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  1. Cobrango

    22,66 notes per second clip xD

    I was practicing my technique and felt silly so I recorded this clip. Sorry for the vertical video These are hard, 32nd notes @ 170 bpm - that's 22,66 notes per second 🤯🤣
  2. Cobrango

    Amundsen Studio late night shred

    Hi guys, I'm still here, been building my home studio for years now and finally I'm having some time to actually use it. I recorded this short shredmania thing last night, just going for it. practicing really hard these days to get my chops back in shape. The guitar is pure axe-fx II, starting...
  3. Cobrango

    New setup I've been working on in 2019 (advanced af)

    Happy new year everyone! I've been working my ass off in 2019, not with music, but with my home studio. Some of you may remember my old setup from years back, basically an axe-fx II, then some rack stuff, but now I've summoned the setup from hell. It's so advanced I'm having a hard time wrapping...
  4. Cobrango

    Driver install error code 116 Fix: if struggling with windows 10 not installing FAS usb drivers

    Hi :grin::balloon: lately I've had the problem where windows 10 would not recognize that the axe-fx II was connected, and certainly not connect to the axe-fx II from axe-edit. I found a temporary solution where I start windows in advanced mode where forced driver authorization is turned off, but...
  5. Cobrango

    The new Mega Oversize cab pack from ML Sound Lab is insane!

    Just played it today after having purchased it, and it sounds SO good. Highly recommend it, I've been hunting V30 IR's online since I bought the axe-fx II alomst, and I've tried so many it's crazy. I've been in contact with Mikko for a long time and we even discussed this exact cab, then...
  6. Cobrango

    Your thoughts on speakers handling lows, with an input from Dr.Decibel at Celestion

    Hi, I play 8-string guitars. This goes out to all of you who are wondering about how low your speakers can go. I tune my guitars to drop-e, that E1, the same note played on a bass guitar in normal tuning. you've all probably heard that playing 4-string bass guitar into a guitar speaker/cab at...
  7. Cobrango

    Last power conditioner question, I swear! (this year)

    Hi, So yada yada I've got a Furman PL-8C E and I'm wondering if the power conditioners of you (see what I did there) use them to power up your amps? I came over a thread somewhere stating that the tube amps don't need it and that the power conditioners might be limiting the something something...
  8. Cobrango

    Your thoughts on Axe-Fx II Vox AC30 clips and tube names? Help me <3

    Hi, I'm really getting into the whole Vox ac30 thing, and I'm looking to buy the ac30 cc2 or cch, maybe do the Lyle Caldwell mods and I would really love to hear what the axe-fx II can do. I've not heard that much Vox stuff from the axe-fx II so hit me up with what you've got or have heard...
  9. Cobrango

    It always make me chuckle

    Every time I read about someone pulling of the "idiot move" of connecting the usb cable to the ethernet connection on the axe-fx II and frying things up etc. it always make me chuckle. I've been baffled from thinking about how it's even possible. Just remember where the ports are, have a look...
  10. Cobrango

    Met Tom Quayle and Martin Miller at an Ibanez clinic yesterday

    Had a great time yesterday at a guitar clinic where I got to meet Tom Quayle and Martin Miller! I tried one of their new signature AZ models too, but it was not my cup of tea - great instruments though, I only play 8-strings Ibanez and I'm used to the super thin necks so the AZ C-shaped neck...
  11. Cobrango

    Art Pro MPA II tube preamp with axe-fx II

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've written something in this forum, I've been really busy with school, work and lately configuring my new home studio. Maybe some of your remember me, I'm a 2012 mark 1 old timer, hehe. My question is about using the axe-fx II with external...
  12. Cobrango

    Preamp/Poweramp gain structure balance parameter with retained volume

    Hi, maybe someone already thought of this in an old thread, but would it be able to add a parameter that adjusts the balance between all elements of preamp gain such as Input drive etc. and power amp gain such as Master volume etc. Just a knob that when turned clockwise bumps the power amp...
  13. Cobrango

    New rack tuner (halp)

    Hi guys, I just bought my first rack tuner but I can't get it to work. I even tuned it to 880 Hz (close to what is on the picture) instead of 440 Hz and played the octave but it won't work. please help, I am not that experienced with rack tuners.
  14. Cobrango

    axe-fx II & III combined, what are the options?

