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    SOLD AxeFX 2 XL+ and MFC-101 Mk3 $800

    Sure is, but I'm sort of paying it forward.:cool: I have a buyer, but will keep everyone in mind if it falls through. Thanks, all.
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    SOLD AxeFX 2 XL+ and MFC-101 Mk3 $800

    Neither unit has ever been out of the studio, excellent condition. No shipping if in the Los Angeles area, or else whatever it costs. Paypal or cash (if LA.) Thanks, Tommy
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    WTB No Longer Needed - Axe-Fx Ultra

    If you or your buddy are still interested, I have an Ultra plus a Midimate MIDI foot controller for sale, $395 for both pieces, plus whatever shipping is. TT
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    SOLD LA Area: Axe-Fx II & MFC-101 on Pedaltrain board - $800

    I don't want to ship if I don't have to, so I'm putting this up here for anyone in the LA area who can pick it up. AxeFX II and an MFC-101 foot controller, both Mk 1. The AxeFX II has the latest Ares 1.03 firmware. The MFC is mounted on a mid-size Pedaltrain aluminum framework w/soft case...
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    SOLD LA Area or ship: AxeFX Ultra & Midimate controller - $395

    I don't want to ship if I don't have to, so I'm putting this up here first for anyone in the LA area who can pick it up. EDIT: Available to ship now! AxeFX Ultra, Midimate foot controller w/power supply and a 7-pin MIDI cable to power the Midimate remotely from the AxeFX. Both units are in...
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    Small FRFR.

    I can't vouch for the bigger ones, but the DLM8 stood up pretty well next to one my CLR's when I tested them. CLR patches translate pretty well, I usually don't tweak anything. Some of it depends on how you have the DLM8 EQ set up. TT
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    Small FRFR.

    I use a Mackie DLM8 quite often when a CLR is overkill (and heavy!). Works well and gets quite respectively loud. It's not a CLR, but it's reasonable close, and TINY. I got it as B-stock, so price was reasonable as well. TT
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    WISH: Amp-Cab X/Y footswitch

    I do the X/Y amp cab pair switch via a single button on my AFXII units all the time. It would be handy to have that functionality in the AX8 as well... TT
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Jazz 120 (Roland Jazz Chorus 120)

    Hah, I used to have a JC-120 and a JC-60 (single speaker, so the chorus sounded more flange-like than the actual stereo of the 120.) I'd split the signal before the amps and play them in stereo with both choruses on -- talk about a lush sound! No argument about the distortion, I always used a...
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    Help matching a few Pink Floyd tones

    Very cool -- could you possibly add the AFII patch itself to those files so it doesn't have to be reconstructed on an AFII? Thanks, TT
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Citrus Terrier (Orange Tiny Terror)

    I was glad to see it finally pop up for the AxeFX. I had asked Cliff about adding one at the last AxeFX West, and he wasn't familiar with it. It's one of the few amps that I keep around, just because it sounds so good (and looks so cool -- always loved the Orange look...) TT
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    Help matching a few Pink Floyd tones

    First, have a Strat and use the neck pickup a lot. Second, use less gain that you would think -- a lot of his lead tones like 'Brick' are barely breaking up. Also, you might try AlGrenadine's new conversion utility, which is in active beta (see the AxeFX II forum.) He recently added AFII to...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    The easiest was is to use Cab-Manage within Axe-Edit. You can select everything in the folder and just drag the entire set into your unit in one simple step. Just highlight a empty slot that has enough spaces after it to accommodate everything you selected. And don't forget to save your...
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    AX8 USA/Canada Purchase Invitations

    Wait-listed 10/13/15 at 7:33pm EST. Invite today (3/8/16) at 10:26am EST. Sorry, ain't gonna give mine up -- ordered! TT
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: AC-20 (Morgan AC20 Deluxe)

    Love that amp/model. One typo: "The AC-2 sounds intimate" TT
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    The reason you need 8 strings for djent

    The latest craze -- rusty metal... TT
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    Advice on guitar for Pink Floyd tribute band

    The other thing to check out would to pre-wired Gilmour pickguard with the EMG pickups, mid boost, etc. You could drop that into just about any Strat type guitar and should be able to nail his tone. Re the 22nd fret, I read that he switched guitars for the second part of the solo when...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta Zwei

    The output knobs will always make a zippery type sound, you were hearing something more radical than that? TT
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    Them Diezels!

