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  1. K

    FS [Reverb] Axe-Fx II XL

    As stated in the description, AxeFX II XL in excellent condition: https://reverb.com/item/18769870-fractal-audio-axe-fx-ii-xl
  2. K

    Input to AX8 from Active Pre-amp

    I recently bought a violin pickup with a plan to run it into the AX8 so I can switch between guitar and fiddle without sending a different input to the monitor / board. They call it a pickup, but it is really a mic with an active pre-amp. When plug it into the AX8, I can get some volume out of...
  3. K

    Guitar Squeal

    I was using my AX8 at gig a couple days ago and had an odd thing happened starting in the 3rd set. Whenever I switched to my neck pickup (or middle position, which also uses the neck pickup) I would get high pitch feedback, like a microphone being pointed at a monitor. Of course the first...
  4. K

    Portable Line Array / Column Systems

    Has anyone used the smaller / cheaper portable column speakers in a band situation (the LD 5 Maui or the Inspire ip500 / ip1000, in particular)? I got an original Bose L1 when they first came out. I used it for quite awhile for vocals in rehearsal, but I couldn't get the rest of the band to use...
  5. K

    CLR Issue (Hum)

    I've tried for a week to contact Atomic support (emailing and through their forum) to no avail, so I'd like to ask if anyone here has experience with the following: I've had two CLRs since they first came out. Last night I was playing and after awhile a hum started coming from the CLR I was...
  6. K

    Wish Startup in Sticky Mode

    There is a discussion I started in another thread (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/startup-with-sticky-scenes.121546/) about being able to be in sticky scenes (or presets) mode immediately on startup. This could be some selection of specific options, like "Start Mode: Normal | Sticky...
  7. K

    Startup With Sticky Scenes?

    Is it possible to have the AX8 be in sticky scene mode as soon as it is turned on? I looked in the manual (which is a bit dated) and searched the forums but couldn't find anything that would lead me to believe this is possible. I almost always use it in sticky scene mode at home, but when I was...
  8. K

    AX8 Wish: Additional Input Pad Option

    Since there is no specific AX8 wish section, I'll post this one here: Include a 3db option for the input pad. For more than one of my guitars, 6db is too much and 0db is to little. 6db is great if I'm doing some hard strumming but I can barely get a green light on single not leads. 0db is good...
  9. K

    USB Power Surge

    I just received my AX8 and I am unable to connect it to the PC through the USB port. Every time I try, I get a message stating there is a power surge on the USB port. This is a Windows 10 machine and I'm using the same cable/port that my AxeFx II XL was using (and it works fine for MIDI, audio...
  10. K

    Amp / Cab for Steel Guitar

    Is anyone else playing steel (pedal / console / lap) through the Axe? I recently picked up an old Gibson console and have been using a Vibroverb model with a 1x15 IR. I was curious if anyone else has any amp/cab/settings you found to work well for steel.
  11. K

    Bug? Cab Selection Locks Axe Fx II (v15.0)

    I updated to v15 last night and was playing it for awhile without issue. Then I decided to try some of the new factory UR cabs. Again, I played through some without issue. Then, I landed on the Triptik cab and tried it for a few seconds then scrolled off and the axe locked up (no more sound...
  12. K

    Wish Scene 1/2 Default to Scene 1

    Could we have the Scene 1/2 switch default to Scene 1 when coming from Scene 3 or greater? A bonus wish would be to have the LED be red when 1 is selected, green when 2 is selected and not lit when some other scene is selected.
  13. K

    FRFR "Amp In the Room" Experiment

    I finally got around to trying something last night with my 2 CLR wedges. With my tube amps I used open back cabs, so I'm used to the sound that comes out of the back and the reflections that mix with front. That's what I think of when I hear people say they want "amp in the room" sound. So...
  14. K

    LF Resonance Fix for Boomy FRFR

    A while ago there was some discussion of CLRs being "boomy." I have a pair of wedges and never thought I noticed it. But, on some presets I started noticing a pronounced low end at or around the low G. It didn't happen with every amp model, though, so I ruled out the CLRs. Also, just lowering...
  15. K

    Effect of Input Impedance (1M + Cap)

    I was messing with the Input Impedance parameter and when I switched between 1M and 1M + Cap, I seemed to like it with the added capacitor (at least for whatever preset I was using at the time). I was just curious as to what exactly the cap is doing to the signal, tone-wise? Is it similar to...
  16. K

    Changes to HiPower in v10 - Suggestions?

    The HiPower brilliant was my main amp for dirty tones. In Version 10, there is way less gain/sustain. It says in the release notes that this was one of the models that had a "complete overhaul," so expected a change. I've reset the model and added a lot more Drive and turned on the Boost, but...
  17. K

    Wish Scene Toggle

    Currently there is Scene Increment, Decrement, and direct access using one IA per scene. I think it would be useful to be able to set a scene toggle to provide two scenes per switch. There would be four choices for IA assignment: Scene Toggle (ScTg) 1/2, ScTg 3/4, ScTg 5/6, ScTg 7/8. The...
  18. K

    Copy Effect Problem

    I'm trying to copy an effect from one preset to another. I followed the instructions in the manual, but I must be doing something wrong. I'm on the preset I want to copy to, then go to the Effect tab on the recall menu. I select the preset I want to copy from, then the effect (Delay 1 in this...
  19. K

    MFC Saves Changed Preset

    I haven't yet tried to duplicate this, but the other night I was on a preset and the MFC was in Preset mode. I used some IAs to turn some effects on and some off. Then, I setup a Song on the MFC and changed it to Song mode. Later, when I went back to the original preset I was using, the...
  20. K

    Bug: Preset Name Display

    I have a preset named "AmpOnly : Crunch" and every so often when I select it, the MFC adds a space after the first letter ("A mpOnly..."). Has anyone else noticed something like this? It was in Song mode when I noticed it.
  21. K

    MFC Wishlist Forum?

    Would it be useful to have an MFC-specific Wishlist forum? I know some great ideas have come from the Axe-Fx Wishlist, so maybe we could do the same thing for the MFC.
  22. K

    MIDI Cable/Connection FAQ

    I'd like to start a thread that has information pertaining only to the MFC-101 MIDI connection. I've seen various pieces of information floating around, but it would be nice to have it in one thread for quick reference (and I can update the original post as information becomes available)...
  23. K

    Anyone playing in MI next week?

    I just wanted to see if any Axe users were playing near South Haven, Michigan this weekend or next week? I'll be in the area and looking for some live music in the evenings.
  24. K

    RJM MasterMind to Support AxeFx Tuner

    Just saw this tweet from @rjmmusictech. It might be of interest to some here:
  25. K

    Basement to Gig Levels - How Do You EQ?

    Does anyone here use a standard output EQ curve when going from lower levels to gig levels? I haven't played mine out yet, but from doing some higher volume testing I'm going to need to cut the lows and highs at gig level. I'm guessing it's going to be a kind of reverse "loudness" curve. Does...
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