    So as the price falls to stupid low on the axe-fx II, which was the most powerfull guitar preamp in the world three or four days ago, I've decided to not sell mine beacuse it's just not worth it considering what I paid for it. This had me thinking, what are the options for combining the axe-fx...
  15. Cobrango

    Tuner, tuner, on the wall.. how low can you go and still have a ball?

    Question is, will it handle the earthquake at E0 - 20.602 Hz? I could always just use the octave at the 12th fret, but you know, axe-fx III
  16. Cobrango

    Amundsen Resurrection

    Hi everyone! I'm back (with firmware 9.03) Signal Chain: Dunlop Jazz III XL (red) D'Addario EXL 08|38+60+80 tuned to Drop-E Ibanez RG2228 Used Prestige w/DiMarzio PAF-8's Fractal Audio Systems Axe-fx II mk1 Amundsen Custom Axe-fx II Preset FL Studio 12.9 Beta Solid State Logic (SSL) G-Master...
  17. Cobrango

    Working on my first album

    Hello human! Sharing this small clip to kick me in the ass, I'm working on my first album but spending more time exploring sounds and mixing than writing the actual songs, lol. Have a good day :)
  18. Cobrango

    Using headphones from "Phones output" without the guitar coming through?

    Hi, I've been searching and searching and I can't find out how to do this. Basically I've just bought Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 and Jam origins midi guitar 2, and now I want to use them with fl studio 12. I'm using "Phones" in my axe-fx II for monitoring using headphones, but I want to listen...
  19. Cobrango

    The Amundsen drumkit

    Working on my custom drumkit, what do you think? I think it's an improvement and it's starting to sound really punchy! I can't wait to get more into the progressive foundry by Toontrack. I just bought it and it rocks! My kit is like 5 gig, haha! gotta love mixing in some x-drums and getting all...
  20. Cobrango

    Black and grey

    First mix test with drop E (0.200 @ 35") 6-string Ibanez btb406 bass guitar and my new custom drumkit made with Toontrack The Progressive Foundry. The guitar is my main Ibanez rg2228 with Jescar super jumbo (as big as it gets) stainless steel frets and DiMarzio PAF-8s. Dunlop Jazz III XL...
  21. Cobrango

    the half-whole fascination

  22. Cobrango

    Amundsen lick in E minor with awesome video diagram and tab!

    a little Amundsen lick I made using slides, legato, 3-1-3-3 and a little peckin'. try it, it's really fun! once you get the picking pattern down it's easy to get it up to speed, but I don't focus on the speed. this is a great way to connect the modes, explore efficient (economy) picking, try a...
  23. Cobrango

    NBD - Ibanez btb406 deep blue

    NBD - crazy story, this Ibanez btb406 "deep blue" 35" was first bought new from a guy who found out six strings was too much for him, so he returned it the next day. then it's been in a box like new for 13 years and a few days in the shop from where I bought it. it's basically a 13 year old...
  24. Cobrango

    low end from hell

    hi there human being! today I'm working on the low end, think I'm gonna make a tab for the lick at 0:43. what cha think? :)
  25. Cobrango

    What is the Ibanez white dot inlay made of? can't find it anywhere!

    So yeah, what is the Ibanez white dot inlay made of? can't find it anywhere! please halp! :)
  26. Cobrango

    Behold, Satan \m/

    I did a thing
  27. Cobrango

    on axis straight sm57 between the cone and the edge of the cone in the axe-fx II?

    When I used amps and mics before the axe-fx II, I would place the sm57 straight (no angle) somewhere between the middle of the cone and the edge of the cone. This placement made a fat super middy holdsworth kind of tone and when I select the sm57 in the axe-fx II it sounds nothing like this. Is...
  28. Cobrango

    Challenge: make a bass preset sound awesome pitched down to E0 (-1 octave)

    Since I don't have a 35+" 6-string bass tuned to E0, I'm now trying to find a way how to make a 4 string bass in normal tuning sound like it's tuned to E0 by pitching it down, and still making it sound good. Are you up for the challenge? here's what I have for now...
  29. Cobrango

    Stainless steel frets - rga8 & rg2228 halp

    Hi I'm going to order some stainless steel frets for a luthier to put on a rga8 and a rg2228. the radius for the rga8 is 400mm, and the rg2228 is 430mm. I've never ordered frets before and I want to make sure that I get it right. I want to order the "jumboest" jescar frets...
  30. Cobrango

