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  1. pima1234

    Post-power surge (strange light behavior)

    Had a brief power outage this morning. FM3 and Xitone are plugged into a UPS. Turned on the Xitone and it was buzzing. Some lights were lit on the FM3, including the screen blinking, even when unplugged. I unplugged both, checked the UPS, turned the Xitone back on and it was fine. Turned the...
  2. pima1234

    Any connection problems?

    Invitation for the FM9 came. I've been having a lot of connection problems with my FM3 and editor. Anyone have this with FM9, or is that no longer an issue? Thanks.
  3. pima1234

    Axe-Fx III Flanger?

    How are the effects in the Axe FX III? I'm specifically interested in the flanger. Hippie Tim's demo of the rotary sounds great. Thanks
  4. pima1234

    So, the whole Klon thing

    Not to resurrect this whole thing or beat a dead horse, but, after having played a real Klon Centaur Gold recently, I get it. There is something really unique. Are the various clones close? Maybe so, but I haven't played all of them. Can I get really close to it on the Axe FX? Yes, but it's not...
  5. pima1234

    Make it so, make it so, make it so

    Because it snowed. Star Trek fans, I know you're here, so enjoy.
  6. pima1234

    R.I.P. Roland Dyens

    Sad news in the classical guitar world. Too young.
  7. pima1234

    With the news of overseas assembly...

    Who's glad to own a Made in USA version? Or does it matter at all to you? Truly cannot beat that price. I don't believe for one minute that the M.I.C. version will be any less quality. Pretty sure we can expect that it just wouldn't be allowed. Hoping for the best for everyone. Getting more...
  8. pima1234

    some kind of glitch

    Had my AX8 on outside for a while this afternoon. Not in direct sun, but it was hot out. On a from scratch preset with 3 scenes. After probably 1 & 1/2 hours, the footswitch functions just changed on me. Turning it off and back on solved the problem, but I'm posting this to see if others have...
  9. pima1234

    How would you set up presets for...

    More Than a Feeling- Boston, Fade to Black- Metallica, The Trees and A Farewell to Kings- RUSH, and other songs which have acoustic and electric parts? Just trying to think it through. With these songs, I do think there's enough time to make a preset change, but I'm curious to see how others...
  10. pima1234

    Booking woes

    A gig isn't booked until, at the very least, you have a signed contract. Even then... (small claims court isn't worth it, right?!) Anyone here play wineries? Anyone here get jerked around by them about the pay? Michigan has a ton of them... Apparently, none of them have any money for live...
  11. pima1234

    pitch block bliss

    The pitch block seems to be working really well for me now. I really needed this for some songs. Just wanting to thank the F.A.S. crew for making the ultimate gig rig.
  12. pima1234

    time-out error

    Have not been able to connect to AX8 tonight. USB cable is fine. Updated FW for both AX8 and AX8 Edit. Error message is: Communication time-out: AX8-Edit was unable to complete the following communication request: Query device version : query_sys_info
  13. pima1234

    AX8 Edit bug

    Been reported here (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ax8-edit-possible-software-glitches.114215/) Restarting solves the problem. Here is a photo:
  14. pima1234

    3 Sigma Audio IRs?

    http://www.3sigmaaudio.com/shop/ Pretty comprehensive collection (not that I need one more IR!). Basically sticking to one set of speakers per cab; the most common type(s), which I like, due to the simplicity of it. But, there are some cabs I've not seen captured elsewhere. Anyone have any...
  15. pima1234

    something different... a gospel tune?!

    Yup. Just finished this up. Working with a singer-songwriter, while still trying to get back to playing form after an auto accident last year. Anyway, this turned out alright, I think. Recorded the "organ" part with a variation of M@'s preset. I'm playing that and the two electric parts. It's...
  16. pima1234


    ETA on Q3 for AX8? Not that I'm not really, really happy with 2.02, because I definitely am. Just curious. Thanks!
  17. pima1234

    preset L/R balance?

