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  1. Dpoirier

    Need help to identify *this* version of Mustang Sally

    Intriguing, isn't it?
  2. Dpoirier

    Need help to identify *this* version of Mustang Sally

    Hey y'all, I stumbled on this truncated and unidentified version of Mustang Sally and need the collective wisdom of this great community to try and identify who it is, and where I can get the full recording. Mystery version of Mustang Sally A friend thought it was Huey Lewis (hmm, not...
  3. Dpoirier

    Reverb Hold - is there a way to "flush the buffer"?

    I'm using a II XL, and have a preset with a reverb hold function which works pretty much the way I want it to (thanks Simeon for providing the initial preset with the right block and behavior). However, my issue is that when I switch to that preset and activate the reverb block with the hold, it...
  4. Dpoirier

    Recommendation for an IR good for acoustic *and* high gain?

    Disclaimer: I use an Axe-FX II XL (not a three). I have a swiss-army-knife preset that allows me to morph between a (poor man's) acoustic simulated sound and a searing high(er) gain lead (with a humbucker super-strat). It all works wonderfully, but I needed to add more bells and whistles (and...
  5. Dpoirier

    How many db boost for lead solos?

    Almost all my presets use a 3 db boost for leads / solos, but it now seems like it's not quite enough... I know, I know, trust your ears and do what sounds good, but I'm curious whether there is a "standard" or some kind of rule of thumb or common practice for x amount of boost for leads. I use...
  6. Dpoirier

    Humidifier for (acoustic) guitar room?

    Greetings all, My acoustic guitars are screaming in agony in the dry winter climate (Canada). I ordered a small cool-mist thingy from Amazon, and it's more of a placebo, with no measurable increase in ambiant humidity. Looking through other Amazon offerings, I am appalled at the enormity on...
  7. Dpoirier

    Any good source for serapate (isolated) guitar tracks from classic album recordings?

    Well, I'll be darned... I never thought it would be that easy to find them. Thanks
  8. Dpoirier

    Any good source for serapate (isolated) guitar tracks from classic album recordings?

    I'm really bad a tweaking presets. What sounds good when I'm tweaking sounds like crap in the mix when rehearsing with the band. I've come to realize I don't realaly know what I'm looking for, and I'm probably filling too much space in the audio spectrum, thereby ending up with mud. Since I...
  9. Dpoirier

    Old "newbie" to scenes needs help

    Doh! Thanks guys! Had no idea it was this simple
  10. Dpoirier

    Old "newbie" to scenes needs help

    I'm an old-timer (Ultra, then II-XL), but never used scenes as I didn't feel I needed them because I was using one-preset-per-song philosophy. In an effort to get up-to-speed with technology and try a different approach, I want to use a single "kitchen sink" preset and, of course, I'll need...
  11. Dpoirier

    How would you describe this drum beat?

    Correct. The song is from a project called Indio (album name Big Harvest) from Canadian musician Gordon Peterson. Really great album, and the only one mr. Peterson ever did, unfortunately
  12. Dpoirier

    FRFR recommendation for Axe-Fx III (not the Atomic CLR)

    +1 for the RCF, great sounding and very reliable. Its ergonomics are the absolute worse, with a stupidly horrible handle, and annoying weight distribution, but once you play through it, you immediately forgive the Italians for such a bad design.
  13. Dpoirier

    Best automatic Espresso machine?

    I was inspired by another thread on favorite coffee. I'm ready to make the jump from my trusty Moka pot (trusty, but not as good as real Espresso). But I want a fully automatic one - grinds the proper quantity of beans, packs the ground coffee just right, and produces heavenly coffee with...
  14. Dpoirier

    Identifying string brands?

    Thanks, y'all, and sorry that I missed including some important info. Not a new guitar, so Breedlove can't help. It's really my own fault for not having kept track. I narrowed it down to 2 possibilities: my last order from Strings and Beyond included some DR Strings Dragonskin K3 (DR_DSA-13)...
  15. Dpoirier

    Identifying string brands?