    I had a B+ time constant epiphany

    So yesterday I had a B+ time constant epiphany. is there any models in the axe-fx that's using say a B+ time constant of say 100ms? Because 100ms seems to be a magic number for me. I can only describe it as the sounding more pleasant, and it's as if the sound comes after the pickstroke in a nice...
  31. Cobrango

    Tosin Abasi's new signature Ibanez prototype

    Did you get this? I think it looks awesome! it's kind of strange, from the way the light hits the bevel it looks like the guitar is way smaller than it is. What do you make from the fanned frets? 27"-28"/28.2" or 25.5"-27"? I really hope it's 27"-28" or 28.2" because 27 is a bit short, at least...
  32. Cobrango

    Shrediagonal - updated lesson with neck diagram built into the video

    Hello everyone! first post on the new forum, yay. I've just updated my shrediagonal lesson with an added neck diagram, less need for tabs :) I've had a lot of comments and feedback on this one in different groups, people really seem to like the built in diagram - 4500 views in a week on...
  33. Cobrango

    Master thesis on Shawn Lane

    Hi, I'm writing a master thesis on Shawn Lane and guitar technique. Does anyone of you know if there were specific guitar technique / music theory books Shawn Lane read and maybe rocommended? Also, I'm going to look into guitarists heavily influenced by Shawn Lane like Rusty Cooley, Marshall...
  34. Cobrango

    what the.. "The only Full Tube, 100% Analogue, Modelling Guitar Amplifier"

    what the.. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/870918342/guitarists-heres-the-real-thing?ref=video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe8muWweOFFQqCPjyCqDN2A/videos
  35. Cobrango

    Paul Gilbert jumped out with Quantum!

    So I installed Quantum, decided to just backup my presets and install the factory presets to see how they sounded. they sounded very good! So I got to preset number 147 called "Crawling in the dark" and something struck me like, hey.. this sounds tight, kind of like.. Paul Gilbert! So i got rid...
  36. Cobrango

    dat tone, halp?

    Hello everyone! Today I'm wondering how you would approach this kind of tone with the axe-fx? Is it mostly due to the volume? I mean listen to the way the tones sing, it's insaaaane! I'm sick of practicing using a headset lol. I'll never get tones like this without volume! damn it. This is...
  37. Cobrango

    Mean Quantum

    grrrrrr!! the new quantum firmware is mean sounding! I backed up my presets and installed the fractal presets, they're really good sounding now! This is preset #031 Savageness with the f132 cab 4x12 tv mix 2 with an enhancer before the reverb block (high cut 9999) fat and cut engaged in...
  38. Cobrango

    Can't backup presets with quantum

    quantum1.0 fbot "message timeout" axe freeze at 79% of bank C backup.only on bank c. Hi, I just installed quantum on my axe-fx mark I and remembered that I did not backup my presets, but the presets are the same right? So backing them up from Quantum without changing anything would be the same...
  39. Cobrango

    Shrediagonal (fw 19)

    shredding some diagonals using 3nps, Aeolian, Ionian, Phrygian and Mixolydian. Ibanez Guitars​ rg2228, DiMarzio PAF-8s, Axe-fx II, D'Addario Strings and Planet Waves​ .008 - .038 + .060 + .080. Dunlop Tortex T3 0.60mm. (neck cam: galaxy s5 and gorilla grip) firmware 19.
  40. Cobrango

    Back to the woodshed

    Just working on my chops after finishing my exam.
  41. Cobrango

    UVI Digital Synsations vst 9 gigs of free awesomeness :)

    I just downloaded this myself. 9 gigs of awesome sounds. I just had to make an iLok account and download the free workstation too. Seems legit, I've not yet installed it though. Can't wait! :D https://www.facebook.com/groups/373222532494/permalink/10153434866002495/ the facebook post...
  42. Cobrango

    guitar exam at school (Allan Holdsworth guitar solo content)

    Hi, I've been thinking a lot on whether to post this or not because I got a bit nervous and did some mistakes and what not, but after some thinking I landed on this conclusion: what the heck. I'm not pleased with my performance and the only reason I'm posting it is because I got the grade "B" on...
  43. Cobrango

    Allan Holdsworth playing an 8-string!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

    https://www.facebook.com/moonjune.allanholdsworth/photos/a.10150308468106130.334273.43154941129/10153071927196130/?type=1&theater INK361 - A web interface for Instagram and so much more. This is so huge!!! I don't know what to do!!!! should I sit down? run around?? ooh my goooood!!! :D for me...
  44. Cobrango

    Firmware 18.12

    Kind of feel I'm getting closer to the tone for me :D listen to Shawn Lane's tone at 1:14, then my tone in the clip from 0:18. I'd say I'm in the ballpark :D
  45. Cobrango

    FW 18.08 - does the DiMarzio PAF-8's have great low end? find out!

