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  1. Gorilla


    FOR SALE - AXE FX II Unit has been in my home studio in the 4U case it’s shown in. CASE NOT INCLUDED! Mint Condition….. I just never use it! First $1,200 gets it! Plus shipping, but would rather have local pickup ((I DON’T TRUST UPS / USPS / FEDEX / or DHL!)) Chicago area
  2. Gorilla

    Frozen axe Fx II

    Jammed last night everything running great. quantum v.6 Tonight I go to fire up my trusty Axe Fx II and....all lights stay on. Unit is frozen. Can't change presets, axe edit will not connect. tried holding the recall button on restart. Still nothing, complete silence.. help anyone, Thanks
  3. Gorilla

    Benaeth The Silt...MACHINE Fing HEAD

    So a bud and I were sitting around thinking...DAYUMMM this tune 'Beneath The Silt' by Machinehead has some heavy as HELL tonage... Wish we could get it. So here's my stab at it using the 1987X Treble and a ML cab I took the sides all out of the tune and kept the middle/drums and bass vocals
  4. Gorilla

    Digging this USA Lead

    Really digging this USA lead amp. Just a simple riff with it using my Flying V Gothic
  5. Gorilla

    oh my... hearing only mono in new interface

    Hello. I have the Axe Fx II mk.I I've never had this problem before, but I bought a Focusrite Scarlet 212. And when I plug my headphones into my Axe Fx... I hear stereo, but when I plug them into the Focusrite. I only hear mono. I have my i/o output 1 set to stereo. There's no app for this...
  6. Gorilla

    These OH bogner cabs and Exodus whew...

    Tinkering with these Own Hammer Bogner cabs and a Exodus preset I'm doing for a uh bud... It's Exodus left side... Axe Fx Brit JVM OD1 http://metalmusicians.net/exodusssss.mp3
  7. Gorilla

    Trying to get that L.O.G. Sturm Und Drang tonage

    http://metallabs.com/log512.mp3 left side axe fx of course, not played exact but trying for that tone. What do y'all think?
  8. Gorilla

    just some mutilated octave alien shizzy only available with a Axe Fx

    Abusing the octave efx again.... hahaha and lovin it :lol wobble wobble widdley widdley pulsating chrunch rhythms :ugeekaudio NOIZE:ugeek
  9. Gorilla

    Asteroids .... just rippin up da' whammy!

    Heyyy.. my first full original tune since my surgery. Jamming on my Gibson V' and a normal video of me doing it looked BORING AS HELL! So, I made this. Hope y'all dig it! Select 720 or 1080HD:encouragement: Used the trusty Marshall Brit 800mod
  10. Gorilla

    DIGGIN' FW18 Beta

    Just a heavy ass gr0ove with some Ownhammers... 51fiTtY and FW 18! ohh yeah.. :encouragement: Click on the direct link awwww scram!!!!
  11. Gorilla

    Your D.A.W. of choice?

    Just curious what everyone is hooking their Axe Fx too. I've used a few. Started with Digi 001 when it came out. Moved to Logic Pro since version 7.... recently grabbed Cubase Pro 8. And really liking it except a few quirks.... probably some just me getting used to the Cubase format.
  12. Gorilla

    OwnHammer + Axe Fx = MeatTONES

    Having fun short clip ... used my BC Rich Bich and Das Metal amp with Ownhammer's Bogner EDVH RVNT-00. Drums are from Chango Studios I'm digging it :encouragement:
  13. Gorilla

    Question about Novations Impulse 61 and Axe Fx II

    Just got a Novation Impulse 61 for Xmas. I run Logic Pro X latest version 10.0.7 And latest Axe FX II versions 17.0.3 and axe edit 3.1.4 numbers all done. Also have Novations automapper hooked up with Logic. It starts automatically. Anyways. Everytime I fire up a session, my Axe Fx II goes in...
  14. Gorilla

    For Your Malice ... L.O.G.

