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  1. aleclee

    Other instrument IRs

    Anyone have any IRs from other instruments? I'm particularly thinking about non-stringed instruments like sax and trumpet. Maybe not an IR per se but perhaps a tone match from a stem of something other than guitar.
  2. aleclee

    Any FAS presence at NAMM?

    I'm starting to work on scheduling my time at the show. I know FAS doesn't do a booth but it seems like they've had some presence there pretty much every year.
  3. aleclee

    Axe-Fx is not a permanent cure for GAS :-) (13 pin content)

    After I got my "industry standard rig" (AF2, MFC, CLR), I thought that my only GAS would be for guitars. That was before the output jack on my Parker got wonky. It reads kind of like the children's book series If You Give a Mouse a _______. :) Parker Fly output jack goes south. Given the...
  4. aleclee

    Trying to decide between VG-99 and GR-55

    I'm getting ready to go down the 13 pin path. I have a piezo-equipped guitar that needs some electronics work so I figure while I'm rewiring it, I'll go the full monty and go with a 13 pin setup. Where I want to go with this is to get more "alien" guitar sounds. I'm not particularly looking...
  5. aleclee

    Gear Satisfaction

    A recent thread about "amp in the room" got me thinking (uh oh!) about gear satisfaction. About five years ago, after a half decade or so of flipping amps, I realized that one big problem in many tone quests was that chasing studio sounds. It then occurred to me that I wasn't going to nail...
  6. aleclee

    Why Do People "Resist" Modelers?

    This morning, I was in an email conversation with some friends and the question came up of why people "resist" modelers. It was in the context of a discussion about how people who dislike "tweaking" might not be inclined to use modelers. I think it goes beyond that. I figured I'd share my...
  7. aleclee

    Fun with heavy-sounding pitch effects

    Here's a little clip I recorded to demo a heavy-ish tone I've been working on. It uses a pitch block to add some extra growl but the mix of the effect is controlled by the pitch so as you play in the upper registers, the effect drops to almost zero. That helps avoid glitchy sounds when...
  8. aleclee

    Thanks M@!

    Been there, done that and appreciate the hell out of it when I'm not the one doing it. :D So far, so great!
  9. aleclee

    Anyone with Equator Q8 experience?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my Mackie MR5s and these seem like the likely replacement. I'm more interested in using them for home use with my AxeFx as opposed to critical listening but wanted to see if I could get some first-hand opinions. Thanks!
  10. aleclee

    Help: How do I set up Wah/Whammy autoengage in different scenes?

    I have a preset where I want my spring-loaded pedal to control wah on some scenes and whammy on others. My original plan was to set different autoengage settings in the Wah & Pitch blocks' X/Y settings but I then realized that modifiers are shared across X/Y. My next idea was to X/Y a mixer to...
  11. aleclee

    PSA: Mackie Thump TH15 B stock: $239 @ AMS

    It's not a CLR or RCF but you could get four of these for one of those: Weekly Big Deal at American Musical I'm still holding out for the CLR, myself :ugeek
  12. aleclee

    Hardware (not firmware) revs?

    Today I got an email that they'd completed my repair :mrgreen and that they did all revisions (out2, headphone, 1.3, and fan). I recall the headphone rev involving flipping the L/R channels. Was the out2 rev done to address the frequency response limitation designed to limit noise in 4CM...
  13. aleclee

    Name Timeout, but with a twist

    I have an audition in 25 minutes and my MFC isn't communicating with my AxeFx. I've swapped cables (both Cat 5 & DIN, with appropriate MFC settings) but the MFC isn't hearing what the AxeFx has to say. I also updated MFC to 2.15 (AxeFx already on 9.02) and did a factory reset on the MFC but...
  14. aleclee

    Can you control amplitude of LFO control with expression pedal

    I'm trying to use an expression pedal kind of like the mod wheel on a synth where it controls the depth of pitch modulation. I figure I should start by using the LFO to control the pitch shift and that works fine. Where I'm stumped is using the expression pedal to control the depth of the LFO's...
  15. aleclee

    Reload preset instead of alternate

    Is there a way to get the old behavior of reloading a preset when you press the same preset button? As far as I can tell, there isn't a global way to set this. Setting the Global Preset to "Off" doesn't seem to do this. :(
  16. aleclee

