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  1. WatersDeep

    Song to my Wife

    Well a tragic thing has happened to me. My wife filed for divorce after 15 years. While I've been doing all I can to save my marriage, I wrote this song for her. May god help me. Let me know what you think. I love her dearly.
  2. WatersDeep

    Cab-Lab - sound loss compared to raw ir

    It has been frustrating at times and I just don't know why it occurs but only began with CabLab 3. I don't recall this happening with CabLab 2. First I have converted all the .wav to .IR with Cablab 3. When I load though an IR through the browser and sample the sound based on selecting the...
  3. WatersDeep

    New heavy song

    I would love some feedback on this new song called Dreary Day i just finished. Trying to be a one person band and the recording engineer can be challenging. Hope you like.
  4. WatersDeep

    OH and CK Bass IR's - When?

    So when can we expect the OH and CK Bass IR's? CK has no site but I saw the OH coming soon on the homepage a week ago and no matter how much I click it, it doesn't work :o I am so looking forward especially after all the beta posts I've heard.
  5. WatersDeep

    3.1.7 Mixer Level bug - 5 DB increments = bad

    FW 18.03 3.1.7 Axe Edit in Windows 7. Noticed some changes in increments when rolling the mouse wheel. some better, some bad. When I roll the wheel on my mouse or arrow up/down on the keyboard in the mixer level of any block (amps/cabs/effects etc.) it now jumps in increments of 5 which...
  6. WatersDeep

    New Song - Bleeding Within - Diezel Blue, OH Cab, FW18

    I decided after a long time I would post one of my original songs which I just finished recently. With so many great artists around here, I am a bit nervous. Guitar is all Diezel Blue with a mixture of all three channels, an OH Diezel cab and for bass I used one of SeeD's presets tweaked to...
  7. WatersDeep

    S/PDIF Cable Quality Question

    I am looking for some insight on the quality difference with S/PDIF cables that go from my Axe FX II to my audio interface and then back again to allow for reamping. Originally I bought these Cables to Go S/PDIF cables that were low priced with what seemed like a lot of great reviews. I...
  8. WatersDeep

    5 Artists that are you

    Generally I believe that around 5 music artists contribute to the shape of the mind, heart and soul of a music hearted person. 5 have very much changed my life, evoked emotion and influence to my life and music creations like no others and will inspire me in many ways for the rest of my days...
  9. WatersDeep

    explain the new EQ changes

    Can someone explain to me what the new EQ changes from FW15 are all about and how I would use them differently? I get what the firmware update says which is repeated in the Wiki but other than selecting Var Q and Const Q in the dropdown I really don't see/hear what is different or how it...
  10. WatersDeep

    3.0.4 Communication Time-out (FIXED)

    I keep getting a Communication timeout in axe edit 3.04 on FW 13.02. I am running Windows 7 64bit. I will be editing a preset and then decide to change preset without saving. I select the new one and the progress bar on axe edit starts to do its thing and then I get this popup message I...
  11. WatersDeep

    How do I upload cab IR's?

    I cant seem to figure out how to load a cab IR. I'm sure its simple stupid but I cant seem to figure it out. I have FW 11.05, tried Fractal Bot and Axe Edit import with no luck. Axe says use Fractal-Bot. Fractal-Bot says "An error has occurred during file transmission. Please try...
  12. WatersDeep

    SPDIF ReAmp Tutorial - Sonar X2, Presonus, AXE FX II

    When I was trying go figure out how to setup SPDIF reamping not many months ago I had to get information from multiple places to figure it out. Some solutions were either too vague or described more complex than they needed to be and there were never pictures. Now I find myself answering these...
  13. WatersDeep

    Mission Expression Pedal Question

    Ok, so I am looking at getting a Mission Expression pedal for Wah and any other effects it might control, however I am not sure which one is the optimal choice. I do not have an MFC, so my intended use is to connect it directly to the AXE FX II. Maybe one day Ill have an MFC, but not anytime...
  14. WatersDeep

    My First Song with AXE FX II

    Here is my first song recording with the AXE FX II which I've only had since mid July this year. All previous recordings I've done were with a Line 6 which I am thrilled to put in the closet now. Still working to get better at recording/mixing though. I'm sure the more I play with the...
  15. WatersDeep

    New Axe FX II Owner

    I've had it for a week now and I love it. When I first took it out of the box it was glowing black and began to cast its spell over me. Another first thing i noticed on the back was the label, Made in USA. That made me smile knowing China didn't get my money this time. Sound is...
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