    Experienced Axe FX user here. Just have a question about one of my presets. The left side is much louder. Can't figure out why. Thanks! Preset attached.
  18. pima1234

    recording newb question

    Okay, not new to recording, but coming back after a 10 year hiatus.... I used a Korg D1600 for many years (yup, old school, and somewhat lo-tech). With that, I knew that when I mixed down, everything was there. No more effects needed to be applied, because I mastered in Samplitude. With...
  19. pima1234

    In honor of St. Patrick's Day

    some excellent music (to me, at least) Paul Brady and Andy Irvine's performances from the 70s are among my absolute favorite. Their virtuosity shines here.
  20. pima1234

    youtube vid removed

    So, made a brief demo of a guitar I have for sale, uploaded it to YT late last night, only to get an e-mail very early this morning that it was flagged and removed. The video contained the name JVM OD2. Makes me wonder if someone from Marshall flagged it! lol I don't care though. I'll make...
  21. pima1234

    Zoom Q8

    Just got the Zoom Q8. So far, it looks like the solution I was looking for, both for my and my wife's plans. A nice, easy, compact solution. I plan to use a lavalier mic, which can be phantom powered. But, I also plan to run 1 output of the Axe FX into the other channel. This will be a great...
  22. pima1234

    StephenNosis spam

    Gotta go! Nasty spammer this morning.
  23. pima1234

    So, Logic Express...

    Anyone actually like Logic Express? Looking for something a bit more intuitive (or, at least logical. lol). How much better is Logic Pro? Thanks.
  24. pima1234

    Love the new titles

    Somebody was having a bit of fun. Glad to be a Fractal Fanatic.
  25. pima1234

    Firestudio with El Capitan

    Anyone using the Presonus Firestudio successfully with Apple El Capitan (the 10.11.1 update)? Thanks.
  26. pima1234

    Pop flanger?

    When was Pop flanger added? If your doctor ever told you to get more flanger in your diet, that's the one for you. Fun! Love it. Maybe that, dial up an autowah, and we'll nail down that Mysterious Ways sound!
  27. pima1234

    celebrities and their Maiden shirts

    Everyone loves a good celebrity... 'murica. Have Any of These 10 Celebrities Wearing Iron Maiden T-Shirts Actually Heard of Iron Maiden? | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
  28. pima1234

    Li-sa-X shreds some Dream Theater

    I give up... lol. Incredible!!! She's 10 here! Born to play. Which came out first, her or the guitar?!
  29. pima1234

    "competing" AC30 clip

    Okay, for those who continue to follow the TGP threads, here's a clip that someone was proud enough of to post, using AC30, some delay, and a loop with that other recently release floor modeler: Does it sound bad? No. Haven't we been hearing clips like that from the Axe FX Standard/Ultra...
  30. pima1234

    Infinity Looper format larger SD card

    Anyone here successfully format a larger SD card for their Infinity Looper? I e-mailed support a week ago and never received a reply. The directions given on a thread on The Gear Page are incomplete, and the LooperImage.img file can't be downloaded. Pretty frustrating. I can work the...
  31. pima1234

    U2's Pop album

    It took listening to this album again today to realize how great it really is; 18-19 years after its release.
  32. pima1234

    EV-1 with Mastermind GT

    Do the EV-1 exp pedals work with the Mastermind GT controllers? And, if I'm not mistaken, the regular Mission pedals won't work with the GT, right? Thanks.
  33. pima1234

    Carol Ann OD2

    I get it now. Wow! Such an awesome amp (model). Really though, I couldn't get what I wanted out of it before, and the great clips available and praise over this amp made me keep coming back to it. Now, it sounds just perfect. Very versatile. Cleans up nicely with the guitar vol control. I...
  34. pima1234

    Cut and Fat amp block controls

    Is it possible to assign switches to the Cut and Fat controls in the amp block? Those would be nice to control on the fly at times. Thanks.
  35. pima1234

    On TGP, Mark IIC+ Simul-Class, Reverb, GEQ, Hardwood/Wicker combo FS

    Not mine, but check it out. So awesome to have this in the Axe FX! FS - Mark IIC+ Simul-Class, Reverb, GEQ, Hardwood/Wicker combo | The Gear Page
  36. pima1234

    ML Sound Lab Cab packs 11 & 12, just announced!

