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  1. deakle

    Mac Studio or MacBook Pro?

    I am considering upgrading my current Mac Mini to either a Mac Studio using the M1 chip or a MacBook Pro also running the M1 chip. It would be or home recording only. I currently utilize Logic Pro X for all my recording and a Presonus Faderport 8 controller as well as a Universal Audio Apollo...
  2. deakle

    Help please, no output

    Hello, was looking for some peer check help. I have no output from my Axe III. I checked the setup page and have the input and outputs turned up there. But every preset there is no output. I can see my input LED move when strumming so I know it is receiving signal from the guitar. What else can...
  3. deakle

    Sustain Maniac Preset

    I am searching for the Sustain Maniac factory preset that has been mentioned here before. I believe it is an FM3 preset but could be used in an Axe III. Any idea where I may find it? I have the latest Axe III factory presets, but I have not found it there so it must be an FM3 preset. So how do I...
  4. deakle

    Boss SY-1000 Impressions/Thoughts?

    So, I am considering either the new Boss SY-200 or a Boss SY-1000. I am leaning towards the SY-1000 as I feel that after using the SY-200 I will find myself “wanting a little more”. I know I will need a GK pickup equipped guitar to make full use of the SY-1000 and that is not an issue. But I...
  5. deakle

    Headphones Choice

    So I found a set of Blue Ella headphones brand new @ $399. I want a nice set for my Axe III MK II Turbo and the full res IR’s. I am torn between the Blue Ellas, a set of Blue Mix-Fi (the new Mo Fi’s), or a set of Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X open back headphones. So what’s everyone’s opinion of...
  6. deakle

    Knaggs Larry Mitchell Incoming - ARRIVED!!!!

    I just picked up a fantastic used Knaggs Larry Mitchell guitar today. Super Stoked! Pictures coming up once it arrives! Anybody have experience with these?
  7. deakle

    SOLD For Sale - FM3 Mint!

    I have a mint condition FM3 (plastic covering still on screen) for sale. It has only been used in my smoke free home studio. Currently loaded with Firmware 1.05. Played very little, I used it only as an addition to my Axe FX III. I will ship for free to the 48 continental United States only...
  8. deakle

    SOLD Axe FX III MK 1 For Sale - $1700 Shipped

    I have a mint condition Axe FX III MK 1 for sale. It has never left my smoke free home studio since I purchased it. It will be shipped to you free in the continental United States only, in the original box. Cost is $1700 PayPal gift. It has several presets of Leon Todd's loaded from the Axe...
  9. deakle

    SOLD 3 Guitars For Sale

    Hi fellow Fractalites! I have 3 guitars up for sale over on Reverb, a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 2010 PRS S245 with a solid rosewood neck, and a Schecter E-1 with Floyd Rose and Sustainiac. I have placed links to all 3 listings on Reverb below. However, if you contact me here through the...
  10. deakle

    IR Tweaks?

    I apologize if this has been asked here before, but what parameters should one look to adjust first/most often on an IR when dialing in your tone? Does anyone know of any websites explaining the ins/outs of IR's? I have looked on the Fractal Wiki but not had much luck finding anything there...
  11. deakle

    7 String Advice

    I tried 7 string guitar a few years back with an ESP LTD. Very nice, playable guitar, but I just grew frustrated with it and sold it. I have been looking to expand my guitar knowledge and thought I would give 7 string a go again. I had purchased a Strandberg Boden Standard 6 string previously...
  12. deakle

    Using Axe-FX III with Tube Amp and Universal Audio Ox

    So I splurged and bought myself a Universal Audio Ox. Awesome piece of gear! I have a few tube amps I keep around just because I still like to fool around with them, one being a 1965 Fender Bandmaster. What would be a proper way to use my Axe-FX III with a tube amp and my UA Ox? I would assume I...
  13. deakle

    Digitech Freqout or Sustainiac - Thoughts?

