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  1. Rexgtr

    Axe Edit doesn't follow MFC buttons?

    I have an Axf Fx II mk I and a MFC-101 mk I I'm noticing for example when I step on an effect Axe Edit doesn't indicate that the block(s) are bypassed or on? Is this normal with Axe Edit 3.14.3? It used to work fine. btw, recently I needed to use MIDI Out of the MFC into the Axe's MIDI In...
  2. Rexgtr

    Mission Engineering SP-1 Step twice to turn on/off Wah?

    Going thru the MFC manual, trying a bunch of settings but can't figure this out? XS1 #097 (wah) Ch 01 Typ TOG need to step twice! XS1 #097 (wah) Ch 01 Typ HDW step once but wah stays on when changing presets! What I want is my Wah bypassed when changing presets and step on it once to turn...
  3. Rexgtr

    Has anyone emulated Brian May’s Foxx Foot Phaser?

    Title says it all. I never tried the original 1972 Foxx Foot Phaser so I’m not sure what the two side controls did or what the extra foot switch controlled? Basic concept is “I think” foot controlling the phase shifters depth allowing you to add more swoosh then dialing it back. Quite simply...
  4. Rexgtr

    Axe-FX Name Timeout!

    So I just spent an hour+ researching this Axe Fx Name Timeout! Switched Ethernet cables (My MFC 101 is mk I) Nothings working so I shined a flashlight inside the Ethernet socket where I had recently accidentally tried plugging my 1/4 cable in there. This caused two of the pins to bend upward...
  5. Rexgtr

    Axe Fx II might not be for everyone

    I love my Axe FX II + MFC101 since the day I bought it. A friend heard my setup and later decided to get the same, here's where I don't think its for everyone. He's had his Axe FXII and MFC101 for 6 months and hasn't figured out how to do anything more than scroll through the factory presets. I...
  6. Rexgtr

    Any reviews of the Mission Engineering EP-25-PRO Aero?

    I'm curious if this would be a good switched expression pedal for Wah with the MFC101?
  7. Rexgtr

    Axe Fx II mk1 Green screen freeze

    [SOLVED] How do I get my unit functioning again? Today I was adding/changing the X/Y settings and likely went over my 7k limit, with my main preset at 95%cpu. Likely corrupt preset but now when I turn off and on my Axe screen freezes before the The Quantum splash comes up (8.02FW) If I restart...
  8. Rexgtr

    Emulating a Joemeek floorQ Optical Compressor Pedal

    I need help dialing in the compressor to emulate a clean sound I hear in many recordings like The Police (Message in a Bottle), Steve Stevens (Eyes Without a Face), Honeymoon Suite (Wave Babies)... Its almost a smoothed percussive clamp down of the guitars initial attack, hard to explain. I've...
  9. Rexgtr

    Which AxeFxII output to feed VL3X input?

    I've had the VoiceLive 3 Extreme since the summer and I've given up using its internal guitar processing (Its no match to the AxeFxII!) plus I get a ground loop hum when using both so... I'm thinking of making a Humbuster cable but wonder which way to send guitar signal into the VL3X? A clean...
  10. Rexgtr

    Admins, is there anyway I can change my User name here?

    When I signed up I choose a name that is too similar to another member. Can I change my User name from Rexx ? It doesn't seem I can do this my self without deleting my account and starting newb.
  11. Rexgtr

    Splitting guitar signal AB/Y advice needed.

    I've recently purchased a TC Helicon Voicelive 3 Extreme floor effects for vocals. It requires your guitar to be plugged into it to assist the vocal harmony detection by following your chords (Vocoder, Harmonizer, Talkbox) My issue is splitting my guitar to feed both units VL3E and Axe FX II...
  12. Rexgtr

    Correcting Modifiers so presets have sound on start up

    I've recently developed an issue where my main presets have no sound until I move an expression pedal set for controlling volume. This is only an issue when the unit is turned on, after I've moved the pedal it all works as normal.
  13. Rexgtr

    Anyone have a link to Cooper Carters "Reverb Hold" video?

