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  1. Secret80'sMan

    Modern country tones

    Am recording and helping to write some stuff along the lines of the crop of modern country guys. What amps and cabs in the axe fx can you guys recommend for both the dirty tones and cleanish/grit tones being used today. I am on fw14 with basic cabs that came with the axe. Any help would be...
  2. Secret80'sMan

    Ryan Newel from Sister Hazel joining our ranks

    He came out to see my band since his girlfriend is a fan and dug the tones he was hearing. He had been considering it before but I think that sealed the deal. He and Fractal have connected and he's placed his order so we should be seeing him popping in and out of here very soon I would assume...
  3. Secret80'sMan

    Power amp modeling defaulted to off on 9.02 firmware upgrade

    Had to turn it back on and all is well. I assume that parameter is not controllable through the MFC correct? I was doing work on the MFC so want to rule that out first.
  4. Secret80'sMan

    REQUEST: Men at Work - Down Under tone

    We've been playing this song forever, I even sing it or try to at least and after critically listening to the song noticed that my tone isn't even in the neighborhood. I'm not sure what pickup or type of guitar to use so not sure where to even start. Is that a Roland Jazz Chorus? Any help...
  5. Secret80'sMan

    REQUEST: Update to ALT Preset functionality

    REQUEST/BUG: Update to ALT Preset functionality Team Fractal, I just upgraded to 2.15 and so far I dig it. The only thing I'm having an issue with is the ALT preset function because I cannot disable it globally but rather only on a per preset basis. This means that I would have to go through...
  6. Secret80'sMan

    hitting preset button twice toggles to ALT preset 000

    I have successfully upgraded to 2.15 and reassigned my IA's back to the default places so my labels correspond. The problem is when I hit one of the five buttons on the bottom row which are my five presets I get a message that says ALT followed by the name of patch 000 in my axe fx. I don't want...
  7. Secret80'sMan

    HELP! Please suggest budget FRFR headphones for patch tweaking with Axe Fx

    Guys, I have no gigs for a week and need to buy some headphones tonight for tweaking my tones. I can't afford the ones Luke lives and dies by even though I so wish I could. Can someone recommend something with fairly flat response, good comfort that will let me tweak at home and when I go out...
  8. Secret80'sMan

    return address for Liquid Foot Company

    Hey does anyone have a return mailing address for Liquid Foot / FMC Music? Nothing on their website and some of you use Liquid Foot stuff.
  9. Secret80'sMan

    Bug? AXE-FX SYNC TIMEOUT! appears on MFC-101 and latency when switching patches

    I gigged 9.0 last night for the first time. It sounded good and no complaints there but all night and at random times I kept getting the message: AXE-FX SYNC TIMEOUT! when I switched patches. I also experienced anywhere from one to five seconds of latency in patch switching. This did not happen...
  10. Secret80'sMan

    9.0 and old MFC firmware compatible?

    I know this may seem obvious but I don't have my MFC-101 here at home with me and I just upgraded to FW 9.0. Can I expect the MFC to play nice with 9.0 even though it ha 2.11 on it? It's a given I won't be able to do scene changes but I just want to make sure I can still control all my presets...
  11. Secret80'sMan

    Auto Tune for Guitar

    This looks cool and a more cost effective way to do what the Variax and Roland guitars have done: Auto-Tune for Guitar by Antares - Perfect Tuning, Perfect Intonation Wonder how much the kits will cost? I don't care about tuning as I know how to play in tune but the intonation is compelling...
  12. Secret80'sMan

    Best way to connect Axe Fx to Eleven Rack

    Guys, I am going over to a very opinionated friend's house this week to have a shootout between the Axe and his Kemper. He has the ElevenR rack as his audio interface and runs his Kemper through the loop to monitor. I should be able to just plug into the line input jacks L/R and we should be...
  13. Secret80'sMan

    Secret80'sTones - YOUR LOVE by The Outfield

    Those of you that know me know that I am obsessed with replicating iconic 80's guitar tones as part of what I do in my 80's tribute band The Reflex. For a long time John Spinks legendary tone for the song "Your Love" elluded me but with the advent of Tone Matching I am finally able to...
  14. Secret80'sMan