    This is a long shot but... Anyone know any tricks to identify strings off a guitar? I just removed the strings off my Breedlove acoustic even though they still sounded stellar (they were getting quite old, and difficult to tune properly). I installed a fresh set of high quality medium gauge...
  16. Dpoirier

    Killer Acoustic IR’s!

    That. Inquiring minds want to know.
  17. Dpoirier

    Song suggestions for two-guitar acoustic jamming?

    Occasionally confronted with family requests to "jam" with an acoustic-playing sibling. Never know what to jam to. My experience is with electrics and full band context. I need some ideas (preferably where the limited skills of the sibling in question won't be overstretched). Ideas?
  18. Dpoirier

    Suggestions for instrumental classic rock?

    Greetings to all! My old band died off, but three of us want to get together (virtually or otherwise) to start jamming again. But none of us can sing so we're hoping to find some good, catchy, rocking tunes. The guys are kind of hung up on cuts that work well on the dance floor. Our...
  19. Dpoirier

    Wanted: gig bag for ART X-15 (similar to the Line 6 FBV Longboard bag)

    It's a long shot, but perhaps someone here has one of these gathering dust? I actually need it as a carry case fir my ART X-15 controller (the FBV Longboard case is big enough for tge X-15 plus a couple of expression pedals and cables). If anyone has any other interesting solutions for an X-15...
  20. Dpoirier

    Speaker Wires

    For what it's worth... In the high-end audio world, phase does matter. I have a pair of very high-end electrostatic speakers which are the heart and soul of my stereo system. When I first set them up, I followed the manufacturer's instructions and one of their "procedures" is to determine the...
  21. Dpoirier

    After 10 years, updated TV

    Where on earth do y'all find 4k source material? I have a 4k display since 4 years ago, and have yet to view anything other than the demos it came with...
  22. Dpoirier

    Quick and dirty Frippy 16 second loop

    Oh that's a great preset and a beautifully ambiant demo if it. Woukd this ever be possible on a II XL?
  23. Dpoirier

    Having trouble parting with a high-end twelve-string Taylor

    Not sure if I have a question, or am looking for guidance, or just saying things out loud to help myself out if hesitation... but here we go. Years ago, when I had a lot of disposable income, I bought a Taylor 855. This particular one has the most incredible action I've ever seen on any...
  24. Dpoirier

    Cheap padded bags for floor controllers?

    New, used, and anything in between...
  25. Dpoirier

    Cheap padded bags for floor controllers?

    When I look for padded carry bags or gig bags for a floor pedal board, I easily find the commercial products from suppliers like Gator, which are uber-expensive. Then, there are "repurposed" options like, for example, small keyboard (49 keys?) gig bags but again, the sturdy ones are expensive...
  26. Dpoirier

    Ensoniq Paris, anyone?

    Years ago, when I had loads of disposable income, I purchased the complete Ensoniq Paris pro recording bundle (automated console hardware, interface cards, and their phenomenal software). Then, life got in the way and I moved on, replacing my main computer twice along the way. Fast forward to...
  27. Dpoirier

    Safe or not: sell something to someone in Poland on Reverb?

    I'd ship from Canada, using the post office (ups charges more than the item price)...
  28. Dpoirier

    Anyone know of Onda acoustic guitars?

    I own an old Onda coustic from the early- to mid-eighties. It's a (I believe) Japanese clone of a Gibson hummingbird (or at least it has the signature hummingbird on the pickguard). It also has a zero-fret, solid top (don't know about back and sides), an incredibly flat neck, and great tone. A...
  29. Dpoirier

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 2.00 Firmware Release

    Me, personally, I regret switching from Quantum to Ares. It changed my presets so much that I never fully recovered. By the time I realized it, I had invested too much time developing new presets in Ares, and couldn't go back to Quantum anymore. But note that I am a minority with this opinion...
  30. Dpoirier

    Where to sell (higher-end) audio equipment?

