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  1. HaloHat

    FSOT 2010 Strictly 7 Cobra 7 string

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Built 2010 and built mostly by Alan Marcus who left the company when the shit hit the fan at S7G. The guitar is signed by Alan and the company owner Jim. 7 string 27.5" scale, 26 frets with partial scallop [see photos]. Original Floyd Rose. Wenge...
  2. HaloHat

    FSOT A pretty special Carvin 7 string

    The last Carvin "Elite" made before the change to Kiesel [an Elite has the top wood on the back as well]. They were going to make this the first Kiesel advertised but changed that because all the non standard woods I sent them [you could do that at the time under certain guidelines]. I have the...
  3. HaloHat

    Thunderbolt Interface?

    Hello Fractal Family, Thinking of buying a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt interface so my questions are these - [to be used in a home studio almost exclusively though may get out if that matters] 1. I believe in reading this forums valuable opinions over the years that some say just use...
  4. HaloHat

    L.A. Amp show?

    Are Fractal Audio not going to the LA Amp show this year? Didn't see them listed as they were last year? http://www.ampshow.com
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