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  1. paranoid

    Chalk outline synth

    synth on controller 1 for the song chalk outline by Three Days Grace. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4376
  2. paranoid

    Black Peral Jam Preset

    Scene 1 is warped vinyl sound for the intro. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4375
  3. paranoid

    running with the devil with horns

    Been playing with the new switch configuration for external controllers. Thinking of setting up some presets to play out with out any expression pedals or external switches. on this patch the horns are on switch 5, then stomp switch 6 for the detune with the delay...
  4. paranoid

    Aces High

    Got My AX-8 back from support Friday, Playing around with some Harmony today. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4356 User cab is a mix of 1960AX cab from Cabir.eu. Scene 1 intro harmony, the harmony is up a 3rd. Scene 2 second harmony up a 3rd. Scene 3 is for lead. Scene 4 is...
  5. paranoid

    Aces High

    Got My AX-8 back from support Friday, Playing around with some Harmony today. http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4356 User cab is a mix of 1960AX cab from Cabir.eu. Scene 1 intro harmony, the harmony is up a 3rd. Scene 2 second harmony up a 3rd. Scene 3 is for lead. Scene 4 is...
  6. paranoid

    Double expression from my SP-1 Mission!!!

    Ok member Morbid got me thinking the other day in this post. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/diy-wah-vol-expression-pedal.109094/ Well here it is and it works like a charm with my mfc, and I am hoping it will also work with the AX-8 that I am waiting for invite on, as are many others...
  7. paranoid

    International Guitar Show in Orlando.

    http://www.guitarexpo.net/ Any body besides me planning on attending?
  8. paranoid

    how do we edit the new forum?

    I love my fractal axe fx ultra, II, XL, and mfc. I used to like this forum, well most of it. Since the update I am having a really hard time wanting to read posts on the lite background and poor division of quotes and posts. the posters profiles are even hard to focus on, the posts run together...
  9. paranoid

    wish that mfc ext switches and exp pedals could be programed per scene!

    I have used the fcb 1010 for quite some time and switched to the mfc a little wile back, the mfc is a great controller but I miss the ability to have exp1 control lets say wah on scene 1 and then delay mix on scene 2, lead boost on scene 3, etc, etc, I now have 3 exp pedals instead of 2 and have...
  10. paranoid

    runing with the devil horn and synth bass drone

    After hearing the wonderful bag pipe patch, I thought about the wonderful horn patch that was posted some time back(sorry I do not remember who posted it but who ever it was gets the credit for the horns) but I added a bass drone roughly in the key of G. scene 1 starts on E and scene 8 ends it...
  11. paranoid

    Scorpions using axe fx???

    went to a club south of Tampa last night to see this Scorpions tribute band and all I can say is, I thought I was at the real Scorpions concert!! these guys lay it down! the lead guitarist was rocking an axe fx!!! Wix.com Blackout created by scorpstributeband based on reg-top-menu-3
  12. paranoid

    OH IR's nolonger in syx. files?

    Got a Own Hammer news letter to day and in the letter it states that syx. files for axe fx will not be included in the v3 mix libraries any longer! this is no problem for the xl I have cab lab but I also have an ultra and never had much luck with good conversions my self, so this is a little...
  13. paranoid

    any one using a Peak FCB4x?

    As the question in the title, Is any one on the forum using a PeakFCB4x? if so how well does it work? can you read the display on stage? Is it worth looking at If you only use a hand full of presets and only 3 or 4 scenes(no ia)?
  14. paranoid

    Florida axe aholics

    What a small world all joined by the axe FX!! Was a long fun day! thank you to those who came! to those that did not well...........you missed out!!!!!!! gtar lover you for got your mic c-----(well you no) Hope all got home safe!! till next time! good night!!!
  15. paranoid

    Morphosis what about this one!!

    thought my plexi was gonna blow so I thought this to be fitting!!
  16. paranoid

    Test tone!!! Morphosis!

    here is is a sample of the tone you helped me with! what do you think! Don't listen to close to the drums I am not a drummer and electric kits are tricky for me! guitar and bass through same IR, drums through axe with all effects Bypassed! no editing just straight tracks!
  17. paranoid

    since no reponse about axe meeting in tampa!

    since there has not been any response on the Florida axe aholics post about meeting in Tampa April 4 from any one in Tampa with a meeting place or from M@ if he could make it an hour north I am gonna have a get together at my place in Lake Panasoffkee (bushnell if only a small #) the event will...
  18. paranoid

    any one using studio one with axe as sound card?

    I am trying to program fcb to pass through axe and start stop tracks in studio one 2 and not having any luck, so I tried to run a midi controller to run studio plugin instruments and cant make that work either, but it used to, not sure what I have done. Cant get it to work through audio box...
  19. paranoid

    cant find a very use full thread on other midi controllers

    trying to find a very use full thread that was started a year ago that was very informative and I had referenced several times in the past but now can only view 38 threads on this topic. Do they get archived some were or are they deleted if not posted on a regular basis?
  20. paranoid

    seen member aquamusic friday night.

    Went to AL's landing Friday night(Tavares FL) clicker was the band for the evening. Our man Aquamusic was doing a great job on his trusty Les Paul. The axe was Doing a Great job also.
  21. paranoid

    a Florida axe aholics meeting

    Are there any Florida axe users with any interest of a get together After the first of the year like they did out yonder in cali?
  22. paranoid

    Adviser 1 control satch simulation 2

    second attempt at satch wah sound with out loosing base tone. using adviser 1 to control level of wahwa this time instead of control. I think this achieves what I was shooting for. from start to 20 no wah, from 20 to 40 wah on, from 40 to 100 wah off, from 100 to end wah on, Does any one...
  23. paranoid

    adviser 1 wahwa control satch simulation test

    Heres my first attempt at a subtle auto wah controlled by adviser 1 start to :19 with out :19 to :38 with :38 to :50 with out :50 to end with.
  24. paranoid

    cant get enough of the plexi since FW17

    if fractal makes this black box any better It is going to be hard for me to go to my day job! Just want to play old rock licks and smile!
  25. paranoid

    dummy playing dumble clean

    a few bars of cleaner side of life.
  26. paranoid

    Clark Kent's gift to man kind preset

    Clark Kent preset with stereo ultra res ir's from cab pack 7 with modern mic pre. then added megedeth tone match just a test.
  27. paranoid

    how do I empty file upload manager?

    I have some fello axe members that want screen shots of a xl preset so they can copy it for axe II but I have filled my upload manager. does any one know how I could empty it?
  28. paranoid

    re slp59 treble firmware 17 battle axe cover

    same patch as last nights version of this in playing with stereo ultra res slp only added mike pre in cab what a difference!
  29. paranoid

    playing with stereo ultra res 59 slp

    http://soundcloud/paranoid-24/Battel Axe cover trying to get high tech figuring out how to put tracks on forum like yongsters do. sorry I guess I cant make it work yet!!! I think I got it now.
  30. paranoid

    Can't unzip cab pack 7!!!!!

    All stoked bought cab pack 7 but cant seem to un zip.not had this problem in the past but my pea zip program asks for a pass code and apparently I do not know what it is. As any one else had this problem?
  31. paranoid

    post compression?

    I don't like compression in front because you loose the tube amp feel when lowering the volume which I do a lot. I never thought about putting it after the amp. Is this possible? has any one tried? I never thought about it because you would not put one in between your 100 watt and cabinet in the...
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