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  1. Hoosierdaddy

    FS Sold.................Fractal FM9 for sale- $2000.00

    Sold Selling my FM 9,,, brand new in unopened original box . Prefer local pick up to Louisville,Ky.area first $2000.00 +plus shipping.from 47250. will be listing other equipment I am not using soon.
  2. Hoosierdaddy

    any "Audio Experts, Audiologist (msp.)?

    Looking for Any Hearing Loss Advise,""Technically Speaking "" I am loosing <LOST>lot of hearing,and looking for advice ,for best options available. Whats the best Hearing aid (type)out there . looking for Legitimate professional or resource. near Louisville,Ky. Yes ,I know turn it down, Done...
  3. Hoosierdaddy

    FC-6 and FC-12 Videos

    A SHOUT OUT !!!!!!! To those that have taken the time to do video`s on the NEW FC 6 and FC 12 `s I appreciate the sacrifice of time you took to give us the long awaited FC-6 and FC-12 video`s . I know "Read the Manual is important,,But for me and some others, "the Visual " helps so...
  4. Hoosierdaddy

    Need help with preset-Lost volume on {out 3}

    I had 20-30 presets dialed in the way I wanted them .which was as follows :::: using FW 2.02 Version 1.00.07 IN axe edit III--- A. Out 1 - was for "head phones and I.E.M.`s" - OUT 1 mixer at -8.db level about 8.db less that my CLR`s monitors...
  5. Hoosierdaddy

    Not sure where to post this ? Reference to Mojave compatibility?

    Just wandering if there are any known issues <<compatilbility >> with new Mac OS (Mohave ) AS far as any of the Fractal Audio products? AXE FX III ,Axe FX edit , or other softwares ---- Frac Pad ,, Cab Lab ,,Frac Pad ,Fractal Bot ?? Thanks in advance
  6. Hoosierdaddy

    Cameron CCV opinion

    Here is a Cameron preset that I dialed in to my taste- would like your opinion and Critiques Scenes 5 thru 8 HoosierDaddy
  7. Hoosierdaddy

    How about a "Fractal Audio- AXE-Bass-X "

    I am a Fractal Audio Fan all the way ,and i know that there are alot of bassist just hanging on for their moment . This company is Driven by Talented engineers,computer techs ,musicians and skilled employees of all types and backgrounds ,proven by the products they do . I `ve got a...
  8. Hoosierdaddy

    A Shout Out for the whole Fractal Audio team.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just wanted to send a ....... Thank You !!!!!!!!! To-- ALL those that are < involved In >and behind the scenes, and being a part of putting together these advanced superior- music equipment products , We appreciate the amount of time, dedication, commitment -each of the...
  9. Hoosierdaddy

    Quinn 183

    has anyone come close to this one????
  10. Hoosierdaddy


    I am needing the name of a salesperson at Sweetwater that is personally familiar with Fractal Audio devices. if you know of any that could answer my questions when ordering . thank you in advance. P.S. if this is wrong to ask on the forum ,feel free to PM me at Hoosierdaddy .
  11. Hoosierdaddy

    R U -Considering or waiting on an AX 8 or other Fractal Audio product ??????

    What they don't tell you ...... Be prepared !!!!!!! Fractal is a whole new world of Music making .. just be aware of the things they didn't tell you ..... up front .. A.) you`ll never be the same again. B.) it is addictive . and so far there is no therapy available ,except = play on ,and on...
  12. Hoosierdaddy

    AX 8 arrives

    Phoebe is checking out the AX 8 and ,,,,, approves !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hoosierdaddy

    how to save presets to AX8

    I am waiting on my AX8,leaving Fractal thurs- march 31.,but wanted to know 1.) how to save , 2.) and tell the difference between AX8,AXE XL ,and FX8,sys.files (presets)? 3.) Is there a good way to organize them in the sysex library or ?????? 4.) any suggestions?
  14. Hoosierdaddy

    what am i doing wrong?

    i have axe-XL--just got my 2nd atomic active neo CLR - and running FAS cables out of output 1,(L--R)1/4 plugs on rear ,one to each monitor- with equal settings on clr -equal distance from each other and one is louder than the other.? ant ideals?
  15. Hoosierdaddy

    FX8 clipping or What?

    I m having an issue with FX8 ,preset O4-Rot-Phzr-Bass its clips when ever i have the 10 band graphic equalizer on ,,but if i bypass it--there is no clipping , anyone else had this problem? E and A strings
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