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  1. KyleUMF

    New Album out today! Recorded at Audiohammer Studios

    The Exhuming | Unvisioned Our new album is available now for free!! would love to hear your thoughts! Cheers
  2. KyleUMF

    Released new track recorded at Audiohammer Studios by Eyal Levi

    Hey guys! so we just released a new track that was recorded by Eyal Levi and John Douglass at Audiohammer studios. Though there is no axe-fx on the recording we did track with one then was later reaped by Eyal and John.
  3. KyleUMF

    8 String Axe-II riff

    Have not had a chance to post anything in a very long time. Just finished recording a new album with my band at Audiohammer studios with Eyal Levi in Florida. Had a blast for the 3 weeks we were out there and learned a lot. recorded this maybe a year ago and just deciding to post it up now for fun.
  4. KyleUMF

    Out Of My Element.

    I usually post metal clips on here, but was in a weird mood yesterday so made something else for a change. Messing around with some unique patches I created on the Axe-FX II and also one of the stock presets. Guitar - Ibanez RGD2127Z. Bass recorded with Darkglass B7K with a Music Man Stingray 5...
  5. KyleUMF

    No Axe-Edit… How do you upload new patches?

    Sorry if this has been answered before but Is there anyway to upload new patches on to the axe-fx without being able to use axe edit?
  6. KyleUMF


    ignore never mind i figured it out.
  7. KyleUMF

    8 String Axe-II riff

    Bored one night and busted out the 8 string and came up with this lil riff.
  8. KyleUMF

    Ultra 7 String Bernie Rico Jr. Tapping/metal riff

    Here is a new riff I came up with last night, still a work in progress. Recorded with my 727 Jekyll through my Axe Ultra
  9. KyleUMF

    8 string LTD recorded w/ Ultra video

    I just got my frist 8 string last week, have not had any time to play with it yet cause i am so busy writing our new album which most likely not have any 8 string riffs on it…. but I came up with the other day, what ya think?
  10. KyleUMF

    Bernie Rico JR Jekyll 727 solo ULTRA

    Here is a solo I am working on for a new Unvisioned song…. what ya think? recorded with my BRJ Jekyll and a Ultra
  11. KyleUMF


    We recorded this video using my ultra and just released it in october and now have a chance through Toontrack to have Big Chocolate will remix one of our songs!! Remix Contest on Facebook | Facebook You DO NOT need to sign up for anything! just click the link and hit vote, it's through...
  12. KyleUMF

    New Bernie Rico 727 w/BKP riff

    hey guys just got my new Bernie Rick Jr 727 with Bare Knuckle Aftermaths.. mixing on it sucks cause im too busy jamming to mess with any of that!! LOVE THIS GUITAR!!! it plays amazing… here is a clip i put a pic from my phone up too!
  13. KyleUMF

    New 7 string riff

    WROTE A new 7 string riff last night.. so stoked my new Bernie Rico Jr jeckyl 7 string comes in tomorrow!!! def will have clips of that up soon!! for now though.. Unvisioned | Facebook
  14. KyleUMF

    New Music Video! Album recorded with ULTRA!

    Hey guys! sorry originally posted this in AxeII forum…. been forever since I have had any time to go on the fractal forum but here is the video for our latest single!! Seriously please check it out and let me know what ya think!!
  15. KyleUMF

    New Unvisioned music video! (Axe ULTRA RECORDED)

    Hey guys! been forever since I have had any time to go on the forums.. Here is the video for our latest single!! Seriously please check it out and let me know what ya think!!
  16. KyleUMF

    Brand New UNVISIONED recording!!!

    HOLY SHIT! Well it has been an insanely long time since I have been on the Fractal forums. I miss it and everyones insane amount of knowledge on here, but honestly i needed to focus on writing, shows, mgmt, booking and a million other things it seems. We released 2 songs last year ( before i got...
  17. KyleUMF


    Hey guy's, I know I have read this on here before somewhere, Unfortunately the search bar is not working for me right now! Anywho, How do I program My Rocktron MidiMate pedal so that all the effects are on when i click to that preset?
  18. KyleUMF

    Please need help!!!!

    This is for anyone that has superior drummer and would be interested in helping out a fellow axe fx user, long story short is that I have had a song that we originally recorded in a studio with live drums, was not satisfied, had a friend at toon tracks midi map all the drum hits (no cymbals are...
  19. KyleUMF

    HEAVY! haha first recording up with drums lol

    Hey guys, been away from here for a while, i think i was getting to obsessed with reading and chatting than focusing on my actual playing. I had a chance to hang and et a lesson on monday with Alex from Periphery and from John in Monuments. What a crazy night and partying! some of the Veil of...
  20. KyleUMF

    Does anyone use logic?

    I just started using logic, old comp that had cubase crashed, anywho I run through a MacBook pro, I can't figure out why I can not pan a track 100 to left or right, I can only get it to pan like 64% to the left and I lose all sound when I pan to the right. What am I doing wrong lol
  21. KyleUMF

    Tonight Chicagoland area!!

    Hey guys, I wil be busting out my Ultra with my new JBL PRX612 tonight for the first time at the new Mojoes in Joliet! so stoked! just saw the Born of osiris, Darkest Hour, As Blood Runs Black show last tuesday at mojoes and this venue is AMAZING! the sound is more then superb huge massive stage...
  22. KyleUMF

    JBL PRX612 Finally getting what I want out of the Axe! :)

    I finally got my PRX612 last night! holy shit! I love it! it was what I always dreamed of and more haha, I was using my Marshall cab powered by a Rocktron V300 previously... It was so so going that route, I could get good tones out that way, but FRFR is amazing, I originally had a atomic passive...
  23. KyleUMF

    Anyone Use Active neck PUP and a passive bridge PUP?

