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  1. biggness

    Help needed ID'ing Dr Z amp.

    Sorry for the crap photo, but I was a fair distance away. Heard this amp at church today, with a small pedal board and sounded phenomenal. Rich and tasty. Bonus points for the guitar also 😅
  2. biggness

    Wish Bass Mode for Pitch Block

    Parallel to my main guitar tone, I've been running a Pitch Block set to an octave lower with Virtual Capo into a Drive Block set to a Darkglsss, and that's it. Sounds phenomenal. But curious if there's some sort of math that can be done with the pitch detection that can only present the...
  3. biggness

    Does the Axe FX have the tools available to replicate this tone?

    Starting at 2:30 onwards. Sounds like a fuzz, and maybe ring mod? Not entirely sure though.
  4. biggness

    Another fun preset for you.

    I like making weird presets. Here's one of them for you.
  5. biggness

    One of my best creations yet.

    Here's a really unique and fun sound to play with. Tonnnns of tones available with varied picking dynamics and volume knob adjustments.
  6. biggness

    Common amp mods and their respective Amp Block parameters.

    I'm wanting to know what parameters I need to touch on when approaching "modding" certain amp models in the AxeFx. We all know that Plexi's, and JCM800's have been modded throughout history with great success, with some even becoming their own industry leading entities. So the Jose Mod is...
  7. biggness

    X-Over'd Reverb AITR tone.

    Building off my last preset I shared, I dialed up a dual reverb (one for the lowend, one for the highend) that sounds pretty great through my QSC 12s and sub FRFR setup and also my studio monitors ( Adam A7X) Any thoughts on it would be appreciated. Enjoy!
  8. biggness

    Bricasti inspired room verb (clean)

    Here's one I've been working on that was inspired by a Bricasti M7 preset that splits highs and lows and verbs them differently for a really nice space. This preset shines with the #4 Strat position. Or is it #2? Never can remember. Anyways, neck and middle singlecoil together. Enjoy. EDIT...
  9. biggness

    Implemented Frequency Display With Tuner

    This would come in incredibly handy with dialing in notes on the Synth block.
  10. biggness

    Xyloxyla. Xylophone inspired clip.

    Just dikkin about with the pitch shifter. Really powerful block.
  11. biggness

    Wish Make Virtual Capo and Whammy their own blocks.

    Doing so would open a whole new realm of possibilities and flexibility.
  12. biggness

    Amp + Cab block not really necessary for a good tone?

    Just goofin around with some different things and started to take notice with some particular filtering and delays that you can get a pretty dang good sound without an amp and cab in your preset. Opens the door for many more colors for the tone palette.
  13. biggness

    Help with Pitch Follower.

    -I'm building a new sound with a Sawtooth and Square wave synth. -I have the source set to off. -A mixer block later on in the chain with an envelope attached to the level to have dynamics and an "off" for the synth. -I have the pitch follower attached to the frequency in the synth voices...
  14. biggness

    Escape Through The Wormhole

    When your space battle didn't go as well as you hoped, you have to make an exit through the wormhole...
  15. biggness

    Does the Sequencer have a "Once" function?

    Am I overlooking it or does this not exist?
  16. biggness

    Musk VS Bezos Space Battle

    Here's a fun one for you. Imagine a not too far away dystopian future where trillion dollar space craft fight it out just outside the orbit of a desolate earth. Use dynamic playing to take advantage of it. Subtle palm mutes, low vs high note battles, ringing chords, etc.
  17. biggness

    Would someone please explain the modifier source 2 function?

    I have a thorough grasp of all things modifiers, except for Source 2. Please help me understand it.
  18. biggness

    Annihilation Verb (Preset Inspired By The Film)

    Here's a preset I dialed up trying to figure out a different sound. Got discovered a happy accident and started exploring that more. It's definitely inspired by the film "Annihilation" which has a killer soundscape at the end of the film. Side Note: There are zero reverb block used in this...
  19. biggness

    Ambient Preset For You.