    Fractal Audio Systems Cab Packs and Software - User Cab IRs for the Axe-Fx II Ultra and Standard - Cab Lab Cab IR Mixer and Tools
  37. pima1234

    awesome NGD

    Received this last week after a year and 1/2. Sadly, I have a broken arm due to a recent auto accident. But, this provides some serious motivation and good vibes to heal and be consistent with therapy. Enjoy this demo by the builder. He was kind enough to make it given my situation, and the...
  38. pima1234

    good article: "Why Music is an Essential Liberal Art"

    Why Music Is an Essential Liberal Art - The Imaginative Conservative
  39. pima1234

    new EHX Super Pulsar

    Pretty cool
  40. pima1234

    Ah, the new flanger: Thank you!

    Thank you, Cliff and crew for the update to the flanger block!
  41. pima1234

    New phaser/trem pedal, pretty sweet!

    Sometimes, I do miss pedals. This is one reason:
  42. pima1234

    Does anybody use a UPS system? (uninterruptible power supply)

    As the thread title says: Does anybody use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system with your Axe FX at home? We live in the country now, and are prone to losing power. (Last winter, before we had moved here, this area was actually without power for 10 days!!!) Even with a generator, there...
  43. pima1234

    CLR sudden hiss?!

    We just relocated. We, and our belongings survived the trip from Nebraska to Michigan. (Still NOT convinced it was the right thing to do... tell that to my wife) Anyway, my CLRs have been giving me a great deal of tonal bliss since I purchased them new (IIRC, just over a year ago). No issues...
  44. pima1234

    CLR wedge box (repacking)

    We're relocating on Monday and I'm planning to repack my CLRs in their original boxes. I can't remember how they were packed originally, and I can't quite get the pieces to line up exactly. Anyone have any photos or a diagram, perchance? Thanks!
  45. pima1234

    AC/DC hillbilly style!

    Riding up on the mower = 1,000,000 bonus points! We don't need no stinking SG into a Marshall stack!
  46. pima1234

    IRs: How to avoid overkill and time suck?

    Thousands of files to weed through. Some require converting and/or renaming. Then there's trying to remember what the files names mean, and which cabs or type are recommended for which amps. Then there's the actual audition process. (This, on top of trying to remember as much of the manuals as...
  47. pima1234

    Axe Edit won't connect now [SOLVED]

    Turn on spillover, now Axe Edit won't connect. Not sure they are related, but that was what I did right before Axe Edit stopped connecting.
  48. pima1234

    How to master professionally in just 5 short minutes!

    Too funny!
  49. pima1234

    Drive pedals MIMIC?

    The Drive block models aren't MIMIC'd, right? So, how should we try and determine what the maximum drive amount of the Fuzz Face should be (for example)? Thanks.
  50. pima1234

    Buttery WET with a little shimmer on top

    Axe-Change - Download Preset - Buttery - by pima1234 Two reverb blocks with alternate EQs (one is room, the other is small plate, both with really long delay time). Shimmer in parallel (with a fairly high mix, so set that to taste). Uses FW 15b, actually. And the CK Zero Quarter IR.
  51. pima1234

    Rig is finally complete... (for now)

    Been a while in the making (with a few more guitars on the way in the upcoming months), but my rig is complete. Feeling great about the lack of G.A.S, and nice simplified rig (as opposed to a room full of amps, cabs, pedals, etc). Now for more practice time and more gigs; maybe start...
  52. pima1234

    Brett Kingman's interview with David Grissom

    Beating Burgs to the punch here, because it's most definitely worth watching. (With a nice plug for the Axe FX, of course!)
  53. pima1234

    ABM headless hardware?

    I own a few headless guitars with the ABM headless system. Well, went to change strings tonight on the newest one and discovered that the screw for the 3rd string on the headpiece is stripped (more precisely, the ferrule which it screws into). It was tight when removing the screw, whereas the...
  54. pima1234

    Copy/Paste all scenes? [NOT A BUG]

    When copying scene 1 to all scenes, changes to other scenes impact all scenes. Seems like a bug to me.
  55. pima1234

    Gear Fest... Nebraska??? Yup.