    I seen it a few weeks ago and searched Here, on YouTube and Facebook and can't find it. I tried making my own Reverb Hold preset but its lacking some sacred knowledge. :p
  14. Rexgtr

    Forum "Most read this week"

    The new forum upgrade looks great but right away noticed "Most read Topics this week" is missing. I used that all the time just to quickly see what's the latest buzz all things Fractal Audio related. Sry - wasn't sure where i could post this
  15. Rexgtr

    I've forgot how to use Global scales for the harmonizer?

    Need a little help getting custom harmonizer scales working. Thanks
  16. Rexgtr

    Your favorite Amp/Cabs?

    I'm curious what other user's favorite Amp/Cabs are that they are currently buzzing on? For the longest time I've been using FRIEDMAN HBE and Fredman Angled Cab IR as my go to High gain amp. Then I read a user here saying with fw18.0.4 they've been digging DIZZY V4 BLUE 4 (based on Diezel...
  17. Rexgtr

    Can the AxeFx II emulate Germanium Fuzz boxes?

    Can the AxeFx II emulate Germanium Fuzz boxes?
  18. Rexgtr

    Your favorite pickup combo and why?

    I've just discovered what many already knew. Jazz neck Custom Custom bridge. I have a '79 Gibson LPC, the T Tops are nice but the bridge pup doesn't have enough gain IMO. I tried my Godin LGXT last night Jazz/Custom Seymour Duncan's and that's it right there! I've read that the Jazz was...
  19. Rexgtr

    Edited LED

    When I make edits the Edited LED lights up on the AFII but not in Axe-Edit, not sure if this is known?
  20. Rexgtr

    Sound stopping V15

    I've performed all current updates and lastly the preset update All banks A, B & C. As I was auditioned presets some stopped functioning. I re-installed my customized preset Bank A and noticed some presets stopped functioning when I selected an effect (Chorus, Delay 1) The sound restored...
  21. Rexgtr

    AFII Out 1 cab sim ON ~ Out 2 cab sim OFF = How?

    I realize that using just my studio monitors isn't enough, now I want to drive a couple 12" cabs using Out 2 into a SLA 2 power amp into spkrs. Naturally I want to use the cab sims for monitoring/recording using Out 1 but with Out 2 I want to bypass cab sim function.
  22. Rexgtr

    FW 13.02 Some presets REV1 changed to REV2

    My work around was to change preset REV2 to Shunt then select REV1 and Save. This confused me because I don't have a footswitch assigned to REV2, also I only use one reverb in my patches but REV1 wasn't an available option until I removed REV2. ie. my presets originally had used REV1 before...
  23. Rexgtr

    Looper Mode Metro & Tempo?

    What do these functions Metro & Tempo do when you're in Looper Mode? I setup my MFC to go into looper mode when holding Reveal switch long.
  24. Rexgtr

    MFC XS1 thru 4 question

    I have two boss FS-6 footswitches connected to MFC's external switches and I'm trying to have more foot-control over presets like Boost, AmpX/Y, Tremolo, Ring Mod. Q~ Can you assign any effect to these switches or only specific ones? How do you setup the AF2 and MFC for this? I've been...
  25. Rexgtr

    Made my own MFC labels!

    P-Touch PT-D200 $29 label maker + a few minutes.
  26. Rexgtr

    Bug? AE 3.00.04 Effect bypass/engaged not displaying

    Using MFC with latest FW 3.00, as I kick in/out phaser 1, delay 1,.. (any effect) it sounds correct in/out but is not displayed on AE screen, just stays in either a bypass or engaged state. OS FW 13.02
  27. Rexgtr

    v12.04beta - Where's the speaker phase adjustment?

    I recall some mention of changing the phase of a speaker including Neal Schon, I've looked and can't find. help? :nightmare:
  28. Rexgtr

    Where can I find Micro pitch shift?

    I recall having this effect on my AxeFxII when I bought it but can't seem to find it. It sounded similar to Eventide's Micro pitch shift which uses random small pitch shifting to create a thicker doubled sound. I associated it with Ozzy's vocal effect and EVH's thick chorus sound used during...
  29. Rexgtr

    Anyone successfully emulate a double tracked guitar?

    A lot of us record and have used the technique of recording two guitar parts ~exactly panned L / R, anyone come close to that sound on their AxeFxII?
  30. Rexgtr

    Cliff when and how did you get into electronics?

