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  1. Lopp

    FM9 Mark II Footswitch Displays

    Just saw the email about the FC-6 Mark II and FC-12 Mark II that have larger footswitch displays than the original. Wonder when this is going to make its way to the FM9 for a Mark II, if at all. Not that it's a big deal, as I'd be happy to just be able to get the original FM9.
  2. Lopp

    Too pleased with the form factor of the AX8 to even think about the FM3

    There is some discussion about this kind of stuff over in the FM3 area and there are a lot of peeps there with good reasons for wanting the FM3 over the AX8. Thus, I don't want to poop on their joy by suggesting that the AX8 is better than the FM3 for some users, so I'll share it with my fellow...
  3. Lopp

    After over a decade with the original, finally getting an AX8!

    I'll be joining you guys as an AX8 owner within a week. Just made the purchase today after owning the original Standard for over a decade. The Standard still fits my needs except for ease of transporting the rack and controller and setting them up at gigs/jams. Thus, I had always dreamed of...
  4. Lopp

    Is someone experiencing student loan hardship if they can afford an Axe-Fx?

    Look at the rack in the main picture: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/thousands-apply-to-u-s--to-forgive-their-student-loans--saying-schools-defrauded-them-133720706.html
  5. Lopp

    Carvin advertising the Axe-Fx

    Carvin has a vid of Steve Vai playing through his Legacy 3 amps on their webpage. The Axe-Fx is prominently displayed throughout the vid. Steve even appears to be using it along with the Legacy 3 he is advertising because the input LED's light up when he is playing. Carvin.com - Guitars...
  6. Lopp

    Best Buy Advertising Axe-Fx?

    I thought it was cool they used an Axe-Fx to demonstrate another product, although the pic might have been straight from SKB: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/SKB+-+US+Series+2-Space+Rack+Case+-+Black/9901675.p?id=1218191877505&skuId=9901675 If anything, it adds to product placement.
  7. Lopp

    Mesa 4x12 vs. QSC HPR 122i

    BACKGROUND: With so many accolades of the HPR 122i a couple of years ago, when deciding on a small PA for my band, we picked up two 122i's along with a HPR 151i for small venues. Since I originally fronted the $$, my logic was that I could use the 122i's for the Axe-Fx if the band broke up...
  8. Lopp

    The Axe-Fx is like a juicy burger...

    I've been trying to think of a good analogy for my view of the Axe-Fx, especially in light of posts about the Standard vs the Ultra and posts about whether the Standard will ever be "obsolete." One of the closest ones is comparing it to a juicy burger or steak (or whatever your favorite food...
  9. Lopp

    Axe-Fx and X2 Wireless problems on the same power strip

    I've been having problems with my X2 XDS-Plus wireless lately. It has cut out at two gigs and one rehearsal where all of the battery level and signal level LEDs were flashing and none of the buttons worked. It is plugged into the same Furman power strip as the Axe-Fx and a power amp. Line6...
  10. Lopp

    TBL - Semi-Charmed Life (my singer will kill me for posting)

    Cover of Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life." All recorded in one take, so my singer hasn't laid down her final vocals yet. I'm happy enough with the guitars, so I'll probably keep them. The dirty guitars are the Plexi 2 through a Recto cab sim and (I think) the V30 cab sim, both mic'ed...
  11. Lopp

    TBL - She Talks To Angels

    Recorded this in one take with the band in the studio for a demo. Used the Brownface sim and I think either the V75 or the Recto cab along with the SM57 mic sim to go direct into the board. A doubling delay, a little EQ, and some compression was added after recording. Guitar is tuned normally...
  12. Lopp

    Do you even understand the holy grail for Axe-Fx tone?

    The whole argument about tweaking the Axe-Fx to sound exactly like existing amps vs. tweaking the Axe-Fx to achieve some tone beyond existing amps is misguided. It is almost like arguing about which flavor of ice cream is the best. That being said, I don't know if you are confident enough to...
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