    Here's a unique and fun(funique?) ambient preset for you to try out.
  20. biggness

    Wish Mix Parameter For Graphic EQ

    Would be handy and dandy to have a mix parameter for the graphic eq block.
  21. biggness

    One Recto 1 Red Preset, Four Scenes

    Here's a facemelter for you. Be sure to load up my personal IR into one of your User Slots then align it with the selected factory cabs.
  22. biggness

    Simple tip for Recto tones

    For some gnarly tones, lower the master volume to the 0.50-0.90 range. This is plennnnty loud enough on the real amp, and more akin to what people are "used" to hearing when playing one. YMMV.
  23. biggness

    Arpeggiator/Sequencer Help Needed.

    If I have two Synth blocks, or a Synth and Pitch block, and want to sequence or arpeggiate them like this, how would I go about doing it? Cmaj7 Chord C - Synth 1 E - Synth 1 G - Synth 1 B - Synth 2 C - Synth 1 Or any combination of above notes and Synth 1&2, or Pitch 1&2? I got the idea...
  24. biggness

    Scene Changing For New Effects

    I tried searching for something like this, but with this forum's use of the words "scenes" and "changes," it was all but impossible to find. Is there a way to have a preset change its scene without manual input, via either footpedal, switch, or front panel buttons? I know you can kind of do it...
  25. biggness

    You wake up tomorrow, and realize all modeling technology was a fever dream...

    ...but you retain all of your experiences and memories of the different rigs you digitally pieced together. What existing options are you going with for your rig? Amp? Boost/Overdrive? Delay? Modulation? Reverb?
  26. biggness

    Neat Cab IR "trick" I just discovered.

    Messing about with some cab selections today, and it dawned on me: Like something about a particular cab, but also dislike something about that cab too? Split up your cabs in two separate blocks and then add or subtract what you like about that cab with a GEQ then reintroduce that signal back...
  27. biggness

    I present to you the rippin'st Plexi that ever plexed.

    Loving this one with my HSS strat. Few extra amps in there as well. Atomica CAE+ Bogfish
  28. biggness

    fr00t in the butterscotch

    Did a pickup swap in my HSS Strat. Dimarzio Tone Zone. Looks great. Sounds great.
  29. biggness

    A few high gain tones for you in one preset.

    Here's a few industry standard high gain amps I've dialed up, with stock cabs. No particular band or genre in mind, just fun tones to play. Engage all the delays and reverbs for a nice solo tone. Recto2 Red Modern Recto1 Red 5153 Blue 50w Blue 6160+ Lead Uber Archean Bright Let me know if...
  30. biggness

    Color Code The Mini Tuner

    Would be handy to color code the mini tuner on the front panel. Different colors represent different pitches. Example of real world use: Playing live, think your Low E is a little flat, glance back at the mini tuner and see if your Low E a "green double arrow." A little later after a gnarly...
  31. biggness

    (not a bug) Archean cutting out

    Was dialing up some tones this morning, and pinned the Amp selection tab open and was scrolling through amp models when I noticed that the Archean high gain models were cutting in and out. They were the only models to do it out of the whole selection, so it's not a cable/connection issue...
  32. biggness

    Anyone have any tones similar to this?

    Such a beautiful tone! Would love to know how to get here if anyone can get me headed in the right direction. Assume I know nothing please lol
  33. biggness

    What are my options for getting music from a phone/tablet to a PA system?

    I have a crawfish boil coming up in a few weeks and want to lug my frfr speakers and sub outdoors and blast the neighborhood with some Whitney Houston, Outkast, and Meshuggah. So far I have the speakers and my phone with Spotify. What else do I need, need to do?
  34. biggness

    Unique soundscape I've been working on.