    Yowza, so much riffage I didn't even realize there were drums until the break!:) That sure is a cutting sound, may have to mess around with those amps a bit (not really a metal guy, though...) TT
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta Zwei

    Make your own -- change the pre tube to EF86 and there you go... TT
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta Zwei

    I understand it has the fix for the MkI/II not saving tube type changes when saving a patch. TT
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Same guitar? Same pickups? Same string gauges? LOTS of other variables. TT
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    Larry Mitchell at NAMM

    That's the one. TT
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    Suggestions for pedal for a bass player to go direct to PA ?

    At NAMM yesterday, our bass player was really impressed by the Eden WTDI. Absolutely tiny unit, with EQ, comp and enhance. Only $149, too. http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/WTDI?adpos=1t1&creative=83049425401&device=c&matchtype=b&network=g&gclid=CP_F_amWxsoCFZRffgodniEEyA Checking out...
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    Larry Mitchell at NAMM

    As we were leaving NAMM on Sunday, a Latin type band was sound-checking. Looked like Larry was going to sit in, he was on stage and was playing a bit. Sounded great (I could see the AX8 on stage.) I don't know what the other (presumably regular) guitarist was playing through, but his sound...
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    almost a month in - still feeling like a newb - EMG 81/85 question

    The higher output EMG are probably just smacking the amp with more gain, hence the feedback. Lots of ways to deal with that. If you want to keep the same overall patches, you could use X/Y to set up the same amp optimized for each pickup, just swap X/Y when you swap guitars. Another option...
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    Former Kemper user, just bought axefx II

    Yes, a MidiMate can be set up to do a 5+5 layout (5 patches, 5 IA for effects or tap tempo, etc.) I set mine up that way before I got the MFC. TT
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    Brian Setzer

    +1 on Sleepwalk. His playing overall is just immaculate. TT
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    Back to the drawing board

    Sounds like an EV-2 should be in the works!:) TT
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    Does the Herbie sound different in the new?

    It might depend on the firmware you were using before the Q1.02 upgrade. From the Quantum v1.01 release notes: - Fixed several mistakes in Herbie models. Q1.02 made changes to the Dizzy models, but didn't mention the Herbie. TT
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    What my wife hears when I tell her why I MUST have the AX8

    I don't see the vid either in Firefox. Had to use IE (*shudder*) to see it. The URL points to Facebook domains, I think... But I thought it was a pretty concise explanation. Probably written by Dilbert for the Gruntmaster 3000.:) TT
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Which types/delay time, settings, etc.? Testing with the mono and stereo BBD, I get normal behavior. I have to go above 70% to get real oscillation. At 30-50%, I get normal decaying repeats. TT
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    No sound man, so I might need to use my CLR as a backline. yay or nay?

    I use my CLR cabs as a backline all the time, among other uses. Two if necessary, but generally just one will do the job in most small clubs. If you are just looking for stage fill, it would do the trick no problem. I've thought about pole mounting, but generally just use the old...
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    Some AxeFX halloween thoughts...

    Any of Simeon's way cool free delay/pitch blocks and/or patches would make for some outrageous sounds. Blocks TT
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    AxeFX and 8" monitor??

    I picked up a Mackie DLM8 on sale, and it works pretty well as a smaller rig than my CLRs. It has kept up with another (loud) guitar player, keys, drums, etc. Looking forward to using it with an AX8 for a min-Fractal rig. TT
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    AX-8 Price

    Certainly. I'll be sure to let you know where... just as soon as I've signed up. (KIDDING!) TT
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    1/3 of my presets now are between 48 and 65% CPU usage? Q v1-AE 3.3

    What does the front panel say? Just wondering if it is Axe-Edit or an actual drop in CPU... TT
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    Is Axe Fx too perfect sounding?

