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  1. Hoosierdaddy

    Another Axefx vs Amps thread

    Cliff,I haven't been on here much lately ,but I NOTICED your character ,along with your Genius ability in explaining this situation!! I applaud your PATIENCE. !!!!!!!!! patientiantly waiting on the FM 12 !!!!!!!
  2. Hoosierdaddy

    FS Sold.................Fractal FM9 for sale- $2000.00

    Sold Selling my FM 9,,, brand new in unopened original box . Prefer local pick up to Louisville,Ky.area first $2000.00 +plus shipping.from 47250. will be listing other equipment I am not using soon.
  3. Hoosierdaddy

    The CNFB Method

    awesome! the brain never ceases to rest
  4. Hoosierdaddy

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    sorry ,it took so long to reply,,,its the link https://www.facebook.com/Smart3DParts/
  5. Hoosierdaddy

    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    Just a few pictures showing, my long awaited FX 9. and my appreciation for and the TEAM at Fractal Audio "a little disorganized ,for the being at the time "
  6. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx Firmware Release Version 18.03

    Looking forward to these changes
  7. Hoosierdaddy

    Sharing Blocks w/Multiple Sources

    Awesome ,quick reply
  8. Hoosierdaddy

    Sharing Blocks w/Multiple Sources

    what would that look like on the display????
  9. Hoosierdaddy

    Bluetooth backing tracks…

    which brand and model is your blue tooth asap? would it also work with Mac book pro?
  10. Hoosierdaddy

    Waitlist Email

    I meant to say 40 minutes
  11. Hoosierdaddy

    Waitlist Email

    14 more minutes COME ON!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hoosierdaddy

    Waitlist Email

    Thanks for the official update. Awesome !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hoosierdaddy

    Always wanted one of these......

    Great News Shattered !!
  14. Hoosierdaddy

    Waitlist Email

    Thats pretty Awesome of you Greg Ferguson !!
  15. Hoosierdaddy

    I see you saw yours, may I ask what you were able to sell yours for ,I have one too that I am...

    I see you saw yours, may I ask what you were able to sell yours for ,I have one too that I am putting up for sale?? thanks in advance, Hoosierdaddy
  16. Hoosierdaddy

    Waitlist Email

    Got my waitlist confirmation,,,time to get rid of my older stock. Going to be posting LOTS of Equipment I am no longer needing on the """For sale Forum""",,,,,Pronto ??????????? Question,,what's everyone's opinion on the safest way to Sale My Fractal Equipment????
  17. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Edit III 1.09.00

    I agree totally
  18. Hoosierdaddy

    Free patch "MF A-Class 30" based on Vox AC30

    I agree,,,,, AWESOME as Always
  19. Hoosierdaddy

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Greetings ,,,,,,,what speakers are you using ?
  20. Hoosierdaddy

    BIG WRECK - GHOSTS Live at Suhr Party : Pure ear candy!

    wow,,I am not a rocker ..., but WOW. ,impressive Tone and Tight !
  21. Hoosierdaddy

    Bug? FM3/OMG9 - Randomly losing OMG9 layout

    same here problems
  22. Hoosierdaddy

    Fixed 3.03 beta, foot switch labels go blank

    I am having sale issue especially the presets label
  23. Hoosierdaddy

    Any anti modelers have religious conversion?

    one thing about this community is how far some people will and SIMPLYFY and help others on this forum,,, example =====Pling,,with the pics od his settings ,,,,Thanks for going the extra mile .!
  24. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

    that doesn't sound very legit to me , so I guess you'll have. to hand on to it. thanks ,anyway
  25. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

    I am wanting to talk about the FM3
  26. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

  27. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

    I read where you were having problems with it FM3 ,,was int just user errors orposible hardware
  28. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

    where are you located? I am in Indiana
  29. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

    oh ,I had it backwards
  30. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

    JRod,yep good guy so what's bottom dollar on the FC6 -paypal now
  31. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 For sale

    I am interested in talking about your set up
  32. Hoosierdaddy

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.02

    Awesome news
  33. Hoosierdaddy

    Robert ,,no its not the MKII. ,sorry

    Robert ,,no its not the MKII. ,sorry
  34. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD FM3 (With Austin Buddy + GGD Zilla cabs) + FC6 + EV2 for AxeIII

    I have An extra AXE III,original owner ,I have receipt .I Am interested ,I haven't. updated to Cygnus yet.
  35. Hoosierdaddy

    FS [SOLD] FC-6

    does it have the head phone input?
  36. Hoosierdaddy

    Guitar lessons / Fractal programming / UK based

    Love your presets,Simeon
  37. Hoosierdaddy

    Welcome to the new "DAWs and Recording" forum!