    I've been designing a soundscape that should evoke thoughts of the Apocalypse and the sounding of Gabriel's trumpet. The guitar's volume knob really changes the texture of this tone too. So play around with it a bit. I tend to use my guitar's neck humbucker with the tone rolled off to tame it...
  35. biggness

    [TIP] Andy Wood's Doubled Guitar Method

    Came across this video, and thought it was worth sharing. Basically, for some double tracked sounding guitar tones: After amp/cab, use a mono digital delay with time set to 10ms, feedback 0, and echo pan set 100% left. Then follow that with the enhancer block with stock settings.
  36. biggness

    Four Block Challenge

    Thought it would be fun and informative to start a four block challenge to coax some of the best tones out of the AxeFx III (and FM3). Rules are simple: -Four Blocks: Input, Amp, Cab, Output. -Stock Cabs Only -Categorize Your Tone With Each Submission. [Clean], [Crunch], [Midgain], [HighGain]...
  37. biggness

    Interesting/fun harmonizer or arpeggiator steps?

    Beautiful rainy day here and just mucking about with some noodling. Would love for some interesting, fun, whacky harmonizer or arpeggiator settings. Thanks 🤗
  38. biggness

    Any thoughts on this no cab/amp in the room preset?

    I've been messing around with what Cliff posted a bit ago about using filters and eq's in lieu of cab IR's. I like the results. Has a nice high end to it now is present but piercing. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly welcome.
  39. biggness

    Is this a filter sweep/bit crusher/fuzz combo at the beginning of this song?

    Deftones' newest album dropped today, and there's a unique sounding intro on "Error" that seems to have a bit crusher, and fuzz tied to a slight filter sweep that I find unique and really enjoy. I got fairly close by attaching an envelope filter to the bandpass filter frequency and increasing...
  40. biggness

    New Preset with Precision Drive for bite and clarity

    Here's a preset that I dialed up with the latest beta firmware, that touches on some bite and clarity. Have fun br00tz'n.
  41. biggness

    Typical 13 year old's bedroom setup, circa 1996

    I set out to replicate my first little guitar rig that I put together with lawnmowing money. A no-name distortion pedal, into a Peavey Studio Pro 40 with a 12" speaker of some sort, with some delay and chorus, as well as a 32 band graphic EQ that I found in a trashcan. The results were...
  42. biggness

    Ola's "In The Room" series and how to apply it to the AxeFx?

    Sounds pretty convincing me. Are there any third party IR companies offering mic setups along the lines of this?
  43. biggness

    Soldano 100 All Channels With Stock Cabs; 7 Scenes

    Spent some time with this amp today and dialed up a few tones for it. The clean channel is HIGHLY underrated. It just may be my favorite clean tone at the moment. Works really well with neck single coils with the tone rolled back a bit, and also that #4 strat quack. Otherwise, have fun...
  44. biggness

    5153 All Channels Stock Cab Preset 6 Scenes

    Here is an amp only preset that I dialed up that just rips. Used the MBC to simulate that loud compressed roaring amp in the room feeling. Any thoughts on it are welcomed.
  45. biggness

    Wish Block Meta Data

    It would be quite an improvement to have meta data for all blocks. My reasoning: We would be able to build a huge library of effects, amps, and general tone sculpting. Similar to Block Libraries, but categorized and searchable. Want a chorus, but no idea how to get there? Pull up the block...
  46. biggness

    Any twanging/popping/hot rodded country guitar presets around?

    I occasionally like to dabble with some country licks (hard to play is an understatement lol) I am looking for any presets to get me headed down the right path for a Brad Paisely, Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland, Eric Woolard type sound.
  47. biggness

    Wish Wizard MTL50 (Schematic included)

    Another one that has garnered my attention through the years.
  48. biggness

    Wish Fortin/Randall Thrasher/Satan/Natas (Schematic included)

    Figure it's worth a strum.
  49. biggness

    Post Cab PEQ

    For those that use a post cab PEQ often to fine your tones, what frequencies do you tend to target most? I have a PEQ block saved that I recall often to finish some tones up, but am interested in learning more on how to improve it. I attached a preset to help get me headed in the right direction.
  50. biggness

    Axefx III Tips and Tricks Repository

    I'd like to start a repository of not so well known tips and tricks for everything from dialing in amp tones to effects, and everything in between. A couple to start: For some added brilliance with clean tones; coming out of the Amp block, route a Filter block around the Cab block then back...
  51. biggness