    Lesson of the day: Modeling Has Arrived

    After Cliff's little trick with the Ojai clip, it's increasingly clear to me that modeling has arrived. While some people still spout off about "digital fizz" or "hash", the reality is that folks can no longer use such artifacts to identify modelers in recordings. Now, given an A/B comparison...
  17. aleclee

    Denver Area Get-Together for Axe-Curious

    A couple guys on TGP asked if any Denver area AxeFx owners would be willing to give them a run-through. Looks like I'll be hosting a get-together at my office in the DTC on March 10th. I'll be there with my Axe II, MFC, and K8s. If you're interested in coming by, let me know and I'll send...
  18. aleclee

    Live & Learn: Recording with the AxeFx II

    Been doing some recording with my new Mac. Shared a rough track with a buddy today and listened to it in my car. Sad to say I was appalled. What was a little thumpy through headphones and a bit tubby through my Mackie near fields was positively boomy on my car stereo. :( Lesson 1: audition...
  19. aleclee

    USB audio levels low in OSX

    Just got a new Mac today and played with recording in Garageband. I get audio just fine but the levels are very low. Unfortunately, GB wants the input levels to be managed by the driver. Does anyone have a workaround or is this one for the wish list?
  20. aleclee

    Anyone else notice this?

    Had this been mentioned before?
  21. aleclee

    Just realized I dont use AxeEdit

    With my ultra, I rarely dialed things in on the front panel. Since I got the II, it's the opposite. I dunno if it's because I got used to the front panel before the editor was available or if the II is that much easier. What ever the reason, the main time I fire up AxeEdit is to upgrade...
  22. aleclee

    Redoing patches after a firmware update is a pain but ...

    Sometimes the results are worth it. I really didn't like what 2.0 did to my favorite Dumble patch. I finally had some time to dial it in tonight so I decided to tweak away. It ended up being less a revision than a re-envisioning. It took a while to work it out but the end result was definitely...
  23. aleclee

    Chris Broderick video on DirecTV

    Watching a video clinic on demand and that green LCD is right behind the MagRack onscreen logo. There's a pretty good view when they do closeups of the fretboard.
  24. aleclee

    Denver Area Get-Together (Take 2): Show & Share

    After today's get-together, Eric and I came up with a concept to add some focus to the next event: Show & Share We learned a lot doing A/B comparisons of his 8ma and my K8, trying patches with different guitars, and sharing how we use our rigs. Eric also gave me some tips for dialing in the...
  25. aleclee

    TRS Cables: Where did you get yours?

    When I got my first Mission pedal, I got a pack of these: Musician's Gear TRS - TRS Patch Cable 8-Pack (17"): Shop Accessories & Other Musical Instruments | Musician's Friend I was in a hurry and they were cheap enough to be a no-brainer. Now I'm looking for something more robust. Whatcha...
  26. aleclee

    Denver get-together: How about Sept 10th?

    I was thinking about hosting at my office in the DTC. We have a number of vacant cubes :( so space wouldn't be much of an issue. Who's in?
  27. aleclee


    Just got home from an audition. My first extended ensemble time in 5-6 years and my first time playing with folks while using the AxeFx. Me likey! The K8s were a little light in the low end but nobody had trouble hearing me. It cut through as well as any tube amps I've used and the broad range...
  28. aleclee

    Denver-area get-together?

    I know there are more than a few Fractalphiles in the Front Range. Anyone interested in getting together and playing show & tell? Show off patches, check out each others' rigs, and generally hang out. Anybody with me?
  29. aleclee

    Denver Area group T-Shirt buy?