    AC adapter options for MFC-101

    I misplaced the adapter for my MFC because I use the Ethernet cable exclusively now. Will an adapter for a Pod X3 work (9 volt 2000mA). The adapter doesn't say whether the tip or the ring is negative or positive polarity so I'm hoping someone can chime in. I also have an adapter for my Rocktron...
  15. Secret80'sMan

    REQUEST: Boys of Summer by Don Henley

    The tones on this song are smokin'. I don't know exactly where to start to get that tight tone for the staccato stuff on the verses nor what to do for the distortion that kicks in on the chorus. Position 4 on a strat seems right but the rest escapes me. Chef. Groovenut, Simeon, any of you care...
  16. Secret80'sMan

    Axe Fx 2 Does The 80's - Relax

    Here's a clip of my band's take on the iconic Frankie Goes to Hollywood jam. I used the envelope filter for the stabs. Enjoy!
  17. Secret80'sMan

    Axe Fx 2 Does The 80's - Love Shack

    Here's a snippet of my band doing Love Shack. I'm using the Axe Fx 2 and the amp is the Vox 30TB model. I kick in the drive and delay for the middle section and then off again. Bridge single coil Lace Sensor Hot Gold but any quacky single coil should do the job. Hope you dig it.
  18. Secret80'sMan

    Ethernet to Ethercon adapter box

    Guys, I had seen a little ethernet cable that went into a little box terminating in a Ethercon jack. I searched the forum and can't find it for the life of me. Does anyone remember who makes it and where I can get one? Thanks!
  19. Secret80'sMan

    SH-12 George Lynch Screaming Deamon pickup

    Does anyone have one of these in their bridge with a switch to split it and would be willing to record a sample of it for me to hear? I want to see if it has enough strat like quack for single coil bridge work or whether I should just use it for my rock stuff.
  20. Secret80'sMan

    Rockman sounding patch and Wes Montgomery type patch

    Guys, Does anyone have a decent sounding FRFR patch that sounds like the Tom Scholz Rockman from the 80's? I also need a decent patch for some smooth jazz style octave and solo stuff. I actually have to play (ok, everyone get ready to throw up) Lionel Ritchie's Hello tomorrow night. I...
  21. Secret80'sMan

    MORE SONGS please.

    Since it's holiday time I am re-requesting this much needed feature at least for me and guys who work from an extensive setlist from night to night. I have exhausted the 100 song slots. Please double this to 200 if possible. I would venture to say that the overhead would be minimal but I don't...
  22. Secret80'sMan

    Footloose style patch anyone?

    Having a heck of a time dialing in a patch like the tone you hear on Kenny Loggins' Footloose. For the life of me I'm not even close. I go direct to PA so I would need a patch with amp and cab dialed in using bridge single coil. Are any of you guys feeling charitable, in the holiday spirit and...
  23. Secret80'sMan

    cannot update firmware or connect to Axe Edit via USB

    Guys, I'm trying to ascertain if the issue is the USB driver, Axe Edit or my AXII. I am on Windows XP (latest patches of course) and although the little icon in the taskbar recognizes the Axe Fx II Axe Edit does not. I have the latest version of Axe Edit installed yesterday so that isn't it. I...
  24. Secret80'sMan

    The Axe-Fx does the 80's Part 3

    As with my previous posting (part 2) this was done with FW11 direct to Sound Forge, no post processing of any kind. This one is for Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69". I shortened up the prechorus for the sake of the recording example so don't haze me for that please. I used Lace Sensor Hot Gold...
  25. Secret80'sMan

    The Axe-Fx does the 80's Part 2

    In my 80's tribute band we try to get the tones as close as possible to the recordings so there's lots of back and forth with the original recording. I just had to re-tweak this one since upgrading to FW11 though. This one is for The Outfield's "Your Love". You'll want to turn on the PITCH...
  26. Secret80'sMan

    Increased number of songs in song mode pleez...