    WARNING: EIGHT STRING CONTENT :P I'd say they sound pretty ok for low end stuff :D I think this was using the bridge/middle/neck in split coil so no humbucker here. at least one thing is for sure, the DiMarzio PAF 8's destrooooys the EMG 808's, destrooooooys them (IMHO) :P I need to record some...
  46. Cobrango


    sometimes you've just got to let it all out with some midnight shred :lol
  47. Cobrango

    I got my rg2228 back from the luthier :) (lots of Ibanez pics inside)

    Ibanez guitars, my main guitar is the Ibanez rg2228 and the rga8 with Ionizers is the perfect backup guitar. both equipped with DiMarzio passive pickups and push pull for splitting the humbuckers into single coils. I'm using D'Addario exl130 (.008s) + .060 + .080 for drop-e tuning...
  48. Cobrango

    Shawn Lane tone fw 18.08

    Good day everyone! Here's a quick clip of my Shawn Lane project. so I tone matched a clip on youtube of the Holmes + westbury w-20 and this is what it sounds like at the moment (yeah I need to learn the whole solo :P ) this is using an Ibanez rga8 with Ionizers in it. first bridge as...
  49. Cobrango

    NFD, NPD :)

    New fan day (some days ago) and new pickup day today :D I was going to replace the fan in the axe-fx II mk I only to find out that the same fan was already there, lol. but it needed to be replaced because it had started to sound "clicky" and strange (like an old computer kind of, but it was not...
  50. Cobrango

    I ordered cab pack 10 and..

    played cab pack 10 so much that I'm all soaked up in sweat now. that is all.
  51. Cobrango

    Firmware 18.06 Shawn Lane tone

    good day folks! I just installed firmware 18.06 and after some tweaking I got this great Shawn Lane tone dialed in. I was tweaking my Shawn Lane presets but this sounds much better than my previous attempts. I'm was going for the tone in this clip, the Shawn Lane Ibanez Jam video...
  52. Cobrango

    Amundsen Hammond FW 18.04

    What can I say? I've been tweaking for a while :D This is the alternate preset because of cpu overload in the original one (not without usb though), and the original preset sound even better. I started out using this preset called "My Hammond 1" by author "Dreamvic" but my preset sounds nothing...
  53. Cobrango

    please remove

    Hi, please remove this cab, I almost blew my head off auditioning it: Axe-Change - Download 4x12 - ORANGE 4x12 SM57 #2 - by KevinKoch2443
  54. Cobrango

    not sure if bug but I almost blew my ears off

    using firmware 18b7 I was just trying to come up with a new amp tone and in the preamp section of the cab block using high res and high quality preamp mode I set the saturation to 5. I experimentet with the saturation and drive, realizing that the volume dropped pretty hard when maxing them, no...
  55. Cobrango

    not sure if bug but I almost blew my ears off

    using firmware 18b7 I was just trying to come up with a new amp tone and in the preamp section of the cab block using high res and high quality preamp mode I set the saturation to 5. I experimentet with the saturation and drive, realizing that the volume dropped pretty hard when maxing them, no...
  56. Cobrango

    FW 18b7 - JTC Solo clip

    for voting: https://www.jamtrackcentral.com/jtcguitarsolocontest2015/entry/200/
  57. Cobrango

    Oz Noy, why have I ever not heard of you before? :O

    oh my bananacake!! listen from 1:24 :O yeah but that phrasing doe O_O and what a sweet vintage dry kind of spanky tone oh my fruitcake! I'm a new fan! I've heard his name before but I've not heard him play too much, obviously. woah! dat line from 1:54-1-58 now that's some fresh stuff to...
  58. Cobrango

    FW 18b7 - diatonic speed lick of doom

    Here's a short video using FW 18b7, I'll make more of them covering more presets and direct recording in a while. And here's the tab! :)
  59. Cobrango

    Firmware 18 public beta: Mr.Hendrix

    Firmware 18 public beta: Mr.Hendrix UPDATED This, is firmware 18 public beta. I got some nice Hendrixy tones out of this firmware, it's kind of funny because this is an Ibanez rga8 8-string with dimarzio Ionizer in the neck - split coil enabled. The neck split coil has never sounded so...
  60. Cobrango

    if this gets any more groovy.. time will start going backwards and we'll all implode.