    Lexicon PCM80/81

    Stumbled across this recently and really enjoy the some of the effects, especially the glide>reverb effects. There's also a Part 2 to the video that has even more lusciousness. Has anyone managed to pull some of these tones out of the AxeFx III? At 2:50 in this one 🤯
  52. biggness

    Two High Gain Presets With Stock Cabs To Share

    Here are two high gain presets I've recently dialed up that I feel are worth sharing. Each one has three scenes; Rhythm, Lead, and Crunch. Any and all feedback is welcomed.
  53. biggness

    Bigg fatt 5150 with some sizzle

    A three scene preset that uses stock cabs. Let those big power chords ring for some double tracked guitar vibes. TC MIMIQ thread inspired. :) I have Out 1 as my headphone out, so if disable the last reverb in the chain for Out 1 if you aren't using headphones. Out2 is for FRFR use.
  54. biggness

    Axe-Edit has stopped loading presets

    I was going through some presets that I downloaded today from the preset exchange here, and the Axechange and every one of them loads a blank preset. No name, no blocks.
  55. biggness

    Is this signal chain possible?

    I have tried searching, but I am still not certain. I would like to run 4cm method, with a 5153 (100 watt, non midi) One of the main chains I am interested in is: Pre - filter, eq, drive Post - eq, delay, reverb Is that possible? Also, how are there enough relays on board to switch all...
  56. biggness

    Why was the Sat switch moved to the Advanced tab in the Amp block?

    Just wondering. PS - I don't like it. haha
  57. biggness

    Using Feedback Send/Return to enhance your reverbs?

    Does anyone do this?
  58. biggness

    Ok, no offense to anyone, but this place kinna sucks...

    ...when Cliff is absent. I know he is probably busy figuring out how to model the HM-2, but I miss clicking on his "Show more posts" and learning something. haha
  59. biggness

    The perception of bad tone.

    I have noticed, through the years, that it is a common reaction, for myself and close friends, when playing a particular type of tone and changing to another tone in the same type, that upon first listen, it is not uncommon to think that it sounds bad. Well, not so much bad, but maybe not as...
  60. biggness

    Biggness's BiggTwnage Extravaganza

    I have been working on some high gain patches, trying out different amps that I normally wouldn't use. The results are amazing. With just a tweak here, and a tweak there, I have sculpted each one into its own. They may sound bad, in comparison to the previous patch you just came from, but within...
  61. biggness

    Any tips on how to not get this tone?

  62. biggness

    Suhr Badger 30 is the best clean amp in this box...

    This is using that "how to add punch to your clean tones" trick I mentioned a little while back. The only difference is, I am using the amp block's baked in output compression instead of a separate block, and now that there is a 1x12 Roamer UR stock cab, I can share this tone easily and freely...
  63. biggness

    Wanna make your clean tones pop?

    Try this: Drive pedal set to Fat Rat, don't change anything except change the Clip Type parameter to Null. Right after that, add a Studio Compressor and change the Ratio to 9ish. Run that into your favorite clean amp, and it sounds great. My favorite clean amp right now is the Suhr Badger...
  64. biggness

    Cliff, you orta solicit this fellar...

    I've been following this guy for a while, and all his stuff sounds great. For just guitar > cable > amp, I don't think I have heard better.
  65. biggness

    Factory cab #62

    Any more info on this cab? For higain, this one is hard to beat. If I were to try and get close to it with third party cabs, for UR use, where should I start?
  66. biggness

    Any news of what is on the horizon?

    I am in no way dissatisfied with the AxeFX, but with knowing Cliff and Co's commitment to excellence, I can't help but wonder. I remember reading about the addition of Formant Pitchshifting being near, with the coding just needing to be done. Anything else I may have missed? New effects? New...
  67. biggness

    FAS Brootalz: Don't let the name fool you.

