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  1. holdenhinkle

    FS Pedals for sale: Suhr, Wampler, Seymour Duncan

    Kept in a smoke free home, never gigged, hardly used, excellent/near-mint condition. No trades. Suhr Riot Reloaded Distortion: $160 shipped, continental US Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Analog Delay Pedal: $130 shipped, continental US Wampler Velvet Fuzz: $145 shipped, continental US DM me for...
  2. holdenhinkle

    SOLD SOLD: Fender American Deluxe Telecaster, Butterscotch w/ Maple Fingerboard, VERMONT AREA

    I'm selling my Fender American Deluxe Telecaster, Butterscotch w/ Maple Fingerboard guitar, 2014. Kept in a smoke free home, never gigged, hardly used, excellent/near-mint condition. $1,450. No trades. Prefer local sale in Burlington, VT. If you live a few hours away from Burlington, I'm...
  3. holdenhinkle

    SOLD SOLD: Axe-Fx III + Furman Power Conditioner + SKB Rack Case, VERMONT AREA

    I'm selling my like new Fractal Audio Axe-FX III. Kept in a smoke free home, never gigged, hardly used, near-mint condition. Plastic is still on the Axe-Fx screen. The Axe-Fx came out of the box and went into the included SKB rack case with the included Furman power conditioner. $2,359 for all...
  4. holdenhinkle

    AX8 + FX8 the "the killer app"??

    Hello! I have an ax8 and love it. I read that @Admin M@ said the ax8 + fx8 is "the killer app". That was a while ago. Do you still think it is? Why not by an AXEII instead? Is anyone else using the AX8 and FX8 together?
  5. holdenhinkle

    Using pedals with the fx8?

    Hello, Can the fx8 turn my overdrive/fuzz pedals on/off or bypass them? Or is there no way to use them without doing a tap dance when I change to a preset that requires pedals to be turned on/off/bypassed? If I want to use my drive panels do I need something like this? Free The Tone –...
  6. holdenhinkle

    Holy schnikes the FAS artist is HUGE!!

    Wow it's grown over the years - Fractal Artists Cliff should be presented with some kind of award, like from the President or something.
  7. holdenhinkle

    Fractal VIDEOVERSE Channel - Some of the best videos...

    We just created something called the VIDEOVERSE which is a curated selection of the best music-related videos on the web - Videoverse | Encore Music Lessons And, because I'm a FAS Fan, we created a Fractal Audio Systems Channel - Fractal Audio Systems videos | Encore Music Lessons There are...
  8. holdenhinkle

    Infographic about the Electric Guitar - Featuring quotes from the man, Cliff Chase

    Infographic about the Electric Guitar - Featuring quotes from Cliff Dear Fractal Brethren, We finally posted our infographic called "18 reasons why the electric guitar is the coolest instrument in the world!" Check it out here - 18 reasons why the electric guitar is the coolest instrument...
  9. holdenhinkle

    Why is the guitar the coolest instrument ever?

    We're creating an infographic titled "Why the guitar is the coolest instrument ever!" and I'd love your input. It could be anything - serious, whacky, funny, ridiculous - anything. So, why do YOU think the guitar is the coolest instrument ever? What do I think? It's the coolest because...
  10. holdenhinkle

    Looking for amazing youtube and vimeo videos!

    We're adding a new section to our website (www.encoremusiclessons.com) called Videos which will hopefully become a massive collection of the best music-related videos on the web. Possible categories are Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Pros, Interviews, Music Videos, etc. The videos are meant to...
  11. holdenhinkle

    Help with Axe-FX II and Studio One V2

    I can't get the Axe setup as an input device in Studio One V2. It's setup just fine as an output device. The Axe works just fine as an input to Logic. Not sure why it won't work in Studio One. Can someone please help!? (I'm not at all an expert on this stuff :-)) Thanks!
  12. holdenhinkle

    I read about the Axe-Fx II more than I play it :-(

    I'm so busy with work and family that I spend more time reading this forum than I do actually playing the Axe-Fx II. Are there others like me out there? I hope so :-)
  13. holdenhinkle

    Is guitar on the decline?

    I run a decent sized music lesson agency and we've seen a huge decline in requests for guitar lessons and a large increase in requests for piano and voice lessons over the last few years. I started digging around our Google Analytics to see what was happening, and the difference between...
  14. holdenhinkle

    Who said size doesn't matter?

    What is liquid foot thinking? "Who said size doesn't matter?" FAMC, Inc. Maybe I'm reading too much into the picture and the message but I think that's tasteless and unimaginative. That's how you're gonna sell your pedals?
  15. holdenhinkle

    I've got an Itchy Trigger Finger!!!!!!

    I'm feelin' it!!!!
  16. holdenhinkle

    Question about 2U-sized rack and the Axe-Fx...

    Is it safe to put the Axe-Fx in a 2U rackspace unit? I'm just wondering if I have to leave a space open so the Axe-Fx doesn't overheat... Thanks!
  17. holdenhinkle

    I want an MFC for Christmas

    I wish they were in stock.
  18. holdenhinkle

    What do you think of the Roland V-Guitar System ?

    Haylo! Curious to know what people who own/have tried the Roland V-Guitar System think of it. I'm interested in the guitar/pickup modeling and the guitar synth capabilities, not amp/effect models (nothing can beat the Axe). Thanks!
  19. holdenhinkle

    Where do you get off?

    Dear Fractal Audio, Where do you get off? State of the art sims and high quality effects? Who do you think you are? If you haven't already guessed, I'm speaking ironically and having but good things to say about what you do. Fractal Audio, do not change a thing. Signed, Peter...
  20. holdenhinkle

    Curious: Why does the LF seem to be more popular than the LG

    Why does the LF seem to be more popular than the LG? Looking through the forum, most of the posts have to do with LFs.
  21. holdenhinkle

    Will the MFC101 have a software Editor?

    Has their been any mention that the MFC101 will have a software editor like the Gordius and Liquid Foot have?
  22. holdenhinkle

    User Reviews of ATOMIC FRs

    Are there any reviews on the new FRs yet? I'm sure there are people who've had theirs for a few days now. Please post when you're ready!
  23. holdenhinkle


    I wish the Axe Fx had a metronome so I can practice with headphones.
  24. holdenhinkle

    Liquid-Foot Pro vs Gordius Big Little Giant Foot Controller

    Hello Fellow Axers, I've decided I cannot wait any longer. I'm interested in purchasing either the Liquid Foot Pro or the Gordius Big Little Giant Foot Controller. Is one better than the other? Can one do things the other cannot? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  25. holdenhinkle

    Cliff and Dr. Noonien Soong

    I've had an Axe FX Ultra for about two months now and I'm completely blown away by the infinite number of truly authentic, warm guitar tones this unit is capable of generating. I've been playing guitar for 22 years and have owned blackface Fenders, Riveras and Boogies. I would choose the Axe...
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