    oh man this guy grooves ass! that's so groovy I'm sitting here swinging on my chair like.. oh yeah hot banana split djent pit.
  61. Cobrango

    the tubes are back! (as in post tubeless axe-fx back)

    The vacuum tube strikes back: NASA’s tiny 460GHz vacuum transistor that could one day replace silicon FETs | ExtremeTech so where are we at? tubes? transistor? tubes? axe-fx? 460 GHz tubes? your move Cliff, your move :P
  62. Cobrango

    I'll just leave this here

    some. one. needs. to. tone. match. this. thing. oh. my. god. :o
  63. Cobrango

    Axe-fx workshop tour 2015 (axe fest Oslo?)

    Hi, back in september I went to an event made by the largest guitar shop in the main capital of Norway (Oslo) called 4Sound and (wait, hear me out first) Kemper. I went to that event just to kind of be in the background not trying to "reveal myself" as an Axe-fxer, hehe. I liked the...
  64. Cobrango

    3 years since I got my axe-fx II. maintenance?

    Hi, I wanted to celebrate the day I've had my axe-fx for 3 years but looking at the calender, I can't :( I got my axe-fx on the 29th of february 2012, but there is no 29th of february 2015 :'( only 28th. and the 1. anyways, I'm wondering about maintenance. I've got the mark 1 or "G2...
  65. Cobrango

    I bet you can play this

    I bet you can play this rough tab:
  66. Cobrango

    except for that!

    0:50 soundguy: "you are good to go sir. Javier: "what's up everybody?" soundguy: "except for that!" *laughs*" lol :D
  67. Cobrango


    hello everyone! it's about time to start 2015 with some shredding. I've got a concert exam coming up in early june. I will post more stuff on youtube this year. 8-string shred to the people :D I wish I could be with you all at NAMM :) have a great time!
  68. Cobrango

    a little christmas gift for you all, merry christmas! :)

    hello! I've got a little christmas gift for you all :) 63 tracks, 2:02:22 hours of music, all free and downloadable here maybe you will be the one to hit play number 20,000 for christmas? is there anything you want me to cover in a youtube video? requests? tutorials? lessons? I can talk for...
  69. Cobrango

    fw 17.02

    maybe I can play the winter season by Vivaldi one day, who knows. seventeen seconds of seventeen.
  70. Cobrango

    the cat alone in the woods of darkness (firmware 17)

    the cat alone in the woods of darkness - I don't even know. firmware 17. all axe-fx II.
  71. Cobrango

    my exam in computerbased music production fw 16.

    I just uploaded this as an exam in computerbased music production, a part subject in my bachelor degree in musicology. all guitar and bass parts is the axe-fx II. I present to you, "Chrome"! *pulls of imaginary blanket* "ta dah" : presets : (number 4 and 5 on the list) Axe Change -The...
  72. Cobrango

    Buckethead - interworld and the new innocence (cover)

    hello :) so I'm doing a cover for a school project. I'm going to add lead guitar aswell, but what do you think about the whole? :) here's what I'm covering: and here's my cover: I know a lot of this is is in the lead guitar so I'll add that too in a while (exams in school at the...
  73. Cobrango

    I like to fidadle with the guitar (new technique)

    Here's a few licks and stuff and shiet from my latest practice session. maybe you like some of the ideas or sumthin. I just came up with a new technique for 6-string string skipping. think of violinists, the way they have to slant (slanting(?) their bow to switch between strings. well I figured...
  74. Cobrango

    Charlie Hunter attempt

    so yeah, I've been tweaking this preset for some time now and I'm closer now than I was when I started out :P has anyone tried to get a good rotary down lately? maybe this is not the best clip but I can't play as funky as Charlie so it's kind of embarrasing :P my god that man is a...
  75. Cobrango

    The Amundsen lick - do you even Amundsen? (post a video :D )

    hellooooooo people of the fractal forum :D I've made a lick called "The Amundsen" and now I want to see and hear it from all of you. BUT! only if you like it and think this sounds like a fun thing to do. let's all play The Amundsen lick and have some fun :D lol. post a video below of you playing...
  76. Cobrango

