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    Coldplay-Fix You

    Anyone have Coldplay-Fix you preset?
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    SOLD FM3 (non-headphones)

    Have an amazing condition FM3 (non-headphone) Comes with Original box, still has factory plastic on it. $800 plus shipping to lower 48 CONUS.
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    Mosky Dual Switch?

    I know a lot of guys are using the Mosky Dual Switch. Can you program one of the switches to hold for Tuner and Tap for tempo? I can only figure out one switch for Tap and the other switch for Tuner? What settings am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
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    SOLD Fractal AX8

    Ax8 for sale. I’m the original owner. I can reset it factory settings if you want. $875 shipped to Conus USA only. Comes with all kinds of IR’s and Tone Packs. PM with questions.
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    FS Gator Utility Case

    I have gator Titian Series case for sale that I use to used for my AX8. I was able to fit that and EV-2 plus cables underneath. Ax8 is not for sale in this post. Just for reference. Link below for dimensions...
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    Stand In Switch for tuner and tap tempo?

    Hi guys- I have one of those mosky dual switch. So I have it configured as hold for tuner and the same button for tap tempo. On the same button when I get done tapping my tempo it reverts back to tuner mode. What setting do I have wrong? Thanks in advance
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    FS FS: 2-channel snake for AX8, Axe-Fx II or III

    I had this made for my AX8. XLR ends male/female with IEC power. Left/Right channels from AX8, AXE II or III straight to board. 50 foot snake made by ProCo! $100 shipped to lower 48 states
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    Output question

    Just wondering if I’m already using left and right xlr straight to the FOH. Can the 1/4 plug output be use separately to a CLR or a FRFR solution. I know there are thur options on CLR.
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    WTB Temple Audio pedal board

    looking for the temple audio pedal board. 24 duo.
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    WTB Ampli-Firebox

    Looking for a back up solution. Atomic Ampli-Firebox. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    Monitor Advice or experience (Presonus Eris E8 and Focal Alpha 65)

    Anyone have experience with the presonus eris 8 or the focal alpha 65? Was thinking about picking one of these up. Thanks in advance
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    Problems with USB connection

    Hi guys, I've tried to search the forum for the answer, but I can't pin point the problem. I can connect the axe to my MacBook 10.6.8 just fine using axe edit, fractal bot, cab lab. But I want to connect it to a DAW (Reaper) and my mac is not seeing the AXE FX + in the drop down menus on my...
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    CRL problem

    Hey guys I encounter a problem with my CLR at my last gig. The last few songs the CLR totally cut out and no sound came out. I know all cables,guitar and connections was fine. Axe ii is also working fine. Have been using this set up for over 30 plus gigs no problem. I tested it out again last...
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    I just had a question for those that use the CRL. Is there a difference in signal or tone if you are running AXE output 1 to the CRL input 1 and the link out from the CRL to the FOH vs. output 1 from the axe to the FOH.
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    Custom ATA Case for AXE FX II

    Anybody know where I can get a custom made ata case made. The thing is I want a 5space rack unit with 14"depth or 14.25 depth. I know SKB makes a 5U but I don't want it to be 16 or 17" deep. Thanks
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    CLR connection cable

    If you some are using output 1 on the Axe to the FOH. Output 2 on the Axe to the CLR. What cable are you guys using. 1/4 to female xlr or just and instrument cable?
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    Anyone has experience with Port City OS 1x12?

    Just seeing if anyone has experience w/ the port city 1x12 cab with a matrix amp? I know others has the Port City 2x12 and the reviews are promising! I just looking at a smaller cab. But still considering the 2x12 Thanks in advance!
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    FOH and Cabinet Hook up?

    Hi guys, had a question and I try to search for it, but not sure if my search was correct. I have output 1 going to FOH I have output 2 gong to power amp and guitar cab. Everything works great! Trying to separate output 1 and 2. I inserted a FXL block in between the amp and cab blocks...
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    Atomic Active Cab vs. Matrix Q12a

    With these two active cab. Will I get the same results for FRFR? Is one different than the other? thanks in advance
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