    Please re-read #2 again in my reply to you on the previous page as to the many ways you can use/record with the AxeFX. If you don't have experience with actual amps/cabs/mics, then trust the people who DO have that experience who happily use/record with the AxeFX, and stop gnawing on this...
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    AX8 - Global EQ Question

    It's worth emphasizing this: *Blocks* will be compatible, *Presets* (a collection of blocks) will not, at least as far as we know now. Blocks will be running the same internal code in both units, presets would necessarily have different/incompatible structures. So, it appears you could rebuild...
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    Is Axe Fx too perfect sounding?

    To the OP (Freemind), my .02... Thought #1: With Fractal the 'some people say' is pretty much never valid unless it is specified what firmware was being referred to. The sound of AxeFx II v1 is nowhere the same as v9, or v11 or v19 or now Quantum v1. The primary thing Cliff has been striving...
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    To all ya beta testers:

    I'd say first off, reload the gold/release version of Q1. You may have had a bad update. I haven't noticed any *major* increase in CPU usage in my Q1 testing. If you were borderline before, there is a lot of info in the forum on how to optimize for CPU usage... TT
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    Mark 1, 2, XL or XL+

    1) No. I have a Mk 1 and an XL+ and if there is a difference it is totally undetectable to me. There were slight improvements to the DAC in the XL, I believe, but we are talking miniscule. 2) If you have the green, get the latest. If not, all run the same firmware and hardware (except as...
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    Moving presets from AxeFx II to AxeFx XL

    There are so many differences in the two units hardware, their parameter sets, firmware, etc., that a direct conversion would probably be pointless or sound 'sub-optimal'. At most, you could use an Ultra patch as a very loose guideline for initial AFX II settings, then tweak the rest by ear...
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    Reliability of CLR?

    I've had two powered cabs, used regularly for gigs and as mid-fields/PA in the studio for about 2 years. Almost lost a knob, but a bit of paper on the shaft tightened it up nicely. So, no actual issues at all. My interactions with TK were all exemplary. TT
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    And Finally Scored One of These

    Ditto.:) Mine even has the original Marshall branded tubes in it... TT
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    Switching things up to go stereo

    Unless you are specifically using a mono delay, etc., the default behavior is stereo. Plug both outputs in a mixer, pan the mixer channels L and R, kick in chorus, etc., and check it out. When I run mono (to lazy to carry two cabs, stage too small, etc.), I just use the left output into a...
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    Heat Issue

    I'd be far more worried about drilling holes in the case and getting tiny metal shavings scattered around the inside (can you say, shorted electronics?) My Mark 1 (no vent holes) is in a rack bag that has pretty lousy (to no) circulation and I've never had an issue with heat or the unit...
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    Compressor type not showing up in Axe Edit

    It has to do with the version numbering. If the version that the unit reports to Axe-Edit changes, e.g., 18.02 to 18.03, the refresh is automatic. If it doesn't change v19.0 (beta) to v19.0 (release), then you need to force the refresh in Axe-Edit. TT
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    Better distortion. Amp vs Drive pedal?

    What Martin said. The Boss was most likely just a make-it-louder volume boost at the end of the chain. Also, keep in mind that adding a drive (or even filter) before the amp may not give you much of any volume boost if the amp already has a lot of gain. All that will happen in that case is...
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    Slide Guitar Preset needed

    Try ceramic. I use the Joe Perry Boneyard (thickest) and/or Rev Willy (a bit thinner.) Word of advice: Always have a spare -- they will break if you drop them! TT
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    Which part of amp is the most difficult thing to model ?

    The part between the input jack and your ears... More seriously, all of the bits are interconnected. The glory of the AxeFX is how it does cover so many of the interactions between components, keeping in mind that the interactions can change depending on input drive, how hard the virtual amp...
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    XL+ LCD Display - is it dimmable besides contrast adjustment?