    Hey guys…. it’s been 17 months since my cubital tunnel surgery and well. I now have a lot of muscle atrophy in my fretting hand. But I’m still hammering away doing my best to get it back to normal. The ring and pinky fingers got it the worse. Ulnar nerve. I used to chord with my little finger...
  15. Gorilla


    :evil D00M :evil nothing special, axe fx II ... just heavy as F***
  16. Gorilla

    sometimes ya just gotta play Rhythm!

    Me rightside Hatebreed left. Using some ultra res' havin' fun!:lol http://metalmusicians.net/HB.mp3
  17. Gorilla

    Chuggah Chugging OwnHammer UR and Acacia Strain

    :o Me right side.... Acacia Left durrrr. Short sample getting that DL / Zuess tonage on year old strings hahaha:encouragement: CLICK ME
  18. Gorilla

    what am I doing wrong

    Trying to add a effects block preset into Axe Edit to use. I put the preset into my Fractal Audio/Axe Edit/Effects folder but it's not showing on my axe edit screen. Yes I have the effect block selected. Am I doing this correct? Thanks frustrating. Also, added a whammi effect block using my...
  19. Gorilla


    Hey, long story short. I had Cubital Tunnel Surgery in April. (the injury where your ring and pinky fingers become useless… ulnar nerve. (on my fretting hand) Anyways, it's been one heck of a LONG recovery. I was doing some two finger playing on my guitar for awhile and my Therapist said STOP...
  20. Gorilla

    My cool Parts-O-caster haha

    Pieced together my first Strat. I call her VooDoo Doll! It's a RoadHouse body from a 2012 Strat. WIth a killer custom flamed Maple 1 piece neck and a loaded Lindy Fralin (Blues Specials) pickguard :ugeek Here's some pics. lemme know what ya'll think!
  21. Gorilla

    Switching scenes and getting volume drop outs

    I'm on a Mac and using fw11 with AE3 and I'm getting bad drop outs when switching scenes. Example If I go from scene 1 to scene 2 I get a volume drop out. Usually 2-3 quick ones... but it's enough to be bothersome. Anyone else getting these?:-| Seems to only happen when AE3 is being used. If...
  22. Gorilla

    Dino FF

    Here's my W.I.P. Dino Obsolete CD tone try. Hope y'all like it. Don't mind the playing still can use only my first two fingers and that's a feat right now hahahaha. Axe Fx II rightside durrr….. Used Ownhammer cabs: Cab 1 OH 412 Bog 12M-RI SM57 Cla 2 Cab 2 OH 412 Mes V32 SM57 UM 8 Just added...
  23. Gorilla


    I've yet to try it. But I hear it's pretty insane.... Sounds like we need some T Shirts like these!
  24. Gorilla

    North Korea

    :lol:lol:lol I'm soooo bored. Com'on FW10.... SOON!!!!
  25. Gorilla

    Is that axe edit v2.......

    Is that axe edit v2 & Jimi :)....... :lol
  26. Gorilla

    Kerry King & Mick Thomson presets

    Hey here's a couple METAL presets- Kerry King - For "Seasons In The Abyss" CD and Mick Thomson - For "All Hope Is Gone" CD For Micks preset I used Clark Kents Orange cabinet IR's .. They're somewhere in this forum. Cab1 - Orange IR-A Cab2 - Orange IR-D Lemme know how y'all like em'.... gotta...
  27. Gorilla

    Anthrax > RUSH cover

    Holy cow this is so badass! Anthrax covering 'Anthem' PROPER! CLICK HERE
  28. Gorilla

    Simpulse IR's anyone?

    These are from Gods Cabs guys... but wow. Think I'm a grab 'freddy' and 'Jimmy' tonite!:lol Here's audio samples in a mix and there's a killer Deville 2 x 12 IR pack too. Clicky here no I don't work for them or know them. I think:lol
  29. Gorilla

    Y'all NEED a good laugh?

