Heck I'm still loving the High Gain Essentials Diezel pack to this day. You should do another Diezel 16 Ohm cab with your...
  39. WatersDeep

    SeeD - Testing things 1

    That is a sweet jam and the tone is smooth, tight and sound. I will say the new OH Bass IR's are unbeatable. What are you using for drums?
  40. WatersDeep

    OwnHammer AMPG BASS Multi-Speaker Collection

    I love the variety and all the mic choices. My favorite mics are MA-200, UMT70S and M88 blended with the subs. It all sounds really fantastic and IMO the best bass cab pack released to date.
  41. WatersDeep

    ML Sound Lab High Gain comparison! 10 cabs (also unreleased) FW19 BOOM!

    Based on the assumption that the best is presented first or avoid my brain comparing every other clip to what I first heard I decided to experiment. I skipped 1 entirely, never even listening to it afterward to ensure no skewing of my perception. Based on that I found I preferred 3 and 7 as...
  42. WatersDeep

    Help Needed with Eliminating Buzz/Hum in New Apartment

    Perhaps the computer monitor is closer to you now. Monitors will interact with guitar pickups or you might have a light/lamp too close to your guitar. If you stand far away does the issue go away?
  43. WatersDeep

    ML Sound Lab Episode 7: Cab Pack Comparison Part II

    how does it all translate to the other thread with A-J because I cant tell and all I know is I liked B,F and H
  44. WatersDeep

    OwnHammer AMPG BASS Multi-Speaker Collection

    I purchased but haven't had a chance to check it all out yet. I am so looking forward and thanks for all your hard work on this.
  45. WatersDeep

    OwnHammer AMPG BASS Multi-Speaker Collection

    So how about those playing J basses for heavy stuff :) Sorta puts me smack between these.
  46. WatersDeep

    ML Sound Lab Episode 6: Ultimate Cab Pack Comparison

    Amazing, I just so happen to find $24.99 in my pocket and a piece of lint I can throw in as extra.
  47. WatersDeep

    ML Sound Lab Episode 6: Ultimate Cab Pack Comparison

    At first I thought A but realized it changed to B when I liked it. H might be my favorite, has this Grrr in it I like. F had some unique character that would be good for some things, D was good but nothing special to say about it.
  48. WatersDeep

    How do you fine folks hook up monitors?

    I connect my AXE to the audio interface via SPDIF, then the monitors are plugged into the Audio Interface which is connected by Firewire to the PC. The AXE is also USB connected to the PC however I do not use it for audio, only for AXE Edit. I select Audio Interface ASIO drivers in the DAW...
  49. WatersDeep

    Hardest tone to create on Axe..Metal..Blues..Funk..Clean?

    If you are trying to copy someone else's recorded sound, maybe you don't have all the ingredients with goes beyond the AXE. I dont know what videos or sound clips you are comparing to but many of those may be partially mastered so just because you fire up the same amp, doesn't mean you will...
  50. WatersDeep

    New heavy song

    For me, I'm not doing this to make money or get signed or anything. I just love music and want to create songs that are the best quality possible. Music is the art, but figuring out how to improve the mix and mastering while an art is also part of the hobby.
  51. WatersDeep

    New heavy song

    I pretty much only use the Diezel amp but I mix the channels. In this song I used all three. I just never know if it translates everywhere or not. I test on my monitors, headphones and cars but outside of that not sure what to expect. I always feel like my biggest challenge is mixing the bass.
  52. WatersDeep

    New heavy song

    tough to get feedback around here. Hoping to hear more or even advice would be welcome. :)
  53. WatersDeep

    Cab Pack 13! Misha Mansoor!!!

    Ok this cab pack blew my fucking mind. Can I say that on a live forum? I have found my goto ir after spinning through several of the alloys there was one that just said, ok this is yours, import it to the axe and call it. Done. Way I see it is if you get one totally perfect IR out...
  54. WatersDeep

    New heavy song

    thanks. If you mean what amp, using Diezel with OH cab and for bass the Citrus with one of ML's cab.
  55. WatersDeep

    New heavy song

    I would love some feedback on this new song called Dreary Day i just finished. Trying to be a one person band and the recording engineer can be challenging. Hope you like.
  56. WatersDeep

    Hobby --> Career

    I work from home in IT and my chair swivels 180 to my studio, does that count?
  57. WatersDeep

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    Line 6 to me has always been that entry level modeling which beats out all the other entry level competitors. This new Helix seems more like a upper-mid level modeling product which I am certain is vastly improved. Will they be able to back that fancy interface with quality tones and even more...
  58. WatersDeep

    Get ready for more Ownhammer

    Will there be a 421 mic for these?
  59. WatersDeep

    Get ready for more Ownhammer

    Hopefully it is the Bass IR's.
  60. WatersDeep

    What guitar stool would you recommend?

