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    Remember the dead Jammit app?

    Anyone remember the Jammit app? It operated with multitrack recordings, scrolling tabs, etc, and let you mute out instruments. A few years back, Jammit disappeared, shut down their authentication servers (which were needed to use the app at all) and ran away with the money people spend...
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    Axe-Fx II > SPDIF > Focusrite Scarlett

    I have this working once before, but I've forgotten how I did it. Recently I bought a Scarlett 18i8. I was able to get the AxeII signal sent through Spidf at one point, but have forgotten how I did that, so I could monitor through the Scarlett. I was really hoping to be able to re-amp a...
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    Summer NAMM in Nashvile, anyone?

    I've recently found it very important that I attend Summer NAMM. Getting there is not an issue... flights right now are OK priced, but if I need to, I'll drive from Seattle at the last minute, just to blow out the cobwebs from one of my cars. Finding space is an issue however. Is there...
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    Will a real P90 fit a humbucker rout? You bet it will!

    Admin M@ has given me permission to post this, so here goes... I've kept a pretty low profile here, but there are a few people who know me, and some who use my stuff as well. I've kept a low profile partly because I spend so much time working, and not enough time playing. My playing is...
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    NAMM NAMM NAMM here I come

    It's that time again! Getting ready to leave for the NAMM show on Saturday. We're there for nine days. Will be on the lookout for a few people from here, as well as AxeFX units. Who's going?
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    Because it's Thanksgiving, I give this to you

    Happy Thanksgiving! A couple years ago I put together a pretty good backing track on Youtube for Zep's "Since I've Been Loving You" - I've seen it used here by a few people, good stuff. Some people have aged my to raise the bass and organ volume, so I did. Improved the drum sound, too...
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    Some AxeFX halloween thoughts...

    Waayyy back in 1997, I bought a Theremin for Halloween. Connected it to a Zoom 8080 floor pedal, with an amp under the front stairs. Made the stairs rumble and shake like hell. We got no visitors at all, that year.:? I think I'll try it again, but with the AxeFX set on "creepy" and...
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    Couple backing tracks for ya - Iron Maiden

    Foolin' around with 5.1 audio mixes. Ripped the 5.1 audio from the Live After Death DVD. Guitar is nearly completely gone once you removed the right channels. I just wish that DVD were the same performance night as the album version. Much better vocal performance from Bruce on the album, IMO...
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    Digitech Trio + Axe FX?

    I've got a Trio on loan for a day or two from a local store. Hoping to get it working in conjunction with AxeII. I've tried setting the Axe up like you would do for a 2-guitar setup, but that doesn't seem to be working. Or I'm missing something... if I get an audio signal from the Trio...
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    Why no Youtube full-screen here any more?

    Just wondering. I noticed a while ago that I can't make Youtube full-screen when viewing on this forum any more.
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    Top Gear fans? Clarkson sacked from TG

    Dunno if there's any Top gear fans here. I've been watching the show for a long time. Looks like it's official. Clarkson got sacked due to punching a producer. BBC sure is killing the golden goose on this one. NO way to replace the chemistry between hosts. Other iterations have...
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    Old school metal

    I don't post much... here's a video clip of the Heatley Tradition I picked up last month. The ten-year-wait guitar. 'scuse the playing (and the clutter, too much, too small!) It's not terrible, but it's passable. :nightmare:
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    Midi files suck

    Especially bad midi files. Been trying to perfectly replicate Bonham's Whole Lotta Love drums using Steven Slate Drums. Warts and all. Midi timing is so horribly inaccurate to the original tracks, so I'm using Pro Tools to slide notes perfectly into position using the original drum...
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    Nephew gets guitar for birthday tomorrow...

    Nephew gets guitar for birthday tomorrow.. (EDIT - He got it!). My nephew turned 16 about a week ago. Tomorrow he returns home after being away. He plays cello in the school orchestra. Apparently, he's gotten some sort of scholarship for it. I think he plays a few other instruments as well...
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    NGD! TEN YEARS in the making. It's finally here!

    About ten years ago, one of my OEM buyers and I worked out a deal. A bunch of my pickups for one of his guitars, as we had free time to work on each other's stuff. I'd wind a coil, he's put in a fret.. or something like that... as we had free time that we weren't working on much else. Well, the...
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    Demo'ed the Axe to guitar player for Geoff Tate's Queensrych today

    Demo'ed the Axe to guitar player for Geoff Tate's Queensryche today So, Geoff Tate is about to launch his last tour under the Queensryche name. Guitar player Nick Greatrex stopped by to pick up some stuff I made for his guitar. Also did some work for Robert Sarzo, as well...Rudy's brother...
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    Best headphones under $150? Eleven Rack birthday gift to nephew...

    My nephew has a birthday coming up in a few weeks. He plays cello and a few other instrument in his school orchestra, and have been working to save up for a guitar...he wants to start playing. He's turning 16. I figured I have one too many guitars here, so I'll send him one. He's...
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    For a guy who can't play his way out of a paper bag...

    I suppose it's not too bad. until I reach the last solo bit...:nightmare: All electrics by myself. Going to re-do the last bit eventually.
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    Hendrix - you've never heard THIS before!