    A don't know what vocal tune/ auto tune this guy has... but GAWDDAMN it's magical!!!!!! :lol
  30. Gorilla

    Some thrashin' Ultra's hehe

    Some thrash stuff I did with my Ultra, just found the files and only can hear them thru my awesome 1 1/2" aztecs... But here they are. Used a Ibanez 7 stringer and Superior drummer. Used diff settings on each one just for fun! edited removed old links
  31. Gorilla

    Herbert and Ownhammer sludge\,,/

    Messing with Herbert 3 and Ownhammer's latest IR's aiming for some heavy sludge on a 6banger:lol
  32. Gorilla

    Totally Axe Fx off topic... but still funny!!!

    So, I've been running an Axe Fx forum not here. But a few years now. And today I got the rudest but funniest message. JUST NOW!!! We have Our forum security kind of tight due to past spam and hacking. So, I added a question and challenge as part of signing up. No one... I mean NO ONE has ever...
  33. Gorilla

    Don't let this happen to you!!

    Oh it SUCKS! Last month around June 17th I had a terrible like attack. Woke up and felt like I was impaled through my back (shoulder blade) to my chest and my left arm was feeling tingly. Went to the ER and they seen something weird with my EKG. Well, they did a ton of tests --cat scan--MRI of...
  34. Gorilla

    Axe Fx II is freaking out

    ok, I haven't played my guitars in awhile due to a injury. But today I wanted to give it a go. Downloaded the 6.0.2 update and Axe Edit update. I turn on my axe fx II and it's freaking out. Just jumping in and out from a amp to no amp on each preset I try. I sounds like someone is pulling my...
  35. Gorilla

    I just seen a big truck at Fractal headquarters!! honest hehe

  36. Gorilla

    The Meshuggah Signature series

    Man... Marten and Fredrik are my Buds... but gawd why does Ibanez wanna charge so much for their sig. series? MESHUGGAH SIGNATURE SERIES 8 Strings $8,000.00 WOWZERS!!!!:o Other than that Lundgren, neck thru, and the scale. It's basically a RG2228 without a rythym pup. I was hoping Ibanez...
  37. Gorilla

    just some heavy as hell cali legacy stuff

    :lol Trying for that Melting GL0wing red tubes tube amp/beast in the corner of the room sound... guitar left bass right drums dead down the middle. Used the calli legacy
  38. Gorilla

    You know you have a bad azz piece of equipment when.....

    You turn it 'on' at 6:00pm .... and your Ol' Lady comes in the room at 1:00am and asks when are ya' comin' to bed?:lol This firmware 5 is insane. When I first got my Axe Fx Ultra. I think I jammed on it maybe 2 hours the first day. It was just too daunting all the stuff in it. Like a kid...
  39. Gorilla

    Hehehehe... L.O.G. Axe Fx II v5

    Having way way way too much fun with version 5 GAWDDAMNNNNNNNNNN Here's my v5 FAS5150 Lamb Of God tonage OWNAGE!!! Here's what I did. I took a M/S Eq and totally EQ'd out the sides of Lamb Of Gods new tune "Straight for the sun" .... I hurried it and could of threw in the sustained notes...
  40. Gorilla

    Thanks Cliff!!

    These updates have been blowing me away but this one is just the cats meow! I had to say thanks to the Man Cliff & His Team of electrified Elfs... so... What's the next update gunna have? A pic of two tubes glowing in the LCD monitor?:lol
  41. Gorilla

    This forum needs some Primal FUN!!!

    :o:shock No fractal products were harmed during the making of this video! But severely abused. Abuse begins right.... around...... 1:07 :D
  42. Gorilla

    Heavy Marshall preset

    taKe iT tWeAk iT mAkE It yeR B***h! Used Ownhammer V32 IR's with this sample
  43. Gorilla

    a few Metal presets for rhythm

    A few presets I made for buds to use for rhythms. Samples are just Axe FXII and stock cabs L/R. Pretty basic :lol 5150 It's here 24/7 cLicKy hERe Marshall It's here 24/7 clicky hERe Bogner It's here 24/7 CLicKy heRE
  44. Gorilla