    The XL+ is brighter than the earlier models. I love the expanded viewing range, though -- you can easily read it from angles that, on my Mk 1, are pure green (no text at all.) TT
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    Slide Guitar Preset needed

    I play slide all the time (a lot of times in standard tuning) and never worry about make specific presets for it. If a patch sounds good with the guitar, pickups and genre, it sounds good for slide as well. My preference for slides are fairly heavy pyrex and ceramic. I used to use metal...
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    Do I NEED to update the mfc when I update to ver 19?

    Nope, FW19 works great with older MFC. TT
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    help distinguishing UR from Non UR cabs in Axe Edit

    Not all factory cabs are UR at this point. TT
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    Common "campfire" songs you keep on hand?

    Virtually any Beatles song. Lots of Tom Petty - like "Mary Jane", "Learning to Fly", "Won't Back Down", etc. Most stuff from that semi-acoustic period. America songs like "Horse With No Name", "Daisy Jane", "Sister Golden Hair" Stuck in the Middle - Stealer's Wheel Handle with Care - Wilburys...
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    Stuck in a hotel room with my Axe and some headphones...

    I have a pair of 240's, and vastly prefer my ATH-M50's. Better headphones will definitely give you a better experience. TT
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    Anybody know/trust this parts site?

    I'd be leery as well, no reviews, etc., and they say: "We will ship out your packages by HK AIR MAIL or CN AIR MAIL from China,or by EMS" so, I'd say you would be getting an OEM knock-off. In a quick perusal of the tuners, it also seems they specify compatibility (e.g., will fit in Grover...
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    How precise is the Axe 5153 Red to the real amp?

    Since control pots (and tubes and everything else) can vary slightly from physical amp to amp, I'd use the real amp settings to get in the ballpark, then tweak them to taste in the Axe. TT
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    Recommendation an electric guitar string brand for recording a Prog/Metal Album ?

    I'd been using D'Addario XL strings for a while on my main guitar (others have EB Slinkys or whatever brand I'm checking out.) I recently switched to the NYXL sets and have been really impressed with the tone, consistency and longevity. For me, they are keepers. I'm also in the camp of coated...
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    Where do you put your axe live..Floor..Cab..Milk crate?

    Simple answer: NO. My standard stage rig is a milk crate under a CLR cabinet (not wedge) to decouple it from the stage. The AxeFX is in a 2-space Gator rack bag on top of the CLR. When the front cover is unzipped, I fold it under the front of the bag which, combined with the bag's handle...
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    Mission Engineering Sp-1 Frustration

    Assuming you were referring to my post, yes. Two SP-1, both with the same issue. TT
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    Mission Engineering Sp-1 Frustration

    My pedals had the opposite issue -- the piece of felt under the toe end of the pedal was so thick that it would click the switch all the time when the pedal was rocked forward. My suggestion is to check under the lip of the pedal and see how thick the felt spacer is on your pedal, then get...
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    Please Explain?

    + 1 My patches have lots of stereo post-cab effects as well, and I do the same thing where I'll just give FOH the left output if FOH is mono. As he said, avoid heavy panning of effects, especially things like ping-pong delay. It won't sound bad, just keep in mind FOH will only hear half of...
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    Hi everyone

    Wow. Lot's of sympathy, that's a tough thing to plan for. You might check out the RAC-12 as a way to get dedicated knobs to twist, or see about setting up the Behringer MIDI knob and/or fader expanders to control parameters. Either might get you a simple tactile interface for the basics...
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    Is there Anything Close to the Axe-II??

    Simple answer to simple question: No.:) TT P.S. On a slightly more serious note, I have tried just about every modeler, plug-in, etc., and my answer is still: No, there isn't anything close to it. It may be that if it takes you long enough to get the coin, the AX-8 may be available as a...
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    Any 2 FRFR cabs users - mono or stereo?