    Just thinking it might be a could way to save on shipping, especially if some lucky soul is buying an AxeFx or MFC. I figure if we get 3-4 people in on the deal, it might get the per-unit price down to a tolerable level.
  30. aleclee

    AxeFx II Compatibility with IRs from Ultra

    Are IRs used with the Standard/Ultra compatible with the II? Whenever I try loading one of IRs I used with my Ultra, I get nothing but silence. :( Thanks!
  31. aleclee

    Updated Practice Rig

    Pretty much everything has changed except the monitors: Wood rack from nice-racks.com Carvin AC120 (dig the sequential power up/power down) Funk Logic DD-301 (warms the signal nicely) AxeFx II (of course) Mackie MR5 monitors MFC-101 and netbook (not pictured) The Axe II's USB capability let me...
  32. aleclee

    Like a music store in a 2U rack space

    I was just thinking about people who give up on modelers because they can't help but tweak every last parameter. Fortunately, that's not my thing but I have spent a fair bit of time lately customizing some of the factory presets on my new G2. Spinning though cab after effect after amp, it...
  33. aleclee

    Made some magnetic tags

    I know there are a few versions out there on the market but I just wasn't feelin' any of em. Once I got things measured out, it was surprisingly easy to make 'em. I used business card magnets cut in half. They're adhesive so I just printed out the labels and stuck 'em on. Got a 19mm hole...
  34. aleclee

    List of default preset names?

    Does anybody have one put together? Thanks!
  35. aleclee

    New Owners: What did you learn today?

    There's a lot of new stuff in the box. I thought I'd create a thread for folks to share their pleasant (or less-than-pleasant) surprises as they get acquainted with the new device. Here's my initial contribution: USB backups are fast. Just need to scroll down a bit to run the dump because...
  36. aleclee

    Patch dump to USB/MIDI based on USB setting

    This morning I wanted to dump the default patches to my computer. After installing the drivers and enabling USB MIDI, I had no problem getting my computer to recognize the Axe 2 as a MIDI device. When I tried to dump my patches, my computer wasn't receiving anything and the progress on the Axe...
  37. aleclee

    First Impressions (mostly thoughts on presets)

    Got my AxeFX II about 3.5 hours ago. Take out an hour and a half to go out to dinner and I've just finished two hours of time with the new toy. :) Let me preface this by saying it's about 21:30 local time and I had a not-so-pleasant awakening with a client calling for support at 5:10 this...
  38. aleclee

    FOH Awareness vs. "In The Room"

    A recent post about how the AxeFX sounded through IEM and FOH got me thinking. :o In my decade or so of hanging out on guitar discussion boards, I've seen very few posts--if any--discussing how things sounded FOH. If the "in the room" sound is cool, the rig is golden. Is it just my perception...
  39. aleclee

    LF Jr: Looking for 1.70 firmware

    Having issues with the 2.0 firmware and want to roll back. Thanks!
  40. aleclee

    "Monster" Home Practice Rig

    Axe-FX powered, of course. :D I got the final pieces in place this weekend. Key components: Axe-FX Ultra[/*:m:2xc9zt3g] Mackie MR5 powered monitors[/*:m:2xc9zt3g] Midisport 2x2[/*:m:2xc9zt3g] LF Jr[/*:m:2xc9zt3g] Alesis Multimix 8 USB mixer[/*:m:2xc9zt3g] MSI Wind Netbook[/*:m:2xc9zt3g] Roc...
  41. aleclee

    Mackie MR5

    I picked up a pair yesterday, wanting to take advantage of a discount/rebate that dropped the price to 300/pr. They're plenty loud for home practice and so far don't seem to have the nasty treble that my M-Audio Studiophiles have. Low end is natural and balanced. I'm still in the honeymoon...
  42. aleclee

    Normalize Volumes via Editor

    This thread got me thinking (uh oh!) Dunno if it's possible but here goes: How about a feature in AxeEdit that would normalize volume across patches? Perhaps be able to select a group of patches and then normalize across them. Given that AxeEdit shares infrastructure with AxePC, I was...
  43. aleclee

    High End Footcontroller: Advantages over Basic One?

    Right now I'm using my POD XTL as my foot controller. The way I'm using it, I get the following features: Patch Change (32 banks of 4)[/*:m:1ew9rukr] Two virtual continuous IAs (single pedal switches between wah and volume modes)[/*:m:1ew9rukr] Four IAs (stompbox switches) + tap...
  44. aleclee

    What have I done?

    Besides moving into the 21st Century? ;) Just acquired an Ultra but had to liquidate my Two Rock to fund the acquisition. I'll likely end up missing the Emerald but the HAD model gets me close enough that I probably won't get to miss it too much. Now I just have to figure out how to amplify...
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