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  1. RushOvGY

    Quantum HBE - Black Sabbath 'Die Young' Cover with Vocals

    What started off one evening as me showing off the XL to a friend, turned into a full cover song! As you can see we picked a really christmassy number. This is the first track I've ever posted on here so yeah, be nice lol. I am clueless at production but it was a pleasure to record thanks to...
  2. RushOvGY

    No audio from Right XLR output

    Pretty much the title, I have tried switching cables, checking the I/O settings, headphones work fine, as does the 1/4" right output, checked different factory presets, reinstalled the FwQ1.01. On powerup it doesnt make my monitors thump when i only have the right one turned on Could there be...
  3. RushOvGY

    Had my amazing XL for a year today!

    She arrived a year ago today, i still remember the anxiety and excitement waiting for the delivery. Took the day off work, was a hot day that day, like today! Im still as excited about this thing as the day i awkwardly opened the box and peered at it's beautiful front panel. Thanks FAS for...
  4. RushOvGY

    Quick question?

    I am sorry if this has been posted before, but I have a preset, i think its located on patch 500 or something like that, and on the MFC chorus IA (switch 10) light shines asif there was a chorus effect on, but i cant press it to go off or anything it just stays on regardless. It doesnt bother me...
  5. RushOvGY

    Question for peeps who run direct to studio monitors

    Hey everyone! I recently bought two Presonus Eris 8 monitors to use direct from the Axe Fx 2 XL using the XLR outputs, for jamming and recording. (I Plan on using the axe as an interface with Cubase) I was wondering what the ideal output level from the Axe Fx is to give a truer sound...
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