    So glad to see this forum,Excellent ideal !!!!!!
  38. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.06

    Awesome Company, support, and Products as always continuing ,To Improve
  39. Hoosierdaddy

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday Cliff
  40. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    yes , I am having the same type of problem
  41. Hoosierdaddy

    Fractal Audio Blocks Guide Updated - v1.1 - Nov 24, 2020

    Matt : much appreciated
  42. Hoosierdaddy

    New Record... all guitars FM3

    Well Done !!!!! ,combinations, stereos, mixes, effects, pleasing to the ears ,great uses of the FM 3s
  43. Hoosierdaddy

    so sorry, just saw this ,its the 1st st gen.

    so sorry, just saw this ,its the 1st st gen.
  44. Hoosierdaddy

    My wife passed away today

    So sorry to hear of your loss, i know our words of comfort for you ,may not have much of an impact this time..... remember you have friends here on the forum that care for our fellow musician.. .Will be praying for you, for comfort n emotional healing.-for real !
  45. Hoosierdaddy


    So sad to hear you all having the same type issues,,the bone knuckles in my hands are shot, fingers ,wrist get pretty stiff,.so no more quick hands and fingers for sure ,,pretty slow action here. my rheumatoid doctor has me on hydrocloriquine, which helps some.JUst real hard to have to lay the...
  46. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    I am sure ,you already know,, you are about to have the" BEST of the BEST, set up "delivered in the next couple of days .Hope you have a lot of spare time ,,Its going to be hard to turn the OFF button off. I am 2 weeks behind you .
  47. Hoosierdaddy

    saw your post ,,,is the CLR the 2nd generation NEO????

    saw your post ,,,is the CLR the 2nd generation NEO????
  48. Hoosierdaddy

    Suggestions for outboard "mini" gear

    since we are on the topic of pedals anyone know of any NEW Loopers on the market??
  49. Hoosierdaddy

    Acoustic session

    Marco,,awesome as always
  50. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD Fractal FX8 - $625 shipped!

    Good luck ,,,I have one too ,that I need to sell. I'll wait till your is sold ,before I list mine
  51. Hoosierdaddy

    2 guitars/2 vocals

    yes , I know I am just saying it would be great <<<if more people>> would take the time to explain and show details <of grids >like you SHOW . Some of us have limited knowledge ,and pics are worth a thousand words.in other words I am saying I LIKE what you have. done by the picture for example.
  52. Hoosierdaddy

    Arrrggghh my wife sucks at tech

    Yes,,,, But where'd we be without them. ??????? Admin,,,,,without your mom's genetics --there would be several thousand musicians without the Greatest Sound effects and equipment in the world. I bet she's quite the lady.
  53. Hoosierdaddy

    2 guitars/2 vocals

    YES <<<<<<++++++++ on the modified correct Grids ,, Pictures (GRIDS) are so much easier to comprehend.!!! and would be greatly appreciated
  54. Hoosierdaddy

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Just wandering if it is possible to have the LEVEL OUT knobs, on the front of the Front , lit up - <Luminate> (the same size as the white dot) very hard to see in low light . or any suggestions how you would Just a thought ! Auustriarock ,hope you don't mind ,I borrowed...
  55. Hoosierdaddy

    Free Preset Pack - FW 1.06

    So I kind of you to SHARE your presets !!!!!!!!
  56. Hoosierdaddy

    My latest - Trial By Fire

    Jason,, Great work,,,I was wandering if you could translate what the lettering SAYS ???
  57. Hoosierdaddy

    Wish Proper browsers (for presets, IRs, and blocks). And Set Lists

    + 1+1 These ideals are great ,,the suggestions could be so useful.
  58. Hoosierdaddy

    How I Maintain Sounds Across Many Firmware Revisions

    Wow ,Great info, just hope this senior brain can figure it out.
  59. Hoosierdaddy

    Selling on Fractal website?

    I know what you mean, about not having much confidence in "selling online ",I have lots of Fractal gear from where I upgraded every time a new product came out, that I will end up keeping it looks like .
  60. Hoosierdaddy

    Slide, Spring Verb and Trem

    Leon ,the acoustic sounded great. what brand ,model is it?
  61. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    Thanks,,,,, Fractal n Company. !!!!!!!
  62. Hoosierdaddy

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    was wandering how you have the dual switch n mission n wireless - routed? " in and outs" ?,,paths?
  63. Hoosierdaddy

    FM3 Now Shipping

    Phoebe checking out the new packages
  64. Hoosierdaddy

    Steve Lukather Sound - based on CAE 3+

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. Hoosierdaddy

    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    FM3 waitlist confirmation April 25.2019,,,,10:30. pm
  66. Hoosierdaddy

    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    received FM3 invite today at 1:14 pm. order placed and confirmed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Hoosierdaddy

    FM3+FC6=OMG9 Rig

    Great looking build,
  68. Hoosierdaddy

    Grooveshifter! Axe-Fx III Pitch Block fw 12.08

    Wow. ,Did niot know that
  69. Hoosierdaddy

    Favorite "combo blocks"?