    When I use 2 CLR I run stereo and it sounds great on stage (audience probably can't tell the difference.) Never any audio issues using two cabs. Even when I'm stereo on stage often the house is just mono, so my patches are set up to be mono-compatible. Same for times when I don't have the...
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    Fractal vs. pedals Hmmmm...wanna weigh in?

    Pretty lame, as the options PG poses aren't even equivalent. The AxeFX could give you entire rig(s) with multiple settings (the artist presets.) A pedalboard leaves you without amp(s), cab(s), etc., and pretty much one routing. Movin' on, TT
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    Axe FX Mark II with bass guitar

    Combining the Citrus Bass 200 and the stock 1x15 cab gives me wonderful bass sound. My bass patch also has a compressor before the amp, and a multi-band compressor after the cab (not used at the same time.) I use a SR-700 with active Bartolini pickups. Other than a few BMT tweaks, nothing...
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    OK, your best $1000 or less 'recording rig' for my singer to record vocal ideas

    Just to chime in, a laptop works great. Self-contained when you are on the go, in the studio I hook up a keyboard, mouse and large screen monitor so that I can use the laptop display for plug-ins, etc., while the DAW is on the big screen. I also use Sonar, btw, and it works fine on the laptop. TT
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    Audio PC Build recommendations (1k and under budget)

    PC's are basically like tinker toys now days, just snap the parts together. You list is more than adequate for any type of reasonable audio work and light gaming. I also use a Lenovo laptop for a lot of recording (with a Firewire interface.) It's been very reliable, but they do ship with a...
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    Can all of the Cab Packs be used with the Digitech GSP1101?

    This is off the top of my head (I've got a GSP1101 and controller gathering dust in the garage)... First off, a GSP1101 won't work with .IR or .SYX files for the AxeFX so your basic answer is no. A stock GSP1101 cannot use any user-loadable IR's, just the built-ins. If you have updated the...
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    JamHub opinions?

    I haven't found any particular issues with FM. I use my regular patches, they sound just fine in the room and on 'tape'. We play at a volume commensurate with a turned up CD, loud enough to be fun, quiet enough that it is very quiet if you go outside the house and listen. I think FM is mostly...
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    JamHub opinions?

    My own experience is that it is useful for what it is, but in the end I'm not a real fan. Downsides include: - The small form factor. Imagine everyone in the band trying to set up/modify 'their' mix wearing their instruments while crowding around a bowl of M&M's. - You are at the mercy of...
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    question for all you tone wizards

    +1 Use any info you find as a general guideline, not the be-all/end-all. For example, with a Vox sound I prefer the Morgan to the actual Vox models. Any of a dozen Marshall/plexi types provide variations on that sound, pick one and go with it. My opinion is if you get in the general...
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    Audio PC Build recommendations (1k and under budget)

    My .02 as someone who has built multiple 'parts' PC's and also bought pre-made: - I don't think Sweetwater is hype as much as you are buying a security blanket along with a PC. They do seem a bit pricey for what they contain, though. - If you really want to assemble your own, absolutely get an...
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    My new JVC SRX 812P Powered Speaker with Axe FX 2

    Sad to see JBL has joined the bogus 'peak power' game now... KeithGuitarFan -- Have you tried any of the app options for the speaker yet? TT
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    I love it when Axe-Fx and forum users come out to one of my shows. ;0)

    Larry -- Anything planned out California way? I'd love to see your show... TT
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    Vibrolux G3 with the new IR is just....RIDICULOUS!!!

    The fun part is balancing your amp head on top of that cab... TT
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    Resetting amp settings when creating a new preset

    A full reset (double-click bypass, etc.) resets the entire amp block (or whatever block is selected.) Selecting a new amp (or switch/switch back) loads/resets all of the advanced parameters but leaves the basic 'front of the amp' treble/middle/bass/etc. controls as is. TT
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    Stage Monitor Static... I'm not an expert...