    Randy Hansen, Hendrix tribute, was at my house today with a local radio DJ, Bob Rivers of "Twisted Tunes" fame... Bob and Randy are in a band together called Heart by Heart, with founding Heart bassist Steve Fossen and Heart drummer Michael Derosier. Steve was supposed to come as well, but he...
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    Small VSTi/Kotakt trick I learned last night

    I mess around with soem VSTi and Kotakt stuff on occasion, but I really don't like recording via Midi much. Always had issue with it. I always wished I could record the audio straight from Kontakt, bypassing the Midi tracking entirely. Well, I learned last night that I can. Set...
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    Had an accident today at the guitar store

    Happened to stop by one of my local dealers today. And this thing just....leapt off the wall and into my arms.:o:o Got it for a pretty good deal too, IMO There's a small scuff in the thigh cut. Straight up from where the toggle switch tip is set in the picture. Darn near $1000 off what...
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    Packing for NAMM

    Well, that time is here. :) Laptops, cameras, and suitcase is packed. We hop a NAMM-bound plane tomorrow at 8am. Gotta get up at the butt-crack of dawn to make the airport. For those of you who are going, I'm hoping to get some people together for a Friday night dinner a few miles down...
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    AfexFX crashed everything flash-based

    Since the latest update, everything Flash-based crashed - ONLY - when the AxeFX is powered on. Strangely, Firefox and Flash wanted to update either the same, or next day, that I updated the Axe. As soon as I turn on the Axe, everything Flash becomes useless. Turn it off, all works...
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    Bill Lawrence has passed away

    Over the years, Bill had became a good friend. We spoke for hours about pickups, eddy currents, magnetism, old vs. new, etc. He'd rattle mathematical equations in my ear all day long, if I'd let him. At some point, Bill develoeped Cancer... I'm not sure of the details, but he fought it...
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    "The currently selected driver is not available"

    Started getting this message after the last FW update, in Adobe Audition when attempting to use the Axe for Playback/recording. Another applications is using the Axe drivers. Any ideas?
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    Feedback on something please?

    With the Zep backing tracks I put together recently, I'm considering a small Youtube Backing Track project and would like some feedback. Really wondering how a couple guys who've posted here get the "moving/highlighted tab" effect, instead of scrolling...which was hard enough to figure out...
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    "Time" solo

    Did this a few minutes ago. When I posted the backing track for Pink Floyd's "Time" a week or two ago, I figured I'd start learning that... still working on the second half. This didn't come easy, but here you go. I can forget the chord work in the rest of the song. Hand won't do...
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    For those looking for isolated thracks for Tone Matching

    For those looking for isolated tracks for Tone Matching I'm just going to.. uhh.. throw this out there.:mrgreen MULTITRACK
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    Re-amping question - all tracks processed

    I thought I'd seen this asked before, but can't find it... When re-amping a dry recorded track, in a multitrack situation, is it possible to have the other tracks NOT be processed through the re-amping? Attempting to dial something in the other day without using the TM, I got the idea...
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    Time. We're all running out of it.

    As mentioned in the Ritchie Haven's thread, here's a backing track for Pink Floyd's "Time" ... to remind us that we're all running out of it. No guitar, no vocals.
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    Ritchie Havens... found his freedom

    Gone today at 72.:( Always loved this song.
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    Nice backing track for yah

    Tooling around the innerwebs today for MIDI tracks to use with Steven Slate, I rediscovered Karaoke-Version.com and figured I'd give a couple tracks a shot. NONE of the Midi files I was finding came anywhere close.. timing all wrong, velocities all wonky. What happened to good quality MIDI...
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    Well I'll be darned. Remote AxeFX access via internet works.

    Finally found another PC-connected player to test AxeFX remote use. This guy, in Canada, has an Eleven Rack, which will only send a dry signal down the pipeline through Skype. It only send dry signal because of an ASIO driver issue... being a programmer, he'll get to work on that. In a...
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    Technophobic guitarists... Got Skype?

    Why aren't guitarists more technically minded? Maybe not the ones here... but amongst the jillions of guitarists I know or have worked with, so few of them know how to do such a simple thing as plug into a PC and record a dry signal. Looking for someone to run a short Skype experiment...
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    Axe II ASIO output question.. Kontakt, VSTi, etc.

    I have some VSTi instruments that I use occasionally. Kontakt, etc. When setting up the audio drivers, it give me the option of Asio4all, etc...for Output drivers.... as well as the AxII ASIO driver. Asio4all works great. I can hear it through my regular PC speakers. But, I don't want...
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    Need help with a tone... Jeff Beck

    I've gotten close to this using the Rackmount Preamps X2 preset and changing the two amps out to the Vibrato and Deluxe 'Verb models with just a little saturation... but there's still something missing. I need to get a bit closer... got an upcoming "thing" to perform it at within the next...
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    Zeppelin - The Ocean

    Was fooling around last night with preset for something entirely different when this happened. Not 100%, but it's durn close. Needs a touch of that "tin can" hollowness to it, and a little more high end brashness. Backing track does feature Jason Bonham on drums. Axe-Change...
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    Whole Lotta Love - Main riff tone match

    About as close as I can get with this with the limited amount of time I have. I'd be be interested to see if Groovenut can get closer. I think this was challenging for the Axe because of the palm muting... I migth have to go through it and edit out the mutes to see what happens. :D I used a...
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    Axe II "E" hum from unit - normal?

    Just received my AxeII last week. Enjoying it quite a bit. Axe Edit is working for me for the most part with fw 8.01. A little buggy, but I'm not getting a lot of crashes. Anyways, I do notice that when the AxeII is turned on, there is a quite audible "E" A-string 19th fret style hum...
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