    Anyone use active neck PUP and a passive bridge PUP?
  24. KyleUMF

    V300 Defect- what's next?

    So I dont know if you read my other post http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/33310-Well-that-was-SCARY!!!-confused I Figured out that it is my power amp that was causing the problem. Channel 2 went completely dead which caused it too sound very thin when running bridged and in stereo...
  25. KyleUMF

    Misha and Alex talk about there Axe-fx and other gear in europe! good stuff!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AAlWB3IOPc Have to check out this video with misha and alex talkign about there gear on tour in europe!
  26. KyleUMF

    Well that was SCARY!!! confused

    So, I dont know if I am posting this for any tips more then to maybe hear if something just crazy happened... I went to practice early last night and nothing has been touched since last monday when I last practiced. I am running my Ultra to a Rocktron Velocity300 into a Marshall cab, I...
  27. KyleUMF

    Please check out my bands new update video

    We have some music from our new album on here, just a little update of what my band has been up too. Thanks Rich for showing me how to embed youtube videos!!
  28. KyleUMF

    bored this morning before work

    just messing around this morning with a lil riff at my girls apartment and threw it down really quick before work
  29. KyleUMF

    Bare Knuckle pups

    I want to replace my bridge pickup on my ESP 7 string, thinking about going with the painkiller pup... Have heard nothing but great things, anyone have any thoughts? I play predominately heavy drop A music with this guitar
  30. KyleUMF

    10.05 Problem, says it is already on my ultra when it is not

    basically the title says it all…. I loaded the 10.05 file and everything goes great until it is finished, it says this version is already on my axe-fx when the axe-fx clearly says that its still at 10.03 and also says that on the axe edit. anyone else have this problem? Also I have never had...
  31. KyleUMF

    JBL PRX612M anyone have anything bad to say?

    http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PRX612M So I do not know if you read my last post of how my atomic wedge is no where near enough for practice space use.... I talked to my good buddies at Hix Bros music and there main PA guy swears by these and I have a very good hookup with these gys...
  32. KyleUMF

    Ughh atomic passive def not enough

    So I played a show a week ago with my new passive atomic wedge powered by my rocktron v300, everything seemed fine, it was my first time using the wedge was in a live situation... We had a week off and at rehearsal I brought out the wedge and I was severely dissatisfied. It can not even remotely...
  33. KyleUMF

    Violin mess around

    Violin mess around (now W/Remix) okay, I just got a soundcloud page up and made this recording super quick, I know I do not have the correct IR in for the violin patch!!!!!! sorry but my axe-edit has been crazy so I just put a normal cab in…. and the background guitar is just on the Bypass...
  34. KyleUMF

    Hell yeah! Thanks for everyones help!

    So tonight is my first show with my ultra! I'm running it through my passive atomic wedge (just got in last night :) ) and powering it with my rocktron V300. Sound check went amazing it sounds so sick! Honestly probably couldn't have done it without everyones help on the fractal forums! Really...
  35. KyleUMF

    Question for Axe users that go DI to FOH

    So, i just got my Atomic wedge in today! very excited to finally get more use out of the Ultra playing live... One question I have though is about the sound guy at shows.. Is there anything special that i should tell them about going DI with the axe-fx considering that the board for guitars is...
  36. KyleUMF

    PLEASE HELP! Horrible feedback (First show DI)

    I was offered to play a song on some good buddies of mine show this last friday and decided to bring my axe-fx ultra and go DI into the board and use a house monitor for me to hear myself, it sounded great but the feedback is awful out of it, i ended up not being able to go near that monitor at...
  37. KyleUMF

    Rocktron Velocity to power atomic wedge?

    I just got the rocktron velocity 300 and love it, sounds amazing playing through my marshall cab, but i really would like to use the axe-fx DI for live sound and was wondering any thoughts about using the velocity300 to power a passive atomic wedge.... anyone ever done this? this way if there is...
  38. KyleUMF

    Patches not loading into Axe-edit!

    Soo…. I am very new to the axe-fx and just received my ultra about two weeks ago (love it!) Just yesterday i finally started to dabble into the Axe-edit and loading some users patches, bu i would say that over 75% will not load into the axe-edit! I am Using a Macbook Pro if that makes any...
  39. KyleUMF

    Axe-fx Ultra (decent interface?)

    I was wondering if anyone can recomend a decent interface to use that i would be recording DI from my ultra with. i dont have much money to spend right now since i just purchased my Ultra last week, I have a M-Audio Mobile PreUSB but dont really like it and i would liek to switch to something...
  40. KyleUMF

    Just ordered a Ultra today!! (MIDI foot controller? Q's)

    Fuck yeah… so I just ordered the Ultra today, should be shipped next week! i posted earlier about being curious wether i should purchase a Axe-Fx or not and after all the responses definitely decided this is the right choice for me…. I was wondering if there is another alternative for a midi...
  41. KyleUMF

    Nervous Potential Axe-Fx customer

    Hey guys, so i am pretty new to the Fractal world, I have been a avid guitar player for about 15 years and play in a currently indy signed metal band. After playing a few shows with bands like Periphery, ATB and so on i really started digging into Axe-Fx, I have yet to hear anything bad about...
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