    I have this after going through 4-5 chairs over the years and this chair with the tempru-pedic seat is by far the best I've ever had. Tempur-Pedic Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Office Chair, Black (TP8000) | Staples® I just didn't install the right arm. I use it for guitar, studio tracking, drum...
  61. WatersDeep

    OH and CK Bass IR's - When?

  62. WatersDeep

    OH and CK Bass IR's - When?

    So how much longer before we see the CK or OH Bass IR's? I'm so excited and am waiting ever so impatiently :)
  63. WatersDeep

    We don't get enough updates Thread

    Can we get our daily dose of that FW = Fricken Wicked = Free Weed = Fast Whaling = Female Woopy = FirmWare you got?
  64. WatersDeep

    Please, please no more daily Updates!!!

    pffftt. I want real-time updates. When Cliff turns a dial it should change on my axe in realtime cause that would be so sick :mrgreen I hear Line 6 can accommodate this request, oh wait thats once every two years. lol Just update once every 3 months
  65. WatersDeep

    OH and CK Bass IR's - When?

    So how much longer before your bass cab pack release party? :)
  66. WatersDeep

    OH and CK Bass IR's - When?

    So when can we expect the OH and CK Bass IR's? CK has no site but I saw the OH coming soon on the homepage a week ago and no matter how much I click it, it doesn't work :o I am so looking forward especially after all the beta posts I've heard.
  67. WatersDeep

    Should we have to "sign" the release notes before being able to DL them ?

    I totally agree and sign this post. Um, wait what did it say?
  68. WatersDeep

    Eeee-Clarkarena! Cab Pack 11 & 12 (?) CLIP

    Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  69. WatersDeep

    Audio PC Build recommendations (1k and under budget)

    Things to consider if you build your own - Power Supplies, one misconception to buy based on Watts alone. What is important is to look at the Amps as they vary and are more important than Watts. If you have too low of amps, you are starving your PC which leads to lower performance as...
  70. WatersDeep

    Guide: Re-Amping with external sound card/audio interface

    The analog cables are unnecessary for the S/PDIF. I connect directly to the AXE front input, then S/PDIF cables in/out to audio interface. In the DAW I create 3 tracks and set inputs right for dry, left for wet and center for reamp. Use the mixer at the last shunt to split the S/PDIF signal...
  71. WatersDeep

    New Song - Bleeding Within - Diezel Blue, OH Cab, FW18

    can you tell me where on the counter you hear the auto tune. Would help me zoom in on where to focus adjusting it. Glad you like it and yes its very Tool influenced as it is one of my favorite artists. On the other song Blink with female vocalist I was trying to add something extra when...
  72. WatersDeep

    FAS Bass is G3 - but why no pro UR bass cab IRs yet?

    freaky. I was just jamming out to Flyleaf earlier and then here is a sample with flyleaf lol. Both OH and CK are sounding fantastic and I cant wait for both of you to take my money!
  73. WatersDeep

    3.1.7 Mixer Level bug - 5 DB increments = bad

    Resolved in 3.1.8. Thank you!
  74. WatersDeep

    Gravity Picks

    Tortex .60 Orange is hard to beat IMO. I'm with you in the Orange being my main goto pick and works well in all scenarios. I have stacks of other picks I've tried and always land back on Tortex Orange. My second goto pick ended up being the Dunlop .73mm Nylon which gave me that feeling...
  75. WatersDeep

    Why is there such a difference between Axe II mk1 and mk2?