    Just curious. When I was 13 I successfully transplanted a EH LPB-1 into my strat copy. @ 15 I started ordering project kits from PAIA Electronics in Ohio, Fuzz = it didn't ever work, Ring Mod = never worked, Octave divider = it worked but meh. Spring Reverb = it worked, Phlanger worked. I...
  31. Rexgtr

    Sync delays/Fx to Cubase ?

    This is baffling me, need a tip on how to change AFXII from internal sync to external midi sync? Thanks
  32. Rexgtr

    Connecting Axe FX 2 with Cubase 6, Sonar X3 question

    I just tried connecting Axe to my DAWs, both Cubase and X3 would only let me select either my PCI sound card MAudio Delta 1010 or the USB Axe FX 2 but not both at the same time? How do you guys get both working so you can record/playback guitar along with EZ drummer, VSTi's, MIDI...?
  33. Rexgtr

    Axe Edit 3.03 minor bug

    Using Axe Edit 3.03 I tried to swap two presets locations. Couldn't figure out how to do this on the editor so I did the swap using the Axe Fx 2's store. Then AE3 showed only one of the presets in both preset locations. I thought I had somehow wrote over a preset until I disconnected the USB...
  34. Rexgtr

    Fender YJM Strat with DiMarzio HS-3's

    I've had this guitar for a few years, bought it used for a good price $1180 and solved a tuning issue by oiling the brass nut. This past weekend I used a Dremel tool to create more space for the trem block to dive bomb (It was only dropping -7 semitones with factory build) Now it drops...
  35. Rexgtr

    Pitch Whammy smooth bending?

    Playing around with the Whammy today and I noticed it moves in chromatic semi tones. Is there a way to turn off this stepping for a smooth pitch bending effect like the DigiTech?
  36. Rexgtr

    Liking the Pitch Intel harmonizer!

    Having owned these Eventide's: H3000 D/SE H3000 SFX Eclipse I must say when I first heard a friend using the AF2 harmonizer in one of his songs solo's live I was floored. FAS is IMHO better than the Eventide harmonizer. No wonder guitarist like JP, DZ... have ditched much of their outboard FX...
  37. Rexgtr

    My mod of VH for V11 Rexx

    I was thinking just now, this forum needs another EVH patch! ;) As close as I could match to EVH's early first album tone. Reverb is hard L dry dist hard R, phase 90. Cleans up well with guitars volume. Flanger Chorus and Delay in bypass. This is a modification of Cliff's VH for V11...
  38. Rexgtr

    MFC-101 switch mod question

    I have the first version of the MFC-101 MK 1, and I can feel and hear why the MK 2 version is more desirable. (Softer quieter switches) Q~ How difficult would it be for an experienced electronics DIY'r to remove the 21 foot switches and replace them with momentary foot switches? I haven't...
  39. Rexgtr

    ISP Decimator G-String pedal

    I bought a ISP Decimator G-String pedal noise suppressor a few years ago and have had back luck with ground loops or noise in general. Now that I have the AF2 I won't need the ISP but I haven't programmed my AF2 enough yet to jam out with it. I tried the ISP yesterday and had to remove it and...
  40. Rexgtr

    Using additional guitar pedals with Axe FX II?

    I'm wondering if I'll need any buffered splitter or just use Y cords. I have a Roctron Banshee2 talkbox and a Whammy DT. If I plug my guitar into the Whammy first, into the Banshee then into the AF2 wouldn't I be messing with the modeller's reading of my guitars signal? Would you suggest all...
  41. Rexgtr

    How can I confirm if Producer Cab Pack 1 or 2 is installed?

    Hi, I just bought an AF 2 + MFC a few days ago used, the guy told me he installed a Producer Cab Pack but I didn't remember if he said 1 -Wellspring Sound or 2 - Mad Oak Studio Thanks
  42. Rexgtr

    Going to buy Mission Eng Exp pedals tomorrow. Help

    Hi, I'm off to buy the SP-1 tomorrow and don't know what pedals I should get. Should I get 4 SP-1's or Two SP-1's w/switch? I seen some guys have four exp pedals and four external switches added to their MFC101 Mission Engineering sells LED kits for their Switched pedals, is this...
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