    Hey just curious.... Tunings

    I've been playing a few years now. And most of my beginning years I played in standard E (E A D G B E)tuning. Then I moved to a dropped D tuning(D A D G B E) and stayed there for a few years. Started a Death Metal band way back and went to a B tuning (B-E-A-D-G♭-B). Just curious what people use...
  45. Gorilla

    Goofin' with some Iommi tonage

    Anyone gotta cool Iommi tone? :geek Here's my attempt using a X/Y amp for the cleans Iommi smilie dude>>>>>>> \m/ :ugeek \m/
  46. Gorilla

    6 nah...7 nah...8 nah ...9...Nine it is!! lol

    Hey got a ton of pm's asking about this thing. And I made a sort of review elsewhere, but what da heck :) Figured… we're all guitarist here. Any guitar talk is cool so I'm a throw one here for the guys asking. Before I start I know many of ya are probably like I was when I heard of these. A 9...
  47. Gorilla

    The Wah wah and whammy!

    Anyone using these on their setups? Are you totally 100% happy with them (sounds wise)? Just asking because I really want to use them in my Axe II. But they just don't sound as full as my Dunlop cry baby and my digitech whammy pedal. Using Mission engineering pedals. I usually have my whammy set...
  48. Gorilla

    A Metal Heads review

    Axe II review from a Metal Head….:lol Hope this helps at least one guitarist out. If not, I hope it's a good read... Ultra? Axe Fx II? Ultra? Axe Fx II? Ultra? Axe Fx II? That's been my big question since the II's came out. Well I had two Ultra's both were awesome! Is the Axe Fx II better? I...
  49. Gorilla

    Axe Fx Tone Contest going on now! Come vote!!

    Hey we're running a Axe Fx tone contest at Our Axe Fx site for Members to get a chance to win some cool stuff! Like a Ownhammer Library for their Axe Fx II. Yep! THE FULL Library. And a Studio Devil Bass Amp Pro for their bass sounds! And last but not least... A Superior Drummer EZX. METAL...
  50. Gorilla

    My last Ultra recording..... 9 string poly-chuggah-salute to Meshuggah!

    Yup, got one last one in before she left...... [sad face] BUT....... I replaced her ass with a Axe II Boooiiiii!!!! Yeee haaawwwwwwwwww:lol Hope ya'll dig the tune, it's with my nine strangerz here try this link. It's there, fractal just doesn't wanna link to it hahahaha...
  51. Gorilla


    Where in the manual does it explain how to do it? I've searched the manual and downloaded the up to date manual. And still can't find any info/ instructions on how to connect things? Can you connect the Axe II so that your recording two signals -one wet one dry-? How do you send the dry signal...
  52. Gorilla


    A very very simple setup for some Machinehead action. Trying to get that badass honking 5150 sound! Sorry about the method, but it's MH left channel...me right D'oh lol :twistedGibson Gothic V':? :lol:lol
  53. Gorilla

    Wah wah or whammy pedal settings

    Anyone have any decent wah wah or whammy pedal settings? The Ultras' wah is cool, but it just doesn't sound like my cry baby wah pedal. And my digitech whammy pedal is staying hooked up until I figure how to setup the Ultras whammy pedal to sound similar. Anyone have any luck making decent...
  54. Gorilla

    Mission engineering pedal question

    Didn't see a pedal section here so. I have the EP-1 with switch and light on it. Well, I've asked without any answers so I'll ask again. Everytime I engage the wah the light goes off. When it's not engaged it stays on...the whole time. How do you switch it so it works proper? I've tried turning...
  55. Gorilla

    Fractal Users

    Hey we have some pretty cool interviews with Axe Fx users Misha (Periphery) and Joshua (The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza) :mrgreen at the site! Check them out! pretty cool reading. :mrgreen
  56. Gorilla

    Nine Iron!!