    Cliff, can you tell us more about this one? It is grrrreat!!! It covers a lot ground, while maintaining excellent string separation and clarity. Throw in the fact that sounds awesome without a clean boost up front, and this one is shaping up to become my new favorite amp in the box. And I love...
  68. biggness

    Damb, the Engl Savage model rippppps! (Patch Included)

    This is some monster, higain twn. :O I have let somewhere in the neighborhood of 140 open D chords ring out with this tone. DAggum! It used the GuitarHack Original Edge UltraRes cab that Cliff shared with us. I included it as well, in case any of you missed it.
  69. biggness

    Swedish Chef, your new avatar is in here...

    Found this on Reddit, I think they look awesome! Here is album of them: Sesame Street | Noir - Imgur And the thread talking about them, for those that may be interested: I finished painting my favourite Muppets in 'Noir' style portraits. : pics
  70. biggness

    Do you want some gnarly ass highend?

    Of course you do, unless your audiometric test scores are dropping every year. :lol With the addition of the Bright parameter, you can really hone in some pleasant top end now. This is a case of the digital world exceeding what is possible in the analog world. For this case, we are going to...
  71. biggness

    Huge collection of IR Wav's.

    I came across a huge collection of Impulse Responses in .wav format to convert to UltraRes. I don't know if they are of the proper length or not, so iunno... Anyways, there is bound to something worth using in here. So, come on updated CabLab. I got some convertin to do. 8) ***Updated link***...
  72. biggness

    Here are four IR wavs. Two Marshall and two Mesa.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbsox7nrhrx8pbx/Marshall%20and%20Mesa%20IR%20Wavs.zip I pulled them from this thread: Guitar Amp Board - View topic - Custom Impulse Sharing... These are two very popular cabs, a Marshall 1960 with Greenbacks and a Mesa Recto 4x12 with Vintage 30s, each with a 57 and...
  73. biggness

    So all those Redwirez cabs I bought a few years ago just became more relevant?

    If I remember correctly, when I bought all the Redwirez, they had folders full of wav's. Does anyone know the length of these? I haven't messed with them in some time and don't remember much about them. I am away from my computer and on my phone at the moment. I tried looking on their site to...
  74. biggness

    FW13 Release Notes

    http://tinyurl.com/2whpvd Enjoy!
  75. biggness

    Bug? Unable to bypass block (not a bug)

    Attached a modifier to the Control parameter of the Wah block, and selected LFO1a. Then went to Control page and adjusted the rate of the LFO. Play around with a nice sounding auto-wah for a little while, then when I tried to bypass the Wah with the front panel, it would not bypass. I tried...
  76. biggness

    Protone Misha Mansoor Overdrive Pedal

    Don't ask... :lol
  77. biggness

    Petrucci's "Damage Control" tone attempt

    :lemo: EDIT: Preset can be found here: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=2161
  78. biggness

    What amp/cab combos do you suggest for jazz tone?

    I am messing around with some jazz licks, and would like some suggestions for a fat, warm, and mellow jazz tone. Thanks in advance. :)
  79. biggness

    Are the new amps, the latest firmware beta, modeled off Kemper profiles or?

    The real, in person, physical amp? I have no problems either way, but if they are modeled from a Kemper profile, my main question is: Why stop at 3? Lol
  80. biggness

    Crazy, Unusual, Unique and Interesting.

    I would like to start a repository of some crazy, unusual, unique and interesting presets. So please feel free to contribute. :) *I will edit this later on, after I compile some of mine.
  81. biggness

    Cliff, how's that UltraRes stuff coming along?

    Just wondering... :)
  82. biggness

    B+ Constant: Randall Smith(Mesa) talks about it and its effects.

    A friend showed me this video of Randall Smith, the Mesa Boogie mastermind, talking about Time Constant. He gives a good idea of what to expect when adjusting this parameter. I have never thought to mess with it, but it does seem to be cool. It is the first part of the video, more...
  83. biggness

    Is a Tonematch User cab HiRes or LoRes?

    I exported a Tonematch to my user cabs, and was wondering if it is HiRes or LoRes. Also, this cab works wonders for Marshall's, Friedman's, Bogner's, pretty much anything with the Brit sound. lol
  84. biggness

    Who knew the Bassman could out Marshall a Marshall?