    It's also possible that there is something else wrong with the speaker. Apart from voice coils rubbing (be sure to press the cone equally when checking for that, not just one side), I've seen coils come loose from the spider, spiders coming loose from the frame, etc. Your best bet is to try...
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    Suggestions on what you've done to enjoy 18.03

    Just to be clear, Cliff said in the 18.04 thread that the only thing that changes is the wave shaper portion of the pre-amp tube algorithm when you alter the new setting. 'Vintage' is v17, 'Modern' is v18 and 'Test' is new one that goes after the long plate type of preamp tube. It does not...
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    Live Gear Suggestions

    It would help if you laid out your intended use... Loud live? Type of music? Mainly home or recording or...? In any case, PedalTrain makes a pedal board that fits an MFC and two Mission pedals quite nicely. It was the middle size one, but they've just revamped their lineup so not sure of...
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    New Freidman Small Box with Four Guitars

    Tyler - I'm curious, do your 70's strats have stock pickups? I just swapped my original Strat pickups back into my 70's Strat after years of using SD 1/4 lb with a different switching system - a dpdt switch for the taps on each pickup. (I tend to replace the entire pickguard to keep...
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    Studio monitors - how important is de-coupling of speakers from their pedastals?

    I've used old rubber mouse pads under a couple of mine. Perfect size. TT
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    Opinions of the Centerpoint Spacestation V.3

    How about: Don't use ping-pong, just a stereo one and control the pans to whatever works best. Even better, use a multi/mega tap and go crazy. TT
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    Clark Kent's FW18 Mesa Mark IV John Petrucci Guide

    You do have two of the IR of that cab that were added in v18 as stock cabs (58/59 or there abouts, if I recall.) They might get you close. Getting the Cab pack wouldn't hurt, either.;) TT
  88. T

    Boxes From Equipment Purchases - Save of Discard?

    I generally save boxes for anything reasonable to ship. For something like a sub, I'd toss the box and sell locally. On the other hand, having a usable garage again would be pretty nice... TT
  89. T

    Anyone live near Santa Monica happily?

    Spoken like a true Northern Californian...:-P TT
  90. T

    Long AxeFx II User... New XL+ Day :)

    My only real discernible/audible difference between the XL+ and Mk 1 is the fan noise (XL+ is much quieter.) Haven't had a chance to try the XL+ in a dead silent/high end studio yet to evaluate the converters. As for the screen: a) The XL+ is simply brighter at the same contrast setting...
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    Opinions of the Centerpoint Spacestation V.3

    Jeff, Seems to me it would shine more on stereo chorus/flange/rotary/etc. than a straight ping-pong type as the latter is so discrete. Have you tried it with those types of modulated effects? Or the enhancers? Thanks, TT
  92. T

    Anyone live near Santa Monica happily?

    I live in Culver City (west side of LA.) Very nice, at least 3 vegan restaurants in downtown, easy access to the bike path down to the beach cities. Not as pricey as the actual beach cities, but pretty central for hitting the beaches, Westwood and the Hollywood area. Pretty much any of the...
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    Killing a long reverb tail? (the ultimate 1st world problem)

    Volume pedal to fade faster? Or a modifier on the time? TT
  94. T

    Stolen JPXI 7 in Tampa Bay Area, FL

    Maybe post the last 4 digits of the serial or something like that? It might help people identify it, without giving it all away. TT
  95. T

    Homeworld - Remastered

    I should be practicing instead... TT
  96. T

    Help me choose a 2-point trem

    If 'budget' is your requirement, either one of those looks good. Guitar Fetish seems to have a decent rep and has been around for a while. Their return/exchange policies are good as well. I have a Wilkinson on one of my guitars and really like it. TT
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    Fryette LXII New Poweramp...Any update about launching date??

    Yeah, it was sitting on a pedestal with no power/connections. Trying to squeeze 6L6s in there would certainly be a challenge. My Mesa 20/20 has EL84s and even those are a pretty tight fit for 1U. TT
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    Help--Recording Issue With Sonar X1 and Axe XL

    Just to be sure, you might also check that you have the latest Fractal USB driver... TT
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