    Just got my nine Iron this week and made this quick chuggah chuggah sample of it! Just chugging folks :lol This thing has so much more in it! The neck is actually not much wider than my RG2228gk. One problem I had was the dang high E string kept breaking trying to tune it to the specs Rondo...
  57. Gorilla


    Hey Axe Friends... over at Metal Musicians we'll be running a few contests for Axe Fx users in September. We'll give away a Toontrack midi pack and a FULL Axe II Ownhammer library! Stop by and check it out! This month we're spotlighting ChimpSpanner and next month we'll be spotlighting Axe Fx...
  58. Gorilla

    Oops what did I do?

    OK, just updated to 102 and yeah Im a noob with this pedal board. So I deleted every preset I had and when I re-did everything. Now my Mission engineering sp1 light stays on when my wah is off and it goes off when my wah is on? D'OH? How can I fix this? Thanks guys!!!
  59. Gorilla

    Hey Metal Heads and AxeMen...AxeWomen too!!

    Hey all. We just finished creating a pretty cool site for Axe Fx Metal Guys and Gals. So, whenever ya' want to take a break from here.... surf on over..... We're planning on some really cool stuff going on there and inviting all of you to check us out! We'll have some cool Axe Fx contests with...
  60. Gorilla

    Midi Sport problem again!!!

    Hey, I use Logic Pro 9.1.blah blah.... And I have a Mac Pro dual 2.66 Intel 8gigs of ram. Usually running in 64bit mode in Logic. OSX 10.6.7 But everytime I hook up my midi sport 2x2 and Axe edit things just go wrong. My mouse jumps all over the place, and midi connections just do not work...
  61. Gorilla

    My Uber, 5150, and Diezel Metal tones

    Been just digging into this Ultra trying every available option I can think of and ran across some pretty decent tones (I think). Let me know what you all think! The bass is a Ultra preset I made for guitars too! These are 6 stringers Meat & Potatoes. The Uber is first then the 5150 then the...
  62. Gorilla

    Killer I.R.'s!!!

    Hey, I don't work for these guys. Heck, I don't even know them lol. But, their I.R.'s kick ass and best of all.... they're FREE!! CHECK THEM OUT!! There's like 600+ Axe FX ready I.R's!
  63. Gorilla

    Cavalera Conspriracy and Armon Armarth

    Clownin some before practice and made these two. If ya' like them they should work with the Standard and I can upload them tomorrow Armon Armarth -my Axe FX is right side Cavalera Conspriracy -my Axe FX is right side I'm using these cab I.R's from these guys at Sneaps forum. They're...
  64. Gorilla

    O.M.G.!!! Why didn't I have this class in Skool?? Durrr?

    Sex toy...Female.... class room Holy cow man. I just can't believe she lasted 3 minutes with a sawzall! Hahahahahaha
  65. Gorilla


    Hey we were recording last night and man I seen a show and was wondering. Can Our Axe FX's do a Banjo sound for guitars? Does anyone have a banjo preset for sharing? That would be insane. We could jam some 'Deliverance' style finger pickin'((they start jamming around 2:26))
  66. Gorilla

    midi sport anniversary 2x2 problem

    Who else uses this? I seem to either not know what I'm doing or this unit may be faulty. But, everytime I go to use it. I have to unplug and plug it back into my Mac. Otherwise there's a long delay. Today, I can't get info on my Axe Fx back into my computer from it. Is there something I'm doing...
  67. Gorilla

    Some more 7 strang action :)

    Some more 7 strang action :) ((EDITED 3-28)) Hey how's this sounding on ya'lls speekeers? Trying for a semi-clean but heavy 7 string tone for a project. Thanks! Axe -n- Superior Check this bad boy out too! DL of Acacia Strain similar Axe FX tone. The Axe FX of course is on right-side. Used...
  68. Gorilla

    Digging this Axe Fx, but still learnin!

    Here's a sample of a tune we're working on for a upcoming CD. Still learning this Ultra it's so massive with options. Sample has no bass guitar yet {just Trilian}. But just wanted to know how this sounds on many systems around the World. Hahahaha, if ya' care to listen. Thanks a bunch
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