    So, if you're around the Omaha area, consider joining the Guitar Guys group on facebook. There is a Gear Fest planned for April 12th. And, there is a facebook page with details. I'm hoping to go. It's time to represent! Fractal Audio, that is. Probably take some guitars too (you know, the...
  56. pima1234

    Fractal Cab Pack 4. Any info?

    The title says it all. The samples with 14 are good. Excited to learn more.
  57. pima1234

    Stereo Comet Concourse preset w/UltraRes cabs and Dim D

    Axe-Change - Download Preset - Comet Concourse - by pima1234 Description in link Feedback welcome (comments/criticism).
  58. pima1234

    Question: playing music through the Axe FX II (as soundcard)?

    First, there was a brief click. That was weird. But, everything is fine. My question is, does the output eq affect audio playback when using the Axe FX as a soundcard? Thanks.
  59. pima1234

    One week later...

    ... back up and running after failed update. Installing the ROM and jumper is easy, albeit just a little nerve racking. The boot up take just a little longer, but everything is working. 12.03 sounds great to me. Now it's time to install the updated presets and then update MFC. One thing...
  60. pima1234

    Emergency boot ROM installation via USB?

    Is it possible now to reboot the Axe FX after installing the ROM with USB? There is some discussion about this topic at the Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX group on facebook. Someone else had the same issue I did with installing FW v12.03, and was told by someone at G66 that USB is now...
  61. pima1234

    CLRs... well that was quick!

    For anyone wondering about the CLR waitlist, it's pretty short. I just got on a couple weeks (I think... we have two little ones, so time flies), but I got the invite tonight. Ordered a pair of active wedges. Looking forward to trying them out. They will be compared to a pair of Adam...
  62. pima1234

    CLRs as studio monitors?

    I would love to downsize. I love the Adam P11A monitors I've been using at home (they are phenomenal, by the way!). And my Carvin DCM 1540L with two Xitone passive cabs rig works so well with the Axe FX and as PA speakers. But, I'm considering selling those in favor of two CLRs. Any...
  63. pima1234

    Keith Merrow and Andrew Wade on Axe FX vs Kemper

    Pretty good stuff, although I think this "review" would benefit from more playing. Maybe there are more in the series? Keith Merrow & Andrew Wade on Axe FX vs Kemper - YouTube
  64. pima1234


    For as complex as it is, once I finally figured it out, the Axe FX II flanger is awesome. There are many parameters that can be changed, and it's necessary to know what each one does, not unlike everything else on the Axe. I've commented many times on how I thought it could be improved...
  65. pima1234

    Whammy with synth?

    I'm trying to get the effect of a whammy (Ad. Whammy from -12 to +24) running into the Synth Lead patch X263. Have a pitch block after the compressor, before the synth. Using a Mission EP-1 into MFC Expression 1 jack. Pedal is assigned to #16, and is calibrated. Pitch source is set to local...
  66. pima1234

    like the One Control Gecko

    Can the MFC-101 quickly change to distant patches like the One Control Gecko? If not, can they be used in conjunction? Eh, I guess it's just a matter of moving presets around, but I'm using 11b, so no Axe Edit... although it's coming! So much to learn with the Axe and MFC... so little...
  67. pima1234

    Limelight no tone match

    Okay, let's try this again: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Limelight - by pima1234
  68. pima1234

    dialing it in

    Okay. So I'm really beginning to get the hand of dialing in realistic sounds on the Axe II, whether it's through studio monitors or FRFR. In particular, edge of breakup and low gain tones, which are not easy with some amp models. While I find that the newer amp models often sound better, I...
  69. pima1234

    FR speaker questions

    So, I'm new to the realm of FR monitors, and have questions: What methods do FRFR users use to dial out boominess that can occur? I'm trying to learn how to use the LOW and HI cut in PG2 ot cab block. That makes sense to me since real guitar speaks aren't full range. Seems like most...
  70. pima1234

    MKII version question?

    Is the Ethercon port compatible with the older style one?
  71. pima1234

    Line 6 Stagesource

    I know there are already a few discussions about these, but can anyone confirm whether or not these are a good solution for playing the Axe FX through? I'm looking at them for an all-in-one solution: person on stage monitor, acoustic/classical guitar rig, and a PA (primarily for student...
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