    I am in the market for either a Digitech Freqout or a sustainiac equipped guitar and was wondering if anyone had used both and has any thoughts/comparisons of the two? Not much on line in the way of a comparison. The sustainiac equipped Schecter's are a good bang for the buck, but if the same...
  14. deakle

    Guitar Dedicated to Slide

    I know I will get a myriad of answers, but I am looking for a guitar to set up specifically for slide (higher action, heavy gauge strings, flat radius, etc.) and was wondering what the forumites opinions were for a good slide guitar. Currently, I am looking at Gibson SG (humbuckers), Gibson...
  15. deakle

    Prayers for Nashville

    So some sicko detonated a bomb in an RV in downtown Nashville early this morning. No one killed thank goodness. Lot of damage. Saw a guy on the news who lost his home and all his guitars and equipment in the blast, his means of making a living. Keep the residents in your thoughts and prayers.
  16. deakle

    Effects Question

    Please pardon my ignorance on this subject. I have noticed several presets where effects are placed in parallel with one another (such as delays). What is the purpose of this and what is the difference in placing effects in parallel or in series? I am an old guy and we did not have near the...
  17. deakle

    Charvel Pro Mod DK24 HSS anyone?

    I am considering a new Charvel Pro Mod DK24 HSS with the Gotoh tremolo. Anyone here have experience with one of these, either own one or try one? I do not have a local dealer where I can try one so it will have to be an online purchase. I like the Gotoh trem and the locking tuners. For anyone...
  18. deakle

    Trying to profit from tragedy.....

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the ridiculous prices some are trying to get for used Peavey and EVH Wolfgangs on the used market now? I'm seeing a better than 50% jump in the prices with some of the prices in a truly ridiculous range (like asking more than brand new pricing for a used...
  19. deakle

    Mac OS Big Sur Compatibility

    With the upcoming release of the new Mac OS, Big Sur, will Axe Edit and Fractal Bot be compatible? @Michael Pickens?
  20. deakle

    AC-DC New Material

    I just checked out the AC-DC release "Shot in the Dark" on You Tube. Very nice indeed! I have read that the majority of the recordings were done with Malcom prior to his illness. Brian Johnson has not lost anything. Very reminiscent, at least to me, of earlier recordings such as Back in Black...
  21. deakle

    John Petrucci New Solo Album - Preview

    Title track from John Petrucci's new solo album due August 28th. Mike Portnoy drumming with him again. Amazing tune.
  22. deakle

    Incoming New Guitar - PRS 509

    New PRS 509 coming in from Moore Guitars in Evansville, Indiana! Stoked to get it! Special thanks to Rob Moore at Moore Music Guitars. Orange fade finish with a solid Indian Rosewood neck.
  23. deakle

    RIP - Charlie Daniels

    I saw this afternoon where Charlie Daniels passed away. One whale of a fiddle player!
  24. deakle

    Reduce or eliminate guitar on pre-recorded audio track

    Sometimes it is hard to locate a stem track for a particular song. Is there a way using a DAW (I currently use Logic Pro X) that I could reduce the gain/volume of a pre-recorded song for my own personal use. I am just looking for a way to "spice" up practicing by putting the pre-recorded guitars...
  25. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Preset Guide?

    I seem to recall that someone had compiled a list/guide of the factory presets in the Axe III. Am I crazy or am I remembering correctly? Can anyone provide a link to that post? Thanks in advance!
  26. deakle

    Devin Townsend Presets Available!!!

    I was checking the Fractal web site to see if Steve Stevens‘ presets were up yet and to my surprise and delight, Devin Townsend’s presets are now available! Gotta love Fractal Audio and their artists!
  27. deakle

    Did you ever think.....sigh....