    Is there an equivalent to Reverb for selling audio equipment? I have an Emotiva ERC-2 audiophile CD player (higher end on a budget) that I no longer use, and the crowds that read Kijiji ir Facebook Marketplace are unlikely to appreciate... I haven't sold audio gear in a loooong time, so I don't...
  31. Dpoirier

    Cd pull-out tray???

    A few years ago, I build a storage cabinet for my CD collection, and I used some really cool pull-out trays from a company called Flipworks (see the 3-row trays on http://www.flipworks.com/views380.html#). Fast-forward to now, I need more storage, and want to build a second cabinet. The...
  32. Dpoirier

    Need help with my Axe-Fx Ultra

    I would suggest reaching out to fractal support, they'll help you. In the meantime, you could open the lid, and reaseat all the connectors (by unplugging and replugging them back in). It just may do it.
  33. Dpoirier

    Where did you purchase your Suhr?

    I ordered my Modern Pro HSH directly from Suhr (and waited, and waited, but it's a beaut'!) Shameless plug: money is tight, that Suhr is essentially unplayed (i.e. MINT) and I need to sell it. But if you have something specific in mind, can't go wrong with getting Suhr to build it to your specs...
  34. Dpoirier

    Quantum or Ares?

    You can go from any fw revision to any other without problem. The only question is whether it's going ti screw up your presets. Ares sounds good, but frankly, so did Quantum. When I went to Ares, it totally destroyed all my presets (years of tweaking), but I stuck with it and fixed every one of...
  35. Dpoirier

    Anyone here use a Dean Zelinsky guitar?

    I don't remember how that started, but I get a feed in Facebook from Dean Zelinsky guitars, which I don't know anything about. But they look really nice, and the price looked attractive the one time I looked into it. Anyone?
  36. Dpoirier

    Covid + and recovered?

    Yek my man, take good care and get well soon! And not just for the selfish reason that you are an incredible contributor to this community, but also compassionately, human to human.
  37. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    This thread just keeps on getting better and better... Tremendous help! Keep it coming...
  38. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    That makes us even, then, as your thread has given me lots of positive ways to deal with the situation 😊
  39. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    @Joe Bfstplk I'm about 3 hours south of Chennai, might as well be at the end of the world with the lock-down. Impossible to get anywhere near Chennai... But sincere thanks for the suggestion. I'm a little dismayed and disappointed that there are so few replies in this thread. The idea was...
  40. Dpoirier

    Staying positive / calm? (during a pandemic)

    Most personally challenging: I'm a Canadian who was visiting India for 4 months when the crisis exploded. Flights back got cancelled, now India is in total lock-down and does not allow any international flights. There are food shortages, imposed stay-at-home isolation for all, and some animosity...
  41. Dpoirier

    IRs Dr Bonkers Has a Free Gift to Get Your Mind Off of Shelter in Place

    These are wav files? Forgive the newbie question, but how do I load this into my II XL?
  42. Dpoirier

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I don't want to sound ignorant, or to attract the "wrath of the forumites", but... Isn't it possible the media are blowing this out of proportion and causing an unneeded widespread panic because it results in higher readership? I mean, the plain old influenza caused 21,000 deaths in Germany...
  43. Dpoirier

    Looper app (Android)?

    Aw man, I was sure I'd find like-minded users who know of a good looper app... Darn... Am I asking the question wrong? English is not my language, so perhaps I wasn't clear?
  44. Dpoirier

    Looper app (Android)?

    I'm looking for a free and simple app to just practice with (acoustic, otherwise I'd use my XL's looper). Keyword is simple. Looking in the play store, many (most?) have theory, examples, social-media-wannabe, bells, whistles, and make coffee. Not interested. I just want to record a short...
  45. Dpoirier

    IRs V2-Fred 1966 Fender(R) Pro Reverb with Oxford speakers by Valhallir.at

    Is there a free sample of this cab available somewhere? Thanks...
  46. Dpoirier

    Sustain without compression?