    Joe... thanks for sharing especially the visual part of it and the preset,,,,this is exactly what is so helpful too so many of us .
  70. Hoosierdaddy

    Grooveshifter! Axe-Fx III Pitch Block fw 12.08

    and the Genius continues to roll out improvements ,, and QUALITY product ,,,,,, time and time again.... !!!!!!!!!!
  71. Hoosierdaddy

    Larry Mitchell Livestream

    looking forward to this !!!!!!!!!!!
  72. Hoosierdaddy

    Things you do when you are bored...

    I like !!! TDR
  73. Hoosierdaddy

    Implemented Removing frameworks from Feed thru blocks in Editor (see Picture)

    Looks clean. ,,,I don't get. there's any less Cpu usage" saved" ?
  74. Hoosierdaddy

    Peavey Stereo Chorus 212

    I haven't tried that set up yet. But loved it so much I wouldn't let go of it. ,I still see them for sale once in awhile .nnice chorus-reverbs.Solid Amp,,also own the baby sister to it-the peavey chorus 70
  75. Hoosierdaddy

    Mesa OS 4x12 IR's (Free)

    thanks Leon !!!!!!!!
  76. Hoosierdaddy

    New mega zip file of ambient Presets and Blocks to download

    No doubt that your going to see a lot more people hopping on board ,to download these presets. WE appreciate the time you spend developing these Quality Tones...Its a no- brainer !! The time you save US to come up with these Ambient blocks. Again, thanks Simeon
  77. Hoosierdaddy

    New mega zip file of ambient Presets and Blocks to download

    As always ,Fantastic talent-----sharing your creative gifts ! Thank you !!!
  78. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta #2 (Beta 3)

    Great sounds ! sure would like to see that preset available, Leon !!!!!!!
  79. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #4 (Beta_3)

    Joe,, I love your set up. Just curious what the device is above the EV-2`s?
  80. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx III Factory Presets

    Yes ,WE understand ,,But some of us are so in need of the VIDEO`s that at least we or someone could come up with a volunteer or donation for your time and effort and expertise.,...We appreciate and all of those that make this Forum so useful to all of us. thanks again,
  81. Hoosierdaddy

    My new song "Sleeping Dog" - Euro Blu Modern amp

    Skill !!!!!!!!!!!!!! +++++++++++++++
  82. Hoosierdaddy

    My new Trichorus!

    Awesome Azael !!!!!!!!
  83. Hoosierdaddy

    Atmospheric Guitars #5 ;-)

    Outstanding Nicolas !!!!!!!!!!! classic touch n feel !!!!!!
  84. Hoosierdaddy

    Starwards and Starwards II. Two ambient presets. Free download and video demo links.

    Brett-Great tones ,awesome talent.,right down my alley,,I love my Ambiant music ,so relaxing ,,,,
  85. Hoosierdaddy

    Sample patch

    Totally agree with Brad ,,These guys are Straight up and they have a lot of time invested in these presets saving a lot of time ,,
  86. Hoosierdaddy

    Friedman HBE V2 preset

    I bought it and it Sounds great Marco. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  87. Hoosierdaddy

    SOLD EV-1 (modded with toe switch) + mini exp

    Still have the EV2?
  88. Hoosierdaddy

    any "Audio Experts, Audiologist (msp.)?

    Yep !! he`s the one .
  89. Hoosierdaddy

    any "Audio Experts, Audiologist (msp.)?

    Any respected -credible resources ,you know of in Louisville,Ky. area.?
  90. Hoosierdaddy

    any "Audio Experts, Audiologist (msp.)?

    Thanks for the quick response ,lqdsnddist.
  91. Hoosierdaddy

    any "Audio Experts, Audiologist (msp.)?

    Looking for Any Hearing Loss Advise,""Technically Speaking "" I am loosing <LOST>lot of hearing,and looking for advice ,for best options available. Whats the best Hearing aid (type)out there . looking for Legitimate professional or resource. near Louisville,Ky. Yes ,I know turn it down, Done...
  92. Hoosierdaddy

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Wow !!!!!!!
  93. Hoosierdaddy

    Axe-Fx lll & Apollo Twin hookup

    Leon:you said: yep, Axe out 1 - Apollo mic pre's sounds great. I got a SPDIF -> Optical converter to run mine which makes all the cabling cleaner and easier to record in stereo, but also frees up the mic pre's in the Apollo should I want to utilise them Which model n make do you use ,if I may...
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