    Did you ever think you would see Ratt in a Geico commercia? At least Warren DeMartini didn’t have to endure this.....
  28. deakle

    Sammy Hagar and The Circle Lockdown Jam

    Check out Sammy Hagar and The Circle jamming a classic Van Hagar track. Vic Johnson is shredding!
  29. deakle

    Audio Interface Question

    Looking to upgrade my 2nd Generation Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. It has served me well with no complaints. I am looking at a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Generation 4i4 but am also interested in a Universal Audio Apollo Twin X thunderbolt 3 interface. For simple home recording, I realize the UA Apollo is...
  30. deakle

    Steven Slate Drums or Superior Drummer 3

    I am looking for a drum plug in and am considering Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2 and Superior Drummer 3. Significant price difference between the 2, SD 3 is more than twice the cost of Slate. I just do home recording so I am just looking for something with a relatively easy user interface and...
  31. deakle

    Can you play bass with no thumb on fretting hand?

    My brother-in-law has played bass for close to 40 years now. He is facing the frightening prospect of possibly losing the thumb on his left (fretting) hand due to an infection in the bone. He is to receive IV antibiotics once a week for 8 hours for the next 6 weeks. If that doesn’t work the...
  32. deakle

    John Petrucci Playing the Allman Brothers

    Has anyone caught this YT video of John Petrucci and his wife playing Jessica by the Allman Brothers? It is amazing! He is a versatile guitarist! It is a long video from a European guitar awards show. Fast forward to 23:40 to catch the beginning of the Jessica tune.
  33. deakle

    SOLD For Sale: Mint AX8 - SOLD

    I purchased this AX8 last year while awaiting my Axe III. Now that I have had the Axe III for a while and am comfortable with it, it is time to let my AX8 go. It has never left my smoke free home studio. It has been updated to the latest firmware. Mint condition, more photos available upon...
  34. deakle

    Ibanez Jem 7VP Opinions

    Anyone here own or have played an Ibanez Jem 7VP, the Indonesian model? I’m considering one but none close to me that I can try out. I was interested in the quality of the fretwork and the guitar in general. Also I was wondering how the neck compares in feel to either a Strat or a Les Paul? I...
  35. deakle

    Incoming NGD

    Super stoked about this one. Found an ESP George Lynch M1 Tiger on Reverb and got a great deal on it. George is one of my all time favorites!
  36. deakle

    Indonesian Guitars?

    Anyone have any hands on experience with the newer Indonesian guitars, ESP LTD, Jackson, even some PRS SE models. I’m interested in an ESP LTD Indonesian model but cannot try one hands on. I’ve had the Korean models and they are great. Anyone try any of the Indonesian made models?
  37. deakle

    Imagine Dragons Top Rock Artist? Seriously?

    Imagine Dragons topping Queen as Top Rock Artist at last night's Billboard Music Awards. I knew these awards shows are a complete joke but this is just laughable.
  38. deakle

    Recording Noob Question - How to hear recording output through Axe III?

    I am a total recording noob, so my apologies in advance for a potentially dumb question. I am recording a simple track in GarageBand on my Mac. I have my GarageBand set to use the Axe as the interface. I have my recording inputs set according to the Axe manual. I can record just fine and receive...
  39. deakle

    Woodstock 50

    Anyone see the lineup for the 50th anniversary Woodstock concert? Jay Z, Miley Cyrus, Chance the Rapper??? Seriously? Rock very under represented at 50th anniversary of one of the first great rock festivals.
  40. deakle

    DAW For Beginner

    I would like to do some very simple home recording (drums, bass, guitar) to practice along with. I am considering Reaper, Ableton Live 10, and Presonus Studio One 4. Both the Ableton Live and Presonus I would simply purchase the intro versions as that would be sufficient for me. Looking for...
  41. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Reviewed in Guitar World

    The current issue of Guitar World has a review of the Axe III. What a review also! Quote: "The Axe-FX III is simply the most powerful amp and effects modeling product available today, providing a mind-boggling selection of truly realistic amp and cabinet tones and sophisticated effects for the...
  42. deakle

    Periphery Patch?