    I used to struggle a lot with that same issue, and found I couldn't get enough sustain out of my Axe-fx setup. Then I found two things that help a lot. 1-) Play very loud, which doesn't really help in most situations... And 2-) use the mix knob in the compressor block, which let's your...
  47. Dpoirier

    Do you set up your own guitars?

    I wonder if it would be possible to find that article somewhere, perhaps online? Or (since it's probably out of print and therefore ethically acceptable), would you consider scanning it and sharing? I do basic setups on my main guitar, but I could always learn more
  48. Dpoirier

    Good clean preset?

    I have some very good lead tones, excellent crunch and rhythm tones, and lots of ambiant cleans, but I'm now in need of a solid, punchy clean that cuts through (with a loud bass player, a drummer, and an acoustic-electric rhythm player). This clean tone is to be used for chords, arpeggios, and...
  49. Dpoirier

    Help, please: Axe-Edit says "Disconnected!" all the time

    Thanks to everyone who responded, I finally managed to get Axe-edit working. Oddly enough, on my most recent try (literally a few minutes ago), it still didn't work, but I went into settings and noticed that midi in and midi out were already set to Axe-fx, but I "reselected" both, it refreshed...
  50. Dpoirier

    Help, please: Axe-Edit says "Disconnected!" all the time

    Thanks Chris... this is a Windows 10 system, worked fine until recently, now "disconnected!" all the time (even though the Bot sees my Axe just fine)
  51. Dpoirier

    Best videos showing Axe-Fx II tones?

    A friend is curious about the possibility of getting a used XL and wanted to see good quality videos that showcase its tone capabilities. He lives too far for me to simply let him play around with mine. What's your best suggestion?
  52. Dpoirier

    Help, please: Axe-Edit says "Disconnected!" all the time

    In this thread (https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-edit-shows-disconnected.128299/post-1861821), I posted a follow-up question because I can't get Axe-edit to work anymore. I posted this a few minutes ago, but it doesn't show up in "New posts" for some weird reason (???), so in order to...
  53. Dpoirier

    Axe-Edit shows disconnected

    I know this is a very old thread, but my Axe-Edit stopped working - says "Disconnected!" all the time. I followed the instructions above from Black Bitch but with no luck. I uninstalled the USB drivers several times, and reinstalled (from a fresh download), and tried the trick to uninstall...
  54. Dpoirier

    Reaper users - How do you set up your Audio Device Settings?

    Oh, I didn't try that yet, good idea. And that helped me remember that my PC's settings probably have the Scarlett as the default sound card! I'm not near my gear now, but once I get there, I'll try setting the Axe as the default? Never tried that, but who knows... By the way, huge thanks for...
  55. Dpoirier

    Reaper users - How do you set up your Audio Device Settings?

    Hmm, mine doesn't specify (even though I have a II XL, not a III). It only says "FAS USB Audio ASIO Driver". Another difference is that the drop-down selection for inputs is all blank, and doesn't let me select any inputs:
  56. Dpoirier

    Reaper users - How do you set up your Audio Device Settings?

    Yeah, driver was installed, but I re-downloaded and re-installed, just in case... Same issue.
  57. Dpoirier

    Reaper users - How do you set up your Audio Device Settings?

    Been away from Reaper for too long, can't get it to record audio out of my Axe-FX II XL. I have USB out to my PC from the Axe I also run audio out into my little Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 (in case it's easier to route it that way). And the Scarlett also has USB into my PC. So both potential inputs...
  58. Dpoirier

    Resource for open chords

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. My google searches had not been nearly as useful (I really think Google is now meddling too much in searches, which are now becoming more and more irrelevant and useless)
  59. Dpoirier

    Resource for open chords

    I know pretty well all the chords I've ever needed to play electric guitar in a rock context, but I have to brush up on acoustic for an upcoming concert, and I'm looking for a good "list" or chart of open chords (and unusual chords) that are particularly nice on acoustic. I'm not looking for an...
  60. Dpoirier


    I bought a pair of beam blockers a few years back, and installed them in a pair of FRFR speakers I had which were too directional. They really worked well. I no longer have those FRFRs so, if anyone's interested, my beam blockers are available
  61. Dpoirier

    D'Addario 10's users: have you tried the Balanced Tension sets?