    Perhaps there are differences in your global settings?
  76. WatersDeep

    3.1.7 Mixer Level bug - 5 DB increments = bad

    FW 18.03 3.1.7 Axe Edit in Windows 7. Noticed some changes in increments when rolling the mouse wheel. some better, some bad. When I roll the wheel on my mouse or arrow up/down on the keyboard in the mixer level of any block (amps/cabs/effects etc.) it now jumps in increments of 5 which...
  77. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Not exactly sure. I just know what settings i need to make it work and assume the SPDIF settings and workclock are all tied together somehow between the AXE and Audio Interface. I guess I dont understand what this wordclock change is and how it impacts me using SPDIF.
  78. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.01 Released

    Please help me understand these changes before I update. I currently use SPDIF and while recording to the DAW it is set to analog and on the Firestudio Interface I have the AXE as master. When I reamp, I have shut the DAW down and switch from analog to SPDIF on the AXE and change the...
  79. WatersDeep

    New Song - Bleeding Within - Diezel Blue, OH Cab, FW18

    Bump, hoping for more feedback good or bad.
  80. WatersDeep

    New Song - Bleeding Within - Diezel Blue, OH Cab, FW18

    I use Sonar X3 and play a Roland drum kit connected to Superior Drummer via usb. I've thought about the beginning with the VOX. I wanted a longer intro build in and it just sorta landed this way. I kept thinking about ways to add more Vox earlier but just couldn't figure out how without...
  81. WatersDeep

    New Song - Bleeding Within - Diezel Blue, OH Cab, FW18

    I decided after a long time I would post one of my original songs which I just finished recently. With so many great artists around here, I am a bit nervous. Guitar is all Diezel Blue with a mixture of all three channels, an OH Diezel cab and for bass I used one of SeeD's presets tweaked to...
  82. WatersDeep

    I'll probably get flamed for this but...

    Shss quiet! I am trying to play my Diezel amp on 10 without waking the wife. Ain't it a beautiful thing!
  83. WatersDeep

    Cliff & Crew, have you contacted Redwirez about UltraRes™?

    There was a time when I really liked the RW IR's and with a year past into UR, I find OH and CK IR's to be superior and my goto now. RW now collects a great deal of digital dust now which makes me wonder what happened to RW? Were there any plans to produce new UR IR's not necessarily...
  84. WatersDeep

    Wish - VU meters in Axe Edit

    That would actually be the perfect way for it to work.
  85. WatersDeep

    Wish - VU meters in Axe Edit

    I would not want something added that while may be of value will introduce unnecessary latency within a recording session. Should this be added for whatever reason, there should be a disable function included in preferences.
  86. WatersDeep

    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    So if our LCD breaks on the II and we ship it in for repair, do you upgrade it to the Gluten Free LCD?
  87. WatersDeep

    Weight Axe-FX II, Axe-FX II Mark II and Axe-FX XL

    I would imagine all those extra cab slots would weight quite a bit.
  88. WatersDeep

    Brootalz Cab Pack 7 vs 8 vs 9

    I like 8 the best.
  89. WatersDeep

    Axe FX II and Kemper Profiler (Yes, another one...please read!)

    You don't have to use the complexity of the AXE FX II. The great thing about it is you can use it in a simple way and get great tones. Simply pick your amp, cab, effects, route them like you would physical gear and dial in the standard knobs and it will give you great sound and variety...
  90. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    What exactly does that mean?
  91. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    I am sure they have but still not G3 when they will be at their best. I will wait.
  92. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    I am really excited to try the new FW but must hold out some patience until the G3 dust is sprinkled on the diezel and Bogners. I hope that comes soon.
  93. WatersDeep

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Will the Diezel amps be updated to G3 by final fw18 release?
  94. WatersDeep

    AXE FX 2 FW18 comparison vs FW17

    I can really hear the difference at 1:08 and after. It really stands out sorta 3d like with a smoother/sharper tone. Very nice.
  95. WatersDeep

    OwnHammer V3 Mix Libraries Now Available!

    Wouldn't they still be in the same place you left them? I doubt Kevin is a Ninja who snuck in to your house in the middle of the night and also renamed them all on your PC :P
  96. WatersDeep

    Audio interface and reamping

    I use SPDIF successfully with my FireStudio Project and its much easier with no noticeable latency. On the Axe you can setup two paths, one for dry on the right, one wet with all effects on left. Set up two tracks in your DAW to capture right/left over SPDIF. Record. Then you can...
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