    Anyone know of any Axe III patch for a Periphery tone? Since they are still on the Axe FX II XL there are not any Periphery patches on Axe Change. Anyone have any ideas for this tone?
  43. deakle

    Advice on Learning EQ

    I am a 50’s something guitarist who grew up using tube amps and pedals and have only begun using the Fractal Audio equipment the last couple of years. I am discovering how important proper equalization is to a good sound. Does anyone have any advice on how I could best learn the basics of EQ? I...
  44. deakle

    Generation Axe Bohemian Rhapsody Tribute

    Just saw this on YouTube, hope I got the media link correct. Generation Axe (Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen and Tosin Abasi) performing an instrumental version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Freaking Awesome!
  45. deakle

    Anyone using a piezo-equipped guitar? What amp model?

    I have been building a preset to use with my PRS P22 that has dual outputs (1 for magnetic pickups and 1 for the piezo). I am using input 2 for the piezo to make use of the dual outputs on the guitar. Any thoughts on a good amp model to use for the piezo? I have been experimenting with the...
  46. deakle

    Alice in Chains

    Anyone having any luck achieving a good Alice In Chains tone? I am trying to dial in something similar to the tone on the Dirt album. I have tried the Bogner amps and the Friedman, but not too much luck as yet.
  47. deakle

    Anyone ever "satinize" their guitar's neck?

    I have a Gibson Les Paul Axcess Custom that the neck can get quite "sticky". I keep it very, very clean so there is no residue build up on it. Wash my hands before playing also. But the high gloss finish just seems to have a very high degree of friction. Has anyone ever used a grey Scotch Brite...
  48. deakle

    Play a Backing Track

    I play my Axe III mainly through headphones. Is there a way that I can route a pre-recorded backing track from my Mac into an input on my Axe III so that I can listen to it as well as my guitar through my headphones? In other words, give me a backing track to play along with?
  49. deakle

    Suhr Modern Satin or Jackson PC1

    So I have the opportunity to pick up either a Suhr Modern Satin or a Jackson PC1, both used for about the same price. I have no way to try one out as there are no dealers for either in my area. I am leaning toward the PC1 but wanted to see what fellow Fractalites thought? Any personal...
  50. deakle

    Global Blocks - link to, load from: which to use?

    Ok, I know I am probably experiencing brain freeze, but I am having difficulty understanding Global Blocks and how to use them. What is confusing to me at least, is linking a block does not load the Global Block data but the Global Block is saved when the preset is saved? Loading from a Global...
  51. deakle

    Correct Use of the RTA Block

    The Real Time Analyzer block in my mind is extremely useful. However, I want to be sure that I am using it correctly and to its fullest potential. The way I use it is in conjunction with a Parametric EQ block and then I make adjustments with the PEQ so that the visible curve on the RTA is as...
  52. deakle

    FS PRS S2 Studio - SOLD

    I have a 2018 PRS S2 Studio up for sale on Reverb that is essentially brand new. Less than an hour of play time and it has never left my smoke free home studio. Fantastic guitar! I hate to part with it, but I have medical bills to pay. It's on sale for 10% off this week only! Don't miss out on...
  53. deakle

    Wish Acoustic amp model

    Could we get a model of an acoustic guitar amplifier like a Fishman Loudbox or Fender Acoustisonic?
  54. deakle

    Good Amp Selection for piezo?

    I have a PRS P22 with separate outputs for the magnetic and piezo pickups. I want to build a preset utilizing inputs 1 and 2 so that I can use both outputs at the same time. Any suggestions on a good amp model choice for the piezo pickups? One of the Fender models perhaps?
  55. deakle

    Help with Zakk Wylde Tone

    This may sound like a dumb question to some but it is something I have struggled with for quite a while. I have a preset that achieves a pretty good Zakk Wylde tone. However, I just cannot seem to pull of the patented "Zakk Wylde Pinch Harmonics". I know all of the mechanics to get a pinch...
  56. deakle

    HELP: Problem with AX8 Edit

    I am having an issue with AX8 Edit, it does not want to communicate with my AX8 following an OS update on my Mac Mini (to the lates version of the OS). I am receiving the following error statement when opening Communication time-out: AX8-Edit was unable to complete the following communication...
  57. deakle

    Templates are great!