    I was the original poster in this thread. For years afterwards, I was "making" my own progressive tension sets, and it worked well for me. The so-called "balanced" set (EXL110BT) didn't feel natural at all, with too much tension on high strings and too little on low strings. Larely, I installed...
  62. Dpoirier

    Weird bpm-related interference in my signal

    Check your midi cable(s). I don't remember the details, as my issue occurred back in my Ultra days, but at one time I had tempo dependant noise issues and I was able to isolate it to my midi cables (between foot controller and Ultra) running tightly along one of my audio cables (can't remember...
  63. Dpoirier

    Need input, going to buy a Suhr modern or std, or Ibby AZ

    My Suhr Modern Pro has HSH pickups, and yet I get beautiful stratty tones from the neck (with coil splitting). Better stratty tones, in fact, than my Tom Anderson wirh HSS...
  64. Dpoirier

    Do I want a Surface Pro? What other options?

    I've been using a Surface Pro 3 for over 3 years now, and have never been so happy with any PC, laptop, or tablet. It's a full-powered Windows 10 machine in the best possible package size and weight for my use and personal preference. Large enough that I don't even miss my "big" laptop, and the...
  65. Dpoirier

    My Multi purpose PRESET opinions

    Same here... Converted with Fractool, wouldn't load to my II XL using the bot, had to use AxeEdit to load it up, but alas, unusable, too much cpu and crackles like mad. Had to remove several things, including the worst culprit (modifier on input gain of amp block) for it to behave. Have to play...
  66. Dpoirier

    Classic Songs whose mixes still hold up this day

    I have 3 CDs that I use consistently to demo high end stereos (I'm a big-time serious audiophile) and there is nothing on those three CDs that us more recent than the 80s. Starting in the 90s, every recording was compressed to death as a result of the volume war (anything perceived to be louder...
  67. Dpoirier

    Watching Sade video “Bring Me Home”... wow

    I used to really like her music and particularly her singing style. Her voice was sometimes just a little off, or it would do a slight glissando. But then, one day, she put out a new album where her voice was completely autotuned, and she ended up sounding just like every other useless instant...
  68. Dpoirier

    Axe-Fx Ultra - Win64 - Presonus 16.0.2 midi I/O

    What are you trying to do? I remember my Ultra being finicky about midi at one point, and I found that if I connected only one midi cable, it worked fine. So if I was trying to back up my presets, I would only conect Ultra midi out to my interface's midi in. If, on the other hand, I wanted to...
  69. Dpoirier

    Quantum or Ares Firmware?

    I waited and adopted Ares late, but I've been struggling with it ever since. The problem is that (because I'm in a cover band covering lots of different material and styles), I have since made lots of new presets under Ares, and I cannot really revert back to Quantum anymore. My own fault, but...
  70. Dpoirier

    UPS and Canada Import Fees?

    UPS may be an acceptable shipper for domestic, within-Canada parcel shipping, but when it comes to US-to-Canada, UPS are outlandish highway robbers. I refuse to do business with any US company that imposes UPS shipping.
  71. Dpoirier

    Anyone know the frequency curve of a guitar's tone control?

    I know it's likely to be guitar-model-specific, so in my case it's a Tom Anderson drop-top on the bridge humbucker. We play a song where I'd need to lower the tone on my guitar for a short passage, but the song's rhythm doesn't allow enough time to do it all (tone-down, play the riff, tone-up...
  72. Dpoirier

    Anyone tried the Amposo wireless?