    My friend and I were talking about some old classic amps and he showed me a video of a Bassman sounding pretty gnarly. He mentioned that Jim Marshall had ripped the circuit, for what he believed, from the Bassman. So I decided to see what I could come up with. I Tonematched the Youtube video...
  85. biggness

    5153 Red with Damp set to 0

    And the Boost and Cut switches enabled sounds friggin great into a Mesa 412 IR.
  86. biggness

    Is there anyone more impressive than John Mayer?

    After seeing a headline that him and Katy Perry could possibly be engaged, and remembering that he has had some stellar ex's, I decided to look some of them up. John Mayer's List of Lovely Ladies | Gallery | Wonderwall John Mayer, I salute you. :lol
  87. biggness

    Cliff, can you please share this?

    Any chance you can post the finalized patch? Also, Andy Wood = :shock ... :cry
  88. biggness

    Cliff, you need to find one of these... and model it :)

    This Sewell thing sounds good. Any models that we already have that comes close to this?
  89. biggness

    These Celebrity Make-Unders are pretty funny.

    14 Celebrity Make-Unders Turn Stars Into Real People | FB TroublemakersFB Troublemakers
  90. biggness

    All my high gain tones sound weak now...

    and it's all my fault, since dialing in this monster tone, toan, twn. 8) I have finally honed in on that high gain, chest thumping, ball flapping amp in the room tone with a FRFR setup. To top it all off, I ended up using an amp that I would have never imagined would cover this type of tone. I...
  91. biggness

    Amp block settings: Comp and Cathode Threshold are the same thing?

    Playing around today, I noticed that whatever you set the Cathode Threshold to in the advance parameters, the Comp parameter is a direct reflection if that. Is the Comp parameter like a master bus for the three Cathode parameters?
  92. biggness

    For those trying the v11 beta...

    Two blocks Amp: 65 Bassman (Input Drive - 6ish, bass and treble - max, everything else left alone) Cab: Factory Cab 99, no mic That is all.
  93. biggness

    Strat + Kinman Woodstock Pickups + Fox ODS = SRV Twn

    Here is a video I shot of my good friend a few days ago. He is playing over a Gary Moore style backing track, from Youtube, that we just ran through the monitors along with the AxeFx II. I love that SRV sizzle we had going on. It is the Fox ODS2 model, boosted with a null filter set to +12db...
  94. biggness

    Question about Dual Rectifier bold/spongy and diode/tube switches.

    How were they set on the amp modeled? How would I go about getting the sound changing these settings yield on the Axe? Thanks in advance for any help. :)
  95. biggness

    Reverse Tonematch idea?

    I got to thinking about the Tonematch feature and thought it would be useful to have a Reverse Tonematch/Input Shaping feature. When it comes down to it, different pickup and wood combinations are just different frequency responses and levels that your amp has to work with. And maybe...
  96. biggness

    Found my favorite cab combo for high gain

    Playing around a bit with the new firmware, and dialed up some dang good tone using a stereo cab block, both cabs panned to center, of Factory Cab 126 with a 57 mic and Factory 132 with a U87 mic. Schitt sounds huge, yo. With lots of clarity. This cab with a ts808 > PVH 5150 Block sounds so...
  97. biggness

    FractalAudio no longer topdawg

  98. biggness

    Some clean tones with lush reverbs

    Here are a couple of clean tones I have been messing with. One is Hugeracks Inc/Mike Landau/SwedishChef inspired, and the other is just a simple Vox tone with a tweaked out reverb. lol Engage/bypass the filter block for a crunchier tone, on both presets. For the top boost one, you will need to...
  99. biggness

    JavaJunkie, can I get an update on this?

    I would love to have the settings for this. :)
  100. biggness

    Too bad dem Dumble's cost as much as a house...

    Loving the Dumble tones I am getting. Clean is 65 Bassman, lead is ODS-100. Recorded through headphones, so I got zero sound reinforcement/interaction. I may redo it through my studio monitors to show how it tries to develop into some creamy feedback on every held note.
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