    I created a template just to try it out and wow, these are great! If you have a particular configuration of blocks that you almost always use in a preset; compressor, drive, phase/ flange, amp/cab, delay, reverb, etc. just lay it out then save it as a template. Then when you want to create a new...
  58. deakle

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin MK II Question

    So I am thinking about upgrading my audio interface from my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I am considering the Universal Audio Apollo Twin MK II. I only do very simple home recording as a hobby and to jam. I am thinking that the Apollo Twin MK II Solo will be sufficient for my needs. Or should I go...
  59. deakle

    Copy Preset to an Empty Location?

    Is there a way to copy an existing preset to an empty location? I would like to copy a factory preset to a different, empty location. Then tweak on various parameters while preserving the original preset in the original location. I cannot seem to find anything on this in the User Manual.
  60. deakle

    Acoustic Simulation Question

    So I am going to undertake creating a preset to simulate an acoustic with a humbucker equipped guitar. I am going to use the Tone Match block and a short recorded track of my acoustic guitar for my reference signal. My question is this: what amps should I consider using that would be beneficial...
  61. deakle

    On Board Tuner - Accurate!

    So I just compared the Axe III on board tuner to my Peterson VS II Strobe Tuner feeding them both with my Radial Engineering A/B switch and using the tuner out feed to my Strobe. Wow! The Axe III tuner is dead nuts ON! There is zero difference when comparing it with my strobe tuner. For those of...
  62. deakle

    Axe Edit III - Update

    I was just wondering @FractalAudio how close the Axe Edit III is to release? Thanks!
  63. deakle

    Unofficial First Impressions Thread

    Since it looks like some of us lucky Fractalites will be receiving their III’s in the next day or so I thought it would be good to start a “First Impressions” thread. Post what you think about this new amazing tool while the rest of us patiently await our invitation emails!
  64. deakle

    Looking for Lynyrd Skynyrd Presets

    i am dating myself here, but is anyone aware of any Lynyrd Skynyrd presets or Molly Hatchet? I’m an old Southern Boy at heart. Thanks!
  65. deakle

    New AX8 Day

    My new AX8 is here! My new AX8 is here! Now I’m somebody! (Said as Steve Martin from the movie “The Jerk”), now I am showing my age. Seriously, my new AX8 arrived today and I am stoked! I decided to take the plunge while I am waiting for my number to come up on the Axe III list and I am glad...
  66. deakle

    Mixer/Headphones Question

    AX8 Newbie here, so I apologize if this is a dumb question. I am considering a used AX8 to run in along with my Axe FX II. Is it possible to run the outputs from the AX8 to my mixer and listen to it through headphones connected to my mixer? It is a non-powered Behringer 8 channel mixer. Thanks!
  67. deakle

    AX 8 Newbie Question

    Long time Axe FX user, but as I am awaiting my Axe FX III, I am considering picking up a used AX 8. But I am a little confused as I scan Reverb I am seeing used items going for around $1200, yet a brand new one from FAS is currently selling for a little over $1000. What am I missing? Has...
  68. deakle

    Anyone at NAMM? See anything wowzer?

    Anyone here lucky enough to attend NAMM 2018? Seen anything impressive? I saw a YouTube video of the new Paul Reed Smith Mark Tremonti signature lunchbox amp, the MT15. It looked and sounded great!
  69. deakle

    B Stock Sale!