    I love the MFC-101 in just about every way but would love more available songs in song mode as I've already tapped out the 100 in mine. Being part of a tribute band I use an extensive number of sounds and the list grows all the time. I prefer not to get into sharing multiple patches for...
  27. Secret80'sMan

    Volume issue

    Guys, I have a volume pedal hooked up and I had it set up so that even in the heel back position all my patches were at 80% of full volume. Then when I stepped on the volume pedal I could get the remaining 20% as a boost. This way when switching from patch to patch the volume wouldn't go back to...
  28. Secret80'sMan

    Wah stays on across all presets when engaged

    Perhaps I missed something obvious but when I engage the toe switch on my Mission Engineering pedal to engage the wah, if I switch presets the wah contines to stay on on the other presets. This was not the case before when I was using the External jacks 1 and 2 (one for the switch, the other...
  29. Secret80'sMan

    The Axe-Fx does the 80's Part 1

    Ok, so my postings have been a bit scarce lately but I plan on making up for it in the coming weeks with a bunch of recording postings. This first one kicks things off with a bang, it is a live rendition of Van Halen's Jump recorded at a club we regularly perform at. Now, I want to put it...
  30. Secret80'sMan

    Desperately need Envelope Filter Patch for Relax

    Gang, I need an envelope filter a la DOD FX-25 (green pedal) or as similar a sound as is present in the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song Relax. What I hear on the song is that the filter opens wider the harder you hit the strings. That thing has a monstrous low end when it closes and that is...
  31. Secret80'sMan

    Will we need to program state of IA CC's on MFC-101?

    Does anyone know if the new Midi controller will read the state of effects from the Axe-Fx instead of having to program each one into a particular patch as we do now? Case in point, I have to open up my big midi pedal board case and hook up all the wires everytime I want to tweak any patches...
  32. Secret80'sMan

    Check your patches AFTER firmware updates and BEFORE gigs

    You would think I would have learned by now, but apparently not. I've been using the Axe-Fx since mine shipped with 6.10 or so I believe. Well, I updated to 7.12 several days ago and checked my main five sounds and thought all was well. Last night at my gig a number of patches had wildly varying...
  33. Secret80'sMan

    HOLY CRAP! Played through Pod X3 last night at rehearsal...

    I'd been tweaking my Ultra's tones coming up with new sounds to match some of the songs we do in the set so instead of disconnecting everything from my computer, sound card, etc. I just pulled out my old Pod X3 Live to use for rehearsal cause I was running short on time and the band had already...
  34. Secret80'sMan


    We all have heard of different tuning offsets and their specific benefits. Some are better when playing open position chords, others are better for barre chords. Would like to hear from the community on what offsets seem to achieve the best GENERAL results overall. Many of us play different...
  35. Secret80'sMan

    Just got my Mission Engineering SP1-R Pedal and its great!

    The pedal looks and feels like a real wah and I'm getting the full range sweep that I wasn't getting with my Ernie Ball, yay! :D :D :D Most of you probably know that James, one of our forum contributors ( lebihanj ) makes these. His site is actually now online if you want to check it out...
  36. Secret80'sMan

    Axe-Fx Wah controlled with Mission Engineering SP1-R

    I just received my pedal from James Lebihan's company (Mission Engineering) which works great with the Axe-Fx. I was having so much fun "wahing" my ass off that I recorded this little clip. No big deal but should communicate that a good pedal definitely contributes to getting the vibe. Never...
  37. Secret80'sMan

    Frequent Recalibration of Expression Pedal

    Gang, I am using an Ernie Ball volume pedal connected to my midi mate for volume, wah, etc. Sometimes when I move the Axe-Fx (practice a gig, whatever) and fire everything up the pedal no longer works. I have to go into CTRL and recalibrate the pedal. After that evertyhing works fine but I was...
  38. Secret80'sMan


    Cliff, if we could please add the ability to lock individual presets once we have tweaked them to perfection it would be a godsend. Either through stupidity at times or because of the lag between the unit and the editor I have at times overwritten individual presets by accident and once...
  39. Secret80'sMan


    Would like to recommend that there be an option under the PRESET tab that says: RECEIVE PRESET BANK FROM MIDI Then users could press ENTER as they do to upload banks or do firmware revisions and the progress bar would show up giving visual feedback that things are progressing once the presets...
  40. Secret80'sMan


    Everyone, What kind of interest is there in pre ordering and putting deposits on the MFC101? Maybe just $100 or something but enough to incentivize Fractal to fast track it. If you would be willing to do this reply to this post and I can propose it to Tom when I speak to him next. Please do not...
  41. Secret80'sMan

    Delay block bug with 7.0

    Once I upgraded to 7.0 I was unable to change the delay time on my presets. To fix had to delete the delay block and add it again (to each preset), then all works well.
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