    Just saw this: https://amposo.com/products/wirelesssystem?variant=28379535376489 Looks very elegant, and is really affordable. But does it work properly for a serious musician? 70 foot range, 6 ms latency, perhaps these are acceptable functional limitations, but I'd like to know more. The...
  73. Dpoirier

    Looking For Help With A Single Stereo Or Dual Mono Active FRFR System

    There is no such thing as consistency. Simple. Don't have that expectation, otherwise you will be unhappy with whatever FRFR system you get, then you will replace it with another, and another, and so on. I know, I've been there. The reason is simple: there is no consistency between one FOH...
  74. Dpoirier

    New Posts - What's the difference?

    Wondering about it here too... Weird thing is that the two options do not return the same list if posts. Not very intuitive!
  75. Dpoirier

    York Audio Delux Verb Cab Pack is out now!!!

    Hi Justin, do you ever give away samples for potential buyers to make up their mind and purchase the pack? I've had my share of buying packs that I don't even like or use, and the purchased packs that I do use are the ones for which I had previously had a chance to try a free sample of. Just...
  76. Dpoirier

    Thoughts to get that tone (Alannah Myles)

    Thanks for all your help, and apologies to your wife!
  77. Dpoirier

    Thoughts to get that tone (Alannah Myles)

    Holy smoke, iaresee, thanks a bunch! Isn't there some sort of chorus in there? Maybe my ears are even worse than I thought...
  78. Dpoirier

    Thoughts to get that tone (Alannah Myles)

    Yeah, I know, I'm on the same page... this was a suggestion from our female singer (whose suggestions we almost always reject, and we're trying to not get her pissed... see other thread about singers and divas) Still, I find the tonal challenge interesting - this highly processed 80's sound...
  79. Dpoirier

    Thoughts to get that tone (Alannah Myles)

    Hi all, I'm struggling trying to get started with this highly polished (and processed) guitar sound. I'm specifically looking for the rhythm tone of the intro riff (which keeps going on throughout the song). Everything I try on my XL sounds like crap (and I take full responsibility for it, I'm...
  80. Dpoirier

    What are my RCF NX 12 SMA's worth?

    They really are great speakers! I managed to buy two of them, brand new, a few years ago. So glad I did (back then, I had more disposable income). I'm in Canada and, although I can't remember exactly how much I paid, they are outrageously expensive here.
  81. Dpoirier

    Crowd pleasers like "Rocky mountain way" or "Roadhouse blues"?

    Against our better judgment, some of my cover band's repertoire receives a lukewarm welcome on the dance floor, even though we think of those songs as excellent, full of energy, impressive when well delivered, yadd-yadda. On the flip side, more simple (and even 3-chord) songs get the crowd on...
  82. Dpoirier

    Pulled my Ultra out of the closet after 5 years...

    My Ultra has been sitting quietly in the closet ever since I got my XL roughly 5 years ago (?), and I decided to pull it out, plug it in, and give it a listen. All I can say is WOW! That darned thing, outdated as it may be, still sounds stellar! A million times than the gear used by the other...
  83. Dpoirier

    Your Favorite Rake. In A Guitar Solo - String Perpendicular Or String Parallel (aka Scrape)

    For me, it would be very interesting to learn how to do these "noise effects". I never knew what to call them (English is not my native language) so I never had any luck finding any info, demos or lessons online. I hear those on recordings all the time, and some of them sound fabulous... Then I...
  84. Dpoirier

    Midlife Crisis Car

    Hmm, by that definition, a 1982 Lada from Russia (which probably needs a full 2 minutes to reach its top speed of 48mph) would bring more pleasure than any Ferrari (which would reach full speed in a handful of seconds)
  85. Dpoirier