    Heads up everyone! I just received an email about a Fractal B-Stock sale. Lowest price I have seen yet on Axe FX II XL+! 1699! Go check it out! I purchased a B-Stock XL II+ this Fall and it looks brand spanking new to me, not a blemish anywhere! These are a FANTASTIC DEAL!
  70. deakle

    Suhr Modern Satin - Opinions

    I am considering purchasing a Suhr Modern Satin. This would be my first Suhr. Anyone have any experience with the Modern Satins? Opinions?
  71. deakle

    Circular Delay Help

    I am trying to set up a circular delay using the Mega Tap Delay. What I want to accomplish is to have 3 taps; one set at 292 ms and panned to the right, a second tap set at 594 ms and panned to the left, and the third tap set at 888 ms and panned to the middle. I want it to sound as if the delay...
  72. deakle

    Using an Axe FX XL with an XL+

    I saw this briefly mentioned in an earlier post but would like to expand on it. I was lucky enough to be able to pick up an Axe FX II XL+ without having to sell the Axe FX II XL that I also have. Can anyone expand on the possibilities this opens up? Currently, I am running into both via an ABY...
  73. deakle

    Axe FX II XL+ B-Stock

    I recently purchased one of the Axe FX II XL+ B-Stocks at a discount price. Wow what a deal! I cannot find any marks at all that would qualify it as a B-Stock. Fired it up last night and works great! This is a fantastic deal! I highly recommend keeping your eyes on the Fractal website as these...
  74. deakle

    The Who Baba O'Riley Keyboard Intro

    Has anyone been able to create a patch to simulate the keyboard intro for The Who's Baba O'Riley on the guitar? Or the keyboard intro to "Won't Get Fooled Again"? I know EVH simulated the keys to "Won't Get Fooled Again" on Van Halen's live album in the Sammy era, but I think the Axe FX could...
  75. deakle

    Iron Maiden Isolated Guitar Track

    Does anyone know where I might find an Iron Maiden isolated guitar track that I could use for tone matching? Forgive me if this has been asked before but I am new to tone matching. Thanks!
  76. deakle

    Connecting to mixer for headphone monitoring

    I am using a Behringer Xenyx Q1202 analog mixer in an attempt to monitor via headphones the output of my Axe FX II XL and a Kemper using an A-B-Y switch between my guitar and the Axe/Kemper. I want to have the option of switching between the Axe and Kemper without having to plug/unplug my guitar...
  77. deakle

    Compact Mixer Recommendation

    I am looking for a compact mixer strictly for home use. I want to use it to combine outputs of my Axe FX 2 XL and Kemper. I have an A/B switch to swap my guitar between the 2. I play through headphones primarily so as not to disturb neighbors or my wife who is disabled. A mixer would save me...
  78. deakle

    Frustrated with FASLINK - Help!

    I have an Axe FX XL 2 and am using an MFC 101 Mark III with it but I am having an issue with FASLINK. Several of the factory presets have no output on Scene 1 but are ok on Scenes 2, 3 and 4. I disconnect the MFC and everything is fine. I thought that I had a bad XLR cable so I purchased a brand...
  79. deakle

    Axe FX II XL Quantum 8.02 Help

    I am running an Axe FX II XL, Quantum 8.02 and am having an issue with Scene 1 on several of the factory presets. I posted about this issue a week ago. The issue is that on Scene 1 of several presets (it is totally random which presets this occurs on) there is no output volume at all. Yet I can...
  80. deakle

    Opinions: is MFC Edit worth the $$

    So is MFC worth purchasing? I know it is not expensive, but what advantages does it offer? My apologies if this is a dumb question, but I am a noob.
  81. deakle

    Noob question on preset output volume

    Noob, potentially dumb question. I am the proud new owner of an Axe FX II XL. I have a question about the output volume on a preset. On preset 287, "Yngwie"; on scene 1 there is no output although I can see on my input meter that it is seeing my guitar's input. The other scenes are fine and have...
  82. deakle

    Atomic CLR Wait Time?

    If you don't mind my asking, what has been everyone's experience on wait time for an Atomic CLR active wedge? I just checked on line and noticed the actives are out of stock. How long have you been on the wait list?
  83. deakle

    Active Wedge: Atomic CLR or Xitone?