    Zakk Wylde went to the wrong gig

    firmware 16.02
  77. Cobrango

    8-string skipping lick

    this is a fun one :D just made it. it includes hybrid picking with the middle finger on the right hand on the first note of each skip. firmware 16.02.
  78. Cobrango

    ask and you shall recieve, Cliff :D (fw 16.02)

    so yeah, Cliff you wanted "moar" so here it is :P this is how good fw 16.02 sounds.. recorded in the room with a canon 600d with the mix going through a single jack to the input of a roland cube 30, lol :D (I tried adding the recorded signal and the backing track but I f***ed up so much...
  79. Cobrango


    fw 16.02 - 14 nps woodsheddin' lol gonna record some improvisation on this track. here's the lick: E------------------------------------------------------------12-14-15-14-12----------------- B------------10-12-13-------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  80. Cobrango

    could these be used with the axe-fx II somehow? :D

    could these be used with the axe-fx II somehow? :D Browse the Auralization Database | The Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library
  81. Cobrango

    that's an order!

    I figured this could be relevant for the axe-fx II, the order of effects etc.
  82. Cobrango

    so.. groovy!!!! O_O

    MESHUGGAH and the Space Jam Theme Mash Up Well - Metal Injection
  83. Cobrango

    fw 16.01 quick clip

    fw 16.02 quick clip
  84. Cobrango


  85. Cobrango

    Ibanerz rg2228 --> rga8 setup

    Hello ladies and gentlemen :) I've got an Ibanez rg2228 with a perfect setup (for me) from nobody else than Allen Victor Hunter (who else right?) (Meshuggah guitar tech) and I've got the rg 2228 with d'addarios 0.08's+0.60+0.80 and I really like it. some time ago I got myself a rga8 but I've not...
  86. Cobrango

    3:43 - a new record!

    ...he does mention the axe-fx II... :roll
  87. Cobrango

    mfc-101 + vox tonelab SE?

    mfc-101 + multi-fx pedals? (midi) Hi, I just got the mfc-101 (and I love it) and now I'm just waiting for a pedal w/footswitch from mission eng. the sp-1 chrome. before I had the mfc, I used my vox tonelab SE to control volume + expression pedal (it's got two expression pedals) and the rest for...
  88. Cobrango

    Firmware 14.02

    oh my god firmware 14.02 sounds so fantastic! I just had to record this riff. Fly me away by Lenny Kravitz. this is pure axe-fx II, raw - no post processing. no limiter. no nothing! stock preset, Brit 800. I just recorded it direct out through USB and pumped up the volume. oh my! rg2228
  89. Cobrango

    welcome back Cobrango! thank you :D no problem ^_^

    Hi guys! Long time no me! lol. I've been doing stuff, but now I'm gonna do more guitarstuff. I figured I've not been posting here in a while so I thought I would share some more axe-fx II action from the latest firmware. I've been making more videos about smoothies and kale chips than guitar...
  90. Cobrango


  91. Cobrango

    Skynet, is here :O

    Denne roboten skal redde deg fra atomulykker - VG Nett om USA
  92. Cobrango

    I've turned something else!

    nah I'm just kidding. But seriously, in this thread I'm wondering about what your freakiest / scariest / weirdest / funniest / album moments are? and I don't mean best guitarsolo or other kind of best stuff. I'm talking about those times you've been listening to something and just have to...
  93. Cobrango

    Ode to FAS

    I salute this moment in time and space, to team fractal audio and the great Cliff Chase. behold, the Cliffbar!
  94. Cobrango


    1/3 of my exam at school. I will not recommend this combination of improvisation and nervousness, hence the 1/3 of my concert :D I even forgot the titles of the tracks I've made myself, lol. lucky enough to remember my name. the sound is out of sync too, bah. using firmware 10.05 and I did...
  95. Cobrango

    Carvin HH2 Holdsworth Signature Test Clip - Bulb

    wow... the punch. what in insane mix!
  96. Cobrango

    Meanwhile in Norway..

    Meshuggah using axe-fx II at rockefeller in Oslo Norway from yesterdays show. the second part is from when they re-entered the stage and did their last song. The crowd went wiiiiild! amazing show.
  97. Cobrango


    This is 30 minutes of what I do most of the time. Just thought I'd share it as "something else". I've put markers on interesting parts. There is no rhythm in the guitar. I've just added drums after I stopped recording to make it listenable. I don't know how or even if it's listenable anyway...
  98. Cobrango


    Hi guys, What are your favourite chords? I made this recording just because I found some chords that I really like. they're so pretty. Also I like Petrichor, the scent of rain on dry earth. I like a lot of things...
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