    Midlife Crisis Car

    I guess I had a different "view" of my needs and wants for a mid-life transition car... I got a VW Golf Tdi (German engineering and handling for ordinary people who can't afford any other German car). My main motivation was to stop wasting precious fuel with a gas-guzzler, and autonomy (I get 55...
  86. Dpoirier

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    That's exactly my experience on Ares. I'm still fighting to make it work, mostly because I'm too stubborn to admit defeat and I've never ever had to "go back" to a previous version before... But it's a fight, not an easy and rewarding ride. I'm stumped that some of us have such a big issue with...
  87. Dpoirier

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    Is there a plan to eventually do Gen III > II conversion?
  88. Dpoirier

    Keep it Clean! Fenders II preset, video.

    Aaargh! Is there not any way to convert this preset for a II XL? My clean tones are very anemic in comparison, but a III is not in my foreseable budget.... I thought FracTool could convert these, but I guess the III is out-of-scope for us II users? @Burgs : your tone and playing are steller...
  89. Dpoirier

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    All of my presets have way too much gain to be usable. I'm now debating whether to go back to Quantum or start from scratch in Ares (but I'm in a cover band, so I use one preset per song,and that's a lot of from-scratch presets to work on). What really bothers me is that it seems like the vast...
  90. Dpoirier

    A bit stumped by Ares on Axe-Fx II XL ...

    In the past, I have never backed down from a firmware update. I'm a late adopter (never use any beta) but I usually find the upgrades worth working for (i.e. adjusting my presets). This time, with the latest Ares, I followed my usual recipe : I waited for a stable release, I installed it and I...
  91. Dpoirier

    New Cab, who dis? FREE Orange 4x12 IR

    Is this IR compatible also with a n Axe-fx II? I kinda lost track of whether the III uses a different IR format, and this was posted in a III forum area...
  92. Dpoirier

    Need help with LFO "run" parameter

    I'm trying to have a panning delay effect sweep from left to right by attaching the LFO1b modifier to the pan parameter. However, I want the sweep to start on the left when I trigger it with the envelope follower. This sounds to me like I need to attach the envelope to the LFO type run...
  93. Dpoirier

    Recommend a tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    I was hoping perhaps the flip 4 might not always have the latency... I can find some flip 3 units online, for just a tad cheaper than the flip 4, are we sure the flip 3 models *never* have that latency issue?
  94. Dpoirier

    Recommend a tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    That is the weirdest thing... I have a small bluetooth stereo speaker from a company called TaoTronics which is like a cheap Bose (works wonderful as a bluetooth speaker at a fraction of the price). However, when connected to my Axe-FX II XL with a stereo cable, I get a bit of latency as well...
  95. Dpoirier

    KAN Cabs Competition

    Hmm, my ears are not accurate enough to even detect when the change took place, let alone which is which... All you guys out there with Golden Ears, how come there is so little participation in this thread?
  96. Dpoirier

    Help needed: keyboard brand/model recommendations

    Wow, thanks y'all! Very very useful info. @Jeries : how "bad" is it to tone it down (for budget) from a Triton Extreme to <next-model-down> or from a Motif XS to <highest-of-ES-series> ? Huge thanks again!
  97. Dpoirier

    Help needed: keyboard brand/model recommendations

    Hmm, hadn't thought of that... As long as it meets the main criteria (killer sounds and availability of free downloadable presets), then I think it would be wise to consider a controller and laptop with (I assume?) a soft synth?
  98. Dpoirier

    Help needed: keyboard brand/model recommendations

    Background: my cover band lost its keyboard player; now the second guitarist wants to buy a good (used) keyboard and develop his dusty skills on keys si that we don't need an additional member. It could be a useful compromise. Tge problem is that he has no idea what keyboard to look for. The...
  99. Dpoirier

    FREE CAB PACK: ML Legendary Times (2018)

    Forgive my ignorance but how on earth do you download these? The link brings me to dropbox, and from there I can preview the pdf file but cannot do anything with the IR files (and the only dropbox option is to save the html page, not the files). Help???
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