    Hi all. I am in the market for an active wedge and am trying to decide between an Atomic CLR or a Xitone. Does anyone here have experience with either or both? Any recommendations/advice? I apologize if this has been discussed here before.
  84. deakle

    Matrix GT1500 for W/D/W

    Hi everyone. I am strongly considering purchasing a 3 channel Matrix GT1500 to run in a W/D/W set up. Currently, I am using a Carvin DC1540L for the 2 wet channels and a Carvin V3M for the center dry channel. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Matrix GT1500 or a W/D/W set up...
  85. deakle

    Should I go Matrix?

    I am currently using a Carvin DCM1540L with my Axe FX II and I am happy with it. But I read all the posts on here about the Matrix amps (both the 800 and 1000) and wonder if I may have missed the boat. Can anyone tell me if they may have tried a Carvin either a 1540 like mine or similar, and a...
  86. deakle

    What expression pedal do you use?

    Hi Everyone! I am in the market for an expression pedal. My budget is limited. I don't have to worry about road durability as my Axe FX II never leaves my home studio. I know the Mission pedals are the best, but I was also wondering about the Boss FV500 pedals? Also, can the FV50's be used as an...
  87. deakle

    Connect a piezo equipped guitar

    Hi everyone. I just received a new Carvin DC400 custom shop with an active piezo pickup. What I want to do is connect my magnetic jack to input 1 on the front of my Axe FX II with a distortion setting and connect the piezo jack to input 2 on the rear of my Axe FX II and an acoustic patch. Right...
  88. deakle

    Piezo Connection Question

    Hi Everyone - I just received my new Carvin DC400 with a piezo equipped bridge. I am new to the piezo world. Can you provide some suggestions on cabling, connections to the Axe FX II and patches that you have used successfully? I am a little confused about how to properly cable the dual outputs...
  89. deakle

    W/D/W Setup but Output 2 Hums

    I am using my Axe-Fx II in a w/d/w set up. I am using a Carvin DCM1540L power amp to power my stereo setup through 2 Carvin 2x12 Cabinets with Celestion Vintage 30's. Then I am using Output 2 to drive my Carvin V3M amp also with a single Carvin 2x12 Cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30's. The only...
  90. deakle

    CAB's sound better than my speaker cabinets?

    Hi all - I am a nooby, so I hope this is not a dumb question. I am using an Axe-FX II with a Carvin DCM1540L power amp and 2 Carvin 2x12 speaker cabinets loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. I am in the process of setting up my Axe-FX and have been tweaking with the loaded patches. One...
  91. deakle

    Connections for W\D\W

    Hi all. I am using my Axe FX 2 through Output 1 L/R to a Carvin DCM 1540 power amp and then to power 2 Carvin 2x12 speaker cabs. I would like to set up with a wet-dry-wet operation using my Carvin V3M as the dry amp. I would like to be able to do this without using an ABY switch but that may not...
  92. deakle

    Expression Pedal for MFC 101

    Still waiting on my MFC 101 but I have a question. If it has been asked before I apologize but I cannot seem to find mention of it in the forum. What is the best expression pedal for the MFC 101? From all their mention here in the forum, I assume that it would be Mission Engineering, but I would...
  93. deakle

    Anyone using a W/D/W with Axe-FX II?

    Anyone here using their Axe-FX II in a W/D/W set up? I am currently building mine. I am using a Carvin DCM 1540 power amp for the Axe and have a Carvin V3M that I am going to use for the "dry" part of my sound. I looked at the Matrix power amps and really wanted to go that route but just could...
  94. deakle

    Axe FX 2 Active Monitors Question

    Hi All! I am new to the Forum and just placed my order for a new Axe FX 2. I will be using it for home jamming and recording on Pro Tools 10. I have decided to go with active studio monitors rather than my Marshall cabs. I am on a budget for monitors after the Axe FX purchase and don't have a...
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